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Real Estate Coaching Radio
Join award-winning real estate coaches Tim & Julie Harris every weekday for industry news, coaching advice, and interviews with real estate leaders.
Epic Real Estate Investing
Everybody NEEDS Real Estate. Anyone Can Do It. Not Everybody Will. Will You? In the spirit of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad and Gary Keller’s Millionaire Real Estate Investor, and as an alternate to the Dave Ramsey, Jim Cramer, Motley Fool and Suze Orman shows… Matt Theriault, real estate investor, entrepreneur and host of the EPIC Real Estate Investing podcast will show you how to create wealth through conventional and creative real estate investing while improving your financial educ ...
Passive Real Estate Investing
Take the guesswork out of real estate investing. Learn how BUSY PEOPLE like you can build substantial passive income while creating wealth for the long-term. Gain expert knowledge and advice on real estate investing as Marco Santarelli (of Norada Real Estate Investments) shares his strategies and valuable insights with a special emphasis on Turnkey (done-for-you) real estate investments. Discover proven strategies for making money with real estate in ANY market and how to avoid common and co ...
Real Estate UNCUT - Real estate coaching.
Real Estate UNCUT is a free daily update for agents, packed with advice on new marketing trends and general tips on building a better and stronger business. Each weekday, Real Estate UNCUT features advice from Australia and New Zealand’s leading trainers, mentors and agents. Delivered FREE to your desktop, iPod or mobile device through iTunes.
Real Estate Today Radio Presented by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®We're the radio show about all-things real estate with award-winning broadcaster Stephen Gasque. It's everything you need to know about your home, from buying and selling to improving its value even the current state of the market.Listen, Join, and Share in the American Dream!
Real Estate Investing
When it comes to real estate, Grant Cardone has the magic touch. He’s been investing in real estate for years and has bought and sold over $428-million in assets. He currently operates almost 4000 units in Florida, Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina.
Real Estate Radio Hour
Presented By Preferred Home Team
Real Life Real Estate Investing
Real Life Real Estate Investing with Vena Jones Cox
Real Estate Radio LIVE
Real Estate Radio LIVE is a podcast covering the world of Anything and Everything Real Estate™ hosted by Joe Cucchiara. With current market experience and honest, insightful perspectives - the guidance they bring to the air waves is an un-matched consumer & professional resource. Real Estate Radio LIVE was founded and launched in 2011 by Joe Cucchiara, a Bay Area mortgage planner who has guided thousands of Silicon Valley residents (and beyond!) through the home financing process. As an avid ...
Turnkey Real Estate Investing
"You don't have a money problem. You have an idea problem." Many people want to get involved in real estate investing but don't have the time, others don't know how, while others flat out don't want to do the work necessary to succeed in real estate. Many of these people are choosing turnkey real estate (done-for-you) investments as their solution. Some are experiencing great success with this option, and others are... not so much. This show, and its host Matt Theriault of, ...
Real Estate Roundtable
A Place Where Real Estate Agents go to Increase Their Business
I Love Real Estate
From a farm in Central Queensland to downtown Bangkok, to Canberra University and a career as an accountant and economist; to being one of Australia’s most successful property investors, and leading real estate strategist and educator specialising in tax, asset protection and international investment, it’s no wonder Dymphna Boholt is known by many professional and personal contacts as Dymphna the Dynamo!
Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast
Real Estate Investing - Money Making Content, Minus The Hype! On the Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast, Joe McCall & Alex Joungblood will share with you the real world secrets on how to make a full-time income through investing in real estate - with a special emphasis on fast cash strategies like Wholesaling and Lease Options. You will learn how to escape the 9-5 through hearing the stories of other successful investors, and discovering strategies that both Joe and Alex have implemented ...
BiggerPockets Podcast : Real Estate Investing and Wealth Building to Help You Get Bigger Pockets
Imagine you are friends with hundreds of real estate investors and entrepreneurs. Now imagine you can grab a beer with each of them and casually chat about failures, successes, motivations, and lessons learned. That’s what The BiggerPockets Podcast delivers.Co-hosted by BiggerPockets’ founder & CEO Joshua Dorkin and active real estate investor Brandon Turner, this podcast provides actionable advice from investors and other real estate professionals every week. The show won’t tell you how to ...
The Commercial Real Estate Show
America’s Commercial Real Estate Show™ is the nations leading video and podcast show on commercial real estate related topics. Host Michal Bull, economists, analysts, and market leaders share valuable intel, forecasts and success strategies. If you invest, advise, develop, own, or rent commercial property, land or apartments, subscribe now because this show is for you.
Financial Independence Podcast - Early Retirement | Investing | Real Estate | Entrepreneurship
Join the Mad Fientist as he interviews personal-finance icons to discover the strategies and tactics they used to achieve financial independence and retire early!
Investing in Real Estate with Clayton Morris | Financial Freedom Through Real Estate
Are you frustrated because you want to quit your 9-5 job and build passive income but you don’t know HOW to do it? This award winning podcast teaches you how. No gimmicks, no fluff. Hosted by Morris Invest Founder Clayton Morris, this podcast publishes three times a week and has a laser focus on buy and hold rental properties in order to create passive income. Inc Magazine named this podcast one of the best business podcasts in 2017. Clayton retired from his 9-5 job at 40 years old and teach ...
The Real Estate Guys Radio Show - Real Estate Investing Education for Effective Action
Fun and informative, this real estate investment talk show has been broadcasting on conventional radio since 1997. Hosted by professional investor Robert Helms and financial strategist Russell Gray, the show delivers no-hype real estate investing education and expert perspectives in a fast-paced, entertaining style. Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki says The Real Estate Guys are wild and crazy, but they really know what they are talking about. The Guys talk real estate investment stra ...
Real Estate Sales Trainer and Coach DAILY
A daily edition podcast about selling more real estate.Written and produced by an active 21+ year, top producing agent, James Festini
Strategic Real Estate Coach Radio
Strategic Real Estate Coach Radio is dedicated to giving real estate investors and agents the best, most up-to-date resources, training, tools, techniques, videos, news, interviews and insider information on today's best real estate investing strategies.
The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast | Make Money in Real Estate Wholesaling or Flipping Houses
Real Estate Investing Unleashed: Quit Your Day Job in 19 Weeks or Less... and Live the Lifestyle of Your Dreams by Discovering How YOU Can Make a FORTUNE Flipping Properties in Your Spare Time with NO Cash or Credit Required Even if Your Just Getting Started Today! Discover Real Estate Investing Tips & Techniques from an Aggressive Full Time Real Estate Investor. Get a Unique Prospective from a Real Estate Mogul that Has Bought and Sold over $120 Million in Real Estate in the Last Several Ye ...
InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast
The InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast is hosted by Mark Ferguson, a successful real estate agent and investor. Mark owns 16 rentals, flips 10 to 15 homes a year, and runs a real estate sales team of ten. Mark also created, a real estate blog that gives advice and chronicles his investing. On the podcast Mark interviews successful investors, successful agents, and many other people who are in the real estate business. Mark also does solo shows where he goes in-depth on his ...
Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio
Atlanta Real Estate News
Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever with Joe Fairless
Are you ready for the best real estate investing advice ever? Then you've come to the right place! This is the world's longest running daily real estate investing podcast. Join Joe Fairless as he talks to successful real estate professionals and they give you their best advice ever with none of the fluff.
Shows – Real Estate Talk
Your Trusted Voice For Property Investing. Anywhere, Anytime.
Learn Real Estate Investing | Lifestyles Unlimited
Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.
Real Estate Investing For Real Estate Investors
Learn to invest in real estate and make wise real estate investments with, a real estate investing website for real estate investors by real estate investors.
The Real Estate Strategy Lab Podcast
Jeff Coga from The Real Estate Strategy Lab reveals all of his online and offline strategies to generate seller and buyer leads, income sources and marketing tips and tricks so you can be ahead of the curve with your real estate business. Discover how you can create multiple passive streams of seller and buyer leads so that you can have the time and freedom to focus on serving your clients, investing, and do what you love. Although Jeff confesses he is not a billionaire (yet), he's been supp ...
The Science of Flipping | Become a real estate investor | Real Estate Investing like Robert Kiyosaki
Real Estate Investing: Full time Real Estate Investor Justin Colby shares the systems to create the business and lifestyle you always dreamed about as a real estate investor. Flip homes while on vacation, flip homes while sitting on your couch. YOU will discover the systems and techniques to use in your real estate investing business. YOU will also hear from a diverse group of very successful real estate investors from across the country. The Science of Flipping podcast will help you become ...
Real Estate Investing | Investing in Real Estate for CashFlow Income Properties & Flipping Houses for Profit
Freedom Real Estate Investing Podcast. Flipping Houses, Wholesaling, and Cash-flow Real Estate
Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman
Survive and thrive in today's economy! With over 400 episodes produced, business and investment guru Jason Hartman interviews top-tier guests, bestselling authors and financial experts including; Steve Forbes (Freedom Manifesto), Tomas Sowell (Housing Boom and Bust), Noam Chomsky (Manufacturing Consent), Jenny Craig (Health & Fitness CEO), Jim Cramer (Mad Money), Harvey Mackay (Swim With The Sharks & Get Your Foot in the Door), Todd Akin (Former US Congressman), William D. Cohan ( The Price ...
Real Estate Career Mentor Podcast : Real Estate Sales Training | Marketing | Lead Generation
Marty Green from the Real Estate Career Mentor Blog shares all his valuable Sales and Marketing tips and tricks as well as valuable lead generating ideas. Find out how to increase your Real Estate Business without re-inventing the wheel. Listen as Marty interviews some of the Top Real Estate Agents who share how they are able to achieve huge results in their business. Find out some of the best Lead Generation Techniques that will help take your Real Estate Career to the next level. If you ar ...
Invest Florida - A Real Estate Podcast
Actionable real estate investing ideas each and every week. This is a podcast for every real estate investor looking for cash flow opportunities - the difference is, we offer a Florida twist.
The Lifetime Cash Flow Through Real Estate Investing Podcast
The Lifetime Cash Flow Through Real Estate Investing Podcast grants you access to expert real estate investors, syndicators, lenders, property managers and advisors. These experts share their stories, tips and advice on how they successfully built their businesses, and their fortunes, through multi-family real estate investing. Host Rod Khleif is a seasoned and passionate real estate investor who has personally owned and managed over 2000 apartments and homes. Rod has combined his passion fo ...
Just Start Real Estate with Mike Simmons
New shows 5 Days a week! Mondays are an interview with a successful real estate investor. I get to the bottom of their business to discover the secret to how they became successful. Tuesday through Friday is filled with small actionable advice and tips that you can use in your business to immediately help you further your success in real estate.
Home | Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Podcast
Get inspired from the people who are running business world by attending their interviews. Visit Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Podcast.
Real Estate News | Real Estate Investing | Stock Market Investing | Passive Income | Flipping | 1031 Exchange | Private Lending | Cash Flow
Don’t get caught off guard by market crashes that can take all your money down with them. And don’t miss out on markets where you can build wealth practically overnight. Real Estate News for Investors with Kathy Fettke is the premiere source for savvy real estate investors who want the edge. Stay up-to-date on new laws, regulations, and economic events that affect real estate. Topics include: market trends, economic analysis that affects housing prices, updates on the best rental markets for ...
The Real Estate Rich and Famous Podcast
Looking for NO Hype, NO BS informative cutting edge real estate strategies that work in TODAY'S market? Look no further, hosted by Real Estate Entrepreneur Expert Antonio Edwards, The Real Estate Rich and Famous Podcast Talk Show will inform you with the lastest, raw and uncut real estate investment techniques that work in any market. You will get the best hard core content on no money down and no credit real estate strategies weather you are brand new to real estate or a seasoned pro! Gain ...
Commercial Real Estate Online - Broker & Agent Training
This is your regular podcast channel for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Online. Sales, Leasing, and Property Management Coaching Podcast by John Highman, Commercial Real Estate Broadcaster, Author, Speaker. Learn the skills of commercial real estate sales, leasing, property management. Also learn about Office, Retail, and Industrial property around the World.
Real Estate License Roadmap with Chris Angell
Learn how to launch a successful real estate career inside your strengths. Work less, make more and live your best life through proven strategies that not only increase your real estate agent salary but leaves you loving your real estate career. Real Estate License Roadmap teaches you how to get a quick start in real estate and build a brand that fits who you are instead of asking you to be something you’re not. Whether you want to become a real estate agent, are already in real estate schoo ...
No Limits Real Estate Investing Podcast
Live Without Limits Through The Power of Real Estate Investing
Escaping The Real Estate Investing Newbie Zone - Make Money In Real Estate Like Rich Dad's Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump
Escaping The Real Estate Investing Newbie Zone – Make Money In Real Estate Like Rich Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump
Real Estate Feature on WBBM Newsradio
Advice and tips on real estate for homeowners and homebuyers.
Real Estate Investing For Cash Flow Hosted by Kevin Bupp. The #1 Commercial Real Estate Investing Teaching You How To Create Wealth By Investing in Mulitfamily Apartments, Commercial Real Estate, and Mobile Home Parks
There are a lot of real estate podcasts out there, most of which focusing on the residential fix and flips or wholesaling, but Kevin Bupp believes there’s a smarter way to build wealth. On the Real Estate Investing For Cashflow podcast, you’ll learn firsthand how the most successful commercial real estate investors in the world have learned to leverage their multifamily and commercial properties to create a steady stream of passive income. We’ll spend time with industry experts who will teac ...
The Real Estate Power Hour Podcast: Real Estate Investing  Lifestyle Design  Cash Flow Creator
Learn how to quit your J.O.B. in 30 days or less, Retire RICH, and start LIVING the lifestyle that most only dream about by making money in Real Estate Investing. Seasoned investor Mark Evans DM,DN, with over 15 years of experience in the business, is about to give YOU a real life approach to what’s working in today’s market. You’ll learn how to Unleash a flood of buyers into your pipeline which will trigger explosive profits quickly, and the best part is that you can get started with zero c ...
Selling!! #1 Real Estate Agent Marketing, Leads, Coaching, Advice, Training, Tom Ferry, Brian Buffini, Gary Vaynerchuck, Grant Cardone, Mike Ferry, Richard Branson, Tim Ferris, Gary Keller, The millionaire real estate agent
The #1 podcast for agents. We talk with Real Estate Agents who sell more than 50Million dollars a year in volume and find out how they do it. We uncover their stories, secrets and tips & tricks.
Real Estate Radio Washington
Learn the truth about the real estate market in Metro Washington D.C. from the absolute top real estate professional from all around town. Hosted by nationally recognized mortgage expert Jim McQuaig.
Real Estate and Money Show
The Real Estate and Money Show with Antionette Gangi and Marc Demetriou is heard live every Thursday at 10am in the NY NJ metro area on WVNJ 1160 on your am dial. The Real Estate and Money Show is a life stlye show about home and money. Antoinette and Marc give real life examples of how to navigate the sometimes rough waters of home sales, home selection, real estate as an investment and mortgage and finance.
Real Estate Realities With Robert "The RebelBroker" Whitelaw
Robert 'The Rebelbroker' Whitelaw is a real estate broker and Realtor® in Morgan Hill, California with over 25 years experience! His show discusses some of the best ways to achieve your real estate goals and build wealth for buyers, sellers, investors, entrepreneurs or just real estate watchers - from an insiders perspective. Over the years, Robert has been lucky enough to work with successful entrepreneurs from all walks of life and industries. Get a chance to hear what he has learned from ...
Virtual Real Estate Investor with Vincent Polisi
Virtual Real Estate Investor with Vincent Polisi is a podcast created for both new and seasoned real estate investors looking to break the mold of conventional real estate investing. If you're an entrepreneur looking for inspiration and guidance to immediately increase income and cash flow and eliminate competition and hassle or if you're looking to leave your slave job behind permanently, Vincent Polisi delivers exactly what you need every single week with step by step instructions and imme ...
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Adding Value After the Sale, Tax-Deferred - January 20, 2018
Your Real Estate Life Your Day in Real Estate RadioMichael A. Harris - HostPhone: (888) LIFE-980(888) 543-3980 Fax: 800-778-0663This Show will allow you a place to plan Your Real Estate Life. Whether you are starting, continuing or expanding your wealth, Your Real Estate Life is the place for you! Your Real Estate Life's TEAM of industry profes ...…
Eye On Real Estate
Eye On Real Estate
Good day everyone I was blast, as you probably know, to have been able to teach a lot of different courses for the Los Angeles police department. This is one such course when I came to Firearms where we saw a lot of people trying to do things their own way. So we would have to show them a better way. And that applies to the searching for Santa ...…
AUTHOR. (Photo: ) Twitter: @BatchelorShow The lava tubes of the Polar Moon are prime real estate for colonies. Bob Zimmerman "...The floor of the crater as a lot of rilles, and a close look at that crater floor reveals to me a lot of possible sky ligh ...…
This week, we receive two special guests; Kipola Wakilongo & Florence Laisne! Kipola is a real estate agent in the Montreal area & Florence lives to travel! Tune in as we interview the guests on their careers, life experiences, life fears and much more!Listen and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes! ...…
This call focuses on expanding our collective due diligence capabilities by examining major differences between closed end fund structures. We examine different types of closed end funds and take a closer look at the assets inside the structure.
Colorado Resorts Real Estate Podcast with Kevin and Amy Smits
How will tax changes impact the real estate market? Here are a few things we’re keeping an eye on. Buying a home? Click here to perform a full home search Selling a home? Click here for a FREE Home Price Evaluation Call me at (970) 418-0183 for a FREE home buying or selling consultation A lot of you have been asking me lately about the tax refo ...…
Elizabeth is Senior Managing Director for the real estate crowdfunding company RealityMogul. They match active real estate investors with passive investors who are looking for opportunities. RealityMogul has grown having raised significant venture capital, and they now have 85 employees. Everything they do is done online through their website b ...…
How to be a Female Entrepreneur Are you thinking about being your own boss? Are you thinking about owning your own business? It’s a new year and we all have new goals and aspirations we want to achieve. The topic this week, on Straight From The Gut, was how to be a female entrepreneur in today’s society. I am an only child raised by my mother a ...…
Gary Pinkerton kicks off the episode discussing the relationship between real estate investors and their tenants. He points out the importance of making sure both sides of the deal are winning, and expectations are set from the beginning. This is true whether you’re with a property management company or you’re self-managing. Then, Jason Hartman ...…
Whenever I force myself to do something, it forces me to learn. Today on the Morning Grind, we are discussing becoming the best version of you. My version will not be the same as your version. I was not always on a mission to improve my life. I don’t believe that success in one area of your life justifies failure in another. I am trying to impr ...…
In this episode Andrew la Fleur shares his 6 keys for real estate investing success in 2018. How can you maximize your chances of success and profits in 2018? What should you focus on, and what should you ignore? Whether you are a brand new investor or a seasoned investor with dozens of units, you will not want to miss what Andrew has to say. C ...…
The Fandom Podcast
Episode 150: To Celebrate 150 Episodes we turned our format on its head for an episode and reached out to you for Questions about anything you wanted, and boy did you deliver! In this Giant Sized Episode you get a nearly uncut experience of what its like to hang out with the three of us. There wasn’t a single #Outakes moment, it was all left in ...…
Healthy Ways to Cope with Break Ups Tonight, on Straight from the Gut, my girlfriend (Brittany Rene’) and I discussed the 5 ways to help you get through a tough break up. Straight from the Gut is a live show that I do every Thursday night on Facebook. The show’s concept is about me talking to my younger self. I have overcome life struggles and ...…
Episode 449: 01-18-18 FlexWheels Drives into the Future Vince Iafano is Director of Business Development for FlexWheels in Miami, FL. FlexWheels matches your daily lifestyle with your car. An alternative to owning or leasing. Subscribe instead. Drive SUVs for family trips, fun sports cars for date nights, and luxury sedans for the daily commute ...…
Some Highlights: Atlas Van Lines recently released the results of their annual Migration Patterns Survey in which they tracked their customer’s movement from state-to-state over the course of 2017. Idaho held on to the top spot of ‘high inbound’ states for the 2nd year in a row followed by Washington. The ‘outbound’ states seem to draw a line s ...…
The Key To Getting Results In Real Estate Every Day by Colton Lindsay
The Biggest Challenge You Face In Real Estate Today by Colton Lindsay
Moneeka Sawyer is a “joy coach” and creator of the Blissful Real Estate Investor Formula. She puts on the ‘Advice WINGS’ to show how making money and building wealth is a joyous experience. Author of “Choose Bliss: The Power and Practice of Joy and Contentment,” she talks about how to defeat money blocks. More at Review ...…
Published on 12 Jan 2018. Joe and Theo tell us a couple surprising and proven ways to find an off market apartment deal. You might be surprised how easy it is for you to add these techniques to what you are already doing in your real estate business. We’ll get a couple of quick updates on their businesses and how they can apply to us. If you en ...…
Thursday, January 18th, 2018 - Evan goes through a pretty interesting piece of real estate as part of Prime Real Estate.
Ocean Grove Property News - 3 Minute 'Real Estate News Vignettes'
Hugh and Wes sit down for a ‘fireside chat’ as they look back on the highs and lows of what was an incredible year for the Ocean Grove, Leopold, and the Greater Bellarine Peninsula markets.In this episode-of-reflection, the boy's deep dive into the factors behind what made the 2017 real estate market what it was and, the reasons behind them.If ...…
Don’t let the weather distract you from being a productive boyfriend/girlfriend/partner. Step out of your comfort zone and do what your partner wants to do. If the excuse is bigger than the distraction, than you didn’t want to really do it in the fist place. When you are fully committed to something you do not allow any distraction stop you. Me ...…
This morning..... Claire had some tradies visit her house to do some work and she doesn't know what to do with herself when they are there......Lucky for us ONE of those tradies that visited called us. Olga from Griffith Can Assist was in the studio to launch CIRCLE OF GOLD and a very special donation and challenge from Maxine from Bowman's Rea ...…
Overcoming challenging times.. I am struggling with the decision that I made because I see things that I want in my life that are bigger than this challenge. There is fear behind this feeling. 1. Most of your life goes as planned. We become so spoiled to the way things go that we don’t know how to react when things go unplanned. 2. You need to ...…
Whitney Skala, Founder & Principal Real Estate Attorney, Skala APC joins Bob to discuss how he has practiced law since 1983. Mr. Skala is admitted to the California and federal (Southern District of California) bars. Based on a survey of the San Diego legal community, Martindale-Hubbell (a nationwide attorney directory) has awarded Mr. Skala it ...…
The snow is killing my motivation. Usually, I want to ignore what my feelings are and fight through this. But I am tired today and ready to not do a thing. It’s ok to admit that I don’t want to work. But guess what, I’ve got to suck it up and fight through it. Right now I need to talk to myself and focus on clarity and focus on bouncing back fr ...…
Are you dreading walking into your job? Are you sick to your stomach every morning? Do you ever try to hide so that coworkers or your manager won’t see you? #GTT Are you in the market to buy or sell a home? Everything we do, we believe in challenging status quo-We believe in thinking differently. We combine our bold marketing movement with our ...…
San Francisco Real Estate Podcast with Matt Morgus
I discuss the pros and cons of working with more than 1 real estate agent when flipping a home. Build a team, the best team of real estate professionals possible. This should include 1 real estate agent/team, escrow officer, title rep, and mortgage broker. Communicate with your team. Learn to discuss your wants and needs from the team by commun ...…
Cherry Chan is a CPA who specializes in working specifically with real estate investors. In this episode Cherry gives her opinion on whether it’s better to buy in your personal name or company name. Click here for show notes. Andrew la Fleur / Sales Representative 416-371-2333 / http://www.twitter ...…
You are only one event away from changing your life. What does this mean? It could be as simple as reading a book, listening to a podcast, or meeting someone that could change your life. For instance, my life changed the moment I heard Coach Micheal Burt interview Grant Cardone. Grant Cardone said three profound things that changed my life. 1. ...…
Do you shut your day down when it snows? Do you use a snow day as an excuse to stop being productive? Snow days are great days to focus on your self improvement. You can still enjoy the time with your family, but take 30 minutes to an hour to focus on your self improvement. Read a book, watch inspirational youtube videos, organize your desk, pr ...…
The majority of real estate agents are in survival mode. How can they get out of that mindset and take advantage of the good condition of the market? Should you be spending more money on expanding, or putting money away for the market correction? On this episode, we are joined by agent, coach and founder of Real Estate B School, Lars Hedenborg ...…
“Whenever things happen to us in our life, the outcomes always takes us back to our emotional house.” Tony Robbins This past weekend I was listening to the Tony Robbins podcast and it had me thinking. That no matter what happens to you, you always come back to comfort, which is your emotional house. How often are you aware of your emotional hou ...…
This is an edited version of a cover profile interview conducted by Real Assets Adviser editor Mike Consol with Richard Todd, co-founder and CEO of Innovest Portfolio Solutions. Todd’s cover profile appears in the February 2018 edition of Real Assets Adviser.
The building at 15 N. Church Ave. in Fayetteville, which is home to Specialized Real Estate Group and Modus Studio , received a LEED Platinum certification this week. Platinum is the highest Leader in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) designation that is awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council . The building was designed by Modus Studio ...…
Burl East, Chief Executive Officer, American Assets Capital Advisers, and sub-advisor to Altegris, sat down with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss their long/short real estate funds. The Altegris/AACA Opportunistic Real Estate Fund (RAAAX, RAAIX, RAANX) is a strategic, hedge-style approach to real estate with all the characte ...…
Most agents struggle to build a referral-based business. How can you connect with people in a way that makes them want to refer you? How can you provide quality one-on-one individualized service to your clients? On this episode, realtor and broker owner, Maria Fabiano shares the strategies and practices that keep her successful. When people sen ...…
Every month, CoreLogic releases its Home Price InsightsReport. In that report, they forecast where they believe residential real estate prices will be in twelve months. Below is a map, broken down by state, reflecting how home values are forecasted to change by the end of 2018 using data from the most recent report. As we can see, CoreLogic pro ...…
Seattle Investors Club Podcast: The Nuts & Bolts of Real Estate Investing
One of the best ways to establish a presence in the real estate industry is to start and run a real estate club. In this podcast we talk about how we started our real estate club, and how it has molded our business into what it is today.
Fy'Nesse and Benzel got Tay Moore in the building! Author of Moore Memoirs and Even Moore Memoirs So are we "BOYCOTTING H&M OR WHAT?" 45 WIFING BITCHES FROM SHITHOLE COUNTRIES If I found out Stedman got raped, OPRAH RAPED #METOO To be a guest on the show contact us at If you are looking to promote your business let us ...…
Today's episode is counting cars and rental property marketing. Measuring traffic goes way beyond counting cars anymore, of course. There's been a paradigm shift.
In 2017, the Jeff Cook Cares Program was able to do some amazing things that I want to share with you today. I also want to tell you about our plans for 2018.In 2017, we were able to donate $100,000 back to the community thanks to your support of our real estate company. 1% of our revenue is donated; we call it the 1% For Good. This 1% goes dir ...…
Loaded with Real Estate Questions and answers...What's happening to Real Estate? Buyer or Seller? Love Real Estate? Stay up to date on Louisville, KY Real Estate. You can listen to our latest Radio Show here! Be sure to listen to our Louisville Real Estate Show on 840 WHAS Sunday morning from 8:30-9:00 am! Have a question for our team of expert ...…
What is the number one question Realtors are asked? "How's the market?" If you're like a lot of the Realtors Mark has connected with, you may not be optimizing this opportunity to convert a curious bystander into a potential client. In this episode Mark shares his best response for the ever popular question, "How's the market?" For inquiries, p ...…
"The Great White Shark" Greg Norman has transcended his sports stardom as a Hall of Fame golfer to become one of the world's most succesful entrepreneurs and philanthropists. His aggressive approach to golf has translated to immense branding success as The Greg Norman Company has achieved global recognition in industries from apparel to real es ...…
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