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THE TONY PERKINS SHOW is a weekly podcast hosted by Washington DC television anchor and former GOOD MORNING AMERICA personality Tony Perkins and features his longtime GMA producer, buddy and cohort Gary Stein. Each episode features interviews, laughs and amazing chemistry as two friends include you in the most entertaining conversation on the ’net. THE TONY PERKINS SHOW is a part of MORE Broadcasting.
The Tony Perkins Show featuring Gary Stein is a weekly podcast based in Washington D.C. brought to you by MORE broadcasting. Perkins and Stein worked together on ABC's “Good Morning America” from 1999-2005 and remain best friends to this day. Their unique chemistry is the cornerstone of this podcast that features comedy and long-form interviews. Tony Perkins is the evening news anchor for WTTG FOX 5 DC.
Washington Watch Daily Live Radio Show
Bryan Ward-Perkins, a leading historian of Late Antiquity at Trinity College, Oxford, discusses the transitional period between the fall of Rome and the Middle Ages.
This story is based upon the experiences of two Belgian refugees in World War I. When their parents are marched of by Germans, Jan and Marie are left alone. Now they, along with their dog, have to find their parents! (Summary by ashleighjane)
Moving the Mountain is a feminist utopian novel written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. It was published serially in Perkins Gilman's periodical The Forerunner and then in book form, both in 1911. The book was one element in the major wave of utopian and dystopian literature that marked the later nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The novel was also the first volume in Gilman's utopian trilogy; it was followed by the famous Herland (1915) and its sequel, With Her in Ourland (1916). John ...
Tune-in as Emily sheds a radiant light of love on the beauty and the power that resides within you Inside the power of love is the possibility of healing wounds and transforming your stories.Can you feel the call of your spirit What would igniting your whole being look likeDiscussing love in all its forms through conversations that provoke awareness, curiosity, and expansion, Emily shares how to live your life with love and love the life you live
"The White Heart of the Mojave" recounts a 1920's adventure "in the wind and sun and big spaces" of Death Valley by two independent minded women, Edna Brush Perkins and Charlotte Hannahs Jordan. Both women were early feminists, Edna as chairwoman of the greater Cleveland Woman's Suffrage Party (1916-18). At the end of the Great War, the two friends wanted nothing more than to escape "to the solitariness of some wild and lonely place far from city halls, smokestacks, national organizations, a ...
Perkins Masamba
Raising The Standard For A Generation And Establishing A Dimension of the Kingdom of God
This book is the first of a series of stories for supplementary reading the purpose of which is to give children a correct idea of life in different countries, both in the spirit and atmosphere of the story, and in the actual descriptions. These books will also further a spirit of friendliness and good will for children of other nationalities. (Lucy Fitch Perkins in The Dutch Twins) Illustrations for this story may be found at the e-text link.
Amusing tales showing the effectiveness of advertising some rather questionable products. Perkins and the narrator partner in promotions directed at a gullible and willing public. Unlike most tales of the kind, with moralistic endings where the 'sharps' come to grief, Perkins and Co. become wealthy and quite pleased with themselves. (Summary by Arnold Banner)
Conversations with the next-generation of conservative leaders
Mornings with Dave Perkins, weekdays 9:00pm to 12:00pm
Regina Perkins Show
Join me for prophetic insights, fresh revelations and exciting content! We have some things we need to talk about! Stay tuned for upcoming episodes daily!
Welcome to the Hamilton Perkins Collection podcast, where amazing things happen.
There’s literally thousands of perspectives and opinions on how to “raise kids”…especially “teenagers” – how many have you tried? Did they work for you? What did you KNOW about those experiences – before? during? after? Julie Perkins, Christy Perkins
a coaching and personal development company, to help men and women create financial prosperity and freedom while doing work they love. Limit Free Life offers coaching services including: career transition coaching, reinvention at all stages of life, and working with entrepreneurs to improve business acumen, management and leadership skills so they create profitable businesses they love . A special focus of my work is lifting barriers to success by uncovering underlying money beliefs, illumin ...
There’s literally thousands of perspectives and opinions on how to “raise kids”…especially “teenagers” – how many have you tried? Did they work for you? What did you KNOW about those experiences – before? during? after? Julie Perkins, Christy Perkins
On The Margins is a weekly program of short-form interviews with artists whom through their creative work, build a singular world of their own to expand upon and express their findings. Select moments from each artist's catalog is played between two short conversations.
Dwayne Perkins' solo "dolo" podcast "OFF THE TOP" is bringing the Brooklyn born Stand-Up comedian, writer, and actor to fans & future fans in his rawest form... Off The Top of the dome. The Raw and Uncut subject matter ranges from Hip Hop history; to relationships, personal and everyday; to the pop culture nonsensical BS of the moment. Look for the Hip Hop lyric breakdown, along with the occasional special guest. Visit & purchase "Hot Chocolate for The Mind" Today!
Mel Giedroyc (you know, off the telly) and Andy Bush (not on the telly) sit down every week to discuss the finer, funnier things in life. Microphones, tea and biscuits provided by the lovely folk at Magic Radio.
If you love The Mike O’Meara Show, The Rob & Joe Show, Tech 411, The Tony Perkins Show, and Cake & Cookies: The Robb & Katie Show, listen to host Marcus Certa and his guests as they talk about these shows with clips, personal stories, and much more.
Do Go On
A fact based comedy podcast. Each week Melbourne comedians Matt Stewart, Jess Perkins and Dave Warneke take it in turns to research a topic and report back to the class.
Experience messages from our Sunday morning services at New Life Church.
Tears of Yesteryear bring you the great soap operas that entertained women and men for years. The stories kept the listeners tuning in day after day as they became involved in the story and was subject for discussion.
Leaders In Worship
Leaders In Worship is the podcast to equip, connect and develop leaders in the worship arts. As a worship leader & pastor for over 20 years, Matt Perkins, along with special guests, share thoughts and strategies on navigating leadership in the local church.
Faux Radio Show
The Faux Radio Show is a refreshingly intellectual alternative to the fire-and-brimstone talk radio dominated by neoconservatives. A bold new form of provocative, 21st century journalism, the Faux Radio Show challenges the issues and picks some of the greatest contemporary minds neglected by the mainstream media. The show is operated simply with a computer and a phone, and each program invites listeners to directly call in their own questions to the host and guests.Host Carl Gibson has inter ...
Dungeon Delve from Dungeons & Dragons features live play D&D adventures in convenient audio form. Chris Perkins, Dungeon Master and principal story designer for Dungeons & Dragons, hosts newly remastered episodes of his adventures with Acquisitions, Inc. as well as other live play sessions with members of the D&D team.
This podcast is set up to allow the easy downloading of previous messages at Landmark Cincinnati. Feel free to browse through past messages free to download!
Colin For Real
Welcome to OrthoAnalytika, Fr. Anthony Perkins' podcast on spirituality, science, culture, the paranormal, prepping, and current events - all from a decidedly Orthodox Christian perspective. Fr. Anthony is the rector of St. Michael Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Woonsocket, RI, an adjunct professor of theology and political science, college chaplain, and retired intelligence officer. He has a diverse background, a lot of enthusiasm, and a big smile. See for show notes an ...
Thirst Aid Kit
Lust is a feeling. Thirst is the performance of that feeling. Join Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkins as they explore the public ways women express their desire, particularly in this moment when we are all asking more pointed questions about Hollywood, representation, and opportunity. Examine why we desire who we desire through conversation, original fanfic, and fantasies that take us by a lion would a gazelle.
Sue Perkins and Tom Service unravel everything listeners have ever wondered about music - but were too afraid to ask
Popular Fanatics
We explore a pop culture phenomenon. Everything from movies, TV shows, music, cartoons, you name it, if it created an army of fanatics these guys want to know why. Hosted by Chad Perkins and Greg Casey. Part of the Twenty One Network.
Love Orthodox Christian worship? Want to listen to traditional Christian worship, prayers, and music? OrthoAdoration, a spin-off of the OrthoAnalytika podcast, presents prayers, songs, and services as they are celebrated and sung at St. Michael Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Woonsocket, RI ( Enjoy!
Northgate Church is passionate about helping people become who God has purposed them to be!
A thinking-man's perspective about basketball from the big man's perspective with NBA coach Clifford Ray. Each episode Clifford discusses the ins and outs of basketball and his amazing life.
Common Ground is a church plant within the Heart of Jackson. Common Ground's mission is to be a missional community of disciple makers. You are invited to join us in this mission as we continue to abide in Christ and Make Disciples. Because it is at the foot of the Cross that we find Common Ground.
Hard On!
Hard On! is a podcast featuring Shawn Barnes, Adam Perkins, and Jay Leonard. It's the podcast that's not about length but how you use it. Listen as the guys get hard on life/issues/news/you name it! ***EXPLICIT CONTENT***
Washington Watch
Washington Watch is a daily program hosted by Family Research Council President Tony Perkins that covers the issues of faith, family and freedom. Tony is your leading source for what is really happening in our nation’s Capital.
Radiant Church
Podcast by David Perkins
Interviews with modern greats of slide guitar. Covers technique, styles, gear, set up, approach and study.
Ever feel like you missed something important when it comes to the news? A fact, a detail, or an event that it feels like everyone else knows about, and now you'd look like a moron if you asked someone to explain? Well, here's a podcast that will ask those questions so you do't have to. Each week, Danielle Ward is joined by two comedians and an actual expert in something important, who will field the basic and/or obvious questions you somehow never got around to asking until now. It'll be li ...
Caroline Wilson and Corrie Perkin are best friends and it's time to start recording their conversations. Everything from sport to food to lifestyle are covered. Nothing is off limits. Just don't shoot the messenger.
Christ-centered, expository preaching from Gospel Community Church in Nags Head, NC. These messages come from our pastors (Dr. Andrew White, Jay Sutherland, and Josh Perkins) as well as other guest speakers that visit our church in the Outer Banks. Check out our website at
Upside Down Podcast
Upside Down Podcast features unscripted conversations on life and faith. Join us as we gather women from different perspectives around the table to discuss life in God's upside down kingdom. We dive into justice, spirituality, and Christian culture. No topic is off limits as we learn how Jesus changes everything. Upside Down Podcast is a collaborative, Christian podcast. Some of our most popular episodes include Hashtag Blessed, Downward Mobility, Gentrification, and a special interview with ...
Join Todd Perkins and his friends as they try movies for the first time, or try their old favorites again to see if they hold up. Join us live on Wednesdays at 8:30pm Pacific time at
Dice, Camera, Action! is a live play-through of D&D's latest storylines run by Dungeon Master extraordinaire, Chris Perkins, for the amazing group of adventurers known as the Waffle Crew.
Ten minute conversations with the nation's top educators. Hosted by Gary Abud and Steve Perkins
Bracket Busters
Podcast by Keegan Perkins, Will Erstad
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How reverse reviews can affect customers, avoid overcrowded summer destinations, Ed Perkins tells us how to travel with medical breathing devices.
Join Jamie, Phoebe, Nick and Perkins as they finally see who has topped the Lightning Draft league for the season and look ahead to the FA Cup Final
Dr. Feelgood The Sharpeez Wild One Rock and Stick Boz Scaggs Out of the Blues The Water Is Wide Cherry Lee Mewis Voyage Take You Down Sunny Ozell Take You Down - Single Blue Midnight Giles Robson & Chris Corcoran Roller Coaster! Motherless Children Joe Bonamassa British Blues Explosion Live Shotgun Peggie Perkins Influences Velvet Windows (The ...…
Jack Perkins is a Co-Founder (along with Alex Peck) of BaseUp. BaseUp is an Australian provider of smart parking technology. They create innovative software and hardware solutions for leading property groups and major tenants. We talk about how their consumer app 'Parallel Parking' was acquired and why they moved into the commercial space. We a ...…
The boys welcome back returning guest Perkins to the show! Once again she brought with her a depressing move from the 80's...The Neverending Story! CJ tries another attempt at writing the show's new theme song, they briefly hear from Charlene Johnson, and the boys announce the grand opening of Overtalking University. Movie discussed: The Nevere ...…
May 15, 2018 Kat Perkins recaps this weeks semi-finals of NBC’s The Voice! Past contestants are featured.
"Mother's Day: Arrows"Message by Pastor David Perkins.For more information, visit
The OK PolicyCast is back! In this episode, we look at what just happened in one of the most tumultuous legislative years in Oklahoma history. Bailey Perkins speaks about what it was like being at the state Capitol before, during, and after the teacher walkout. Carly Putnam shares some major developments in health care policy. And Ryan Gentzler ...…
Pastor Michael Perkins sharing (Proximity Part 2) at River City Hope Church in Louisville, KY.
Pastor Michael Perkins sharing (Proximity Part 1) at River City Hope Church in Louisville, KY.
A new MP3 sermon from Pilgrims Reformed Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: William Perkins on Prayer Speaker: Jeff Oliver Broadcaster: Pilgrims Reformed Baptist Church Event: Sunday School Date: 5/6/2018 Length: 49 min.
Join Jamie, Phoebe, Nick and Perkins as they pick their final Premier League teams of the season in episode fifteen of the Lightning Draft.
Topic takeover: "Love" consists of an in-depth discussion about Love. Featuring five Men of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. revealing their true perspectives about love. Truth's Social Media Specialist, Tyler Thompson, facilitated this discussion. Dedicated to Devin C.G Moore #TheGoat.Special Guests: Wesley Harris, David Lightner and Ted Perkins…
Episode 2: If she doesn't know what Black Market is she's too young for you. by C.D. Perkins
Doug and I catch up in his hotel room in NYC before a big conducting gig. Doug is a GREAT drummer. And a good friend. We go deep and we troll @liquidrum, as you do.
This episode: Rihanna friend zoning the crew, Kanye Stress, Infinity War, Lebronto, Kendrick Perkins vs. Drake, Beef'n up home security!
In this real and raw episode, Emily talks about what sexploration means and what it can look like through an open conversation about her own personal journey. Taking a look at what our stories are around sex, how we relate to it and what it would look like if we took off all of the "shoulds" around sex. What might shock you if you stripped off ...…
Charlotte Wood is a renowned Australian fiction author. She has published five novels and two works of non-fiction. Her awards and honours include: The Natural Way of Things (2016), was awarded the 2016 Stella Prize and the 2016 Indie Book of the Year and Novel of the Year, and was the joint winner of the Prime Minister's Literary Award for Fic ...…
Charlotte Wood is a renowned Australian fiction author. She has published five novels and two works of non-fiction. Her awards and honours include: The Natural Way of Things (2016), was awarded the 2016 Stella Prize and the 2016 Indie Book of the Year and Novel of the Year, and was the joint winner of the Prime Minister's Literary Award for Fic ...…
"David: Christian Camaraderie"Message by Pastor David Perkins.For more information, visit #20180506
Khalil, Rome and Von sit down to discussKanye and slavery (04:40)Drake vs Perkins (24:00)Time to blow up the Raptors? (27:10)NBA finals possible matchups (29:00)Who's the GOAT? (39:00)Met Gala (01:08:00)and much more !Songs of the week Khalils Pick -Kendrick Lamar - WestSide Right On TimeVons Pick-Gherbo - MirrorRomes PickRod Wave - UnderstandT ...…
Matt and P.A.'s faith in the Cavs has been restored and they discuss if Lebron is still going to leave. We also react to the Drake vs Perkins beef and who will be the best finals match up for the Cavs. Go get 10% Uneek Clothing using our code OHIO1 at
Me and our Basketball expert Shaad (Rashaad McGinnis) go over the first round. Tackle some side topics like the future of the Thunder and Wizards, Kawhi, and Drake Kendricks Perkins beef. We also get into the second round of the second round. King James The 🐐? Is Ben Simmons overrated? Will the Celtics be the best team in the league next year.. ...…
The AFA Gaming Podcast returns for its first GameFranchise Spotlight on a classic series for the adventurous at heart Tomb RaiderRachael and Chris discuss their first experience of the franchise back in the late 1990s before diving into the recent trilogy of games developed by Crystal Dynamics Including the recent trailer for the Shadow of the ...…
Recored in the Hertiage Room at the Show Low City Hall. In this episode Birdman chats with Justen Tregaskes, Planning and Zoning Director with The City of Show Low about the Annual Project Clean Sweep and with Rick Austin with Public Works about the Buly Item Pick Up portion. Project Clean Sweep, the free citywide beautification program, kicks ...…
Pastor Michael Perkins sharing (The Anointing Part 4) at River City Hope Church in Louisville, KY.
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