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Podcast for DreamcastYears.co.ukThe Dreamcast years was a period of time when gaming was in its golden age, which we categorise as between 1997 and 2008. Each time we'll discuss a different year in this time frame with a special guest.
Topical Resort
Welcome to the Topical Resort. A place to relax and discuss all things SEGA, whether that be a series of games, a genre, or an opinion to do with SEGA!
SEGA Talk Podcast
Talking All Things SEGA
The show that once played the 40 most requested tracks of the week on radiosega.net. Special themed episodes air every once in a while on special occasions. Go to radiosega.net/playlist.php and start requesting now!
Welcome to DreamPod - a podcast produced by The Dreamcast Junkyard focusing on all aspects of Sega Dreamcast culture, collecting and the community. Join your hosts from the UK, USA, Australia and Japan as they discuss varied topics surrounding Sega's final console, and inevitably get side-tracked by other gaming news. Final nominee in the UK Podcast Awards 2015.
The Spindash
Your audio source for Sonic games, comics, tunes, and everything blue, rapid, and spiky. Hosts GX Echidna, Evil Dr. Reef, and Saber Pilot chat weekly about all the happenings in the Sonic universe.
Past - Present - Future
Rhythmic and psychedelic, researched, yet fearless this is the sound of the new sleepless generation. Sleep Is Commercial is an eclectic laboratory of sounds from deep-techno to ambient, experimental to enigmatic electronic jazz, techhouse grooves to trippy minimal.
RadioSEGA Specials
Apart from the high quality shows that regularly invade your ears through our station, we at RadioSEGA also produce some one-off specials dedicated to games, soundtracks or even special times of the year. Check them out here!
We Talk Games
This show is stacked! Get Ready, Try! We Talk Games Video Power Magazine Presents!!! The most popular weekly, one arcade game review per episode show ever created by humans or the reptilian illuminati secret overlords of the deranged conspiracy theorists lame crotch imagination. Join the video game journalist award wining crew and non-sport card superstars of Kyle VonKubik and Wiggly of Trap Door review arcade video games with author, artist and all around guy, John E Capcom plus, robot femm ...
Last Call
Last Call is your Friday late night mix to get you moving into the weekend! Every episode, a different community musician showcases a 1-hour long DJ set featuring (mostly) SEGA funkyness.
Justin Connor, Collin Unger, and Matt Guralsky discuss life, love, and the dreams they and their famous guests manage to remember. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/notyoursegadreamcast/support
A podcast 100% dedicated to the SEGA's 32-Bit powerhouse, the SEGA Saturn! Join us every other week as we discuss the hardware & software in depth, in addition to collecting tips and memories of one of the greatest video game consoles of all time.
Saturday Night SEGA is a late night mixture of classic SEGA tunes and the best remixes. And the worst!
Friends sitting around discussing their weird and random things.
240p Club Podcast
240pClub is a group of gamers chatting weekly about video gaming from the 1970s-2003 era.
Guys Games and Beer
Join the Gutter Geeks every week as our panel of 5 to 10 veteran gamers of all ages talk about the latest AND oldest in video and table top gaming. Whether it’s interviews with indie and established developers, deep dives on classic hardware, or just sitting around the table talking games while throwing back a few beers you are sure to have a great time with the gang from Guys Games and Beer! Contacting Us: If you are a developer and would like us to check out your game or product contact us ...
Emerald Dreamcast
A podcast for the hardcore fan-base of World of Warcraft.
The third season of your Monday night show features a different guest every week, Awinnerwasyou's "Memories of SEGA", amazing SEGA and third party music and the return of 'Say My Name'. Time to make Mondays great again!
The third season of your Monday night show features a different guest every week, Awinnerwasyou's "Memories of SEGA", amazing SEGA and third party music and the return of 'Say My Name'. Time to make Mondays great again!
SEGA Mixer Drive
SEGA Mixer Drive is a 2-hour show focused around arrangements of SEGA music new and old. Now airing on Sunday nights!
4 men, brought together by their love of video games talk about video games, Robocop, Megayman, and other dumb stuff.
Welcome to the DREAMCAST (Podcast where dreams matter) The purpose of this podcast is to motivate, encourage, uplift, and inspire the listener on why we must follow our dreams!
Challenging and persuading individuals & organizations to leave no potential on the table.
We're here to have conversations about anything and everything!
3 Youtube "legends" just shootin' the shit about videogames.
A Podcast about retro video games, computers, and other electronics. As well as some newer stuff. Also basically whatever my interests are as a 30 year old man with a deep love for anything involving old technology, science fiction, music, collecting, and many other hobbies. While offering knowledge to the people on the obscure skills and items. Enjoy!
The Hidden Palace
Talking about trivia, facts, fan theories and easter eggs from and relating to SEGA games.
The Hidden Palace
Talking about trivia, facts, fan theories and easter eggs from and relating to SEGA games.
The SEGA Lounge
RadioSEGA's very own talk show with different guests every week, music, news and whatever else we can think of. Come on in and have a seat! Hosted by KC and friends.
Podcasting Agents
We're not really casting agents... and there is no pod.
Subcon Serenade
Subcon Serenade is a podcast about video game music hosted by Leland Radburn (yes, that's his real name) and Vincent Bondy.
Reviewing games the best way possible, by spoiling them.
Chaos Control Center
Chaos Control Center is a show that essentially revolves around the title. CD brings the Chaos, and BDX brings the control. Structure? Who needs that? Certainly not these two!
Kombo Podcasts
Your home for all of Kombo\'s exciting audio features!
Controller1 Gaming
Classic and Modern Gaming Podcast
VGBS is a video game podcast where we discuss all things video games. We have an extensive knowledge of all things video games and are all over the gaming scene.
A bi-weekly podcast about the Dead or Alive game series.
All Systems GO!
A video gaming podcast that covers news, current and retro consoles and games, and general happenings in the gaming industry.
Sweaty Sundays
The year is 20XX, and two sweaty boys, the happy go lucky Scott and his sarcastic friend Jim, discuss the weird and wonderful of the online world and everything pop culture! Tune in every weekend for an hour long show and maybe, you too, can get sweaty!
Hack This Console
Weekly audio show focused on things to do with a gaming console that it never was intended to do. If it can be hacked, modded, or emulated, we'll talk about it. News, tutorials, general overview of the community, and much much more.
A group of retro game collectors delve into their most obscure games and consoles and share their thoughts on what they've played.
FiGHTS: into Streams... takes you down memory lane by playing the sounds and stories of the best fighting game series ever to grace our old SEGA home hardware. But worry not: newer SEGA-produced games have their special place in!
Podcast de Roy Plays
Podcast del canal de Plays, donde hablamos de todo este maravilloso mundo que nos apasiona de los video juegos.
heres the second volume of vgr. episodes 6-10 i think. here i always have a guest with some affiliation to gaming. my regular co-host is "pokegoms" from youtube.
The Blue Zone
The Blue Zone is RadioSEGA's Sonic-centric show, playing the best Sonic game music and remixes and sharing some interesting facts about everyone's favourite blue rodent.
SEGA Generations
SEGA Generations is the show that takes its listeners through the ages of various SEGA game franchises, exploring what made them so popular, different facts from throughout their runs and, of course, the music that helped to make them great.
Want to go on an adventure? Sword of SEGA celebrates all SEGA based Role Playing Games, past and present. Join our party to hear music ranging from Phantasy Star to Yakuza! (This show is currently off-season.)
Grab your coins and come in to Club SEGA where we celebrate the best of the SEGA arcade scene. Playing music from the 80's all the way to the present day, experience the sounds of some of your favourite arcade games. There's competitions and high scores to beat as well as some discussion on the hardware that changed gaming forever.
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It's a very festive time at the 240p Club as we say Happy Birthday to 3 our of 4 podcasters in the room, as well as some of the most legendary systems ever released, the Sega Genesis and Nintendo Game Boy both turn 30 this year, while the Sega Dreamcast turns 20. We discuss some of our memories with each system and hope we motivated you to pull ...…
Joining Andrew and Rich this time is Matt Gardner from GameTripper.co.uk. The trio discuss gaming in 1998 as the tour of the golden years continues. Will Andrew miss a bunch of important games from his list? Will Matts opinions cause great offence?? Can Rich score a second win on the quiz??? There's only one way to find out...…
On this episode, we cover the unique SEGA Saturn platformer Bug! How did this wacky game come about, and what connection does it have to Sonic the Hedgehog? Travel back to 1995 with us as we discuss what it was like when this oddball game released. Support us on Patreon! Get early access, tell us what games … Continued…
Welcome back to The Game Informer Show! On this week's show, we talk about Wired's big reveal of even more information on the PlayStation 5. Then we unpack our full thoughts on Indivisible, John Wick Hex, and What the Golf. After some wonderful community emails, we dive in deep on Bungie's Destiny 2: Shadowkeep with Andy McNamara, Matt Miller, ...…
SEGA Saturn, Shiro! is proud to present our latest podcast episode and the premiere of our fourth season: S4E1, Realtime Stories with Mr. David Warhol. Headlining the podcast is an exclusive interview with Mr. David Warhol, president and founder of video game studio Realtime Associates. Realtime is responsible for a total of seven Saturn titles ...…
The climactic ending to RadioSEGA's Mega Drive Mini Marathon is here and KC plays the 40 most voted tracks as chosen by you.Plus, bossman GreenViper8 joins him to announce the winner of our grand prize - an actual Mega Drive Mini!!!Track list:#40 - Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention - A Worthy Rival#39 - Ecco the Dolphin - Time Travel ...…
Here is the pinnacle of gaming excellence: A bunch of middle age men playing Mary Kate and Ashley: Sweet 16 in a basement. Another solid episode of Guys Games and Beer! Audio Only Version BelowBy www.guysgamesandbeer.net.
Welcome back to The Game Informer Show! We have a big episode this week, with a passionate unloading of everything we learned in Tokyo from visiting Game Freak for our new cover story on Pokémon Sword and Shield and YS Net for Shenmue 3. We also share early impressions of Nintendo's bizarre new fitness peripheral and Ring Fit Adventure. After s ...…
Join the Gutter Geeks as they test some new equipment (oh, not quite right yet) and chat about Films where arcades play as important a role as the characters themselves. Audio Only Version BelowBy www.guysgamesandbeer.net.
Part 4 of our Top 100 Games of All Time countdown continues. Plus we talk about PlayStation's State of Play, Zelda: Link's Awakening, NHL 20, Borderlands 3, and more!By NintendoTimes.com.
On this SEGA Talk, we celebrate the launch of the SEGA Genesis Mini by covering a very important game included on the plug and play console: Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. We discuss our memories of the game, the development process the many sequels and the recent remake! Support us on Patreon! Get early access, tell … Continued…
From the 90's to the present, take a trip back in time with Awinnerwasyou as he looks back at the Mega Drive games that defined his former years. Our last #MDMiniMarathon surprise show is a full length Memories of SEGA special!
Welcome back to The Game Informer Show! On this episode we get to unpack Ben Reeves' latest adventure where he got to play several hours of Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Part II on the PlayStation 4. After that we compare two games clearly inspired by From Software's Dark Souls: Code Vein and The Surge 2. After some wonderful community emails, i ...…
It was just a Cuban cigar case, not the cigar! David Saba and Wiggly of Trap Door take to the Che Stadium RITEEMO Endangerment Stage to review Guerrilla War (1987, SNK). It’s remotely controversial, maybe. Gun.smoke,Frontline,and more get We Talked as well. #ARCADE #GUERILLAWAR #GUNSMOKE #FRONTLINE #SNK #NES #KNOB…
It's Something Nostalgic I Guess, and it aired as a part of our Mega Drive Mini Marathon! Witness the one night only (and we really mean it this time) return of the Resort to discuss what is technically SEGA's newest console, because we all know that this show is about technicalities...
Welcome back to The Game Informer Show! On this week's show, Joe Juba and Kimberley Wallace are back from the Tokyo Game Show and talk about what it was like to visit Kojima Productions, play the new PvP Resident Evil game, and learn all about the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Then Jeff Cork, Ben Reeves, and new intern Alex Stadnik weigh in on Nint ...…
Topics: OK K.O. and a news update, but mostly just OK K.O.. Because what else is going on right now?\\Topics: OK K.O. and a news update, but mostly just OK K.O.. Because what else is going on right now?
Part 3 of our Top 100 Games of All Time countdown has arrived! Plus we chat about the Nintendo Direct, Control, Remothered, SNES Switch Online games, NPD, and more.By NintendoTimes.com.
Welcome back to The Game Informer Show! On this week's episode, we share our thoughts on Borderlands 3, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Red Dead Online's big update, and much more. After some great community emails, we're joined by Brian Shea and Jeff Cork to run down our five favorite games for the beloved Sega Dreamcast. You can watch ...…
P.O.W. is an inappropriate acronym! David Saba and Wiggly of Trap Door take to the Machine Gun Addendumatic RITEEMO Endangerment Stage to review P.O.W.: Prisoners of War (1988, SNK). Many Bloody Wolf talking as well, and Shop Rite. #ARCADE #POW #BLOODYWOLF #SNK #NES
Welcome to the companion cast to the main show - 'Game Of The Year Edition'. In this shorter podcast Andrew, Rich and Steve pitch their picks for the game of 1997, before listeners get to vote on which one wins out. Apologies in advance for the quality of sound from Andrew - he has a new mic on the way!…
Trivia night! Plus: DuckTales, Fester's Quest, Sky Shark, King's Knight, P.O.W., Hollywood Squares, Dino Riki, Air Fortress, Back to the Future, Nintendo Power, EGM, GamePro & more!By NintendoTimes.com.
In celebration of the SEGA Dreamcast turning 20 years old in America on September 9th, we’re talking about the console itself on this milestone episode of SEGA Talk! What went on behind the scenes during the development of the hardware? What were the best launch games? How early did SEGA plan to discontinue the Dreamcast? … Continued…
We made it to 39! On this edition of the 240p Club, Metallic Joe and Nikki Tuonela discuss the Gamer Girl Bathwater nonsense as well as what kind of creepy stalkers seem to inhabit the gamer culture these days. After that, we have a lengthy discussion about the history of the first-person shooter (FPS) genre and maybe mention a few lost classic ...…
Saturday Night SEGA gets a bit more sombre this week due to personal happenings in Gavvie's life. There's no fancy hook this week, just go in with a willingness to listen and an open mind.
Last Call superfan Nicolaas Hamman created a SEGA medley involving the works of his one of his favourite VGM musicians, having been partially inspired by what he'd heard on our show. Fast forward a few weeks into the future, and the spotlight is now set on him and the set he created. Most weeks we'd be up and dancing, but this week is the excep ...…
Welcome back to The Game Informer Show! Ben Hanson's out this week so Jeff Cork and Leo Vader take over for a fun, bizarre episode. First, Kim Wallace joins us to discuss her review of Monster Hunter Iceborne. Then, Joe Juba covers Knights and Bikes along with River City Girls, and listens contentedly as Cork weighs in on Blair Witch. After tha ...…
Hey, whatcha been playin lately? Let's Talk Games about it! Kyle Kubik and Wiggly Check of Trap Door Game Boy up Fortified Zone (1991, Jaleco). Wiggly diverted to Felix the Cat Game Boy (1993, Hudson), Felix NES (1992, Hudson), Anki Overdrive (2015-2018? I hope not). Wig jumps off (how's the jumping in that game) to many other topics, #STACKED. ...…
Kicking off RadioSEGA's month-long "Mega Drive Mini Marathon", KC is back with a Monday night show in the form of The Manic Jukebox. Warning: definitely contains 16-bit tuneage of the Mega Drive/Genesis kind.Nominate your 5 favourite tracks from games included on the Mega Drive/Genesis Mini by going to http://radiose.ga/megadrivemini.=Track lis ...…
Kicking off RadioSEGA's month-long "Mega Drive Mini Marathon", KC is back with a Monday night show in the form of The Manic Jukebox. Warning: definitely contains 16-bit tuneage of the Mega Drive/Genesis kind.Nominate your 5 favourite tracks from games included on the Mega Drive/Genesis Mini by going to http://radiose.ga/megadrivemini.=Track lis ...…
We blast through another 20 of our favorite games of all time as our Top 100 countdown continues! Plus: Man of Medan, Dragon Quest XI S demo & much more!By NintendoTimes.com.
The first episode back after a lengthy Summer break was a special one - a listening party for "Timeless Ocean", an Ecco the Dolphin album by the Pixel Mixers. Enjoy 3 hours of aquatic tunes, and the label's first Sega related effort! Vote for your favourite tracks off "Timeless Ocean" by going to http://radiose.ga/ecco. The winner gets a nomina ...…
Ever wondered what hyjinks would occur if Sonic and friends crossed over with the cast of Eastenders? No? We don't need anymore of a description hook than that. This is Saturday Night Audiobooks, and there's a show amongst the fanfiction somewhere!
DjEAR brings back his hippin' and hoppin' action back to Last Call for the first time since 2015. Variety is the name of the game here, although as is the case every week, we hope you like Sonic! If you don't, there's some JSR, Dynamite Headdy, some originals and of course Klonoa to fall back on. Keep the groove going, because this is Last Call ...…
All month long we've been rolling out exclusive features covering Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. Earlier this week we opened things up to the community and received hundreds and hundreds of burning questions, and on this special episode of The Game Informer Show we've Skyped in Infinity Ward's studio narrative director Taylor Kurosaki and multip ...…
Welcome back to The Game Informer Show! Thank you so much for sticking with us. On today's episode, we talk about our reviews for Remedy's Control, Platinum's Astral Chain, Man of Medan, and Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey. Then after some wonderful community emails, we're joined by Game Informer's outgoing interns Blake Woog, Joseph Stanichar ...…
Booby Kids are here! David Saba and Wiggly of Trap Door take to the Booblegum Crisis RITEEMO Endangerment Stage to review Kid no Hore Hore Daisakusen - Booby Kids (1987, Nichibutsu). Can you prove it didn’t happen!? #ARCADE #KidNoHoreHore #BoobyKids #NES
Join us for the first ever episode of the Dreamcast Years Podcast, where Andrew Dickinson, Richard Elsey and Daniel Ward discuss the first of the golden years - 1997. Find out how few cult classics they've actually played, what made Dan's gran cry and whether Rich could win his first quiz versus our esteemed scouse guest. Huge thanks to Dan for ...…
Join the 240p Club (this week Nikki, Joe, and our friend Zakk) as we travel back in time to the 1990s and the soundtracks to some of the best games of all time. We polled our panel, debate, and pick what we felt were the best 16 bit soundtracks of all time. Agree? Disagree? Any glaring omissions? Let us know!…
Knees weak, arms heavy, Dad's Wi-Fi. It may have stopped the first broadcast of the show, but the 2nd shall not be slain by the beast. Oh, there's also Yakuza 3 talk and Saturday Night SEGA sexy time round 2. More on that one in the podcast.
On Episode 66 of The Dreamcast Junkyard Dreampod; Kev, Lewis and Mike are joined by the delightful Andrew Dickenson, author of the upcoming 'Dreamcast: Year One' book https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dreamcastyearone/dreamcast-year-one-unofficial-book As well as discussing his formative Dreamcast memories, Andrew talks us through the proces ...…
RoBKTA returns to Last Call for the first time since Season 2 to deliver an on-brand funky fresh set featuring smooth remixes of some of your favourite SEGA tracks. There's also a couple of plays of some of RoB's original music, so go ahead and give them a download if you like what he's doing. Oh right, back to the music... Turn it up and get d ...…
Our deepest thanks to everybody that watches, listens to, or reads any of Game Informer's content... and thanks for checking out this bizarre episode of The Game Informer Show. By now you might have heard that there were recently seven wonderful people laid off at Game Informer, so we begin the show with Andy McNamara filling us in on the state ...…
We had Mitchell Potts in the garage for just a great conversation about dreams and weiners --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/notyoursegadreamcast/support
As we gear up for our 100th episode, we begin the countdown of our top 100 favorite games of all time!By NintendoTimes.com.
All the ninjas go rambo! David Saba joins Wiggly on the Premier RITEEMO Endangerment Stage to review Ninja-kun Ma-jo no Boken (1984, UPL) and Ninja-kun Ashura no Sho (1987, UPL). That’s Ninja-Kid, and Ninja-Kid 2, published by Jaleco and Taito, bylined as Adventure of Devil Castle, Warrior Demon Under The Six Realms of Existence (We made that u ...…
When you need to quickly think of a conversation filler, what does your mind jump to? In Gavvie and Mena's case, it should probably SEGA news. If it wasn't, what would it be? I certainly hope it wouldn't be naughty adult films on Netflix. I certainly hope they wouldn't be audibly played on the show too...... oh no... ooohh nooooo. Good thing it ...…
SEGA Mixer Drive hostess and newly appointed OverClocked Remix judge Rexy brings the dance tunage on this week's Last Call. Ecco, Metropolis Street Racer and of course Sonic are all on the cards, but given her PlayStation roots, will some rival mascots make an appearence? Maybe even unexpected ones? You'll just have to listen to find out!Trackl ...…
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