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Sincere Sarcasm
The unpop culture podcast which explores a world that both confuses and annoys you.
Join Ray and Kate as they riff and drink their way through a random Netflix selection!
Flood of Sarcasm
A little bit of everything - from music to movies, news to sports. Plenty of vulgarity, usually some voices, and always entertaining. Search for Flood of Sarcasm on Facebook and like us!
Sar Casm
Ethan and Haley, two very sarcastic people, chat about things, some of the time in a sarcastic manner!
Double Sarcasm
The verbal adventures of Ben Szymanski and Anna Snedden, where they talk about everything that is important.
Hosted by Flawless & Tox they discuss battle rap, current affairs & whatever else they choose too, most of the time in a comical manner & always in a no holds barred fashion. The hosts do not hold back with their opinions & they are far from PC with their views, so if you are easily offended this podcast is not for you. The Sarcasm City Podcast is signed to a podcast network called The PodBros Network & is also sponsored by South Manny Flavaz.
Positive Sarcasm
Podcast Studio built for mobility and open ended conversation. Not politically correct...nor should it be.
Sarcasm Overdose
Welcome to the Heathy Sarcasm Podcast! We believe that truth hides within the sarcastic comments that we make. Every week, we investigate a sarcastic comments/questions in order to uncover something true and meaningful.
Just a little something to make your bathroom breaks more enjoyable!
Everything and anything. Tuesday is sports. Thursdays are anything that jumps to mind and/or irks me.
Welcome to the Music, art and sarcasm (MAAS) podcast, where amazing things happen.
Jordan and Sam are positively chuffed to be offering you these weekly, bite-sized installments of succulent absurdist sketch comedy. Have a listen, have a chuckle, but remember that 5th-century Greek painter Zeuxis literally died from laughter, so let's not get too carried away. Heavens!
Mark and Nic talk with guests about music, art, their record label and thrift store finds
The Lo Fi Show
Metal, sarcasm, life, death and comics.
It's like taking a cold shower in sarcasm.
The Absolute Peach
Since 2007, we've entertained people all over the world. With half a million downloads and a strong listener community, The Peach's unique brand of comedy has been featured in all kinds of places, including on British Airways in-flight entertainment.
Hosted by John Jacobson and Michelle Madison Twitter @YouSuckShow Sub and support on iTunes Feedburner here
It's like taking a cold shower in sarcasm.
Offering a blend of sarcasm, snarky commentary and genuine discussion, Devour the Podcast brings horror fans/critics David,Jaime and Bo together once a week to dissect, discuss, debate and spiral out of control into the wonderful world of tangents that often have nothing to do with the original topic being discussed. Are you looking for horror news? Well we've got it, as we tackle a slew of news topics every week, discussing, poking of and ranting about all the interesting stories we can fin ...
Metal Detector
Metal Detector - Ton of Metal. One True Metalhead. Zero BS. Netcast with everything a discriminating metalhead would ever want including news, music, trivia, guests and much more.
Elvis Duran Show members Skeery Jones and David Brody have been friends and part of radio's nationally syndicated Elvis Duran & the Morning Show for 20 years. They grew up in the same Brooklyn neighborhood but didn't know it at the time. Now these two idiots have plenty to say about WTF pops into their heads. You don't have to be from Brooklyn to enjoy their stupidity. #BBWTF #SkeeryAndBrody TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM @SkeeryJones @DavidBrody
When the moon comes out, Ben Maller emerges with the most compelling overnights in sports talk radio. One of the original sports bloggers, Maller brings his token sarcasm, informative insight and stimulating opinions to sports fans each evening, while taking calls from listeners nationwide.
Slapbox Podcast
Often Vulgar Always Explicit and Sometimes Funny
It's like taking a cold shower in sarcasm.
Tearing down the YA genre, one book at a time.
SnarkNotes is a classic "Keli-Alice mess around" where literary analysis meets pop culture references with a side of snark and a bottle of wine. Since the beginning of their friendship, Keli and Alice have found themselves off in the corner of every movie or wine night intensely discussing a random topic that no one else seems to care about. SnarkNotes was born when they decided to foist their literature and pop culture related ramblings onto the world. So please enjoy this monthly podcast w ...
VGR Radio
The official podcast for Videogame Recaps, Where Videogames and Sarcasm Meet.
You Know How The Saying Goes."When Life Gives You Lemons...Make A Really Funny Podcast"... Or Something Like That.Well That's Exactly What I've Done. Join Me, Miz Mic, If You Enjoy Listening To Sarcastic British Teenagers With Too Much Time On Their Hands. Twitter - @OfficialMizMic
Conus and Dibs
Conus and Dibs, brother and sister since the moment(s) they were born. It was separate moments, because they aren't twins. Sharing a love for food, creative libations, pop culture, and sarcastic humor, they set out on a quest to enjoy all of those things together--in audio format. They hope you'll listen and laugh. If not, that's fine too.
Hi. We're Ben & Rebecca. Childhood friends, connected by a twisted sense of humor and years of noting awful experiences. Take a journey with us as we remind ourselves that there are many things to hate in life, but at least we can all hate them together.
Philadelphia Eagles fans that meet and discuss the Eagles ups and downs as only Eagles fans can... with sarcasm, blunt talk, passion and humor.
He's quickly becoming the Lewis Black of Parkinson's Disease. In a series of hilarious essays, Bill Schmalfeldt (author of "No Doorway Wide Enough", also on Podiobooks) lashes out at Parkinson's Disease "and the other things that annoy me." Recorded at his kitchen table, you can hear life going on in the background as Bill talks about stupid studies that prove things that anyone with common sense should know ("Parkies who drool are embarrassed by it! It's SCIENCE!"), his own declining cognit ...
Brain Enema
Completely Unprofessional Brain Enema
Brain Enema
Completely Unprofessional Brain Enema
Capitalism is the engine of prosperity. Capitalism sows the seeds of its own demise. Could both be right? Economists Luigi Zingales (University of Chicago) and Kate Waldock (Georgetown) share the sort of irreverent banter you’d hear between economists at a bar, if economists were capable of sarcasm and social enough to go out to bars.
On The Record
The official podcast of Milwaukee Record. Music, culture, gentle sarcasm.
Tides is the story of Dr. Winifred Eurus, a xenobiologist trapped on an unfamiliar planet with hostile tidal forces. She must use her wits, sarcasm and intellectual curiosity to survive long enough to be rescued. But there might be more to life on this planet than she expected. . .
The Movie Hour
Join Greg and friends on "The Movie Hour" as they apply their bias to everything motion picture related. From classic films to upcoming blockbusters, fine film to utter crap, real actors to Ben Affleck, nothing escapes their sarcasm. New episodes each Thursday. Files are about 25MB each in mp3 form.
Wild Weekend!
Wild Weekend is an hour long extravaganza filled to the proverbial brim with comedy, characters, short stories, radio plays, rad music, and games. Think Best Show making out with Comedy Death Ray while drinking a forty out front of a rock club.
Keegan, Bill, and Matt bring you the latest in nerd-dom. Including tabletop gaming, Console Gaming, PC Gaming, and general idiocy.
Media Maverick Radio
We're back! Stay tuned!
F' All This Noise
Conversation, opinion and debate by two of the most curmudgeonly, egocentric and ill-informed gentlemen ever to cast a pod.
Fantasy Football information with just a touch of sarcasm plus other things in sports that make you think. Dave and Dan share their opinions on everything fantasy football, current sports events, gorgeous women and much more.
JD and Son
The non-family friendly family podcast.
Polar Bears with Daddy Issues is your LOST audio commentary podcast. Each week soon after the new episode of LOST we'll produce an audio file with semi-serious commentary that is meant to be played along with the episode a la RiffTrax or the commentary on your average DVD.
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Time to get into the sticky weeds of Caffeine, Coffee and Anxiety. This week is part 2 of the episode from two weeks ago with Kate Brock of Kate’s Whole Life where we talked all about anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder vs. chronic stress, and Kate’s personal struggle with anxiety. Be sure to listen to Episode 33 if you haven’t already! PS – ...…
Ben Maller talks about the contract stalemate between the Raiders & Khalil Mack and how it could lead to a trade, the fight between the Dodgers & Giants involving Yasiel Puig, bold claims from Kyle Kuzma, the NL Cy Young race, and more!
Big Ben talks Khalil Mack trade rumors, the "brawl" between the Dodgers and Giants, Maller to the Third Degree, Password: Word Game of the Stars, and more!
Nic and Mark sit down and talk about the pros and cons of smaller shows and larger concerts. The also discuss pizza grievances, inflation and the mystery behond the thrift fond of the week. music in this episode: Telegraph Hill- Follow Through Trampoline Jetstream- Rooftop Department- Systems ...…
The hosts discuss who they would pick for the Premier Battles All-Star game at the moment and give their reasons why.
Brian Noe fills in again for Ben Maller and discusses a comparison between Tiger Woods and LeBron James, a practice injury to Saquon Barkley, Carmelo Anthony's reputation and how he'll do with the Rockets, and more!
Brian Noe fills in for Ben Maller and discusses the latest in the Ohio State and Maryland controversies, Tiger's 2nd place finish at the PGA Championship, fans overreaction to the preseason, and more!
Hannah Gadsby's "Nanette" is a comedy special unlike any other. Part stand-up, part TED talk. All the emotions. Join Keli and Alice as they return to the pod fort to fan-girl over Hannah's heart, humor, and knowledge of art history.
Shelly Returns from Vegas, Seeing Stars Again, Muffin Man Gets Infected by Tea and Sign Me Up for Space ForceBy (Josh Albrecht).
Ben Maller recaps all the top storylines for Week 1 of the NFL preseason including the debut of Baker Mayfield, Cam Newton's choreographed confrontation of Kelvin Benjamin, Andrew Luck's return, the latest protesters, and more!
Big Ben talks about Baker Mayfield's NFL debut in Week 1 of the preseason, the showdown between Cam Newton & Kelvin Benjamin, and Big Ben's Lame Jokes of the Week!
Ben Maller discusses the latest NCAA college basketball policy, Nick Saban's response to Jalen Hurts, Jayson Werth calling out Scott Boras, Martavis Bryant not picking up the playbook, and more!
Big Ben discusses the new NCAA rules in basketball, Nick Saban's response to Jalen Hurts' comments, Maller to the Third Degree, #AskBen, and more!
#47: Skeery was a victim of extortion and had to contact the FBI; Brody got screwed out of his free movie points; Grammar Police; Unused Punchlines; Listener Email
Back in 2015, we decided to help informally kick off the Milwaukee Comedy Festival by asking eight comedians to take the stage at Bremen Cafe and gently (or, in some cases, straight-up viciously) make fun of the city they love in our inaugural Roast Of Milwaukee event. Following the wonderful response to those verbal punches thrown in the direc ...…
Kyndra Holley of Peace, Love, and Low Carb is a kickass cookbook author (of FIVE books – what?!) who learned how to heal and love her body and lose weight with a combination of a low carb and intuitive keto healing diet – combined with serious mindset work that she has been doing for years. We talk about how you have chronic stress, your body i ...…
Ben Maller discusses the latest drama involving Richie Incognito, an alleged accidental "like" on Twitter by Mike Fiers, Drew Brees wanting to play till 45 years old, an undercover QB, and more!
Big Ben discusses the attack from Richie Incognito on Mike Zimmer, an accidental "like" from Mike Fiers, Maller to the Third Degree, Password: Word Game of the Stars, and more!
In the season 1 finale, Dr. Eurus receives some bad news. Tides was written by Jesse Schuschu and directed by Jesse Schuschu and Ayla Taylor. It was produced by Ayla Taylor and edited by Bridge Geene. Art by Sarah Durst. Cast: Dr. Winifred Eurus - Julia Schifini Dr. Victor Stevens - Jordan Higgs Dr. Robert Montague - James Oliva Dr. Melissa Wan ...…
Mark and Nic sit down and recap their week and feature an interview with Holly Berlin, owner of Singer’s Karaoke Club in Syracuse, NY. They also talk about intelligent design, lobster prices and donuts of the week. Music in this episode: Doom Service- Miner Forty-niner Doom Service- Jurassic Bark Doom Service- Collider The Andrea Doria- No You ...…
The hosts provide a full recap of the MD4 card that took place on 4/8/18. They also provide analysis of the official score cards that were used to judge the battles and review the judging decisions on the cards.
Ben Maller recaps a ridiculous rally for Urban Meyer, Marquette King attacking a reporter, sensitive Yankees players, Cowboys training camp, and much more!
Big Ben talks about the Urban Meyer support rally, the off-field issues with punter Marquette King, Maller to the Third Degree, Maller's Mountain of Money, and more!
Ben Maller breaks down the Astros statement about acquiring Roberto Osuna, defends Trump's tweet about LeBron James, the trade of Corey Coleman to the Buffalo Bills, Jim Irsay's strange comments, and more!
Dave the Drummer and Francis aka The Other Guy, have no idea how to keep a promise or how to put out podcasts or any of that stuff. So here we are today, bringing you your bi-weekly...err monthly dose of Sincere Sarcasm. We'll talk comedy, Fortnite, working in a Cherry Picker, bad jokes, and so much more. Thanks for sticking around and taking a ...…
Big Ben discusses the Astros statement on Roberto Osuna joining the team, the President Trump attack on LeBron over Twitter, Maller to the Third Degree, Insta-Advice Line, and more!
Black Tip, Leave Tom Hanks Out of it, Weekend at Bernitos and Do Not Pound the MuffinBy (Josh Albrecht).
<>NFL News And Notes <>CFFL Keeper League Mock Draft <>Podcast Fan League Dynasty Mock Draft <>Top 10 Fantasy Wide Receivers and Tight Ends <>Fantasy Girl Of The Week (Brionna Wesson) Check out the website: Questions, Comments, Concerns? Email us at: Email Dan at:…
Ben Maller discusses comments from Jay Paterno regarding Urban Meyer, Colin Kaepernick getting censored from Madden '19, an injury for Antonio Brown, the new tackle rules, and more!
Big Ben talks about the latest in the Urban Meyer saga, the backlash against the newest Madden video game, Maller to the Third Degree, and Lame Jokes of the Week!
Tony needs drugs, so he’s proposing we start taking more hallucinogens. That leads back into oujia board talk from Tony. We propose starting a second podcast, called “The Godfathers of Productivity,” which will be hugely successful because it’s more fake than anything. Nhat questions tattoos and silicone implants for corpses. We play “Who’s Shi ...…
#46: Michael Rapaport joins in on the rants and the usual Brooklyn Boys stupidity; sports, drive thrus, smelly planes, cell phone etiquette, and the Real Housewives reality shows! #BrodyAndSkeery
Ben Maller discusses the allegations against Urban Meyer that could lose him his job, what Meyer could do next, the reports on Patrick Mahomes coming out of training camp, and much more!
Big Ben breaks down the allegations against Urban Meyer, the panic coming out of Kansas City over Patrick Mahomes, Maller to the Third Degree, #AskBen, and more!
The second in a special 3-part series on antitrust law. Kate and Luigi talk with Lina Khan, author of the article “Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox,” and a member of the New Brandeis Movement, which believes that antitrust enforcement should be more broadly applied and not just rely on consumer welfare.By (Chicago Booth Review).
We’re going deep today. I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my great friends, Kate Brock of Kate’s Whole Life (formerly Nutrition with Kate), today on her struggles with anxiety, the connection between anxiety and nutrition, and the many ways she’s learned to help manage her anxiety through food, therapy, journaling, and many other lesson ...…
Ben Maller discusses the now passed MLB trade deadline that left Bryce Harper with the Nationals and sent Brian Dozier to the Dodgers, an alleged fight between Draymond Green & Tristan Thompson, Michael Floyd, and more!
Big Ben breaks down the MLB trade deadline including Bryce Harper staying with the Nationals, Brian Dozier going to the Dodgers, and more! Also, Maller to the Third Degree and Password: Word Game of the Stars!
Nic is on vacation this week so Mark sits down with Alex Barnes, Brendan Hilyard and Brian Cool to play Nick Oliver Trivia. They also talk about Toto, Culture Club and crispy bread. Music in this episode: Telegraph Hill- Isomerism The Nudes- Hey Girl, You Got A Nice Body The Nudes- Trunk Full of Zima ...…
The hosts preview the upcoming Premier Battles event, MatchDay 004 & give their predictions for the card.
Ben Maller talks Richard Sherman vs. Jerry Jones, the Astros trade for Roberto Osuna, the Bryce Harper saga in D.C, the Kahlil Mack contract issue, and more!
Big Ben discusses the latest in the national anthem discussion involving Jerry Jones, the Roberto Osuna trade, Maller to the Third Degree, Maller's Mountain of Money, and more!
Originating long before the city had anything even resembling a sustainable comedy community, Milwaukee Comedy Festival has grown and evolved in kind with Milwaukee's humor scene. From August 1-5, the Milwaukee-curated undertaking will offer an eclectic blend of stand-up, improv, and sketch comedy in its 13th year. In addition to the festival i ...…
Ben Maller talks about the feedback surrounding Andrew Luck's practices, the contract dispute with Sam Darnold and the Jets, LeBron James' comments on joining the Lakers, new helmet rules, and more!
Big Ben discusses the idea that Andrew Luck is looking great, the Sam Darnold contract situation, Maller to the Third Degree, Insta-Advice Line, and more!
Patrick is in NYC drinking with fellow comedian and big-thinker James Hesky. We are clearly drunk and clearly drinking eleven percent alcohol IPA beer. Patrick has a lot of business ideas that probably are complete shit, but you’re going to hear about all of them. Patrick has a major problem with the new Jurassic Park movie. Patrick recounts hi ...…
Patrick is in NYC drinking with fellow comedian and big-thinker James Hesky. We are clearly drunk and clearly drinking eleven percent alcohol IPA beer. Patrick has a lot of business ideas that probably are complete shit, but you’re going to hear about all of them. Patrick has a major problem with the new Jurassic Park movie. Patrick recounts hi ...…
Patrick is in NYC drinking with fellow comedian and big-thinker James Hesky. We are clearly drunk and clearly drinking eleven percent alcohol IPA beer. Patrick has a lot of business ideas that probably are complete shit, but you’re going to hear about all of them. Patrick has a major problem with the new Jurassic Park movie. Patrick recounts hi ...…
Episode #128 of Devour the Podcast has arrived, and we have our eyes trained on the latest horror movie to be called a classic, Hereditary. Before we dive into that, we rank the best horror debuts from a listener-provided list of films and directors and we debate A Quiet Place as a top-tier horror film. Vanessa sees The First Purge, Jamie sees ...…
Ghostbusters Go, Lando Will Return, Connery Almost Gave Us Shanukes and Steel Reserve For a YearBy (Josh Albrecht).
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