Best Radiotheatre Podcasts (2019)
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Best Radiotheatre podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best Radiotheatre podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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Social critic-at-large Charles Bursell presents podcasts, radio art, and commentary in a variety of formats and genres ranging from one-on-one conversation to full company experimental audio improv. Current podcasts include "Conversations with Charles Bursell" and "Stream of Consciousness Talk Radio Theatre"
Hear short, contemporary stage plays with first-rate casts. Playing on Air brings together award winners and emerging young talent, and each play is followed by a conversation with the playwrights and cast. Tune in for great American plays with great American actors, hosted and produced by Claudia Catania.
Fireside Radio Theatre presents original stories as well as adaptations of classic works of literature as digital broadcasts for podcast listeners. With a collection of Fireside Archive recordings spanning five previous seasons and an exciting lineup of future broadcasts, Fireside Radio Theatre's mission is to translate the drama and imagination of the Golden Age of Radio to a modern listener's experience. ​ ​
Welcome to Wildwood! The folks here live just like you and me. They love fun and adventure, enjoy their work and family, and try to learn each day what it means to be like Christ. Share a laugh with C.J., Ned, Staci, and all their friends in The Club. Sit down and hear Captain Gus tell you a story from his days sailing the high seas. Visit Paw Paw Chuck at his fix-it shop. You might even run into Hugh McClaw and his cronies, Mange and Molty. Whether you're six or 60, when you listen to Paws ...
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Climate crisis, white supremacy, and economic injustice. Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez connect the dots and lay out their vision. Writer/activist Naomi Klein opens. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
It's summer in the city, and Laz and Hector are both on the run from something they can't quite name. Maybe the sudden need for speed has something to do with Laz's sister, who took off two weeks ago, or with Hector's wife, who just called from the hospital. Featuring Bobby Moreno ("Homeland," Lazarus, PoA's Acorn) and Sean Carvajal (Broadway's ...…
1 Samuel 13:23 Everyone is excited about Wildwood's newest and richest student... everyone that is except Miss Harbor. She realizes Tiffany doesn't want to play by anyone's rules but her own.By Insight for Living Canada
Economic injustice, a dire climate warning, and the end of Tr*mp. Resetting The Log’s mission topics. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
Numbers 32:23 Staci's new toy goes missing and only C.J. knows the truth but he's not telling...that is, until he hears a familiar tune.By Insight for Living Canada
Radio theatre, a Halloween jam, new poetry, an old ghost story, and conversation on the meaning of the Scary Season. (Spoiler alert: your greatest fear is also your deepest desire.) The full company joins host Charles Bursell for this special Holiday podcast. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
The Night Concierge recalls the circumstances surrounding the hotel's construction by it's original resident, Mr. Franz Marby. A wealthy and cantankerous Austrian, Marby spends his fortune to build "his Xanadu, his citadel" where he can live out his years in solitude. Mr. Nichols, however, has designs on the mansion and seeks to be invited in. ...…
Debra Monk, Johanna Day, Katie Finneran, and Zach Appelman star in the world-premiere audio production of LA TRAVIATA by Lisa D’Amour (Pulitzer Prize finalist for Detroit, Airline Highway). Outside of New Orleans, three sisters have gathered to celebrate Mother's Day and lament the scandalous fate of their poor, wayward nephew. But beneath thei ...…
Jeremiah 7:23 C.J.'s in a pickle. He knows God wants him to do something he doesn't want to do. Captain Gus reminds C.J. of the story of what happened to someone in a similar situation—someone named Jonah!By Insight for Living Canada
Turns out we were wrong: Dylan really can sing, autumn leaves shouldn’t be raked, and Trump’s really going down this time. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
Philippians 2:3-4 The big go-cart race is coming up. But without teamwork, The Club discovers just how hard it is to be on the winning team.By Insight for Living Canada
Ranking the Dems, predicting the ticket, and pondering Anarchy. Chucky Bucky critiques the pub crowd. Uncle Chuck recites poetry. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
Sometimes, the most seductive offers come from unexpected messengers. Heartbroken on a Friday night, Franny (Jenn Harris) finds herself confronted by a charming bee (William Jackson Harper) with a buzzy - and delicious - proposal. Recorded live, 2B OR NOT 2B by Jacquelyn Reingold ("The Good Fight," HBO's "In Treatment) features Harper ("The Goo ...…
John 8:31-32 The slick traveling salesman, Dr. Theron promises to teach C.J. the secrets of success and fame. But C.J. must decide whom he wants to follow more, "the good doctor" or "The Good Shepherd."By Insight for Living Canada
Family farms are a gazillion times better than Big Ag. Also: a better world through better jokes. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
Luke 12:15 After finding a beehive that makes the world's best honey, C.J. goes into business and finds that he hasn't the time for anyone or anything that doesn't make him more money!By Insight for Living Canada
The OJ Trial, Monty Python, Che Guevara, war, FOX, Poe and more. This week in history with commentators Chuck and Chucky. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
Romans 13:9 C.J. and Staci have to finish an important list of errands for Paw Paw Chuck, but they find themselves delayed and falling further behind at every turn. Just when they are within sight of their deadline, they find an injured skunk in need of help. Will they risk disappointing Paw Paw Chuck to help someone in need?…
Defeating climate crisis requires the overthrow of Capitalism, the restoration of democracy, and radical individual lifestyle reform, all of which have huge upsides. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
"Have you spoken of it?" "No. No one." After 31 years apart, two widows meet by chance at a concert and consider the whirlwind romance that they didn't dare to pursue - until now. Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis (Moonstruck, Netflix's "Tales of the City) and Tony nominee Maria Tucci (The Slap, Broadway's The Rose Tattoo) star in Leslie Ayvazian's ...…
1 Timothy 1:18-19 C.J. has a job! He is filling in for the injured keeper of the lighthouse. But if he doesn't start taking it more seriously, a ship full of sailors might not make it to port—ever!By Insight for Living Canada
What would Howard Zinn think about Ken Burns’ “Country Music”? Also: How Milwaukee can save the world in 2020. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
Genesis 1:1 Wally Wicket, a new friend, thinks you can't believe in something you can't see...including God! But on a campout on Wild Mountain with Paw Paw Chuck and The Club, Wally sees first-hand that some things may be invisible but very real.By Insight for Living Canada
The F-word, self-loathing, Bernie updates, and the real Left because brain. Guests: Chuck and Chucky. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network, PoA's The Blizzard) is both playwright and actor in the satirical short A LITTLE PART OF ALL OF US. Since 9/11, anxious hipster Joey (Eisenberg) has been haunted by survivor's guilt. Or -- maybe he's just co-opting a national tragedy to justify a decade of depression? A LITTLE PART OF ALL OF US also stars Ju ...…
Romans 12:6 After losing all confidence in her ability to do anything well, Staci is given a mysterious gift that may just change the way she thinks of herself forever.By Insight for Living Canada
The Night Concierge tells a tale Cyril, the hotel's elevator operator and of Room 749, a mysterious room that only appears when it's reserved and whose entire existence is a physical impossibility. Deep within the bowels of the hotel, we meet a force that drives it all. A series that has been called the stylistic child of The Twilight Zone and ...…
The world's politics and climate are both in crisis. Proposed solutions will force the ultimate choice between incompatible world views. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
Labor news and politics, Charles Bursell kicks off his 2020 Liberty/Justice campaign. Analysts Chuck & Chucky on the big stories NOT in the news.By Charles Bursell
What would you sacrifice for a lifelong pal? A kidney? Your safety? $900 -- for a very specific television? From acclaimed wordsmith David Ives (Venus in Fur, PoA's The Blizzard), THE GOODNESS OF YOUR HEART asks what the limits of friendship really are. Directed by Tony winner John Rando (Broadway's On the Town, PoA's The Philadelphia), the cas ...…
Ep.1: Winston and his partner Smith set out on their quest for the legendary free flow of information. The serial by Peter Donalds originally aired on The NeoRadio Hour in 1997.By Charles Bursell
Ep.2: On their quest for the legendary "free flow" Winston's partner Smith is contaminated by bad information. The serial by Peter Donalds originally aired on The NeoRadio Hour in 1997.By Charles Bursell
Ep.3: Winston's search for the free flow of information gets bogged down in AM Talk Radio. The serial by Peter Donalds originally aired on The NeoRadio Hour in 1997.By Charles Bursell
Ep.4: Winston navigates "public information" with the help of his new friend Rewop Si Noitamrofni. The serial by Peter Donalds originally aired on The NeoRadio Hour in 1997.By Charles Bursell
Ep.5: Winston battles the two-headed beast of Politics and Religion. The serial by Peter Donalds originally aired on The NeoRadio Hour in 1997.By Charles Bursell
Ep.6: Winston's search for the free flow of information is in peril unless he can escape The Money Pit. The serial by Peter Donalds originally aired on The NeoRadio Hour in 1997.By Charles Bursell
Ep.7: Winston's next challenge on his quest is to conquer Newton Minow's Vast Wasteland. The serial by Peter Donalds originally aired on The NeoRadio Hour in 1997.By Charles Bursell
Ep.8: On his quest for the free flow of information Winston has overcome every obstacle. Will television do him in? The serial by Peter Donalds originally aired on The NeoRadio Hour in 1997.By Charles Bursell
Ep.9: Winston is aided on his journey by the mysterious young guide I.T. The serial by Peter Donalds originally aired on The NeoRadio Hour in 1997.By Charles Bursell
Ep.10: The wise conductor of a search engine brings Winston one step closer to the legendary free flow of information. The serial by Peter Donalds originally aired on The NeoRadio Hour in 1997.By Charles Bursell
Ep.11: Winston faces the final and most perilous leg of his journey. The serial by Peter Donalds originally aired on The NeoRadio Hour in 1997.By Charles Bursell
Ep.12: Winston's search for the legendary free flow of information comes to a surprising end. The serial by Peter Donalds originally aired on The NeoRadio Hour in 1997.By Charles Bursell
It's 70 years in the future and all problems are solved. Follow the adventures of Jake, Pat, and Billy as they try to handle it.
Pat implores Jake to stop telling Billy about the bad old days. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
Pat and Jake visit one of their neighborhood woodworkers to procure a new desk and chair for young Billy. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
Jake and Pat teach Billy why we never say "the T-word." www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
Billy, Pat, and Jake go to their neighborhood sharing night. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
Do we still have jobs in a perfect world? Of course. Pat applies for a new position. (We don't call them "jobs") www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
Pride superseeds July Fourth as the universally beloved summer holiday. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell
Jake, Billy, and Pat enjoy a no-tech Brewers game. www.charlesbursell.comBy Charles Bursell