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Edge Talk Radio
The Edge, which has supported holistic living in the Upper Midwest USA since 1992, inspires you to expand beyond your beliefs, reminds you to listen to the voice of your soul, and offers information and guidance on how to be in balance. Please visit for archives of every Edge program here on Thank you for listening!
Creative Warriors
Creative Warriors is a community of "uncommon" entrepreneurs and innovative business owners. Those that have created products and services that need a different way of doing business, marketing, and reaching their ideal customers in order to succeed and stand out in a noisy world. Business coach and author of LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customers Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible, host Jeffrey Shaw, interviews leading authors and inspiring entrepreneurs, who will change your ...
Sermon Podcasts
Pastor Alan Weishampel bringing the Word unless otherwise stated in the title.
Travel with our hosts hundreds of years in the future, where things are different than what we are used to after humans have colonized the solar system and Mars has become an independent military power, pushing Mars and Earth on the brink of war. Each week on THE EXPANSE AFTER SHOW, we’ll review, recap and provide in-depth discussion on the latest episodes as well as bring you scoops from the show’s cast and crew!
Podcast by Eagles Nest Fellowship Church
The focus of this podcast is to stir up as much curiosity, fascination and wonder about God as possible. Maybe I won’t be able to help all the lost sheep, but it most certainly won’t stop me from trying 🤷🏽‍♀️😌Elle 🌹 IG: The Prisoner of The Lord 🙏🏽 Become a supporter of this podcast:
Keep It Magic
Can 5 MILLION downloads be wrong? Keep It Magic is the hottest metaphysically based magic show on the internet! Join Jacki Smith and Storm Cestavani every other week to discuss he hottest topics that matter to you with a metaphysical and magical spin. What are the astrological influences of the week? How do we use magic to transform our lives and get everything that we truly want? What does the mystical Kabbalah have to say about the weeks energies? Nothing is too personal, and nothing is to ...
For nearly half a century Roy Masters has been helping people overcome their most difficult problems. As the nation’s first and longest running radio counselor, Roy Masters has advised callers with a unique ability to hear inner problems, heal fears and sexual stresses, and help people take charge of their own lives.Join Roy Masters weeknights for stunning social commentary andgifted insights into personal problems and life’s most daunting challenges.
On the Alpha Geek Podcast, Andrew Ramsden speaks with leaders in digital and technology—whether that be CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, Executives, Managers, Tech leads, or influencers within a technical field. Conversation centres around their leadership journeys, challenges, successes and what they’ve learned along the way. Andrew’s mission is to deconstruct how they do what they do and get them to reveal the tips, tricks, and philosophies behind their leadership success.
Promoting strategies to increase healthspan, well-being, cognitive and physical performance through deeper understandings of biology.
Living Myth
Mosaic presents Living Myth, a podcast with Michael Meade, renowned mythologist and storyteller. Meade presents mythic stories that offer uniquely insightful and wise ways of understanding the current dilemmas of the world we live in. Living Myth proposes that genuine solutions to the complex and intractable problems of our world require both transcendent imagination and cohering, transformative narratives.
Glorious thought provoking discussions about the End of the Age, current events, the "rescue mission", our awesome Intergalactic God and His Son and our King Jesus Christ (introduction leader music credit Audiomachine at, and may God BLESS all those who have contributed to this program freely. Tribulation Now has not and does not accept contributions and recommends that everyone give to the poor and underprivileged of this world in Jesus name).
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Wouldn’t it be great if your child came with an owner’s manual? A how-to book on how to raise your child? And if your child came with such a manual, wouldn’t it be helpful to have someone walk you through it, making that owner’s manual come alive? Michael Gurian and Tim Wright serve as your guides through what they believe is the owner’s manual for your child: Your child’s brain. While the brain doesn’t tell the whole story, it does offer a treasure trove of insights into your son or daughte ...
A weekly podcast where we breakdown marketing, communication and lead generation strategy to help you take your business to the next level.
A podcast about how engineering is done. Each week we explore and explain a part of the engineering multiverse.
A weekly look at all things Microsoft, including Windows, Windows Phone, Office, Xbox, and more, from two of the foremost Windows watchers in the world, Paul Thurrott of and Mary Jo Foley of All About Microsoft.Records live every Wednesday at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific/ 19:00 UTC.
The Libertarian
A podcast series featuring the inimitable Richard Epstein offering his unique perspective on national developments in public policy and the law. Tune in each week to hear Epstein's take on breaking news stories.
Empowered Love Radio
Melanie Tonia Evans is an author, radio host, relationship and dating expert and coach. She’s the author of the books Breaking the Chains of Painful Love and Take Back Your Power. Melanie’s work resulted from her own nearly fatal experiences with narcissistic abuse, co-dependency and relationship addiction. Melanie is now a world expert on empowering women and healing painful love. Her deep core writing, teaching, coaching and healings are now liberating women world wide to stand up and take ...
Rev.Dr. Helena is ranked one of the world's top spiritual healers. She travels the world with her workshops and lectures. She is a longtime regular on Blogtalk Radio. Author of bestseller The White Light-A Limitless Reality. A book of true stories of the unseen around and within us. This world is so full of wonders when you learn how to find them!
The Royals After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of E!'s The Royals.Show Summary: Power is everything, there are no limits, and trust is nonexistent for the royal family featured in this drama series. Queen Helena and King Simon try to present an aura of class and grace to the public, but the truth of the family's life is much different, as tainted politics and family issues threaten to cause chaos and turmoil for the royals. The monarchs' rebellious daughter, Princess Eleanor, p ...
Spiritual power, positive mindset, daily devotional Become a supporter of this podcast:
This is Confessions Of A Melanated Queen, a podcast designed to celebrate the achievements within Black culture. Become a supporter of this podcast:
The Meditation Podcast creates an extraordinary meditation experience for people in their everyday lives. Produced by husband-and-wife team Jesse & Jeane Stern, the podcast uses guided meditations, binaural beats, mindfulness, and 20+ years experience in Healing Arts. Please use headphones, and do not listen while driving or operating machinery. For our complete archive of meditations, please visit our web site.
Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke explain how our brain works.
Base Pairs
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's Base Pairs podcast ​tells​ stories that ​convey​ the power of genetic information – past and present.Named among the 2018 Webby Awards’ “five best podcasts in the world” for the subjects of science and education.Presented the Platinum Award for podcasting by PR News.
Messages from services at Equip Church International, Melbourne Australia.
Christ and Pop Culture's network of shows acknowledge the good, the beautiful, and the true in music, movies, television, and the rest of pop culture.
Zero Thoughts
Power to the people. Let's create a truly democratic world!
Give me 5 minutes and I'll give you something to think about.
The #1 Evidence Based Growth Podcast on the Internet. The Science of Success is about the search for evidence based personal growth. It's about exploring ways to improve your decision-making, understand your mind and how psychology rules the world around you, and learn from experts and thought leaders about ways we can become better versions of ourselves.
Grace to You
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We are Ceccpoint, a place for Culture, lifestyle, politics, philosophy and current events. This is where you can check in for a fun and distilled internet experience that cuts through the sludge and the noise that wastes your time and energy. Check into Ceccpoint to keep up with our work.Email: ceccpoint@gmail.comFacebook: CeccpointInstagram: @ceccpointTwitter: @realceccpoint
For those who love the everyday grind. Let’s talk business, entrepreneurship and more!
Arts & Ideas
Leading artists, writers, thinkers discuss the ideas shaping our lives & links between past & present and new academic research.
Different Head
Different Head is your weekly annotated mixtape of new wave, no wave, and neither wave, hosted by Tyler Sorensen. New episodes are broadcast live every Saturday at noon ET on Mixlr. Learn more at
Grace to You
The latest feed from Grace to You on
North Point City Church in Stevens Point Wisconsin.
The purpose of this show is to help our listening audience to see things from a higher realm, to fulfill a higher purpose. The host of the Higher Design for Living Show, Gloria Holloway, offers teachings based on biblical principles, universal laws and best business practices to help you to accomplish your dreams and how to line your thinking up with your destiny. The body goes where the mind directs it. Our goal is to transform, empower, equip and mobilize our listening audience. Join us as ...
One church for every generation
Stories that have the power to inspire
Meda Critic
Join Ava, Sean, and Marty for a look back at a pokemon clone that was way better than it had any right to be! That's right, it's Medabots!
The latest feed from Hope Protestant Reformed Church on
Create Life Podcast
To help you stay motivated, encouraged, and excited about life.
The latest feed from Grace Community Church on
Jargone Podcast
Demystifying commonly misunderstood business terms
The latest feed from Mercy Seat Christian Church on
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One year from January 14, Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7 for free. (Only for pay). Watch the full episode here: Hosts: Leo Laporte, Paul Thurrott, and Mary Jo Foley You can find more about TWiT and subscribe to our full shows at
Stephen Kyle and Rene discuss, Devil May Cry, Marceline the Vampire Queen, Inuyasha, Krillin's age, 18 kisses, Rene's sexism, Piccolo's Sexism, modern-day standards, the definition of Perpetual, the unfairness of our podcast, past Theories, Piccolo=tsundere, 17/18's ages, best boy of dragonball, Trunk's competence, and the Gohan/trunks relation ...…
Last November, the French started a new Saturday tradition: “Gilet jaune” protesters wearing yellow safety vestsstarted to taketo the streets by the tens of thousands in the morning, shouting slogans against the high cost of living, against French President Emmanuel Macron, and against his detested taxes and social service reforms.…
Tari is a new open source, decentralized protocol that reimagines the future of digital assets. Tari is being architected as a merge-mined sidechain of Monero and will inherit its security model. Full episode at Host: Randal Schwartz Guest: Naveen Jain You can find more about TWiT and subscribe to our full shows at https://twit ...…
With no end in sight to the partial government shutdown, some businesses are starting to miss the regulation that shielded them from risk. Then: The fallout from yesterday’s failed Brexit vote may not be isolated to Britain. We'll look at how uncertainty could ripple through the global economy. Plus: partially autonomous car features have the p ...…
Are you a part of a demographic? Then you may be competing on behalf of capital.💥BECOME A PATRON at📕 ORDER MY BOOK 👕 MERCH that wasn't enough of a primer on CULTIVATED IDENTITY watch this: ...…
Mystery Brand sponsored a Jake Paul video recently. Yikes.💥BECOME A PATRON at📕 ORDER MY BOOK 👕 MERCH 🐦TWITTER: 📱NOTIFICATIONS:*****************The Year of the Loot Box (Jim Sterling): ...…
Bruce Black has over 40 years of C-level business experience building several high-performance companies as a founder, leader, entrepreneur, and CEO. For the last ten years, Black has used much of that prior business knowledge to help private middle-market business owners improve their company’s performance, lower their risk profile, and achiev ...…
British P.M. Theresa May's Brexit plan went down in flames Tuesday, but the markets didn't really seem to care. Ukrainian hackers made millions after breaking into the Securities Exchange Commission's database. Plus, ahead of the World Economic Forum next week, a look at one of the world's most pressing problems: trade tensions. And we take a q ...…
In the first major strike since the U.S. Supreme Court struck a blow to public-sector unions last June, more than 30,000 Los Angeles public school teachers took to the rainy streets Monday to launch the LA teachers union’s first labor stoppage in 30 years. It’s the seventh major teacher protest over the last year, but unlike their counterparts ...…
In today’s episode of the Cyclingnews podcast, brought to you in association with Sportful, Pinarello and Floyd’s of Leadville, we look back at stage 2 of the Tour Down. Patrick Bevin (CCC Team) stole the show with a blistering turn of speed to win the stage and the Kiwi now leads the race from Elia Viviani by five seconds, but for the second d ...…
It’s perfectly ok to not be ok some days. We all have bad days. Do you acknowledge your feelings and get them out, or do you stuff them down deep inside? Those feelings will come out eventually. It’s important to honor them. We have so many great resources out there to help. I talk about this and more on today’s episode. https://mooseletoe.wixs ...…
Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plan gets rejected, so how does Britain move forward? Plus, we take a peek inside the world of lifestyle concierges, who cater to every whim of the wealthy and, every once in a while, the not-so-rich.Today's show is sponsored by SignNow, Pitney Bowes and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage.…
From the BBC World Service… Britain's prime minister suffered a much bigger-than-expected defeat on her Brexit proposal last night, a plan that took two years to negotiate with the E.U. So, now what? We hit the streets to talk to workers in the U.K.'s financial hub about what it all means for investors and the future of the economy. Then, how d ...…
In yesterday's show we talked about how advertisers are not leaving Facebook. But lots of them are migrating from Facebook proper to another platform it owns: Instagram. One analyst estimates that ads on Instagram will account for 70 percent of Facebook's new revenue by 2020. And the most exciting thing for the company is Stories, the little po ...…
The QAnon phenomena is congruent to social media, whereby there are all sorts of conspiracy theories being offered and yet we see they are proven to be riddled with photoshopped work, false predictions and forged “codes” that turn out to be product serial numbers, but that hasn’t shaken the faith of the true believers. Furthermore, QAnon is gro ...…
Eric Keller calls in to talk about XPEL's expertise in clear bras, tints, and wraps. Matt also has an unfortunate issue with the hood of his BMW.Geico: Visit Geico.comAS HEARD IN THE EPISODE, GET ZYCOAT ZYBAR’S HARD-WEARING COATING FOR HARD-RUNNING ENGINES AND EXHAUST SYSTEMS: www.zycoat.comDodge: Visit or your local dealer today…
Samsung unveiled the date for its 10th-anniversary launch of the Galaxy S10. Samsung also revealed details of its upcoming mid-range Galaxy M with a teardrop notch, a first for Samsung phones. For the full episode, visit Hosts: Jason Howell, Florence Ion, and Ron Richards You can find more about TWiT and subscribe to our full sh ...…
Among the many illnesses plaguing the Western world, diabesity, the intersection between diabetes and obesity, is becoming increasingly prevalent. This is a deadly heath epidemic, and clearly the traditional model of “eat less and exercise more” is just not enough for many folks who are battling diabesity. The solution to solving diabesity isn’ ...…
Apple is all about privacy. Ring... not so much. For the full episode, visit Hosts: Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, and Rene Ritchie Guest: Jim Dalrymple You can find more about TWiT and subscribe to our full shows at
A California judge has ruled that American cops can't force people to unlock a mobile phone with their face or finger. The ruling goes further to protect people's private lives from government searches than any before and is being hailed as a potentially landmark decision. Watch the full episode here: Hosts: Leo Laporte a ...…
Many of us surround ourselves with people who tell us how awesome we are, who affirm all our decisions as the right decisions, who constantly lift us up. We do need women like this but we also need women who are willing to say the hard things, the honest things. So, let me ask you - do you have any women who will speak truth in your life? Women ...…
Recently I was on Facebook and saw a video that was so encouraging! The video was of a woman running a half marathon. Actually, she wasn’t running, she was hobbling and wobbling, she was really struggling, trying to reach the finish line. She could literally see the finish line but her body wasn’t cooperating. Three men sacrificed their race ti ...…
Leo Laporte and Megan Morrone discuss the relative merits of taking your vitamins as they explore a new subscription service called Care/Of that prescribes vitamins for you and sends them to you with a monthly personalized subscription. Vitamins for hair, skin, stress, and prenatal vitamins. Full episode at Hosts: Leo Laporte and ...…
Something's been nagging at us all holiday break. With each fresh revelation about Facebook, new thoughts arise about whether or not to participate on the platform, and whether that really makes a difference or not. But quitting Instagram, which is, of course, owned by Facebook, feels quite a bit harder. We're attached! Our listeners tell us th ...…
Gail Atwater and her two young children were driving home from soccer practice in March 1997 when they realized that a rubber bat that was usually affixed to the window of their pickup truck was missing. It was a favorite toy of Atwater’s 3-year-old, Mac, so the trio turned around, retracing their route to see if they could find it. Atwater slo ...…
British Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal was shot down today. We'll kick off our show with the latest and what's next. Then, speaking of "no deal": Under the partial government shutdown, some Trump advisers are seeing what a smaller government really looks like. Plus, why your Netflix is getting more expensive.…
In the latest episode of the Cyclingnews podcast, brought to you in association with Sportful, Pinarello and Floyd’s of Leadville, we look back at stage 1 of the Tour Down Under. The stage saw a sprinting masterclass from Elia Viviani, with the Italian winning in Port Adelaide and taking the first leader’s jersey of this year’s race. We hear fr ...…
The U.K. parliament votes Tuesday on Prime Minister's Brexit plan, and her prospects don't look so good right now. French President Emmanuel Macron's "grand debate" talks are being held around the country to address citizen concerns. Volkswagen and Ford join forces. Plus, why companies are trying to cash in on Kansas City Chiefs rookie QB Patri ...…
Last week, the New York Times reported that the FBI, in 2017, launched an investigation of President Trump “to consider whether the president’s own actions constituted a possible threat to national security” and specifically “whether he had been working on behalf of Russia against American interests.…
The most important part of business is sales and the number 1 rule in sales is this: BELIEVE IN YOUR PRODUCT! You see, if you TRULY believe in your product and believe it will enrich the lives of your customers, you'll see marketing as a public service. If you have something that will really make people's lives better, you owe it to them to spr ...…
Are you calling in the right kind of love into your life? The first step is loving yourself. It all begins with you. If you don’t love yourself first, then you are not going to be calling in healthy love. The energy you put out is what you attract. What are you attracting today? ...…
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