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The title 'Anthem' is derived as an anthem to sense of self and self-governing thoughts. Anthem is a story of Equality 7-2521 who is a young man living in some unspecified future time and place. In this future era freedom and individual rights have been eradicated. The starring character of the novel is an inquisitive street cleaner. He lives in a society where people have lost their knowledge of individualism, to the extreme that people do not know words like 'I' or 'mine'. All the people l ...
Beatitudes Radio
Progressive Christianity in today's world. A mix of thought provoking interviews, insightful questions and the deeper meaning behind sacred texts.
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Listen to Mark Shields and David Brooks analyze the political news of the week. Posted each Friday by 9 p.m., the Shields and Brooks podcast includes the full audio of every on-air segment. Is this not what you're looking for? Don't miss our other podcasts for our full shows, individual segments, Politics Monday, Brief but Spectacular, and more. Find them in iTunes or in your favorite podcasting app.
What is Addiction
What is addiction...really Become a supporter of this podcast:
Each week on the Life.Church podcast, you’ll hear teaching from senior pastor Craig Groeschel or a Life.Church pastor. Get practical, relevant, biblical perspectives on topics that matter to you. Visit us at or download the Life.Church app.
Joshua J Sheats, MSFS, CLU, ChFC, CASL, CAP, RHU, REBC is a financial planner who teaches people how to live a rich life now while building a plan for financial freedom in 10 years or less. He mixes creative approaches to lifestyle design, deep-dive financial planning techniques, and hard-core business strategy to equip you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to build financial independence.
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Over 1,000 content rich episodes, business and investing guru,with guests including Jim Cramer, Dave Ramsey, Harry Dent, & Suze Orman.
Teach Better Talk
Featuring expert educators ready to share progressive tactics to reach more students. Teach Better Talk is created by teachers, and fueled by passion! Every week, Rae Hughart and Jeff Gargas, of the Teach Better Team and, chat with educators from all around the world, discussing failures, successes, exciting new tactics, and dishing out loads of tips, tricks, and advice for educators of all levels. Become a supporter of this podcast:
German Translation of Friday Sermon delivered by Khalifatul Masih
Arabic Translation of Friday Sermon delivered by Khalifatul Masih
Assorted stories from NPR
Ask A Black Woman
This is where you Ask A Black Woman anything but... You betta be ready for a real answer!
Mad Hat Economics
A podcast discussing different behavioral anomalies related to economics, marketing, psychology, public policy, consumer preference and food science. Hosted by Cornell University graduate students.
Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio™ believes in giving voice to those afflicted with the memory loss and their care partners while empowering them to live purpose filled lives. Our goal is to raise awareness, give hope, and share the real everyday life of living with dementia. We look forward to you joining us for great conversation, learning, and laughter as we maneuver this roller coaster called memory loss.About our Host – Lori La Bey:Memory loss has been part of Lori’s life for over 30 years, ever ...
This book features a series of short stories collected by renowned ethnologist Henry R. Schoolcraft. The stories are adapted from old Native American legends with the aim to protect their authenticity from future contamination. Schoolcraft made it his duty to learn the Native American folklore, after living among them in the Great Lakes region and experiencing their culture firsthand. The allegorical collection include tales of adventure, whilst offering exciting explanations for natural phe ...
Stephen Wolfram is the creator of Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha and the Wolfram Language; the author of A New Kind of Science; and the founder and CEO of Wolfram Research. Over the course of nearly four decades, he has been a pioneer in the development and application of computational thinking—and has been responsible for many discoveries, inventions and innovations in science, technology and business.On his podcast, Stephen discusses topics ranging from the history of science to the future of ...
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A shy and dowdy country girl, Berenice feels socially inept beside her vivacious and sophisticated cousin, Marjorie. But Marjorie decides to groom her and when Berenice turns out better than she expected, Marjorie is delighted, till Berenice catches the eye of one of Marjorie's own faithful admirers. Will Berenice remain the timid and diffident country girl, or will her newfound success give her courage? Lois, a young girl engaged to be married, suddenly becomes unsure about the relationship ...
Project Milwaukee
For years, the Milwaukee metro area has had a reputation as one of the most segregated in the United States. How did this complex problem come about, and why does it endure? How does it contribute to persistent poverty? Are there ways to break through the boundaries? WUWM seeks answers to those questions in our Project Milwaukee: Segregation Matters series. Help shape this series. What questions do you have about segregation? Submit your responses below. _
Helping each other understand.
Chris Baca and Jared Truby are professional Baristas and are here to introduce the world to Specialty Coffee! From placing in the finals of the United States Barista Championship multiple times, winning regional competitions, to leading training and education for some of the most progressive coffee companies around - these two have learned a ton about coffee and want to share it with you. Tune in for weekly interviews, tutorials, and general mayhem from the brothers from different mothers: T ...
Seeing the world beyond news headlines: politicians, journalists and researchers share their insights onstage at the TED conference, TEDx events and partner events around the world. You can also download these and many other videos free on, with an interactive English transcript and subtitles in up to 80 languages. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.
Are you searching for stories to ignite your curiosity, teach you to perform better in life and career, inspire your mind, and make you laugh along the way? In this science podcast, Dr. Marie McNeely introduces you to the brilliant researchers behind the latest discoveries in science. Join us as they share their greatest failures, most staggering successes, candid career advice, and what drives them forward in life and science.
Join us each month as we engage in philosophical discussions about the most common-place topics with host Jack Russell Weinstein, professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at the University of North Dakota. He is the director of The Institute for Philosophy in Public Life.
That's Truth
That's Truth is a podcast where real-world, Caribbean issues are discussed and answered from a Biblical perspective.
Join Alltime Conspiracies for videos about the most fascinating conspiracy theories. Delving into both sides of the argument, we aim to get to the bottom of some of the most interesting mysteries and historical cases the world has ever seen. You can support our Patreon campaign and gain some sweet rewards here:! And be sure to SUBSCRIBE! Like the videos we make? Get in touch: alltimeconsp ...
Welcome to the CAPE Lead podcast, where amazing things happen. This podcast was created by US Air Force Chief Master Sergeant Timothy “Chachi” Pachasa, and was created to discuss emerging leadership concepts, and hopefully open up the thought process for how we interoperate with our people and our teams. CAPE Lead focuses on teaching leaders how to succeed through solid understandings of Caring, Alignment, Perspectives, and Expectations.
WA Real
Each week Founder and Host, Bryn Edwards, sits down with fascinating people who either live, or are visiting, Western Australia to have a real and authentic conversation.These aren’t your standard feel good interviews that’s served up on mainstream media, each week Bryn goes deep into the human journey behind the story, going to the heart of where people came from to achieve what they achieved and what makes them tick.It’s a space where guests openly and honestly share their highs and lows, ...
Aurelius Ambrosius was a fourth century cleric who rose to become the Archbishop of Milan in 374 AD. His father was a powerful Roman general and the prefect of Gaul. His brother and sister were also consecrated as saints by the Catholic Church. As an infant, a swarm of bees settled over his face and flew away without harming the baby, but left behind a drop of honey and this was seen as a sign of his future eloquence and bees are often painted in his portraits as his symbols. Ambrosius (or A ...
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Gymnast Mindset
- Win in Gymnastics & Life -We are a gymnastics specific, mindset training program designed to help gymnasts succeed in and out of the gym. This is not therapy. This is not motivational speaking. This is mindset training – strength training for your mind.This podcast will introduce you to concepts that we discuss in-depth and personalize throughout the Gymnast Mindset program.You can find more info and resources at our site:
Don't have time for a full news hour? Listen to the PBS NewsHour, segment by segment. Our full coverage of politics, science, arts, health, national and international news is included in this feed in easy-to-digest 5 to 10 minute segments. Segments are published each night by 9 p.m. Is this not what you're looking for? Don't miss our other podcasts for our full show, Shields and Brooks, Politics Monday, Brief but Spectacular, and more. Find them in iTunes or in your favorite podcasting app.
Hey!! I’m Eka, a visually impaired girl from Indonesia. This podcast is spoken in English. But just in case you wanna listen to my another podcast spoken in Bahasa Indonesia, just find me Nongkrong Cantik”. Generally we talk about the life of the blinds such as accessibility, addaptive technology, love, family, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and stuff. But we also discuss news, diary of today, role models, disability corner, crazy stuff, talking Indonesia and stuff. So come join m ...
Relax quickly and fall asleep faster with ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) Experience a variety of soothing sensations (tingles, calmness, sleepiness) due to a combination of gentle stimuni (whispering, soft talking, light touches, methodical sounds).
Messages from Oakdale Church
Infants on Thrones
The Philosophies of Men, Mingled with Humor
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The Cold-Case Christianity Podcast is hosted by J. Warner Wallace. J. Warner is a Dateline featured cold-case homicide detective, Senior Fellow at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, adjunct professor of apologetics at Biola University and a faculty member at Summit Ministries. The Cold-Case Christianity podcast explores the evidence for God's existence, the reliability of the Bible and the truth of the Christian worldview. Please visit our website at
Just like Jesse Custer is fulfilling a promise to his dad, we’ll fulfill a promise to you to deliver the most in-depth insights and discussion on each episode of the series based on the popular 1990s comic book franchise. On the PREACHER AFTER SHOW you’ll also get the latest news and gossip, comic book tie ins and interviews with cast and crew so join us and don’t be left out.
Trash to Cash. A podcast about making a living on eBay.
Long before Christiane Amanpour, Frances Fitzgerald and Martha Gellhorn blazed a trail in courageous investigative journalism, a pioneering and intrepid writer and journalist whose pen name was Nellie Bly opened up a whole new field in what had previously been a strictly male domain. Ten Days in a Madhouse was published as a series of articles in the New York World during 1887. Nellie Bly was given the assignment by her editor to have herself committed to an insane asylum in New York with a ...
The expedition was given the grand title of The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Due to be launched in 1914, two ships were to be employed. The first, the lead vessel, fittingly named the Endurance was to transport the team to the Weddell Sea from where the great explorer Ernest Shackleton and five others would cross the icy wastes of Antarctica on foot. The second ship, the Aurora was to approach the continent from the other side and put down supplies at various points to help the explo ...
Follow the audio shiurim, lectures and speeches of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, global religious leader, philosopher, author of over 30 books and moral voice for our time. Among other activity, Rabbi Sacks is currently the Ingeborg and Ira Rennert Global Distinguished Professor of Judaic Thought at New York University, the Kressel and Ephrat Family University Professor of Jewish Thought at Yeshiva University, and Professor of Law, Ethics and the Bible at King’s College London. Rabbi Sacks serv ...
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This podcast presents news stories, political commentary and theoretical concepts from a left libertarian/anarchistperspective. I will promise my listeners that, while I will offer commentary from my perspective, when dealing with news stories, I will do my best to be factually accurate.
Super Normal
Super Normal takes people from all areas of society and shares their stories. As a young journalist trying to make her way in the media industry, Sam Sedlack has worked in media environments where exploitation and obligatory diversity occurred. In this new podcast, she hopes to get back to her roots of creating media with a purpose and a clear message: we are all human. Super Normal releases new episodes on Monday's. Produced and hosted by Sam Sedlack, theme music by Mike Tedesco. Super Norm ...
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In our news wrap Monday, activists staged scattered demonstrations outside the White House and from coast to coast to protest President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency. Meanwhile, Trump blasted former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for saying in an interview with “60 Minutes” that the president's firing of FBI Director James Come ...…
J. Cole and Dreamville used the NBA All-Star weekend as a chance to celebrate its crew, with a brunch, pop-up shop, and show.By Tara Mahadevan.
J. Cole and Dreamville used the NBA All-Star weekend as a chance to celebrate its crew, with a brunch, pop-up shop, and show.By Tara Mahadevan.
NPR’s Tamara Keith and Amy Walter from the Cook Political Report join Judy Woodruff to discuss the week’s political news, including public reaction to President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency over immigration, how Democrats eager to dive into the 2020 presidential contest are courting voters in strategic states and what a Republica ...…
T’Challa, the powerful warrior known as Black Panther and King of the Wakonda, had a moral dilemma. His nation had the resources and technology to make the world a better place. Should he keep their resources to themselves or share them with others? We too live in a world engaged in the tension between isolation and altruism. Jesus transformed ...…
Former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni announced her retirement from politics on Monday. Livni also served as Israel's chief peace negotiator.
A new book tells how the blinding of a black Army veteran after World War II by a South Carolina police chief helped lead to the desegregation of the U.S. Army.
Meek Mill responds to Michael Rapaport's critique of his NBA All-Star Game performance.By Gavin Evans.
On Monday, Feb. 18, it was announced that pro-wrestling super group D-Generation X (DX) would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.By FNR ZAY.
Tim Tebow is proof that everyone has haters, but when asked about these naysayers he delivered a perfect response.By FNR ZAY.
The Diddy figure at Madame Tussauds New York lost its head after a vandal pushed it over.By Gavin Evans.
The GOAT app is holding the #GOATDIY sneaker customization contest for a chance to win $1,000 in store credit. Check out the full details here.By Mike DeStefano.
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with clinical psychologist Lisa Damour about her new book, Under Pressure: Confronting the Epidemic of Stress and Anxiety in Girls.
At Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, the Army is testing new boots for boot camp. Responding to increases in injuries, the Army wants different models of boots with more focus on performance and comfort.
In every scenario, it would benefit both parties if AD doesn't play any more games as it would protect his trade value.By FNR ZAY.
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with former U.K. National Security Adviser Peter Ricketts about the case for abandoning Brexit.
Last week, Billy Ray Cyrus shared a photo of his wife posing with a bunch of large plastic sacks filled with marijuana.By Tara Mahadevan.
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Telegraph political correspondent Anna Mikhailova about the seven members of Britain's Parliament who quit the Labour Party over Brexit and other issues.
Workers in Sweden have the right to take six-months unpaid leave if they want to start their own business. It's one of the reasons why Sweden is a leading country for startups.
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with former Deputy CIA Director John McLaughlin about Andrew McCabe's comments that President Trump chooses to believe U.S. adversaries over his intelligence agencies.
The Nike SB 'Orange Label' collection will be exclusively available at local skateshops. Check out full release details here.By Mike DeStefano.
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with economist Kenneth Rogoff about what would happen if the U.S. were to get rid of a lot of its paper currency, particularly larger bills, as he advocates.
In California, Oakland teachers are planning to walk off the job Thursday. The district wants to pay teachers more but finds itself in a budget crisis.
Colombia's submission to the Oscars this year addresses the beginnings of the drug trade in rural Columbia — and how it shattered the traditions and families of the indigenous Wayúu people.
Tensions between nuclear-armed neighbors India and Pakistan have skyrocketed after a suicide car bombing in disputed Kashmir. Tensions are also high inside India, as some mourners call for revenge.
There are many things driving tens of thousands of Venezuelans to the streets. But a small part of this is what the economic and political crisis is doing to a basic food item — arepas.
President Trump will make the U.S. case for new leadership in Venezuela in a speech in Miami on Monday. The situation in Venezuela is an issue of growing political importance in Florida.
A decade ago, Ondara was just a kid from Nairobi obsessed with American rock music. Now, his debut album examines the American dream from a newcomer's perspective.
Colombia's submission to the Oscars this year addresses the beginnings of the drug trade in rural Columbia — and how it shattered the traditions and families of the indigenous Wayúu people.
We're proud to have rolled out our Equity Program! Meaning Cat & Cloud has 4 new part-owners from our bad to the bone team, so find out how and why. We'll also share how to better your odds at hearing back from busy people, and why we think drawing from existing ideas can be the bomb dot com.The only coffee subscription you need: ...…
On Monday, HBO released the trailer for the seventh and final season of 'Veep.'By Gavin Evans.
Today, we continue the Asset Protection series with an in-depth look at health and education accounts. Specifically, we cover: Health Savings Accounts / Medical Savings Accounts Flexible Spending Accounts Health Reimbursement Arrangements Qualified Tuition Programs (529 Plans) Coverdell Educational Savings Accounts UTMA / UGMA accounts…
Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 825, originally published in May 2017. Jason welcomes Pat Donohoe back to the show. Pat is the President and CEO of Paradigm Life and host of the Wealth Standard podcast. Together, Jason and Pat analyze a Wall Street Journal article which addresses lower mortgage rates and how the lower rates may aff ...…
Sincere Tatum, 18, is one of a handful of black students at Brookfield Central High School. The school is 70 percent white, 4 percent black. “It took a while for me to adjust,” Tatum said. “Most of the time I’m the only African-American kid in my class.”By (emily.files).
Dr. Talithia Williams is an Associate Professor of Mathematics and Associate Dean for Research and Experiential Learning at Harvey Mudd College. In addition, Talithia is Host of the PBS Series NOVA Wonders and author of the book Power in Numbers: The Rebel Women of Mathematics. Talithia is a mathematician who does disease modeling. She has been ...…
Jason Hartman starts today's episode by answering more of the mortgage FAQs that were started in episode 1083 that were spawned from the recent Profits in Paradise event. He looks at his idea of Refi Til Ya Die and what it takes to finance your first 10 properties. He also unveils the Ring Doorbell/Amazon Echo contest winner(s)! Then Jason fini ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Hackberry House of Chosun is now available on with the following details: Title: Spurgeon: PERSECUTION CONSEQUENT ON THE PROMISE Subtitle: Spurgeon sermons Speaker: C. H. Spurgeon Broadcaster: Hackberry House of Chosun Event: Teaching Date: 2/18/2019 Bible: Galatians 4:28-29 Length: 12 min. Overview: Those ...…
Alex Oris is a Technology Integration Specialist at Cuyahoga Falls City Schools in Ohio. He chats with us about using technology in schools, adjusting the way we think about our approach to PD and teaching, and how things changed when he decided to give up control and give students more ownership. Alex shares his experiences from 11 years in th ...…
We wrote our manifesto back in 2013 when we started this podcast. We were pondering the other day if it was still valid. We break it down to see if it’s still relevant to our selling strategies for now int ...…
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