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The show that once played the 40 most requested tracks of the week on Special themed episodes air every once in a while on special occasions. Go to and start requesting now!
RadioSEGA Specials
Apart from the high quality shows that regularly invade your ears through our station, we at RadioSEGA also produce some one-off specials dedicated to games, soundtracks or even special times of the year. Check them out here!
The SEGA Lounge
RadioSEGA's very own talk show with different guests every week, music, news and whatever else we can think of. Come on in and have a seat! Hosted by KC and friends.
Topical Resort
Welcome to the Topical Resort. A place to relax and discuss all things SEGA, whether that be a series of games, a genre, or an opinion to do with SEGA!
Last Call
Last Call is your Friday late night mix to get you moving into the weekend! Every episode, a different community musician showcases a 1-hour long DJ set featuring (mostly) SEGA funkyness.
Saturday Night SEGA is a late night mixture of classic SEGA tunes and the best remixes. And the worst!
The third season of your Monday night show features a different guest every week, Awinnerwasyou's "Memories of SEGA", amazing SEGA and third party music and the return of 'Say My Name'. Time to make Mondays great again!
The Hidden Palace
Talking about trivia, facts, fan theories and easter eggs from and relating to SEGA games.
The Hidden Palace
Talking about trivia, facts, fan theories and easter eggs from and relating to SEGA games.
SEGA AGES is on air every Friday night taking a look back at the soundtracks to the games that define the history of SEGA. Whether we're looking at a specific year, console or other SEGA-related theme, SEGA AGES is the place to celebrate the history of the gaming company we all love! This RadioSEGA-enhanced podcast includes chapter support and per-game album art on compatible players/devices.
Chaos Control Center
Chaos Control Center is a show that essentially revolves around the title. CD brings the Chaos, and BDX brings the control. Structure? Who needs that? Certainly not these two!
FiGHTS: into Streams... takes you down memory lane by playing the sounds and stories of the best fighting game series ever to grace our old SEGA home hardware. But worry not: newer SEGA-produced games have their special place in!
SEGA Generations
SEGA Generations is the show that takes its listeners through the ages of various SEGA game franchises, exploring what made them so popular, different facts from throughout their runs and, of course, the music that helped to make them great.
Want to go on an adventure? Sword of SEGA celebrates all SEGA based Role Playing Games, past and present. Join our party to hear music ranging from Phantasy Star to Yakuza! (This show is currently off-season.)
Grab your coins and come in to Club SEGA where we celebrate the best of the SEGA arcade scene. Playing music from the 80's all the way to the present day, experience the sounds of some of your favourite arcade games. There's competitions and high scores to beat as well as some discussion on the hardware that changed gaming forever.
The Voice of SEGA
The show that plays your favourite vocal tracks from SEGA games past and present! Join us every week as we sing along to the best... and maybe the not so good songs from SEGA’s gaming history.
Sega Addicts AM
(Listener Discretion Advised) The Sega Addicts have their very first live radio show, and god help us all. Every Tuesday night, join Brett, Stevie, and maybe some special guests as they deliver everything you came to expect from Sega Addicts After Hours, plus some choice tunes!
Phantasy Star Beats
A series of special shows dedicated to playing you music in the Phantasy Star series, from the Master System onwards, including some spin-offs, and also remixes.
The Blue Zone
The Blue Zone is RadioSEGA's Sonic-centric show, playing the best Sonic game music and remixes and sharing some interesting facts about everyone's favourite blue rodent.
The third season of your Monday night show features a different guest every week, Awinnerwasyou's "Memories of SEGA", amazing SEGA and third party music and the return of 'Say My Name'. Time to make Mondays great again!
SEGA Mixer Drive
SEGA Mixer Drive is a 2-hour show focused around arrangements of SEGA music new and old. Now airing on Sunday nights!
Covering SEGA, Atlus, and others that share their spirit! Check out our weekly podcasts, streams, and RadioSEGA show! #TeamFlocky 4 Life.
Sweaty Sundays
The year is 20XX, and two sweaty boys, the happy go lucky Scott and his sarcastic friend Jim, discuss the weird and wonderful of the online world and everything pop culture! Tune in every weekend for an hour long show and maybe, you too, can get sweaty!
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show series
The climactic ending to RadioSEGA's Mega Drive Mini Marathon is here and KC plays the 40 most voted tracks as chosen by you.Plus, bossman GreenViper8 joins him to announce the winner of our grand prize - an actual Mega Drive Mini!!!Track list:#40 - Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention - A Worthy Rival#39 - Ecco the Dolphin - Time Travel ...…
From the 90's to the present, take a trip back in time with Awinnerwasyou as he looks back at the Mega Drive games that defined his former years. Our last #MDMiniMarathon surprise show is a full length Memories of SEGA special!
The SEGA Lounge reopens for a limited time to host a very nice chat with PC0, one of the people behind SFGHQ and SAGE. Find out more about this year's edition of the indie game expo. Check out the SAGE 2019 website:
It's Something Nostalgic I Guess, and it aired as a part of our Mega Drive Mini Marathon! Witness the one night only (and we really mean it this time) return of the Resort to discuss what is technically SEGA's newest console, because we all know that this show is about technicalities...
Saturday Night SEGA gets a bit more sombre this week due to personal happenings in Gavvie's life. There's no fancy hook this week, just go in with a willingness to listen and an open mind.
Last Call superfan Nicolaas Hamman created a SEGA medley involving the works of his one of his favourite VGM musicians, having been partially inspired by what he'd heard on our show. Fast forward a few weeks into the future, and the spotlight is now set on him and the set he created. Most weeks we'd be up and dancing, but this week is the excep ...…
Kicking off RadioSEGA's month-long "Mega Drive Mini Marathon", KC is back with a Monday night show in the form of The Manic Jukebox. Warning: definitely contains 16-bit tuneage of the Mega Drive/Genesis kind.Nominate your 5 favourite tracks from games included on the Mega Drive/Genesis Mini by going to lis ...…
Kicking off RadioSEGA's month-long "Mega Drive Mini Marathon", KC is back with a Monday night show in the form of The Manic Jukebox. Warning: definitely contains 16-bit tuneage of the Mega Drive/Genesis kind.Nominate your 5 favourite tracks from games included on the Mega Drive/Genesis Mini by going to lis ...…
The first episode back after a lengthy Summer break was a special one - a listening party for "Timeless Ocean", an Ecco the Dolphin album by the Pixel Mixers. Enjoy 3 hours of aquatic tunes, and the label's first Sega related effort! Vote for your favourite tracks off "Timeless Ocean" by going to The winner gets a nomina ...…
Ever wondered what hyjinks would occur if Sonic and friends crossed over with the cast of Eastenders? No? We don't need anymore of a description hook than that. This is Saturday Night Audiobooks, and there's a show amongst the fanfiction somewhere!
DjEAR brings back his hippin' and hoppin' action back to Last Call for the first time since 2015. Variety is the name of the game here, although as is the case every week, we hope you like Sonic! If you don't, there's some JSR, Dynamite Headdy, some originals and of course Klonoa to fall back on. Keep the groove going, because this is Last Call ...…
Knees weak, arms heavy, Dad's Wi-Fi. It may have stopped the first broadcast of the show, but the 2nd shall not be slain by the beast. Oh, there's also Yakuza 3 talk and Saturday Night SEGA sexy time round 2. More on that one in the podcast.
RoBKTA returns to Last Call for the first time since Season 2 to deliver an on-brand funky fresh set featuring smooth remixes of some of your favourite SEGA tracks. There's also a couple of plays of some of RoB's original music, so go ahead and give them a download if you like what he's doing. Oh right, back to the music... Turn it up and get d ...…
When you need to quickly think of a conversation filler, what does your mind jump to? In Gavvie and Mena's case, it should probably SEGA news. If it wasn't, what would it be? I certainly hope it wouldn't be naughty adult films on Netflix. I certainly hope they wouldn't be audibly played on the show too...... oh no... ooohh nooooo. Good thing it ...…
SEGA Mixer Drive hostess and newly appointed OverClocked Remix judge Rexy brings the dance tunage on this week's Last Call. Ecco, Metropolis Street Racer and of course Sonic are all on the cards, but given her PlayStation roots, will some rival mascots make an appearence? Maybe even unexpected ones? You'll just have to listen to find out!Trackl ...…
It's the post holiday episode where we talk about all things holiday and nothing but holiday except for the designated parts where we don't talk about holiday and instead go onto much more pressing matters such as topical things in the SEGA fandom.
RapidRun makes his grand return to Last Call in the funkiest way possible: with some great VGM sure to get you boppin', some "normal" music to get you groovin' and a brand new mashup to get you singin' along. I better not see those feet stop moving, because you should be rapidly running, but also because another Last Call is just around the cor ...…
In the absense of a Summer of Sonic event this year, Gavvie hosts an honourary Club Sonic set, featuring many club bangers and a whole host of RadioSEGA classics. Please just remember to ignore the fact that a new Summer of Sonic event was announced the NIGHT of airing though, as this was recorded 3 weeks prior. Talk about co-incidences!…
RadioSEGA veteran and all round good vibe bringer OSC is here to join the Last Call party. Whereas others opted for a predominantly dance music styled set, the nostalgia flows strong this time around. He's not afraid to shy away from many Master System and Mega Drive classics, all while finding room for those new retro favourites such as Monste ...…
SNS continues its run of special episodes over the summer with something... well, summery. There's a whole bunch of tunes and no talk, and this is the surefire way to spend a Saturday night in-front of the setting sun with a cold drink in hand! Who knew SNS could be so classy?
Last Call newcomer KyleJCrb injects some energy into our Friday night remix show by taking us on a Sega-licious journey. Tune in to hear the 60 minute set he cooked up in the baking summer heat!Tracklist:01. Ben Briggs, PrototypeRaptor - Rolling Start! (Daytona USA) :: Plasma3Music - Hydrocity Zone ...…
RadioSEGA's House of Shitposting collides with the House of Mouse tonight for a special episode in honour of Gavvie's holiday to DisneyWorld. Although he couldn't join us live on location, he did record us this show ahead of time, featuring various Disney games released on SEGA consoles as well as a few cheaty tracks. Get your ears (earmuffs) o ...…
This week on Last Call, we welcome back Audio Sprite for the first time in a few years for a completely self-fufilling show! In his usual fashion, this set is made up of 3 smaller sets, each themed differently for the purposes of maximum dance tunage! There's a few tunes you might recognise if you're familiar with his work, but there's a whole ...…
SNS rocks your socks off this Friday night as the last normal show for a while goes with a bit of a rock slant on the tunes, with the exception being some of your requests, which are anything but! Fans of the genre won't want to miss this ever so special un-special episode!
Last Call Season 6 is raring to go, and it only seems most fitting that our 2019 season should kick off with the winner of 2018's RadioSEGA Fan Choice Remix competition! Mesmerist shows us how to get down on a Friday night with a very Persona and Sonic heavy block, but there's some other SEGA classics and your small dosage of non-SEGA tunes thr ...…
Saturday Night SEGA comes to you this week prerecorded, and it's been recorded on a Saturday! Now that Viper's fixed the tech issues, there's only one other thing to worry about: keeping our youngest ever co-host under control, and Mena too, and Gavvie's Dad. There's a lot on the line this time around, tune in to see how the chaos unfolds!…
One last happy memory before we say goodbye. Just originally advertised as the season finale, this episode of the Resort sees the permanent closure of its doors, and we hope it's in the best way possible: with some extremely sentimental to Viper. Thanks to you guys for 104 episodes of topicality, and thanks to SEGA for making the Master System, ...…
Tonight on SNS: Surprise mechanics, headrest alternatives, butchered classical music and a heartfelt tribute to a recently deceased friend. We also get to hear the first play of Version 2 of Season 4's intro. It's a Saturday Night SEGA so good, you'll want to listen on a Sunday!
The final fan request of the series hits your ears tonight or whenever you choose to download this, and it's a contender for the most interesting topic in either series... at least in the opinion of the chat and Viper. This episode tells the tale of one of the pioneers of digital storefronts in gaming, it's different regional varients (includin ...…
SNS takes a slightly more sombre tone this week, keyword being "slightly". There's still plenty of laughs going around, but perhaps have the tissues on standby, but the majority won't need them.
You guys had the choice for Episode 100, so Episode 50 of Season 2 goes to Viper, and this time he also picks a composer, one of his favourites in-fact. Industry legend Hideki Naganuma is on the chopping block tonight, as are many of his great soundtracks including Jet Set Radio Future, Sonic Rush, Super Monkey Ball 3D, Black Panther: New Yakuz ...…
No Jamie, that doesn't say IceCap........ It was E3 this week, and we're go full anti-cynical Brit mode against these cliche gamers and their whole enjoying games shtick by moaning about games! Almost makes you wonder why we pretend to like them... PSO2 is cool though, that's a good takeaway from tonight!…
It's a fairly standard SNS tonight, with lots of great tunes! But more importantly: Large, homosexual ice creams. Oh yeeeaaaahhh~
Brit wouldn't stop asking for it, so we should probably deliver. Arguably one of the most requested episodes EVER is selected to occupy the special 100th slot, and of course we spend more time talking things that aren't Tee Lopes than we do talking about the man himself. But there's music! The chatter's okay too...…
This episode's prerecorded fair features the same delerious host and a still sleepy co-host. At least there's a ne~ old fac~ voice to spice things up. It's got all the banter, and it's the best. You should probably download this episode of SNS....
The final episode of May sees us Off-Topic... well, one final time this series. There's small amounts of TSR and Monkey Ball talk, but mainly a lot of nattering and great music. Oh, and it all comes from an overslept Viper who's extatic over being hired. As extatic as he gets that is... NOTE: To listen to the full quality version of this podcas ...…
That one TSR game came out a while back, we should probably play some music from it and other Sumo games. Outside of that, we've got the two other Sonic Racing games, lots of Virtua Tennis, Tennis with more likable characters and that one OutRun game they won't port. Oh, and this all takes place during RS' testing season! NOTE: To listen to the ...…
That Team Sonic Racing game came out this week, so we're playing the music to celebrate! Only a gamerip version though, because the official OST isn't out yet, beggars can't be choosers!
It's the week before Team Sonic Racing, so the tensions are high and made even worse when members of the Discord have the game in their hands! Instead we discuss Sonictology and Scientology because memes, mainly memes.
Spark the Electric Jester 2 dropped a few days ago on Steam, and considering Viper's background with the series and with Lake's previous fangames, it's probably about time we covered the games and more importantly, their brilliant music.
Golden Axe turns 30 this month (no clue when though!) so why not celebrate like we did for Sonic 3 by playing remixes of every major track in the game. There's lots of Wilderness, but aside from that, I hope there's some deep cuts!
The Saturn turned 24 on this episode's night of airing, so despite the prerecording, it was only fitting that an episode was dedicated to the fallen hero. Listen to Gavvie reminisce about the console, look up ridiculous game prices on CeX and yearn for the good old days of SEGA games, all topped off with the usual slightly less sleepy co-host M ...…
To celebrate the anniversary of the Sega Saturn, we take a look at a few of the oddities found on the Saturn; both hardware and software!
To celebrate the anniversary of the Sega Saturn, we take a look at a few of the oddities found on the Saturn; both hardware and software!
It's Saturday night, there's SEGA talk and music, but every episode has that. What's unique here? Glad you asked... There's a trolling war between Gavvie and Viper, you won't want to miss it!
I know, how about we somewhat tie in this week's vaguely related topic into this weekend's holiday? What could possibly go wrong? Certainly not the soundtrack to tonight's episode, that's for certain!
Saturday Night SEGA comes from a prerecorded stance this week, featuring a small bit of SEGA news, plans for future episodes, a bit of a political rant and a heartfelt ending. It's probably one your ears will want to hear, I think.
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