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Ali Raza
Mohsin Raza
Vehle Lok
Welcome to my podcast on variety of topics realting to Business, Marketing and Agriculture, Mushroom Farming
Ali Raza
Welcome to the Ali Raza podcast, where amazing things happen.
Raza Abbas
Welcome to the Raza Abbas podcast, where amazing things happen.
Welcome to the Zeeshan Raza Skarchen podcast, where amazing things happen.
Tips|Advice|Motivation|Market Updates & More
A talk show on current affairs. Monday to Friday 11:05 PM Channel 24
ایک بڑی تعداد میں نعتیں اور کلام جو مرحوم مبلغ دعوت اسلامی و نگران مرکزی مجلسِ شورٰی حاجی محمد مشتاق عطاری(رحمتہ اللّٰه علیہ) نے ظاہری زندگی میں پڑھے A large collection of Naats and Kalams Recited by Marhoom Mubalig of Dawat-e-islami and Nigran mrkazi majlis Shura (Very important person of Dawat-e-islami) Haji Muhammad Mushtaq Attari (رحمتہ اللّٰه علیہ)
Radio Lucha
A bi-monthly podcast of ¡Q-vole Raza! and Radio Freedom!
Live Radio Show. Join us every Monday at 8:00 pm central at verylovesessions.comcheck our fan page at facebook VeryLoveSessions
Geek In Training
Podcast by Raza Ayoob
A conversational podcast hosted by Yasin Dusoruth & Syed Raza. We nerd out about stand-up comedy, movies, TV shows, animals, relationships, travel, life, MMA, and, anything else that interests us! We often have interesting and passionate guests as well! Come hang with us!
Los Broskies
In Los Broskies share our opinions in things like sports, relationships, trending topics, etc. Oh & we speak both English & Español para la raza bilingüe
Ghazal Zar
A heart touching Pashto & Urdu poetry show with all-time best music presenting by Raza Dotani, live on social media every Saturday night at 10 to 11 o'clock and and a 15 to 30 minutes podcast episode every Wednesday.
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The guys chat about the Raptors’ blockbuster Kawhi Leonard–DeMar DeRozan trade and how Masai can bribe Kawhi to stay. They also get into possibly writing a rap song, an impromptu stand-up set at a campsite, and mix race relationships.
The guys talk about Russel Peters accusing Trevor Noah of joke stealing, Syed’s recent frisbee accident, and a dog shipping agency in Peru. They also work out a strategy on how to fight a man twice their size and how to appear as if you’re great with kids. Yasin rants about a BBQ and Syed performs a spoken word piece about deforestation.…
Three Geeks go on a tangent.
The guys chat about a special needs puma in Russia, how to tell twins apart, and using 2 legged horses to help you learn how to ride a bike. Yasin presents his theory on how Judas cows got their name and Syed comes up with a way to bribe his wife to get a cool pet.
Yasin, fresh from his vacation in Mauritius, recounts the highlights of his trip. He describes what Eid is like on the island, spending an afternoon with a racing family, & fancy dining at a mind blowing restaurant on the ocean with a pet shark.
Yasin and Syed talk about finding the one, what not to do in Morocco, and if they crinkle their nose like Colbie Caillat. Syed tells the story of how he used Ding Dong Ditch as a deterrent and Yasin picks 2 animals he wish he could have as pets.
Eid Mubarak everyone!!! Yasin and Syed chat about the royal wedding, hand me down tiaras, and the crazy story of a cougar that hunted down 2 cyclists. The guys reminisce about their favorite classic video games and go through a fascinating list comparing modern animals to their GIANT extinct versions. They also talk a bit about Eid and Yasin re ...…
Crash & Flow regular Asad Moten sits with Yasin and Syed for another ridiculous and funny episode. This time they discuss how lab grown meat can provide a loophole for cannibals & why one of the guys listened to a police scanner with the hopes of witnessing a very specific crime. They also get into Jamaican ghosts, the Pusha T vs Drake beef, & ...…
Yasin and Syed try to avoid talking about food on this episode since they're both fasting. They fail. They also talk about the perils of prayer, the proper etiquette when burping, & frustrating group chats. Syed talks about how he accidentally ruined an uncle’s prayer & Yasin recalls his fondest Eid gift memory.…
Three Geeks talk about a comic book film and get drunker as we go.
The Crash & Flow nerd crew assemble on this episode to breakdown and review the latest Avengers movie - Infinity War! With the help of Marvel gurus Eric Vaz and Antoine Bridge, the guys go through the main events of the film, point out things that might've been missed, and share predictions for Avengers 4. Spoilers abound!…
Yasin and Syed chat about self-defence and what to do when a man eating fried chicken tries to grind on you. Yasin shares his experience floating in a sensory deprivation tank and Syed explains how a toque can be used to win in hot yoga.
Geeks in Training return to Pulse to discuss Avengers. Warning the following review contains spoiler points for the film and geeks being geeks.
E-sports host & analyst Alex Hope chats with Yasin & Syed about the Toronto e-sports community, the upcoming Canadian Smash Championships called “Get On My Level”, & arguably the best Halo player at the moment: Shotzzy. They also get into their ambivalent relationship with Halo and 343, Scuff controllers, & why E-sports hosts should hit the gym.…
Hamza Khan returns to Crash & Flow for another entertaining episode. The guys talk about the Raptors’ heartbreaking game 3 loss, Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj, & begrudgingly liking Tekashi 6ix9ine’s work. They also get into the Jason Bourne thought process and Hamza tells the thrilling story of a man that pulled out not one, but two phones in the th ...…
Yasin and Syed talk about the beef between Nicki Minaj and Peter Rosenberg, the path to recovery as a music snob, and possible cosplay ideas for this year’s FanExpo. Syed goes on a rant halfway through the podcast and Yasin explains the dessert Tetris theory.
Our in depth talk about the Video Games we are looking forward too
The guys chat about “I told you so” Dad moments, how to properly employ gut feelings to predict weather, and the crazy rampage of Conor McGregor. They also get into John Krasinski’s recent movie: A Quiet Place (Minor spoiler) and rant about the Canadian sin of removing winter tires too soon.
Avin Ram chats with Yasin and Syed about his vape hardware company: Haute710 and the new innovations in cannabinoid consumption for health benefits. Both Syed and Yasin share their experiences with Avin’s 99.7% pure CBD E-Juice and they tell a story a story about Charlotte’s web.
Dr. Isral Atal is the writer of this poem "Karkha" which a Pashto word meaning 'line'. In Pakistan & Afghanistan, when someone expresses his/her firmed resolution, he/she draw a line on the ground or maybe on something else like a paper, showing more seriousness to do the work he/she intended for. In this poem, the poet is telling his beloved a ...…
Rahmat Shah Saail is the poet of this poem "Armaan" which means Desire
The incredibly talented singer-songwriter Meleena sits down with Yasin and Syed to chat about the music scene in the GTA, her influences, & the importance of getting chicken wing orders right. They get into Tomb Raider, the upcoming Rock movie with flying wolves, and try to figure out what DJing means to Paris Hilton.…
Three geeks spend a day at a VR Arcade. This is where we swet and hurt for the love of geek
Three Geeks review the new tomb raider film. With Drinks
Yasin and Syed talk about stress eating due to exams, getting tempted by meth, and raising chickens in Canada. They get into the reasons why they will never skydive and figure out ways to arm deadly animals to increase their threat level. Near the end, they work on their movie pitch for the sequel to Armageddon.…
Yasin and Syed chat about the importance of learning accents, boring banquet hall weddings, & marrying to experience new cultures. They also talk about popular pro gamer Ninja breaking records playing Fortnite with Drake, the new innovations in snorkeling mask technology, and hypothetical conversations with angry brown uncles.…
Crash & Flow regular and Khabib super fan Zia Ali stops by the studio to chat about the upcoming UFC card. The guys go on to talk about the golden age of wresting, the current awesome state of the Raptors, and where LeBron will play next season.
Three lads who love all things Geek, get together to share our thoughts, while driinking
Yasin and Syed chat about the current state of the Raptors, finding someone to look at you the way Kyle Lowry looks at DeMar DeRozan, and the surprisingly entertaining Baywatch movie. Syed tells the story of the time he accidently witnessed a gang initiation at school and the ridiculous vehicles rich kids drove to his school.…
Crash & Flow's Marvel Specialists Eric Vaz & Antoine Bridge breakdown the Black Panther movie with Yasin and Syed. They go on to discuss their high hopes for the Venom movie as well as the other upcoming Marvel projects for 2018.
The talented and always entertaining Salma Hindy returns to the Crash & Flow Podcast! She chats with Yasin and Syed about lessons learned as a stand up comedian, grading audience laughter, and bombing on stage while performing for the Illuminati.
The well-travelled and laidback Waqas Yousafzai chats with Yasin and Syed about his 11 month stint in Mongolia, hanging out with fox hunting eagles, and the various ways to travel. Waqas goes on to tell the story of the time he was kidnapped in Syria and his subsequent rescue in the most nonchalant way imaginable.…
Crash & Flow regular Asad Moten returns to infect this episode with his lovable silliness. The guys talk about simplifying food (with the use of canons), bringing back tear away clothes, and how to apply an assembly line process to your daily showers. This is a podcast with answers to questions you've never asked.…
Award-winning songwriter, musician, and psychonaut Tam chats with Yasin and Syed about his journeys around the world with his guitar as well as his internal journeys with psychedelics.
Yasin and Syed become better friends after learning that they both had a Sega Dreamcast as their first console growing up. They became even better friends when Soul Calibur and Crazy Taxi came up. The guys also talked about their favorite "bad" movies, the comedic OG of YouTube Natalie Tran, and first paying jobs.…
NLP practitioner and hypnotist Mohammed Sheikh returns to the Crash & Flow Podcast to chat about (halal-lol) hypnotism, the unconscious mind,and he also sheds some light on his recent sessions with Yasin. They get into how NLP has helped Yasin work through an odd stress response/anxiety regarding video games and Syed explains how certain NLP te ...…
Yasin, fresh off the plane from his vacation in beautiful Punta Cana, shares the highlights of his trip. They talk food, dune buggies, hookah diving, snorkeling, and resort related weight gain.
Yasin and Syed talk about the true story of Khabib Nurmagomedov fighting bears as a child and the mauling that took place in the octagon last week at UFC 219. Somehow the conversation gets to a point where Yasin explains his well thought out anxiety about sitting in the same row as Putin at an event.…
Yasin and Syed get into the dramatic story of a bitter feud between two brothers. The struggle of a younger brother determined to prove himself, win the admiration of his parents and tell them what TIME it is... This will make sense when you hear the episode... They also get into their favorite TV shows of 2017.…
Broskie talks • Broskie talks • Broskie talks • Broskie talks • Broskie talks • Broskie talks • Broskie talks • Broskie talks • Broskie talks • Broskie talks • Broskie talks • Broskie talks
Lolskies • Lolskies • Lolskies • Lolskies • Lolskies
They guys chat about what level of anxiety will cause them to stress eat, Tom Hardy's upcoming movie Venom, and why they're still super angry at M. Night Shyamalan. Yasin talks about his recent bout of food poisoning and Syed preps for his first dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant.
Co-directors of Matchbox, Dr Bano Murtuja and Faiza Khan chat with Yasin and Syed about their personalized matchmaking company and why offline dating is a better alternative to some of the services currently available. They explain how it works, the various services they provide, and what you get if you decide to go with the $10,000 package. Ch ...…
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