Best Racism podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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I will be talking about racism and how it affected so many african- american in the early 1900s and how i hope the word ''racism'' won't be used at all in the futur
Doing Our Work is a monthly series sponsored by the Greensboro Community City Working Group and Guilford Anti-Racism Alliance that brings in local experts to present and lead dialogue on concepts to help residents develop a firmer understanding of the roots and nature of racial inequity, and what we can do about it together.
[THE LIVE BROADCAST IS ONLY AVAILABLE @ HTTP://TINY.CC/RWSWJ] Engineered for non-white people, Victims of Racism/White Supremacy. This broadcast is dedicated to sharing constructive information on what White Supremacy/Racism is and how it works. We exchange views with White People, Admitted Racists, and non-white people on the global enterprise of White Supremacy/Terrorism. Please, invest in The C.O.W.S.:
Did We Solve It?
Three ignorant comedians in Portland discuss race-relations and stereotypes in an effort to finally "solve" racism.
Race Bait
A Black woman. A White man. We talk about racism so YOU can, too!
Join TWS as we discuss our latest discrimination and police brutality cases along with hot button social justice issues. The revolution is here!
Join Chyna as she talks about Black Culture in AmeriKKKa, speaks out against Racism and fights for equality
"Womanity - Women in Unity" is a weekly programme produced by Dr Amaleya Goneos- Malka. The programme celebrates prominent and ordinary African women's achievements towards self-emancipation, human rights, and democracy. It also deals with social ills, such as, racism, socio-economic class division, and gender based violence.
DJ JesusBeats Show
The DJ JesusBeats Show is a live radio show and podcast that provides its listeners with the hottest Christian Hip Hop and R&P music, news and interviews. The show was founded and hosted by by Vernon "DJ JesusBeats" Kemp on July 10, 2015 in Beaufort, South Carolina and also features hosts Samantha Kemp and Minister Mack Washington. This live show impacts the lives of all across the globe with the perfect blend of Christian Hip Hop and R&P Music. The DJ JesusBeats Show also delivers "The Mess ...
You Know Why
I talk about racism and politics.
The Meaningful Business Podcast is the place for conversations filled with fierce love about the stuff that matters – our work, our lives, and how we can create businesses that are meaningful, genuinely empowering and nudging the needle of change towards kindness. It’s a place for service-based businesses (Life Coaches, Healers, Consultants, and Holistic folk) to learn how to build their businesses in a way that’s ethical, soulful & filled to the brim with integrity, heart and good humor. It ...
Two women discuss sexism, racism's expected comeback when Obama leaves office, Black Twitter, the Fast & Furious series, Kanye West, white slavery, Keeping Portland (Oregon) Weird, Real Housewives, and whatever else we feel a slightly racist way. Also, PIZZA!
Relationships, Controversy, Debates and Interviews
Greetings to everybody out there in cyberspace.. Hotep, Asalaam alakum, Shalom and of course Wassup… We are glad to present this BlogTalkRadio Show in the spirit of our ancestors… As well as the great teachers and leaders, who’ve transitioned from this world. They are deserving of all praises. Welcome to the Destroy N Rebuild Radio Show where we Destroy ignorance and black boot stomp out Self Hate…. While we Rebuild with intelligence and self-respect… This show was created to help inform our ...
Black Like Me
Black Like Me with Dr. Alex Gee is a podcast that invites you to experience the world through the perspective of one Black man, one conversation, one story, or even one rant at a time.
Sunday Supplement
Some of the nation's finest football writers bring you the biggest stories and talking points.
The One You Feed
"This podcast saved my life"- Amy W Conversations about Creating a Life Worth Living. Open minded discussions of habits, meditation, wisdom, depression, anxiety, happiness, psychology, philosophy, and motivation.
Fareed Zakaria GPS takes a comprehensive look at foreign affairs and global policies through in-depth, one-on-one interviews and fascinating roundtable discussions.
Football Daily
The latest football news, analysis and big name guests with Mark Chapman, Kelly Cates and the BBC Radio 5 live team. Get in touch with us @5liveSport on social media.
The people behind The Intercept’s fearless reporting and incisive commentary—Jeremy Scahill, Glenn Greenwald, Betsy Reed and others—discuss the crucial issues of our time: national security, civil liberties, foreign policy, and criminal justice. Plus interviews with artists, thinkers, and newsmakers who challenge our preconceptions about the world we live in.
New episode every Friday at 9AM PT!Get the show 3 days early at the free video version at week Greg Miller, Tim Gettys, Nick Scarpino, and Andy Cortez sit around a legendary table to discuss life.
One Bad Mother
One Bad Mother is a comedy podcast hosted by Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn. Join us every week as we deal with the thrills and embarrassments of motherhood and strive for less judging and more laughing.
A podcast about two friends investigating what happens at the intersection of culture, identity, and policy. Hosted by Brian Kennedy and Marion Johnson. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Ideas is all about ideas \x96 programs that explore everything from culture and the arts to science and technology to social issues.
Good Life Project
Inspirational, intimate and disarmingly-unfiltered conversations about living a fully-engaged, fiercely-connected and meaning-drenched life. From iconic world-shakers like Elizabeth Gilbert, Brene Brown, Sir Ken Robinson, Seth Godin and Gretchen Rubin to everyday guests, every story matters.
TEDTalks Health
From way-new medical breakthroughs to smart daily health habits, doctors and researchers share their discoveries about medicine and well-being onstage at the TED conference, TEDx events and partner events around the world. You can also download these and many other videos free on, with an interactive English transcript and subtitles in up to 80 languages. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.
Still Processing
Step inside the confession booth of Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham, two culture writers for The New York Times. They devour TV, movies, art, music and the internet to find the things that move them — to tears, awe and anger. Still Processing is where they try to understand the pleasures and pathologies of America in 2019.
There’s a reason the History Channel has produced hundreds of documentaries about Hitler but only a few about Dwight D. Eisenhower. Bad guys (and gals) are eternally fascinating. Behind the Bastards dives in past the Cliffs Notes of the worst humans in history and exposes the bizarre realities of their lives. Listeners will learn about the young adult novels that helped Hitler form his monstrous ideology, the founder of Blackwater’s insane quest to build his own Air Force, the bizarre lives ...
Strange Fruit
Jaison Gardner and Dr. Kaila Story talk race, gender, and LGBTQ issues, from politics to pop culture. A new episode every week, from Louisville Public Media.
End of Western Civilization got you down? All is tickety-boo on The Andrew Klavan Show as Andrew laughs his way though Armageddon with political satire, cultural commentary, interviews and relentless mockery of racial pieties, sexual perversities, and feminist absurdities. Monday thru Thursday. 518438
#WeThePeople LIVE
In an era of thought bubbles, of talking points, of fake news and phony debate, #WeThePeople LIVE is a refreshing bar-room conversation about the biggest issues of our time. A place to reach across the conversational chasm. Pull up a stool, grab a cocktail, and help make debate healthy again. It's the discussion show for planet earth.Join the conversation: @WTP_Live.
Emmy Award—winning producer, actor, and comedian Larry Wilmore is back on the air, hosting a podcast where he weighs in on the issues of the week and interviews guests in the worlds of politics, entertainment, culture, sports, and beyond.
Live from Denver, Colorado Eddie Jason & Chris is a weekly podcast delivering current events, hot topics and interviews with musicians and newsmakers. You never know what you'll get with EJC, but we can not confidently assure you that it will be entertaining. Get a weekly dose of EJC and subscribe now and leave a review! Join the show live on idobi Radio every Monday night at 8pm ET. @EJCshow on Twitter
Here We Are
Join comedian Shane Mauss as he interviews science experts across the country in a journey to find out what makes us who we are.
Jim Jefferies and co-host Forrest Shaw sit down with guests to discuss news, politics, and all the things he couldn’t, wouldn’t, and shouldn’t say on TV. From Comedy Central's Podcast Network.
World Football
BBC World Football leading the conversation on the global game.
CBC Radio's Dr. Brian Goldman takes listeners through the swinging doors of hospitals and doctors' offices, behind the curtain where the gurney lies.
TED Radio Hour
Guy Raz explores the emotions, insights, and discoveries that make us human. The TED Radio Hour is a narrative journey through fascinating ideas, astonishing inventions, fresh approaches to old problems, and new ways to think and create.
TEDTalks Art
Some of the world's greatest artists, designers, photographers and architects showcase their work and visions onstage at the TED conference, TEDx events and partner events around the world. You can also download these and many other videos free on, with an interactive English transcript and subtitles in up to 80 languages. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.
The Rubin Report
Care about free speech? Tired of political correctness? Like discussions about big ideas? Watch Dave Rubin on The Rubin Report. Real conversations, unfiltered rants, and one on one interviews with some of the most interesting names in news and entertainment. Comedians, authors, and influencers join Dave each week to break down the latest in politics and current events. Real people, real issues, real talk.New episodes every Friday!
Try as we might, we could never describe the show better than those who choose to make it a part of their daily lives, so, in the words of one of our listeners,"So who/what is Jason Stapleton/podcast? Before I answer that, ever heard of the saying, 'In a world gone mad...a glimpse of sanity' or 'In an ocean of island of calm'? Well, he's that and a whole lot more...entertaining, topical, knowledgeable, informed, traveled, intelligent and articulate. In his podcasts he brings his ...
Pass The Mic
Podcast by The Witness
Come for the conversation. Stay for the covfefe. The Michael Knowles Show goes beyond the headline, analyzing the top cultural and political issues of the day alongside Michael's Panel of Deplorables. 518438Monday thru Thursday
AnthroPod is produced by the Society for Cultural Anthropology ( Each episode, we explore what anthropologists and anthropology can teach us about the world and people around us.
We The Podcast
When talking about our economy, nightly newscasts only seem to report on the stock market and the unemployment rate. But that doesn’t tell us much about how millions of Americans are getting by. From prison phone rates to the high cost of diapers, Congressman Keith Ellison looks at how the people outside of the billionaire and millionaire class (you know, most of us) engage the economy.
Political Gabfest
Voted “Favorite Political Podcast” by Apple Podcasts listeners. Stephen Colbert says "Everybody should listen to the Slate Political Gabfest." The Gabfest, featuring Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz, is the kind of informal and irreverent discussion Washington journalists have after hours over drinks.
Race Wars
Hilarious, honest and unfiltered, Race Wars with Kurt Metzger, Sherrod Small and Keren Margolis delivers a brutally funny perspective that can't be found anywhere else. Kurt, Sherrod and Keren cut through all the layers of politically correct media spin to deliver hysterical and truthful opinions on social, racial and global topics.
A weekly exploration of all the things Jonathan Van Ness (Queer Eye, Gay of Thrones) is curious about. Come on a journey with Jonathan and experts in their respective fields as they get curious about anything and everything under the sun.
Today in Focus
Hosted by Anushka Asthana, Today in Focus brings you closer to Guardian journalism. Combining personal storytelling with insightful analysis, Today in Focus is The Guardian's daily podcast that takes you behind the headlines for a deeper understanding of the news, every weekday.
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show series
Neil Ashton is joined by Martin Samuel of the Daily Mail, Henry Winter of The Times and Shaun Custis of The Sun for a discussion of the latest football news and major stories.
For many African Americans, style has never been simply about keeping up with the latest trends or adhering to what one would consider chic. After the Great Migration--the movement of millions of black Americans out of the rural South--style also signaled financial success and social clout, despite racial prejudice. This week, Chicago Tribune w ...…
Could Emma Hayes be the first female to coach in the men’s professional game in England? That’s just one of the questions put to the Chelsea Women boss by Jermaine Jenas and Darren Fletcher as they preview the weekend’s football. Former Premier League midfielder Steve Sidwell is also on hand as the discussion about Arsenal gets pretty heated - ...…
I'm not joking. actually printed an article from some egghead at Cornell University that claimed the way to grow our economy was by printing money and pumping it into untested green energy products. The arguments in his seven-page piece range from misrepresentations to outright lies and Matt and I had a great time making him look stu ...…
As new info on the FBI's outrageous Keystone Kop Koup comes out, the feds leak dirt on Trump hoping to justify themselves. Plus the Mailbag.Date: 1-18-2019
Joanna Rankin, a 40-year-old Calgary woman, is not only a survivor of breast cancer, but of breast reconstruction that went wrong. She found emotional and physical healing in going flat.
War reporter Janine di Giovanni approaches her work like an anthropologist by embedding herself in conflict zones. Her goal is to understand how war, disease, and poverty have impacted human lives in war torn communities. In the 2018 Peter Stursberg Foreign Correspondents lecture, she details her experiences covering disease outbreaks, genocide ...…
Learn more about the programs available at University of Advancing Technology at http://uat.eduStart your trial month of Hims for $5 at boys discuss the Fyre Festival Documentaries, Tim's Mexico trip, Greg's Deadly Class premiere adventure, and Nick's obsession with Star Trek Discovery.KF Podcast 2 Time Codes - 00:00 ...…
We often forget to say the words "thank you." But can those two words change how you — and those around you — look at the world? This hour, TED speakers on the power of gratitude and appreciation. Guests include author AJ Jacobs, author and former baseball player Mike Robbins, Dr. Laura Trice, Professor of Management Christine Porath, and forme ...…
The Democrats are already fighting for the opportunity to take on Donald Trump – but can any of them hope to unseat him? Plus: Nobel peace prize winner Malala Yousafzai on what she would like to tell the US president about building walls. To support The Guardian’s independent journalism, visit…
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss the continued government shutdown, the counterintelligence investigation of Trump, and the racism of Steve King. Topic ideas for next week? You can tweet suggestions, links, and questions to @SlateGabfest. Tweet us your cocktail chatter using #cocktailchatter or post it to our Facebook page ...…
Is it just me or is it too many brothas out here acting sissified...? Acting to womanly about things they shouldn't be womanly about
Do we even need a state of the union speech? We will analyze. Then, Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar implies that Lindsey Graham is gay; Giuliani implies the Trump camp may have colluded with the Russians; and a pro-life activist gets punched in the face. Then, the Mailbag!Date: 01-17-2019
No wonder they don't want a wall. Why should they protect a culture they despise?Date: 1-17-2019
Biz and Theresa are hearing a lot of the phrase: I want it! What do we say to our kids when they have a "case of the gimmes" or are constantly telling us about all the stuff they want? In theory, a simple, “No, you can’t have that,” should be enough…but when is that ever enough? It's exhausting and annoying and giving in would be easy…sooooooo ...…
Sven Goran Eriksson talks about his addiction to football. The former Wolves and Nigeria goalkeeper Carl Ikeme talks about his retirement from the game due to cancer. And we're also joined by the former New Zealand captain Rebecca Smith and the man who coached the Matabeleland.(Photo by Power Sport Images/Getty Images)…
Guillem Balague, Steve Crossman, Mina Rzouki and Rafa Honigstein discuss Gonzalo Higuain’s future, explain why Bayern Munich want Callum Hudson-Odoi so much, hear from the half-Spaniard, half-Scot at Malaga and provide a very continental take on spygate.
Last fall, Nike released a groundbreaking ad featuring the former N.F.L. quarterback Colin Kaepernick. His kneeling protest, which started in 2016 as a response to police brutality, was reinterpreted by social media, celebrities and Nike itself to mean something that doesn’t always match the intention of his original protest. So what does it sa ...…
In Part Three, Robert is joined again by Maggie Mae Fish and Jamie Loftus to continue discussing Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook and fake news. Learn more about advertising on the HowStuffWorks podcasts at And to learn about your ad choices when listening to podcasts, visit ...…
Channel Africa — This week on Womanity – Women in Unity, Dr. Amaleya Goneos-Malka talks to Professor Dee Smythe, a Professor of Public Law and Deputy Dean for Research in the Law Faculty at the University of Cape Town about her work in the gender space. We speak about findings from her book, titled “Rape Unresolved”, which considers view points ...…
Sherrod and Keren are joined by comedians Joe DeVito and Bill Beteet as they roast Bill, discuss Madonna's new ass and Sherrod tells the story of when he performed for Saudi Princes.For the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at
In a disastrous week for Theresa May’s Brexit agreement, her former director of strategy, Chris Wilkins, and the Guardian’s Daniel Boffey chart where it all went wrong. Plus: Polly Toynbee on what Labour should do next. To support The Guardian’s independent journalism, visit…
Mark Chapman is joined by commentator Alistair Bruce-Ball and former Manchester City midfielder Michael Brown to reflect on Derby’s dramatic victory over Southampton by penalty shoot-out after it finished 2-2 in their FA Cup Third Round Replay. As the “Spy-gate” saga continues, BBC Radio Leeds’ Adam Pope gives us an insight into Leeds’ manager ...…
It doesn't matter if you're on top of the mountain or down in the gutter, nothing is permanent. But I think that's a good thing. What it means is you don't have to stay where you are and just because someone has made it to the top doesn't mean he's going to stay there. You can have any kind of life you want but it's up to you to make it a reali ...…
Misgendering, white privilege, and transphobia: to quote Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, today we run train on the progressive agenda. Then, what should be done about Steve King? We analyze congressional Democrat hypocrisy. Finally, the Left is furious that Karen Pence is starting work at a Christian school.Date: 01-16-2019…
Jim and Forrest check in from Hong Kong with Scott Zabielski (@scottzabielski) to talk about going to strip clubs with your dad, Jack's standup set in Tokyo and how Jim was a little too aggressive with Walker Buehler.
Trump was just the tip of the iceberg. Since his election in 2016, populism has blazed a disquieting trail across Europe, North America and around the world. While many of these movements are marred by racist and nationalistic rhetoric, they also represent a grassroots effort to challenge the political status quo. In this public debate, present ...…
Dr. Everett Piper (President, Oklahoma Wesleyan University) joins Dave to discuss the importance of defending intellectual freedom on college campuses, the meaning of liberalism, his new book ‘Not a Day Care: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth’, and more.
In Part Two, Robert is joined again by Maggie Mae Fish and Jamie Loftus to continue discussing Mark Zuckerberg. Learn more about advertising on the HowStuffWorks podcasts at And to learn about your ad choices when listening to podcasts, visit…
Trump says he wants to end U.S. wars abroad, while he threatens to use emergency powers to further militarize U.S. immigration enforcement. On Twitter, Trump advocates isolationism, while embracing lifelong warmongers like John Bolton and Benjamin Netanyahu. Investigative reporter and historian Gareth Porter analyzes Trump's pledge to pull troo ...…
Noor Tagouri is a Libyan-American journalist, activist, motivational speaker, producer, and host of the podcast series “Sold in America: Inside Our Nation's Sex Trade”. She sits down with Jonathan to discuss her activism, the realities of Muslim-Americans, the world of sex trafficking, and more. Find Noor’s work on Facebook https://www.facebook ...…
On a monumental day in parliament, Anushka Asthana is with the Conservative MP Anna Soubry as she works across traditional party boundaries to defeat Theresa May’s Brexit deal. Political editor Heather Stewart explains what happens now Plus: the Guardian’s Simon Hattenstone on his time following the Leave Means Leave campaign group. To support ...…
After a career as a designer in the tech industry, John Zeratsky became obsessed with the idea of re-designing time. He’s a writer who has written multiple books and his work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Time, Harvard Business Review, Wired, Fast Company, and many others. In this episode, among other things, we discuss his newe ...…
Kelly Cates is joined by Jonathan Walters, Jack Collison and Chris Waddle to discuss a blow for Tottenham as Harry Kane is ruled out with an ankle injury. They look back on a night of FA Cup replays when League One Shrewsbury shocked Stoke and Newcastle needed extra time to beat Blackburn. And they react to the news Petr Cech has announced he'l ...…
Gillette is shaving away toxic masculinity in a new ad campaign. We will examine the true causes of toxic masculinity, toxic femininity, and everything in between. Then, President Trump hosts a fast food feast at the White House, Laura Loomer illegally immigrates to Nancy Pelosi’s house, and Kamala Harris pulls a Liz Warren.Date: 01-15-19…
Congressman Steve King loses committee assignments over white supremacy remarks, but the left wants much, much more.Date: 1-15-2019
World-famous environmental photographer Edward Burtynsky and IDEAS host Paul Kennedy both grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario. In fact, their childhood homes were less than 300 metres apart, and paper-boy Paul delivered a daily dose of newspaper comic strips to eventual visual artist Ed. They return to their old home town and revisit their roots ...…
Unprecedented: The President of the United States the subject of a counterintelligence FBI investigation. Plus, the LONGEST government shutdown ever. And, Philadelphia Eagles fan microwaves a pet.
Mark Zuckerberg Is A Much, Much Worse Person Than You’d Guess. In Episode 43, Robert is joined by Maggie Mae Fish and Jamie Loftus to discuss Zuckerberg's rise in the tech world and what makes him a huge bastard. Learn more about advertising on the HowStuffWorks podcasts at And to learn about your ad choice ...…
Dr. Alex Gee has an open conversation with Jay Sodey, Sr. Vice President of Consumer Banking at Associated Bank, about a personal incident in the company's bank. You won't want to miss this story of racial reconciliation and how a company can work toward improving their community. Sodey demonstrates personal and business integrity and a commitm ...…
Garrard Conley is the author of the New York Times Best Selling memoir Boy Erased (, now also a major motion picture ( Growing up in a small town, immersed in a faith-based community, Conley survived conversion therapy before becoming a writer, activist and speaker (http://garrard ...…
A school in Birmingham is attempting to buck the trend of increasing ethnic and religious segregation in the city. The Guardian’s Aamna Mohdin spends a day at the University of Birmingham school that takes its students from across the diverse city. Plus: John Crace on today’s Brexit vote. To support The Guardian’s independent journalism, visit ...…
Shane talks about the effect of television and digital media on childhood development, with Ph.D. Heather Kirkorian: Associate Professor of Human Development & Family Studies and Director of Cognitive Development at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Charity Of The Week - The Rape Crisis Center Visit our sponsor: Quip Elec ...…
Mark Chapman and Ian Wright are joined by Chris Sutton and journalist Rory Smith to reflect on Manchester City’s 3-0 win over Wolves, discuss why David Wagner and Huddersfield Town have parted ways, and debate whether Martin O’Neill is a managerial dinosaur. Plus, West Ham’s most versatile player Michail Antonio also drops into the Monday Night ...…
Los Angeles teachers are striking for the first time in 30 years, pitting the teachers' union against the local government. There are no good guys in this situation, but I'm sure it'll come as a surprise to many of you that I actually think the government could be "right" in this instance. After starting out talking about the neurological impac ...…
New polls show public support for the Wall growing during this government shutdown. Then, Julian Castro announces his bid for 2020, the leftist media celebrates more child abuse, and finally: do conservatives care too much about the Constitution?Date: 01-14-19
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