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Voodoo Priest Man
Where spirituality and metaphysics is discussed. To help others open their third eye. Instagram @voodoopriestman. Youtube: Voodoo Priest Man
Following Jesus isn't always easy and can often be funny. Fr. Dom interviews parishioners, brother priests, religious, and ministry leaders to hear about their own strengths and struggles with being a disciple of Jesus. Come laugh with us, learn something, and most importantly find out you're not alone!Fr. Dom is a priest for the Archdiocese of Chicago and serves as associate pastor of St. Edward Parish. When Fr. Dom isn't at his parish he can be seen enjoying a Hot Dog (at either Gene and J ...
Veritas Caritas
Veritas Caritas is a collection of audio sermon recordings by a traditional Catholic priest. This site is maintained by Catholic laity and shared with permission of the priest.The priest featured in these recordings is an active Catholic Priest in good standing with their local ordinaries and Rome, incardinated with normal faculties and jurisdiction, and serving in North America.Please comply with the following requests when sharing this audio:DO NOT share the name, location or image of this ...
Sound Sermons
Rare is a collection of audio sermon recordings by a traditional Catholic priest. This site is maintained by Catholic laity and shared with permission of the priest.The priest featured in these recordings is an active Catholic Priest in good standing with their local ordinaries and Rome, incardinated with normal faculties and jurisdiction, and serving in North America.Please comply with the following requests when sharing this audio:DO NOT share the name, location or image of thi ...
A priest from Canada and a priest from the states walk into a bar... Annnnd I can't think of a joke.
Socialista Podcast
Podcast by Brianna Fox-Priest
The Pharaoh and the Priest (Polish: Faraon) is the fourth and last major novel by the Polish writer Bolesław Prus. It was the sole historical novel by an author who had earlier disapproved of historical novels on the ground that they inevitably distort history. Pharaoh has been described by Czesław Miłosz as a "novel on mechanisms of state power and, as such, probably unique in world literature of the nineteenth century.... Prus, in selecting the reign of 'Pharaoh Ramses XIII' in the elevent ...
The Wisdom of Father Brown explores many characters and fascinating themes such as the following. An eminent criminologist is persuaded by the mild yet persistent Father Brown to sort out a family matter. Also, a Tuscan poet fancies himself as the King of Thieves. A famous French philosopher and atheist holds the key to a new invention called “Noiseless Powder.” A corpse is discovered in a dark passage backstage at London's Adelphi Theater. Finally there is Psychometric testing of criminals ...
Weekly Homilies
A Roman Catholic priest from the Diocese of Steubenville
Welcome to the Fr. Bill's Podcast where you will hear homilies, reflections, interviews, theological reflections, and more from Fr. Bill Holtzinger, a Catholic priest. This podcast was formerly called "St. Anthony's Podcast."
I am a Roman Catholic Priest of the Diocese of New Ulm. This podcast is of my homilies and other humble thoughts.Give feedback at
The full title of this book is Bible Defense of Slavery; and Origin, Fortunes, and History of the Negro Race, by Rev. Josiah Priest, A. M. 5th edition. This is a compilation of pro-slavery literature and propaganda that went through numerous editions in the Southern United States before the Civil War. It contains the highly influential book, Slavery, as it Relates to the Negro, or African Race, by Rev Josiah Priest, which was originally published in 1843. This compilation also includes many ...
Fr. Brent Maher
Roman Catholic Priest.
Homilies to go
Sermons from an Episcopal Priest, presently Rector of St. John's in Wytheville, Virginia
Every week Karl Stevens (the priest) and Daniel Bogard (the rabbi) engage in Chevruta study of scripture. We started with the Book of Exodus in 2017, and will be moving on the the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles in 2018. Lost in the Wilderness is made possible by generous contributions from Christ Church Cathedral and the Diocese of Southern Ohio.
Priest and St. Peter return to the air, this time as Beyond The Field. A fan based football talk/interview show that occasionally goes off topic and will pull anything out of the bag. You, the listeners, drive the show by your calls and on chat. Let's not forget the interviews with the players of today and yesteryear in only a style that Priest and St. Peter can deliver. Join us every Monday through Friday as we pull up the stool, pour you a cold one, and talk some ball the way fans should t ...
Roman Cathoilc Priest: The Catholic Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Atlanta, GA
The Inner Life
The Inner Life® with Chuck Neff is one-on-one Spiritual Direction on the radio. Every day, a Catholic priest joins listeners to offer spiritual advice and guidance designed to assist you along your faith journey, speaking about a variety of topics to help you overcome sin, grow in virtue, and strengthen your faith.
A historical novel for children, which tells the story of several months in the life of the then famous Father Farmer, as he traveled a Mass circuit in Pre-Revolutionary, Colonial America. He faced much danger and and adventure, in order to provide the Mass and the Sacraments to Catholics who had not seen a priest in years.Father Farmer was a real life missionary priest during the 1700’s in what is now New England. In 1779 he was appointed as one of the first trustees of the University of Pe ...
The Marketplace is a weekly podcast posted every Sunday and hosted by Priest Willis, Sr. The podcast is created with you in mind and talks with a variety of industries such as education, business, sports, comedy, entrepreneurship and more!
Welcome to Certifiably Catholic! Each episode a Catholic priest, stay at home mom and a husband/parish minister discuss how we strive for heaven in the midst of this crazy life.
Welcome to the Auto Detailing Podcast! The only podcast dedicated to car enthusiast and professional car detailers. Jimbo, along with his guest will teach you how to detail a car, give you the very best auto detailing tips to make sure your ride is dialed in. We will be interviewing professional auto detailers weekly, so you can grow and succeed in all things car detailing and car culture. For more information and for ways to connect with us please visit If you enjoy ...
Fr. Joshua Waltz is a priest of the Catholic Diocese of Bismarck, ND. Ordained alongside his brother in 2007, Waltz has served as the diocese's Director of Vocations since 2013.
On Mondays Hosted by longtime Palo priest Candelo Kimbisa, This is the meeting place for all esoteric traditions. Candelo brings his insight as a Palero and eclectic spiritualist to his interviews with peers in Afro-Caribbean lineages as well as representatives of numerous other spiritualities and religions.
Join Paul Bettany and Lily Collins as they discuss their new film, “Priest,” an adaptation of the Tokyopop comic book about war between humans and vampires.
Charles Daniel Victor is a missionary pastor, teacher and life coach passionate to see people walk in the fullness of God’s original design. His grand father came from a strong temple priest background. His desire is to see people get infected with the lifestyle of supernatural and be part of transforming the cities and nations where they live in. He is married to a Beautiful Spanish girl who is an amazing worship leader and Intercessor. Together they have 2 lovely kids. Jesus called Charles ...
Sunday services preached word
Lana Del Pod
A podcast from Chicago Comics Joe McMahon and Samuel Priest that's not really about Lana Del Rey. Like, it's funny and smart. Do you get it?
Catholic priest, TV & Radio Host, Best Selling Author, Former Martial Arts Instructor, award winning Break Dancer & Choreographer, and also professional chef (who won Food Network competition, "Throw Down with Bobby Flay" Season 7 Episode 1), talks with unique and interesting guests from all walks of life - drawing out connections to help bridge social divides. You may not expect what two completely different peoplehave in common, but this show will bring people to a better understanding of ...
Priest Podcast
This is a conversation with a Priest or person of Faith, how they became a Priest, how they construct their weekly homilies, and then questions you always wanted to ask but thought might be rude. Are you lonely, favorite part of the job, what is the toughest part of the job, what do you do that we might not even consider.
Our mission here is to wake up the lost sheep & give life back to the dry bones. But our primary mission is to turn you back on the righteous path. Psalm - 28.9: Save thy people, and bless thine inheritance: feed them also, and lift them up for ever. Come join us as we teach the words of The Most High. Hosted by High Priest Arayah Yahawada Yahsharahla & Chief Rabbi David Israel Peace .
Homilies from St. Luke Orthodox Church in Abilene, Texas - Thoughtful homilies of an Orthodox priest who serves a small parish and teaches Religion full-time at McMurry University in Abilene, TX. Fr. Philip draws on his scholarly work in Christian theology and ethics, but most of all, these are the homilies of a pastor guiding his flock with insightful, practical suggestions on how to share more fully in the life of Jesus Christ.
“Brando was hands down my favorite interviewer.” - Roberta Freeman, vocalist Use Your Illusion “I always enjoy connecting to those who avoid the obvious pedestrian cliche rockisms and who will converse with intelligence...kudos. That makes for a worthwhile broadcast.“ - Alan Niven, former GNR manager-------Appetite for Distortion is a premiere Guns N' Roses discussion and interview podcast hosted by a radio veteran. Any topic is up for discussion as long as it falls under the 6-Degrees of GN ...
A Chief of Police hosts a dinner party for an American millionaire wishing to will his entire fortune to the Church of France. Jewels that have been stolen and recovered so many times that they're known colloquially by thieves as The Flying Stars. A murder committed by an invisible man. These and many others are the mysteries that are presented to the lovable, bumbling, stumpy Man of God, Father Brown. The Innocence of Father Brown, by G.K. Chesterton is a collection of eleven stories which ...
Explore the history and spirituality of the Catholic Church from a Franciscan Perspective. Sound seeing tours, interviews, and more.
Pedram Shojai is the Urban Monk. He is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, a Taoist Priest, a Qi Gong Master, film maker, author, and Kung Fu world traveler. He invites you to join in the conversation exploring what it means to live with balance in the 21st century.
Meditations and mutterings from a Catholic priest
Fr. Kirby Longo is a priest of the Diocese of Helena (MT). These are his homilies. God bless you!
The Chimera
An actual play rpg podcast in which old friends get together to tell strange stories. Season one (Storypath, pre-release): Follow an obsessive technophile and her crew of alien misfits--a bodyguard with a checkered past; a feline warrior and reluctant heretic; a disgraced lawyer bound to a mysterious mech; and a financial instrument with a mind of her own--as they explore the universe in search of purpose and profit, aboard a living starship filled with ancient secrets. Season two (Dungeons ...
Pour in Spirit covering News through the lens of Christianity, Fiction NonFiction Audio Books, Lesson Of The Day with Wit and Wisdom! Sprinkled with sarcasm and humor. Visit our site for more.
Host Domyo Burk is a Soto Zen priest and teacher. She records episodes specifically for podcast listeners on traditional Zen and Buddhist teachings, practices, and history.
Ask Sara is a warm, funny and often irreverent look at how anyone can have a direct connection to the Divine—no middleman, priest, guru or medium required! During the show, Sara will take intuitive readings from live callers. What'll we talk about? Intuition, spirituality, paranormal stuff, aliens, relationships, sex, money, life's path and purpose, healing, synchronicities, serendipities, finding your way, getting lost, bottoming out, climbing back up, riding the wave, dealing with emotions ...
Ad Gloriam Dei
That all things are ordered toward the Glory of God! Seeking the truth with love for God. A Podcast of homilies and talks from Fr. Chris Gernetzke, a Catholic Priest of the Diocese of Madison, WI.
A Podcast of Father Samuel Schneider. A Catholic Priest from the Diocese of Superior. Submitting his homilies, talks, and conversations with his biker brother. For inspiration, catechesis, spirituality, and funny conversations with his brother Don.
Looking at the World from the Celtic Shores of Scotland—and Elsewhere - Have you ever wondered what the world looks like through a monk's eyes? Priest-monk Seraphim shares his stories of the places he visits and the people he meets as he travels the world to found the first Orthodox monastery in the Celtic Isles of Scotland in a thousand years.
Ask Fr. Josh is the podcast where I hear you out and do my best to help you navigate the tricky times in life when our Catholic Faith doesn’t give you an easy “fill-in-the blank” answer. On this show, we’ll listen to one another, problem solve together, and ultimately entrust everything to our Lord. If this is your first time tuning in, here’s how the show goes: Each episode, I'll address three to four of your questions. I’ll cover everything from Catholic teaching to moral dilemmas to relat ...
The Opinionated Tailor is a glimpse into the colorful world of Krista West, ecclesiastical tailor, priest's wife, and mother. In her podcasts, she discusses any and all matters pertaining to Orthodox church vesture, parish life, motherhood, and faith.
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Fr. Jim Kubicki- National Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of the Unborn Chuck and Fr. Jim talk about the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion throughout the country. They talk about the prayer and fasting that is necessary to overcome this and make reparation for it, and […] All show notes at The ...…
Fr. Josh answers questions about whether or not spending the night together before marriage is OK, what true humility looks like, if Catholics believe in paranormal activity, and how to evangelize to friends who believe same sex adoption is good. If you have a question, comment, or response for Fr. Josh, email us at ...…
Episode 681 (21:08) In this episode: Gifts given by God’s grace; Do you recognize your gifts? Do you share your gifts? Compersion; Rejoice with other’s Rejoicing; Week of Christian Unity; Ask God for gifts and thank him for other’s gifts Related Web Sites: My Website Podcast Page All Previous Episodes…
Our Lord’s first miracle at the wedding feast of Cana has much to teach us. In this meditation we use texts of St Josemaria, Tertullian and St John Vianney to consider some of these lessons: The beauty of Christian marriage The importance of inviting Jesus to our wedding Our Lady’s motherly concern at Cana and […]…
Fr. Philip LeMasters explains our connection with the ancestors of Jesus.By (Fr. Philip LeMasters and Ancient Faith Radio).
Fr. Douglas McKay- The Spiritual Life Chuck and Fr. McKay talk about the spiritual life, what it means to have a spiritual life, and how we can grow in our spiritual lives. Caller Comment- I thank God every day for the beauty of the sunrise and the sunset. Email Comment- I am hanging back in […] All show notes at The Inner Life for January 21, ...…
Homily for Sunday, January 20, 2019 - 2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time.
I had the honor of presiding over the wedding of Garrett and Kylee Conners this weekend, a great Montana couple who who witnessed well to the power of this sacrament and are more than ready for this wonderful adventure together. Enjoy the homily!
Short version: Episode 2.17 comes out on the 28th!
Rupes LHR 15/21 Mark III Features + Review From the mark one to the mark two, the main selling argument or point was that it had 30% more power than the mark one. The mark iii holds that standard with the 30% more power than the mark one, but there is no increase in power from the mark two.
Jesus asks for ordinary water, almost 180 gallons, to be brought. What He does is extraordinary. The Blessed Mother encouraged the servers, and us, to do whatever He asks.Readings are found at feedback at
This Week's Readings: Week's Readings:
I Want Some Good News!!!! by Fr. Josh Waltz
Angela J. Grayson is Principal Member and Founder of Precipice IP, PLLC that is a consultancy and intellectual property law boutique specializing in patent, trademark, copyright, and data law. Prior to founding Precipice IP, Anglea was most immediately Associate General Counsel, Intellectual Property and Patent Operations Lead at Walmart Stores ...…
Fr. Matthew Widder- Sunday’s Gospel (John 2:1-11) Chuck and Fr. Matthew talk about the upcoming Sunday’s Gospel: The Wedding Feast at Cana. They then talk about Our Lady’s role in salvation, listening to Jesus, and times when Jesus has rescued us. They also talk about how when the faith became real for them. Matt Beardsley- […] All show notes a ...…
The Church of the East moves away from the Church of the Roman Empire through the adaptation of married clergy and the adaptation of the Christology of Theodore of Mopsuestia as its official teaching. Meanwhile, the Church of Armenia adopts Zeno’s Henotikon. Links: Map of the Roman/Persian Border by Cplakidas. On the map, Iberia is […]…
Daily Detail Tip: How To Get More People To Your Website Here is the transcript without any editing done by me: 00:00 Hey, what's up, everyone? Welcome to this episode of The Daily Detail Tip. This is Jimbo, your host, and I wanted to let you know today of a cool program/software that I've been using or starting to use, because I found the powe ...…
Jesus, in his Baptism, gives us a direction forward into this difficult life. He makes very clearly to us that this life involves a death, that no one escapes this life without giving himself away, so why not give our lives for something worthy.
ACEDIA - Our modern-day plague. Learn more about it in a hilarious and important episode with @FrHarrison & @FatherSciarappa Mentioned in the Pod: @NH_Hockey_12 @ITGeekCT @hunterlantzman @adamcboyle @goingblondzo @FrRyanRojo @SpicyNuggsPod @MasterJeb
Samvega and pasada keep our practice alive and on course. Samvega is spiritual urgency arising three things: A sense of distress and disillusionment about life as it's usually lived, a sense of our own complicity and complacency, and determination to find a more meaningful way. Contrary to society at large, Buddhism encourages the cultivation o ...…
Mansfield Town were given the chance to start again earlier this week when they brought in Jorge Grant & Nicky Ajose - starting on the right foot, beating Crawley 1-0.This week as Cam & Simon missed out due to illness and babies - Nathan was the only one to share Craig's birthday cake! The duo, who when not distracted by sponge cake, recapped t ...…
Baptism and Salvation in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) CCC161: Believing in Jesus Christ and in the One who sent him for our salvation is necessary for obtaining that salvation. "Since without faith it is impossible to please [God]' and to attain to the fellowship of his sons, therefore without faith no one has ever attained justif ...…
This was a talk given to our group of men doing Exodus90 at the parish. If you would like to hear about how asceticism and virtue are linked please listen, but all so be ready for a lot of stumbling and audible pauses with an unpolished presentation. 01/12/19… 01/06/19
Fr. Daniel Schuster- The Mass Fr. Schuster and Chuck talk about the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and why it is the source and summit of our Catholic faith. Caller Question- How can we show young adults the importance of reverence at Mass? Caller Question- How do we as a congregation unite our sacrifices to […] All show notes at The Inner Life fo ...…
Join us as we speak on every day spiritual and mundane topics , play some awesome music and tell a story or two.
Fr. Leo shares his thoughts to give a helpful perspective on all the debate regarding immigration and President Trump's recent Oval Office Address. He gives his perspective as a Catholic Priest, a Political Science Student and Immigrant, and a professional chef who has to feed people on both sides of the border!… - check out the Auto Detailing Podcast Store. - Take your detailing business to new levels. Join the Auto Detailing Facebook Private Group:
Fr. Dave Heney- Disillusionment in Marriage Chuck and Fr. Dave talk about how disillusionment affects everyone- married, priest, religious, and how we need to rely on God to overcome it. Caller Comment- There are three things that saved my marriage: Catholic counseling, trust in God, and Eucharistic adoration. Caller Comment- Mu husband and I h ...…
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