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Voodoo Priest Man
Where spirituality and metaphysics is discussed. To help others open their third eye. Instagram @voodoopriestman. Youtube: Voodoo Priest Man
Explore the history and spirituality of the Catholic Church from a Franciscan Perspective. Sound seeing tours, interviews, and more.
The Wisdom of Father Brown explores many characters and fascinating themes such as the following. An eminent criminologist is persuaded by the mild yet persistent Father Brown to sort out a family matter. Also, a Tuscan poet fancies himself as the King of Thieves. A famous French philosopher and atheist holds the key to a new invention called “Noiseless Powder.” A corpse is discovered in a dark passage backstage at London's Adelphi Theater. Finally there is Psychometric testing of criminals ...
The Inner Life
The Inner Life® with Chuck Neff is one-on-one Spiritual Direction on the radio. Every day, a Catholic priest joins listeners to offer spiritual advice and guidance designed to assist you along your faith journey, speaking about a variety of topics to help you overcome sin, grow in virtue, and strengthen your faith.
Ask Fr. Josh is the podcast where I hear you out and do my best to help you navigate the tricky times in life when our Catholic Faith doesn’t give you an easy “fill-in-the blank” answer. On this show, we’ll listen to one another, problem solve together, and ultimately entrust everything to our Lord. If this is your first time tuning in, here’s how the show goes: Each episode, I'll address three to four of your questions. I’ll cover everything from Catholic teaching to moral dilemmas to relat ...
Meditations and mutterings from a Catholic priest
Homilies preached by Father Dave Dwyer, CSP. Father Dave is a Catholic priest, member of the Paulist Fathers, and Executive Director of Busted Halo Ministries. He is also host of the popular show, “The Busted Halo Show with Father Dave Dwyer” on The Catholic Channel, SiriusXM, channel 129. He most often preaches at the Church of St. Paul the Apostle in New York City.
Welcome to Certifiably Catholic! Each episode a Catholic priest, stay at home mom and a husband/parish minister discuss how we strive for heaven in the midst of this crazy life.
Rationally Speaking is the bi-weekly podcast of New York City Skeptics. Join host Julia Galef and guests as they explore the borderlands between reason and nonsense, likely from unlikely, and science from pseudoscience. Any topic is fair game as long as we can bring reason to bear upon it, with both a skeptical eye and a good dose of humor!We agree with the Marquis de Condorcet, who said that in an open society we ought to devote ourselves to "the tracking down of prejudices in the hiding pl ...
Once regarded as a cult book in the 1960s by the Flower Power generation, Siddhartha by Herman Hesse remains even today a simple and fresh tale of a man's spiritual quest. Penned by a deeply spiritual German author, Siddhartha explores multiple themes of enlightenment, thinking beyond set rules, love and humanity. Siddhartha is a young contemporary of the spiritual master Gautam Buddha who lived in India at some time during the 4th century BC. The story has striking parallels to Buddha's own ...
Out of the Shadows
Join grassroots investigator from Netflix's docu-series 'The Keepers' Gemma Hoskins and Investigative Podcaster Shane Waters as they further explore Sister Cathy Cesnik's unsolved murder and the coverup of sexual abuse by Catholic priests in Baltimore.
"Everyone who belongs to the Truth hears my voice..." (John 18:37)
The Daily
This is what the news should sound like. The biggest stories of our time, told by the best journalists in the world. Hosted by Michael Barbaro. Twenty minutes a day, five days a week, ready by 6 a.m.
Silver footed, fair haired Thetis, Ares the God of War, Nike the Goddess of Victory, The Furies and The Muses, Zeus the presiding deity of the Universe and the magical, mysterious Olympus, are some of the amazing, mythical Greek and Roman deities you'll encounter in this book. Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by EM Berens was originally intended for young readers. Written in an easy and light style, the author attempts to bring the pantheon of gods into a comprehensible format. H ...
Hosts/nerds Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton are your friendly music buddies with the week's best new music discoveries, including conversations with emerging artists, icons and more. Hear songs that can completely change your day, with humor, heart and (sometimes) a whole lot of noise. Directions for use: Morning commute, the gym, or alone time. (If rash persists, discontinue use.)
This is an overview of the entire Bible.
In 2019 The Spirit of Things becomes a new program. Soul Search explores contemporary religion and spirituality from the inside out — what we believe, how we express it, and the difference it makes in our lives
Hosted by Fr. Nicholas and Pres. Roxanne Louh. Fr. Nicholas is the priest at St. John the Divine Greek Orthodox Church in Jacksonville, Florida, and Dr. Roxanne is a licensed clinical Psychologist who uses her extensive training in private practice.
Woman's Hour
The programme that offers a female perspective on the world
A lighthearted exploration of various prominent and obscure Catholic topics.
On Point
Go behind the headlines: From the economy and health care to politics and the environment – and so much more – On Point hosts Meghna Chakrabarti and David Folkenflik speak with newsmakers and real people about the issues that matter most. On Point is produced by WBUR for NPR.
"Everyone who belongs to the Truth hears my voice..." (John 18:37)
Listen to highlights and extended interviews in the "Ears Edition" of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. From Comedy Central’s Podcast Network.
Sunday Talks from the Zen Meditation Center on Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, MN. Donations appreciated at
Set in the heart of Central America, the adventure novel accounts an enthralling tale marked by zealous adventure, discovery of a lost civilization, and unconditional love. Published in 1895, Heart of the World presents a fusion of suspense, foreshadowing, legend, unforeseen twists, and endearing characters to create a piece highly valuable in the world of fiction. Narrated by an elderly Ignatio on his deathbed, the novel recounts his great escapade alongside Englishman James Strickland as t ...
Diane Rehm’s weekly podcast features newsmakers, writers, artists and thinkers on the issues she cares about most: what’s going on in Washington, ideas that inform, and the latest on living well as we live longer.
Conversations about living well and ignoring the rest — with author and host Tsh Oxenreider.
Curiosity Daily
The award-winning Curiosity Daily podcast will help you get smarter about the world around you — every day. In less than 10 minutes, you'll get a unique mix of research-based life hacks, the latest science and technology news, and more. Hosts Cody Gough and Ashley Hamer will help you learn about your mind and body, outer space and the depths of the sea, and how history shaped the world into what it is today.
Serious Eats' podcast Special Sauce enables food lovers everywhere to eavesdrop on an intimate conversation about food and life between host and Serious Eats founder Ed Levine and his well-known/famous friends and acquaintances both in and out of the food culture.
The Wicked Library
The Wicked Library is a Parsec Award winning show featuring dramatic tellings of horror fiction stories from new, upcoming, independent and bestselling authors. Our tales of terror are read by Host / Producer, Daniel Foytik and other talented voice actors and feature custom music to bring the stories to life. Each episode features the work of some of the best voices in independent horror fiction.Authors of all types have contributed stories, like Jessica McHugh, KB Goddard, C. Bryan Brown, G ...
(Order of stories changed to match how they originally aired each day, with stories from previous 6 programs included afterwards. See for details.)Hosted by Terry Gross, Fresh Air from WHYY is the Peabody Award-winning weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues. One of public radio's most popular programs, Fresh Air features intimate conversations with today's biggest luminaries.
The Pharaoh and the Priest (Polish: Faraon) is the fourth and last major novel by the Polish writer Boles?aw Prus. It was the sole historical novel by an author who had earlier disapproved of historical novels on the ground that they inevitably distort history. Pharaoh has been described by Czes?aw Mi?osz as a "novel on mechanisms of state power and, as such, probably unique in world literature of the nineteenth century.... Prus, in selecting the reign of 'Pharaoh Ramses XIII' in the elevent ...
The most authoritative and comprehensive coverage of local and world events to be found on morning radio happens from 6:00am to 9:00am every weekday on RNZ National.
Join Bishop Robert Barron for a weekly podcast on faith and culture. Find more episodes at and submit your questions at
In Defense of Women is H. L. Mencken’s 1918 book on women and the relationship between the sexes. Some laud the book as progressive while others brand it as reactionary. While Mencken didn’t champion women’s rights, he described women as wiser in many novel and observable ways, while demeaning average men. According to Mencken’s biographer, Fred Hobson: Depending on the position of the reader, he was either a great defender of women’s rights or, as a critic labelled him in 1916, ‘the greates ...
Today is a daily devotional that helps God's people refresh, refocus and renew their faith through Bible reading, reflection, and prayer.
Charisma News
One news story a day well told. Join us each weekday for a new, interesting story from In five minutes, you will hear popular storylines told from a Christian perspective. Show topics include hot button Christian issues, impossible miracles, Christian life, stories of redemption and more.
The latest articles from WNYC News
StoreHouse Church
We are a family of love-filled disciples who deeply experience the empowering grace, transforming presence and knowledge of God while we partner with Jesus as kings and priests to express the truth, joy and power of His kingdom in the earth.
Pardes from Jerusalem: Weekly Parsha Podcast
Woodworkers Podcast
A podcast about woodworking by three guys who make their living doing it.
Elizabeth Ficocelli hosts this show offering a glimpse into the spiritual journey of priests, deacons, and religious in the Diocese of Columbus.
Here you will find audio podcasts of the stories of Australian Christians who have made a difference, who are World Shapers. These stories were produced for broadcasting on the Songs of Hope radio program in Melbourne, Australia. Broadcasting station was Southern FM 88.3.
Homilies are currently recorded at our Sunday 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Masses.
A Hearthstone Arena Podcast with ADWCTA & Merps of the Grinning Goat. The Lightforge is a weekly podcast that digs deep into the Hearthstone Arena meta to help you grab that 12-Win Lightforge Key. The Arena is always changing, and the Lightforge is the best podcast for staying on top of the game. Co-hosts ADWCTA and Merps are infinite Arena players since beta, averaging ~7.5 wins/run in the Arena with all classes played evenly. They are also creators of the Lightforge Arena Tier List and str ...
Dublin Talks with Adrian Kennedy & Jeremy Dixon on 98FM
Philosophy Bites
top philosophers interviewed on bite-sized topics
Weekly sermons by the priests and guest preachers of All Saints Church, Pasadena, California. Videos of these sermons are available on All Saints' website at For more information please contact Keith Holeman at
There's no politics at Our American Stories, just stories. Daily bringing the campfire scene to your ears.
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NoneBy (WNYC Radio).
The Wellington City Council is sorry messages of support following the mosque terror attacks were removed by graffiti crews. Residents vented their frustration on social media and contacted the council directly after paintings in the city showing support for muslims and sharing condolences for Friday's terror attack were painted over. But the c ...…
A Muslim economics and finance professor is worried victims of the Christchurch mosque shootings don't have life insurance, leaving their family out of pocket. Faruk Balli from Massey University, says taking out an insurance policy with a bank or corporate insurance firm is against Islamic law, which doesn't sanction taking risk or borrowing mo ...…
Immigration New Zealand is fast-tracking the visas of overseas family members of those killed in the Christchurch shootings. They say they've issued more than one-hundred and have set up a special processing system to handle all the requests. Some relatives of victims say they need their families to stay longer than a visitor visa allows and ar ...…
A firefighter's widow who only won compensation after her husband died is calling on the government to take action so others don't go through the same experience. The case of Brett 'Gonzo' How, of Hastings, who died aged 54 early last year, is believed to be the first where ACC has treated a firefighter's lung cancer as work-related. Cherie Fli ...…
A brief update of movements in the financial sector.
Doctors are urging the public to find out as much as they can about any family history of bowel cancer. They say those with bowel cancer in the family have a much higher chance of getting the cancer.
British Prime Minister Theresa May has written to the European Union to ask for a three month delay to Brexit. The UK is due to leave the EU on March the 29 - but Mrs May wants that to be postponed until June 30. She says in a letter to European Council President Donald Tusk she needs more time to get her withdrawal deal passed and ratified by ...…
A regular worshipper at the Deans Avenue mosque is pleading with New Zealanders not to see threats from Islamic State as representing the view of most Muslims. Islamic State has posted a threat online to take revenge for the shootings that claimed the lives of 50 Muslims. But Mohammad Nur told Christchurch reporter, Conan Young, most Muslims do ...…
The Green MP Golriz Ghahraman wants politicians to stop "fanning the flames" of intolerance. She says the country's leaders have a role to play in fighting the far-right ideology that has been evident in New Zealand. Ms Ghahraman talks to Guyon Espiner.
Immigration New Zealand is fast-tracking the visas of overseas family members of those killed in the Christchurch shootings. They say they've issued more than one-hundred and have set-up a special processing system to handle all the requests. Some relatives of victims say they need their families to stay longer than a visitor visa allows and ar ...…
The public sees valor and heroism. But a new documentary from a military videographer captures the darker, complex, messy truth of American Marines at war. Miles Lagoze and Ian Pollock join Meghna Chakrabarti.
The Sunwolves are set to be officially axed from Super Rugby tomorrow afternoon.
In 1996 a gunman shot 16 children and one teacher before killing himself in Dunblane, Scotland. It remains the deadliest mass shooting in British history. Public debate about the massacre centred on gun control laws. Eventually two new Firearms Acts were passed, which outlawed private ownership of most handguns in the UK. Mick North's daughter ...…
Angry parents breached school lock-downs in Christchurch after Friday's mosque attacks and now the city's schools are reviewing their emergency response plans. Police ordered schools not to let students leave their classrooms between 2-twenty- and 6pm on Friday. They say most parents were good, but a few insisted on defying the orders and remov ...…
In the wake of the Christchurch mosque attacks Māori leaders are telling New Zealander to reject the notion that "this is not us." They are sending their aroha to Muslim whanau, but say this is not the first massacre on our shores.
A man has lost the use of his right hand after a bullet struck him in the shoulder during Friday's shooting. His brothers have flown in from India and Australia to support their brother and his young family. They say Ahmed Jahangir was in the Al Noor Mosque, and tried to wrestle the gunman. His wife was also at the mosque, and has severe back i ...…
A law professor says his warning that New Zealand was at risk of a mass shooting was "laughed off" when he spoke at a select committee in 2016. Waikato University's Alexander Gillespie told the committee, which was looking into gun regulation legislation, that overseas mass shootings, an increasingly active far-right community and relaxed gun l ...…
Devastating weather in the Midwest after a "bomb cyclone" triggers catastrophic flooding. Evacuations as entire communities are underwater. We have the latest. Billy Kelly, Jessica Macholan, Jim Angel and Mayor Shawn Kelly join Meghna Chakrabarti.
A security expert and former Australian diplomat in the Middle East says despite recent comments from the President of Turkey, New Zealanders and Australians should be safe to attend Anzac commemorations in Gallipoli this year. There's been alarm at comments made by president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who described the Christchurch shootings as par ...…
The Prime Minister says her deputy is on his way to Turkey to set the record straight. Winston Peters will be meeting with the Turkish President, days after a campaign rally where Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticised the Anzacs' role in Gallipoli and threatened he would send home anyone who attempted to attack his country in a casket - "like their g ...…
The burials of victims continue today in Christchurch. The first were held yesterday after a long wait for grieving families for bodies to be released. Community advocate Guled Mire joins Susie Ferguson in the Christchurch studio.
Just a week after the Friday's terror attacks, the mosque where 42 people were killed is expected to open its doors to worshippers. The police are hoping to have Christchurch's main Al Noor Mosque open tomorrow in time for Friday Prayers. Some of the families are keen to return others say they will never return to the scene of the massacre. Tho ...…
All Black Damian McKenzie appears set to play at fullback again for the Chiefs as they hope to end their winless start to the Super Rugby season against the Bulls in in Pretoria.
News from the business sector, including a market report.
Threats of rape, beheading and being shot at are are part of life for MPs who are female and brown. Now, Parliament is standing as one calling out the hatred out for what it is, with speeches honouring the Muslim victims of the Christchurch shootings. But one politician has used the opportunity to call out other members of the house, who she sa ...…
A Muslim chaplain from Sydney, who's travelled to Christchurch to help with funeral arrangements, blames Australian politicians for stoking the hatred that led to Friday's attacks. Australian Senator Fraser Anning is refusing to back down from blaming the shootings on Muslim immigration. Chaplain Ahmed Kilani is a disaster recovery volunteer wi ...…
The Minister responsible for the SIS and the GCSB says it became clear last year that New Zealand was not immune to white supremacist ideology. In 10 years worth of public spy documents the threat of right-wing extremists was never mentioned. But Andrew Little told political editor Jane Patterson work began mid-last year prompted by a rise in e ...…
The first of the public funerals for terror attack victims is being held today. Haji-Daoud Nabi, who was 71, will be buried at the Memorial Park Cemetery this afternoon. He fled Afghanistan more than 40 years ago seeking asylum here in the late 1970s. Dozens more burials are still to come - the cemetary received the first of the 50 dead yesterday.…
Msgr. Don Sawyer- Repentance Chuck and Msgr. Don talk about the need for repentance, and how we can change the world by first changing ourselves and the lives of those around us. Chuck tells a story about helping a local homeless man, and getting to know him personally. Caller Story- I help a homeless man, […] All show notes at The Inner Life f ...…
As a teen, Heidi Schreck debated the Constitution in competitions. As an adult, she saw how it shortchanged the women in her family. Her play, What the Constitution Means to Me, will run on Broadway.
Both Lennie Tristano and Herbie Nichols were active on the New York scene in the 1950s. Though worlds apart stylistically, their music demonstrates how the piano accommodates myriad personalities.
A brief update of movements in the financial sector.
A Christchurch Hospital doctor says they usually see one or two gunshot wounds a month, but the scale of the injuries from the Friday terror attacks was exceptional. Twenty-nine people are still in the hospital, eight are in a critical condition in the intensive unit.
The Prime Minister says New Zealand has been a blue print of what not to do with gun control. In Christchurch on Wednesday, Jacinda Ardern spoke to a crowd of domestic and international media that New Zealand has a large number of loopholes in the gun control laws. She says Cabinet will be making a big push to get gun reforms through. Ms Ardern ...…
SANZAAR will clarify the future of Super Rugby at the end of the week, with Australian media reporting the Tokyo-based Sunwolves are to be cut from the competition.
Top stories this morning... People are pledging to form human chains outside mosques during Friday prayers. Some relief for families as funerals of victims begin. Winston Peters is set to have words with the president of Turkey, who is accused of exploiting the tragedy.
The Russian Orthodox Church plans to build a huge statue of Jesus on a site once designated for a monument to Vladimir Lenin. Learn more from host Jenny Rose on this Charisma News podcast.
We're told that God is in even the darkest of places, but what if we can't see Him? World Help's Noel Yeatts wrestled with that very question the first time she saw women bought and sold for sex. Listen to the podcast to hear her answer this question as well as explain how you can help stop this atrocious evil.…
(Segments 1-3) I Stomped On People...I Was Depressed...The Story of Job Changed My Life, (4) Story of a Song: Talking Heads' "Once In A Lifetime", (5) Guitars for Vets, (6-7) Forgiveness, (8) This Jewelry Store Provides More Value Than Just Rings
Should electric scooters be made legal on Irish roads?Using an electric scooter is currently not...
According to a Dublin Talks Twitter poll, 82% of our listeners curse every day. 17% said they use...
It’s been nearly one year since the FBI raided the home, office and hotel room of President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. And now, the partially-redacted application for a search warrant has been released on the orders of a judge. These documents tell us a great deal about Michael Cohen’s recent history. They indicate that: Cohen’s fi ...…
"I'm Crying Tears of Sadness And Admiration"We got a huge reaction to the story of Tina Potts on...
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