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Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye bring you along for the ride as they discuss a wide array of topics including sports, travel, music, food and more. Cavs sideline reporter, Allie Clifton joins the veteran pair to keep them on track along the way.
Ghost stories, folktales, myths and legends from the dark backroads of the American South, told by the region's best storytellers. Original short stories and classic campfire tales. Website:
Exploring the Paranormal, Occult, Lost History, Alternative Science, and much more every week.
The Tolkien Road
A long walk through Middle-earth! Join co-hosts John & Greta as they go chapter-by-chapter through The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, The Hobbit and all of Tolkien's other works.
Reggie Grey is living on the road, exploring personal growth by interviewing folks living similar lifestyles. Everyone has a story. Everyone has a lesson to teach. Everyone can do something out of the box.
BrotoGP is a podcast dedicated to all things motorcycle road racing made for the motorcycle road racing community, bringing you race coverage, news, and paddock chatter. We primarily talk about MotoGP, but we'll occasionally discuss WorldSBK and MotoAmerica as well.
1001 Stories for The Road has an eclectic mix of stories that entertain and inform. Enjoy!
One Road
The One Road series offers a unique and fresh perspective on financial markets and investment opportunities in Asia. Join host Peter Pham, hedge-fund manager and author of "The Big Trade", as he talks to a multitude of capital market experts, authors and thought leaders to gain insight and offer investors advice as to how to profit from the hidden investment opportunities across Asia.
Road Work
America's top two podcast personalities are finally coming together in one podcasting event that will change the way you think about podcasting forever! Like a rock skipping over the placid waters of an alpine lake, Dan and John are all too well aware that this burst of kinetic energy will ultimately deposit them, like all human effort, at rest in the icy depths where no light can penetrate. Until then, they mean to thrill to the chase! To soak up the remaining light and banish thoughts of t ...
Join Adam McKola, BOAT, Margs & Skribz on the United Road Podcast - the place to be for all the latest Man United themed debate! Subscribe here and on iTunes!
Murder Road Trip
Come along for the ride...
Road Trippin': NBA
Road Trippin': NBA is the natural evolution of its predecessor - "Road Trippin': Richard Jefferson vs. Channing Frye." Stars from around the NBA take you on the road as they discuss everything going on in their world and the world as a whole. Come along for the ride.
The finest Blues, Rock, Soul and anything else that takes my fancy. Sit back, put your feet up and join me for the ride of your life and lots of fun on the way.
God's Mission, Our Vision
Women on the Road
Life on the road from the feminine perspective. In partnership with She Explores, Laura Hughes will bring you closer to some of the honest experiences that life on the road has to offer from the perspective of women who've lived it firsthand, all while learning the ropes herself in a Ford Transit Van. Find out what life is like when the road becomes your home.
Morocco Road
Chris discusses life as an American Fulbright grantee living in Morocco.
Motorcycle racing talk show, motorcycle road racing, motocross, supercross, GNCC, dirt track, enduro
Heritage Road
Daredevils. Moonshiners. Women. TV. All of them had a role in creating the phenomenon of NASCAR, a sport that is all-American in more ways than you think. Host Rich Phillips, voice of Texas Motor Speedway, takes you behind the scenes and under the hood as he traces the history of stock car racing from its moonshine-running roots, to its current position at the forefront of technical innovation.
A Long Road Home is a series of real-world stories about the people who work in the on-demand economy. If you’re anything like me, you probably use your phone on a daily basis to get help from people you’ve never met before through services like lyft, uber, instacart, and rinse. These types of businesses make it easy to get help while simultaneously increasing our interactions with strangers every day. My goal for this podcast is to tell some of the amazing stories of the people behind the a ...
The Road to Now
The Road to Now is a series of interviews and conversations that trace the historical roots of today’s events. Hosted by Bob Crawford of the Avett Brothers & Dr. Benjamin Sawyer of Middle Tennessee State University, this podcast brings pressing questions and exceptional guests to the table to explain how our shared and personal past has shaped the road that brought us to where we are now.
“The MMA Road Show” takes you behind the scenes of the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Why is it named the Road Show, you ask? John Morgan, MMAjunkie lead staff reporter, sits down weekly – on location from around the globe and various spots in his adopted hometown of Las Vegas – to discuss his travels covering the sport, giving you the behind-the-scenes stories that don’t always show up in the headlines. Producer “Cold Coffee” often sits in on the show, as Morgan also brings you intervie ...
The Tolkien Road
A long walk through Middle-earth! Join co-hosts John & Greta as they go chapter-by-chapter through The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, The Hobbit and all of Tolkien's other works.
The Radio Show for 4×4 Enthusiasts
KCRW’s Good Food host Evan Kleiman talks with Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer Jonathan Gold of The Los Angeles Times about places you may not have tried yet, but ought to. Get Jonathan Gold's weekly restaurant suggestion sent to your phone....
A Podcast dedicated to Supernatural
Roopville Road Baptist Church sermons
Discover the world with music. Join local experts for a sonic journey around the globe.
The Big Daddy Road Show talk show Podcast is an adult comedy oriented talk show that takes listeners anywhere and everywhere, The show is crazy out there at times! Brace yourselves! Helmets on! Goggles on kiddies – Tonight we ride! (inside jokes) The Road Show comedy podcast with Host (Character) Big Daddy, is simple minded, and not so simple minded with off the hip, podcasts with a super flair for a P.T. Barnum, vibe. Jibber jabber carnival barker type rock n roll chat. Covering major reali ...
A show that samples WNYC’s best podcasts, curated to fit all your travel needs.
Road To Ripped
They're back! Gregory O'Gallagher of Kinobody and Christopher Walker of Truth Nutra have returned with the all-new Road To Ripped.
Road Trip
A six-part audio fiction about a paranoid man travelling through the New Zealand countryside on the run from something dark and sinister.
Road to the Draft
Join's draft expert Cal Twomey and Nat Edwards for all the latest news and analysis on the road to the 2018 AFL Draft
Road Trip Radio
Road Trip Radio is a family friendly podcast celebrating all things Canada! Brought to you by the creative team behind CBC’s This is That, each episode playfully explores one of our country’s provinces and territories offering fun documentaries, cool interviews, adventure stories and comedy!
Ghost stories, folktales, myths and legends from the dark backroads of the American South, told by the region's best storytellers. Original short stories and classic campfire tales. Website:
Roads From Emmaus
Exploring the Intersection Between Place, Communion, and Revelation - Produced in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, this podcast features sermons and other talks about the exploration and engagement of Christian faith with the world. Jesus Christ both journeyed with His disciples on the road to the Biblical Emmaus and broke bread with them, thus revealing Himself as both our fellow traveler and the incarnate Word of God
They're back! Gregory O'Gallagher of Kinobody and Christopher Walker of Truth Nutra have returned with the all-new Road To Ripped.
Tolkien's Road
Tolkien's Road is a chapter-by-chapter walkthrough of the collected writings of acclaimed author J. R. R. Tolkien starting with THE HOBBIT, continuing with THE LORD OF THE RINGS and beyond. Each episode will tackle two chapters in sequential order as co-hosts Jim Seals & Jason Tondro attempt to unpack the deeper meanings and themes to be found therein.
The goal of Road To TED is to interview TED and TEDx speakers who are preparing for their upcoming talk. We will examine the process and techniques used to prepare for the most important talk of their life. This is THE podcast for any individual who wants to become a great speaker and maybe even speak at TED
Tobacco Road
During their college careers, Former North Carolina and Duke basketball standouts Tyler Hansbrough and Gerald Henderson Jr. shared a particularly tense moment in a 2007 matchup between their teams. Gerald was ejected from the game after a hard foul which resulted in a broken and bloody nose for Tyler, adding fuel to the fire that is the Duke/North Carolina rivalry. Nearly ten years after that incident, Gerald and Tyler are launching a podcast centered around all things basketball - analyzing ...
This podcast explores the enneagram, a newly revived yet ancient spiritual tool of personality discovery which helps you better understand yourself, others and God.
Road School Moms
Roadschool Moms is a weekly podcast ministry to connect, encourage and inspire women from wherever in the world they are. Join Mary Beth Goff and Holly Giles as they share parenting and homeschool information from their Christian perspective.Mary Beth shares her adventures from behind the wheel of an RV currently traveling fulltime in America’s backyard. A solo homeschooling mom of four, she pairs education with adventure for roadschool lessons created by the Road Trip Teacher.Holly shares e ...
The "hipster free" classic vinyl podcast you've been searching for. Two music obsessed friends meet up in studio known as Shabby Road to discuss 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, underground, proto punk,
No Simple Road
A weekly podcast discussing psychedelics, music culture, and living life in the Grateful Dead and Jam Band scene. Weekly episodes include interviews with musicians, artists, and interesting people, as well as commentary, stories, and adventures of our hosts!
King of the Road
Chelsea. London. Music. Life. All of that and more... this isn't your average football podcast. We will be talking about London, about restaurants, about football and about the angst and brilliance of everyday life. Eden Hazard's heat map will be strictly off limits but if you what was it like going wild in the upper tier of the Wanda Metropolitano after we scored a last minute winner this could be the podcast for you.
Between the shadows of thought and the light of reality lies a place long forgotten. One where hope is lost, a discovery of despair, and an appetite for unpredictable horror. It's not a place where you can lock the windows and doors, but place where you come face to face with the fears and nightmares of your mind. You are about to embark on a journey: A journey reaching deep into the splinter of your mind's eye. You are not in control... we will bend and twist all your perceived thoughts to ...
This is a podcast dedicated to finding free market solutions to society's problems. Join hosts Josh Taylor & Kevin McCreary as they seek peaceful alternatives to the "necessary evil" known as The State.
Road Warrior Animal and host Joe Roderick talk about the old days of professional wrestling and the current product you see week-to-week.
Discover the joy of the journey with the AMERICAN ROAD. AMERICAN ROAD with Thomas and Becky Repp, co-hosted by Foster Braun is a talk show that celebrates travel across the two-lane highways of North America. This unique broadcast is an extension of AMERICAN ROAD, an internationally distributed magazine, which celebrates the people and places along America's two-lane jewels.
Join Matt as he drives around and rants about whatever comes into his head.
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In this episode of RTN Theology, Bob talks to Fuller Theological Seminary Assistant Professor Kutter Callaway about his new book, Breaking the Marriage Idol: Reconstructing Our Cultural and Spiritual Norms (InterVarsity Press, 2018) and the need to change the existing perceptions of single life and marriage in the church.They also discuss theol ...…
We return to the Season 8 rewatch of Supernatural. Please be aware that we record these episodes a few weeks ahead so please make sure to send in your feedback as soon as you can just to make sure we read your feedback in time for recording. We will be putting up the feedback forms on our social media for the next episode we are recording. And ...…
The first of our High Sierra Music Festival interviews brings us backstage with Twiddle! We talk about how one stays healthy (or not) while you're touring constantly, how the right woman can change your world, making music with your best friends, and how they found their way out of the darkness and into the positive vibrations of music and ligh ...…
Ep. 172.5 – Boise: UFC Fight Night 133 wrap-up with featuring Junior Dos Santos, Sage Northcutt, Dennis Bermudez, Niko Price, Chad Mendes and Cat Zingano With UFC Boise in the books, John Morgan sits down with special guest to recap all the action, while bringing you post-fight comments from fighters.…
Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick tells us we use the word 'blessing' all the time in religious talk. But does it mean anything other than just good religious vibes? And what about 'blessing' God Himself?By (Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick and Ancient Faith Radio).
It's time to slow things down for Rob's Tech Tape. I only have 4 related questions this time, so we are going to go into much greater detail. All these questions are about riding skills, mostly for track use. There are many ways around a race track, but this is how I do it and importantly - why I do it and why I think it can work for everyone.…
Singer and multi-instrumentalist Inge Thomson takes us on a Road Trip to Shetland
There’s a common misconception that living on the road equates to having a healthy lifestyle. The reality is that it can be just as challenging to meet personal health and wellness goals while traveling-- with the added chaos of keeping a constant travel schedule. But for Jayme Serbell, moving into a camper and hitting the road opened her mind ...…
Seriah talks to a listener of the show, Natalie, about her strange experiences... Ending Music is Whirring World by Psyche Corporation DownloadBy (Seriah Azkath).
Ep. 172 – Boise: Chad Mendes, Darren Elkins, Blagoy Ivanov, Junior Dos Santos, and Alexander Volkanovski John Morgan is in Idaho for UFC Fight Night 133. Listen to interviews with former UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos and his opponent Blagoy Ivanov. John also caught up with Chad Mendes who is making his UFC return after 2 years away ...…
Howlin' Rain Frontman Ethan Miller hangs out with the No Simple Road Crew. We talk about the creative process, being aware of who is out there listening, the path that the Grateful Dead have blazed, and the beauty of a much maligned drug. We recorded this live at Mississippi Studios here in Portland and take you to the show with us after the in ...…
Grab your road trip snacks (key lime pie, and Gatorade), check your backseat, buckle your seatbelt, and come along for the ride as Haley and Jess travel to Tallahassee, Florida as they discuss the murder of Jerry Michael Williams. Please check out the MRT website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Music by Chaes Gray Music Logo by Angel Lust Art…
This week Ben recaps his adventure at the NWOL Rally
Listen as the guys discuss the latest happenings in the motocross world with: Chris Ulrich Ryan Sipes Rob McLendon Benny Bloss Sean Bice Open Segment All Tuesday Evening on Pit Pass Moto Cross Weekly 07-10-18 The post Chris Ulrich, Ryan Sipes, Rob McLendon,Benny Bloss, Sean Bice and open segment all Tuesday on Pitpass 07-10-18 appeared first on .…
Listen as the guys discuss the latest news, happenings and trends in the motocross world. The post Open Segment 07-10-18 appeared first on .
Sean is the former Press Officer for Yamaha’s American road racing efforts. Sean recently moved on from his long tenure with Yamaha to assume similar duties as MotoAmerica’s Press “Dude.” He is a big time Yamaha enthusiast with several vintage models in his collection and is motorcycle mad. The post Sean Bice 07-10-18 appeared first on .…
Bloss had had some stand-out rides this season with mostly top-ten finishes. At last weekend’s event in Red Bud he went scored a 3rd the first moto but ended up 23rd the second moto for 11th overall. He sits 7th in points. The series resumes July 21 at the Spring Creek National in Millville, MN. The post Benny Bloss, 450 Pro Motocross- Team RMA ...…
Rob (Robby-Bobby) McLendon has had his toe in many ponds over the years as a promoter; racer; mechanic and crew chief. He has raced at the professional level in road racing and flat track. His family owned dealership is Florida’s go-to destination for Triumph Ducati KTm Aprilia Vespa Piaggio and MV Agusta. The post Rob (Robby-Bobby) McLendon 07 ...…
Since leaving pro motocross to race offroad full-time Ryan has become one of the best, most respected off road racers in the country. Lately he’s been racing moto again and at the Red Bud National he went 16-13 for 16th overall. Last month he competed at the Tennessee National on a 125. The post Ryan Sipes, Pro Offroad/Pro Motocross 07-10-18 ap ...…
Chris Ulrich is the racing editor for Roadracing World and former professional superbike racer. Chris is now retired after nearly 20 years in the professional motorcycle racing ranks with AMA Pro and MotoAmerica. Nagging injuries and race team management responsibilities with Team Hammer and Suzuki formed the basis for his decision. He plans to ...…
Seriah is joined by Bernie Taylor who talks about his book, Before Orion, they get into the concept of the hero's quest, and just how ancient some of these tales are. They also discuss his thoughts on Atlantis, The Orion Correlation, Hamlet's Mill, and more... Outro Music is "Big Star" by Ghazm... Download…
Shabby music geeks return for an hour of ROCK AND ROLL VINYL related games, trivia, and discussion. British baroque pop rockers have a monkey knife fight on the ledo deck to survive the game of OVERBOARD. Three shock rock records are up for sale and AD has to put them in order according to value in a bloody version of PRICE HIKE. Your Shabby pa ...…
Last fall, our good friend and fellow podcaster Bruce Carlson invited Ben to join him for a conversation about Elvis Presley and his impact on American society. During the conversation, Bob told an epic story about his Elvis Presley t-shirt that has never been told on The Road to Now.....until now (and Ben thinks it's one of the best stories Bo ...…
Listen as the guys discuss what is happening in the moto cross world with: Cameron Beaubier, Kyle cunningham, Ben Kelley, Jared Mees, Kenny Coolbeth jr. and Chris Fillmore all Tuesday Night on Pit Pass Radio 07-03-18. The post Cameron Beaubier, Kyle cunningham, Ben Kelley, Jared Mees, Kenny Coolbeth jr., Chris Fillmore all Tuesday Night on Pit ...…
In 2018 the reigning Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Champion decided to mix things up a bit and race in the Middleweight category. Riding the 790 Duke, Fillmore raced to a record-breaking win in his class. His time in the Middleweight class was good enough to place him third overall in the event. Fillmore is a former Superbike racer and Su ...…
Coolbeth is running in 5th place overall in the American Flat Track Twins class. He has only scored points in seven events. He has four podium finishes so far in 2018, with one win at the Dixie Speedway event. He won the 2006 and 2007 AMA Grand National Twins Championships. The post Kenny Coolbeth jr. 07-03-18 appeared first on .…
His win at the Indian Motorcycle Lima Half Mile event was a sweet victory. In 2017, Mees failed to qualify for the Lima event due to multiple penalties for jumping the start. The Lima track is a demanding track – the event is promoted by Mees and is his hometown event. Over the past two years Mees has accumulated 18 wins. He currently leads the ...…
Kelley won the recent Tough Like RORR (TLR) off-road motorcycle racing event in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. A midpack starting position only lasted for about two miles, after that Kelley was able to take the lead and hold it until the finish. He raced for 3.5 hours in 100-degree weather and came away with his second TLR win and $5,000 in prize money ...…
Cunningham is currently in 11th place overall in the Lucas Oil Outdoor Motocross Series in the 450 class. At the recent Southwick race he mustered a 15th overall with his 39 – 13 moto finishes. At the prior round in Tennessee he finished 10th overall for the day with his 11 – 10 moto finishes. The post Kyle Cunningham 07-03-18 appeared first on .…
Beaubier is leading the MotoAmerica Superbike Series as they head into the Championship of Utah round July 20 thru the 22. He is in a roll winning the past four MotoAmercia Superbike races in a row. Most recently he won the Laguna Seca Superbike races. Beaubier won the 2015 and 2016 Superbike Championships and the 2013 AMA Daytona Superbike Cha ...…
Ep. 171.5 – Vegas: UFC 226 wrap-up with Simon Head, featuring Dana White, Daniel Cormier, Anthony Pettis, Derrick Lewis and Jeff Novitzky With the UFC 226 card in the books, John Morgan sits down with Simon Head to recap all the action, while bringing you post-fight comments from UFC President Dana White, new double champion Daniel Cormier and ...…
Welcome back to the Season 8 rewatch of Supernatural. Please be aware that we record these episodes a few weeks ahead so please make sure to send in your feedback as soon as you can just to make sure we read your feedback in time for recording. We will be putting up the feedback forms on our social media for the next episode we are recording. A ...…
Picture books have the ability to transform a homeschool into a place of imagination, wonder and character skills. We discuss all of this with Cheryl Bastian in Episode #182 of Roadschool Moms Radio. The replay is a live recording by the Roadschool Moms team from the back porch and behind the wheel. Holly Giles, the creator of The Giles Frontie ...… The post Talk 2 | Connect Without Arrogance | Connect Just Ask appeared first on Creek Road Presbyterian Church.By Tim Collard.
John and Dan discuss crimes, drugs, and motivations. Links for this episode: TOPGREENER Plug-In Digital Light Timer for Electrical Outlets, Heater, Lights, Lamps, Appliances | TGT02, 18 Programs, Grounded Outlet, Random and Daylight Savings, Indoor | 120V, 15A, 1800W - - Amazon.comBy John Roderick & Dan Benjamin.
In this episode we hear two new Flannel Man accounts. Jeff, who previously appeared on episode 34 returns to tell of his encounter with a flannel-wearing entity in his girlfriend’s house. Maria also tells her tale of two Flannel Man encounters. In her first encounter she was touched on the shoulder by the entity! Timothy also relates a story of ...…
This week's Road Trip takes us to Spain in the company of Max Moya, a percussion player formerly with the band Ojos de Brujo.
St. Paul's famous Love Chapter in 1 Cor. 13 follows on the closing verses of 1 Cor. 12, which are about the gifts God gives the Church in her people. So what is love? Where do we get it? And how does that express itself in these gifts? What about love in daily life?By (Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick and Ancient Faith Radio).
Nobody ever said that solo travel was easy. But someone like Laura Austin would probably say that it’s worth it. Laura uses solo travel as a way of refreshing her mind when things feel stale at home, but you’d be wrong if you think she looks at these trips as vacations. Flat tires, loneliness, and uncertainty are all a part of traveling alone, ...…
Ep. 171 – Vegas: Simon Head, featuring Dana White, Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz John Morgan and Simon Head are together in Las Vegas while Cold Coffee is burning the midnight oil. Morgan and Head preview the dual cards of International Fight Week, while bringing you some highlights from UFC President Dana White, as well as … Continue reading The M ...…
From their site; This week at the Kitchen Table, Seriah Azkath took a seat to talk about his experience as the creator and host of Where Did The Road Go. Where Did The Road Go is a weekly radio broadcast and podcast that deals with the paranormal, alternative history, ancient mysteries, alternative science, lost civilizations, the supernatural, ...…
What can you say about one of the best GP races ever? Do you tell people it was amazing and then move on? No - this is BrotoGP! You stir the pot, drop the syllabus, and talk about everything you can. Ya we cover the race - Jorge's start, Rossi slamming into Lorenzo, Dovizioso and Rossi tangling, Marquez nearly falling off, Rins and Vinales fina ...…
this week the guys sit down and talk on how to plan a trip
Grateful Dean Sottile joins us on The Porch this week for a little chat! We talk about his early years of getting on the bus with The Grateful Dead, his rise to Blog Stardom, his past in the darkness, meeting Oteil and Peter Shapiro, and a whole lot more! If you enjoy smiling and laughing from the belly.... well... this is your episode! Check o ...…
Adelaide list manager Justin Reid and recruiting manager Hamish Ogilvie stop by to chat all things Crows with Cal and Nat. Find out the latest on star Rory Sloane's contract situation, plus what will the Crows do with their bundle of draft picks?
Seriah is joined by Aaron Gulyas and Greg Bishop as they talk about Contactees and UFO Cults and Religions. Outro Music is "Rolling Blackouts" from Spazarre. DownloadBy (Seriah Azkath).
Which singer refused to sing at Axl Rose’s wedding? Which recording studio does AD love so much he would buy any album that was recorded there? Which rock star was able to see the girl in the Thompson Twins changing clothes out of the back of his trailer? Which concept album is a 1970’s version of celebrity wife swap? What has “Shabby David Cov ...…
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