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Las Vegas Money Resource with Travis Scribner of Westpac Wealth Partners.
RV Talk Radio
RV Travel and RV Living News Talk Radio. Our mission is to bring all forms of RV products and Services. We bring RV fun and RV Information to our listeners. Join us today and add your voice to the show!
Haughty by Nature
Karl, Gary and Branden discuss all things in life as Minnesota libertarians. About 20% politics and 80% everything else.
For people and families wanting to transition to a more holistic life, with less preservatives, chemicals and toxins in their life. From someone who was forced to explore this path due to health, hope you can benefit also.
The Standard Deviations podcast is a weekly production that looks at money, mind and meaning, all through a psychological lens. Each week, psychologist and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Daniel Crosby interviews a fascinating new guest, experts in everything from finance to literature to wellness. Each guest provides listeners with three concrete ways to apply what was learned that week, ensuring that weekly listening becomes part of a path to a richer life. Episodes are brief, resear ...
Interviews with Psychologists about their New Books
TiLT Parenting, from parenting activist, speaker, and author Debbie Reber, features transformational interviews and conversations with authors, parenting experts, educators, and other parents aimed at inspiring, informing, and supporting parents raising differently-wired kids (giftedness, ADHD, Asperger’s, 2e, learning differences, sensory processing issues, anxiety, and more). TiLT aims to help parents feel empowered and in choice in how they parent, have more peace in their daily lives, an ...
Blockchain Billions Podcast includes interviews about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency beyond the hype. For more, visit
Interviews with Scholars of the American West about their New Books
Mark Selzer and various guests on a quest for the funny and the genius in the world. Episodes released monthly.
with Carmen LaBerge
For older and missing episodes go to Iowa Music Showcase is just what the name says, a showcase for Iowa music.But it is a showcase for ALL of Iowa’s music, regardless of style, genre, decade, popularity, or location.For the purposes of this webiste and occasional podcast, I am defining Iowa music as music made by a band or artist that was based in Iowa at the time of the recording.Each week, the blog post will feature some source - like a website, ...
Our experts on subjects such as psychology, medicine, management and leadership, psychiatry and parenthood will bring their thoughtful and sometimes controversial opinions to the air. Be sure to listen!
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One of the enduring questions in American historiography is: just where exactly is the West? In The American West and the World: Transnational and Comparative Perspectives (Routledge, 2019), Dr. Janne Lahti argues compellingly that the West is a place on the globe, very much interconnected with worldwide currents of history. Lahti, an Academy o ...…
Dennis Sullivan of Christian Medical and Dental Association looks at the promise and concerns of esketomine, a new drug to treat severe depression. Then Jamie Aten of Wheaton College's Humanitarian Disaster Institute shares insights on dealing with trauma and helping others cultivate faith and resilience.…
Tommy Binion of the Heritage Foundation talks about the legal action by numerous states against the Trump Administration's national emergency declaration on the southern border. Robert Dickie of Bonvera looks at the numerous economic bubbles in our economy and how to prepare for the next downturn.
Susan Stout, former athletic coach and the founder of Own Beat Athlete, takes us inside her new resource aimed at helping sports' coaches better understand and support their differently wired athletes.For more info, visit:
Dr. Linda Mintle talks about narcissism, its root causes, and how to deal with one. Foreign affairs expert Dr. David Aikman looks at BREXIT and the increased tensions between the U.S. and Iran.
Dr. David Murray talks about developing healthy manhood through the Christian Man Academy. Ruth Kramer from Mission Network News discusses how the Church is struggling and helping in Syria and Haiti.
Along with movie reviews, Adam Holz of PluggedIn reflects on Letitia Wright's bold faith statement at a British awards show. Carmen wraps up the week looking at recent news headlines and what a Christian worldview says about them.
Craig Von Buseck shares the history of Harry Burleigh from his book Nobody Knows on why he resisted the cheapening of fellow African-Americans in his day. Pro-life advocate Kim Ketola of Cradle My Heart reviews the latest abortion news.
Peter Kapsner looks at the various ways love is described in the Bible. Matt Soerens of World Relief updates us on the situation at the southern border and how we should best love immigrants.
Ben Johnson of the Acton Institute looks at how we are to love our neighbors through the marketplace. Trauma therapist Diane Langberg talks about what we can do to help abuse victims.
After her recent New York Times op-ed, "Consider Firing Your Male Broker", Blair duQuesnay precipitated some soul-searching and started some great conversations about gender equality on Wall Street. This week, she joins Standard Deviations to give further insights into why she thinks the future of wealth management is female. Listen to learn: W ...…
Bill English of Bible and Business reflects on the leadership lessons from football. Valerie Elliot Shepard shares from her book, Devotedly, about the love between her missionary parents, Jim and Elisabeth Elliot.
Drew Griffin from Providence Magazine looks at the rise of antisemitism in the U.S. and around the world. Then, authors Ben Trueblood and Brian Mills talk about their book A Different College Experience.
Emotional Intelligence involves self awareness, self control, relationship management and social awareness. Being emotionally intelligent can make you a better leader, parent, friend and partner. In this episode, interview, cross-posted from the podcast Psychologists Off The Clock, Dr. Diana Hill interviews Dr. Goleman, a pioneer in the field o ...…
Today on RV Talk Radio, Rob talks about the benefits to home schooling in today society. Rob also spends some time talking living in a Park Model Home community for retirement.. You can also find “RV Talk Radio” on Itunes, Tunin, iHeart Radio, Spreaker, Spotify and Good Talk Radio. Thank your for joining us. Episode 116. Please feel free to sen ...…
Karen Swallow Prior of Liberty University looks at the scope of a recent report of abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention and the denomination's road forward. Then Eric Baxter of Becket Law discusses a recent victory for Christian students.
Tommy Binion of the Heritage Foundation updates us on a possible deal for border security. Pediatrician Rosemary Stein discusses the recent measles outbreak and how some want to treat autism with marijuana. Plus, autism and sleep patterns.
Physical therapist Lisa Morrone looks at heart health and how to improve yours. Foreign affair expert David Aikman discusses the latest on BREXIT and the upcoming US-North Korea summit.
Life Lessons: A Letter To My Daughter by Dr. Daniel Crosby
Journalist Brandon Showalter talks about the recent report of abuse in Southern Baptist Convention. Political Scientist Adam Carrington looks at recent political news out of Washington and Virginia with the recent turmoil over race and abortion.
The 10 Laws of Wealth - Dr. Daniel Crosby by Dr. Daniel Crosby
Dr. Sharon Saline, a therapist who specializes in working with ADHD kids and author of the book "What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew," shares her insights for helping ADHD kids thrive.For more info, visit:
Adam Holz of PluggedIn talks about the latest Lego movie and thinking through all of the entertainment choices families have. Then Scott McConnell of LifeWay Research shares recent findings about what young adults think about God and the Church.
Matt Hawkins, formerly with the ERLC, talks about the recent stay of some Louisiana abortion legislation and complexities of Washington. Todd Nettleton of Voice of the Martyrs talks about Asia Bibi and the church in Pakistan and China.
Peter Kapsner looks at recent Barna research on the views of millennials on the issue of evangelism. Julie Loos of Moms in Prayer International talks about the upcoming Collegiate National Day of Prayer.
Ben Johnson from the Acton Institute talks about recent threats to religious freedom in America. Wayne Pederson and Neil Stavem joined Carmen to celebrate the start of Faith Radio with the first station going on the air 70 years ago.
Some call it ESG, others SRI, while still others refer to as "impact" or "values-based investing." But whatever you call it, Sonya Dreizler can help you make sense of how you can wear your heart on your sleeve and still secure your financial future. In this episode we discuss: Whether or not divesting of public equities has the intended impactW ...…
Bill English of Bible and Business emphasizes the importance of Biblical truth in running a business. Then Dan DeWitt shares from his book Sunny Side Up and answers the question, "What does Jesus want from you?"
Carmen LaBerge reflects of the heroes highlighted by the President during the State of the Union address. Hunter Baker of Union University talks about Trump's statement that "America will never be a socialist country."
Today on RV Talk Radio, Rob future RV plans and things to think about if your feeding birds.. Rob also spends some time talking about what Arizona has to offer and tourism. You can also find “RV Talk Radio” on Itunes, Tunin, iHeart Radio, Spreaker, Spotify and Good Talk Radio. Thank your for joining us. Episode 115. Please feel free to send in ...…
Dr. Dennis Sullivan of the Christian Medical and Dental Association talks about a reasoned approach to vaccinations in light of recent measles outbreak. Jemar Tisby of The Witness talks about his book Color of Compromise.
Tommy Binion of the Heritage Foundation previews the 2019 State of the Union Address. Joann Pittman of ChinaSource talks about the state of the church in China today.
Increasing self-compassion and compassion for others, may just be the key to your well-being. In this this interview, cross-posted from the podcast Psychologists Off The Clock, Dr. Diana Hill interviews Dr. Christopher Germer, leader in the integration of mindfulness in therapy and co-developer of the international Mindful Self Compassion Progr ...…
Ramona Davis of the Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center talks about recent attacks on centers like hers, and their history of true compassion. Then David Aikman looks at the unrest in Venezuela and America's discontinuation of the INF treaty.
Raleigh Sadler of Let My People Go shares how the Church can help fight human trafficking from his book Vulnerable. Ruth Kramer of Mission Network News talks about attacks in the Phillippines and the threats Asia Bibi still faces.
Audio of a TEDx presentation given by Dr. Daniel Crosby
TiLT Founder Debbie Reber talks about the importance of having a self-care practice, and shares her best strategies for making self-care a regular part of daily life.For more info, visit:
With all of the negative stereotypes around Millennials and money, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. Luckily, Standard Deviations is joined by James Matthews, who is just the man for that job. Listen in to learn: Couples' five most common sources of disagreement about moneyWhy James and Daniel are not fans of budgetingHow a deeply f ...…
Author, coach, and mother Kayce Hughlett shares the story of how she handled, processed, and grew through her differently wired (ADHD) son's struggles with drugs when he was a teenager.For more info, visit:
Audio of my second TEDx talk, given in Huntsville, Alabama.
When the young Diné boy Hopi-Hopi ran away from the Santa Fe Indian Boarding School in the early years of the twentieth century, he carried with him no paper map to guide his way home. Rather, he used knowledge of the region, of the stars, and of the Southwest’s ecology instilled in him from before infancy to help navigate over rivers, through ...…
When Susie Orbach set out to depict how psychotherapy sessions really work, she did not want to go the conventional route—that is, taking real case material and distorting and disguising it into a form with minimal resemblance to the original. Such depictions are inevitably filtered through the therapist-author’s biases, and Susie wanted to sha ...…
This week, Dr. Crosby is joined by John Nolan, who may just be the most interesting man in the world. Mr. Nolan is a Vietnam veteran who then spent 22 years in the CIA before going on to found and sell his own corporate espionage firm. Listen in for fascinating discussion of:The one skill that separates good from great spiesThe surprising lengt ...…
Audio of my first ever TEDx talk, given in Huntsville, Alabama. I also created a book based on the ideas presented here, which can be found here:
The opioid crisis in America is considered by many to be the worst national public health crisis in the last 100 years. In his new book, The Opioid Crisis Wake Up Call: Health Care is Stealing the American Dream. Here is How We Take It Back (Health Rosetta Media, 2018), Dave Chase dives into the history and causes of the crisis and outlines a p ...…
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