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How do astronomers photograph a black hole? How often do planes get hit by lightning? What does the EPA actually do? Science is all around us and transforming our world at a rapid pace. Extragalactic astrophysicist Sabrina Stierwalt is here to guide you through it. She'll help you make sense of the everyday and the once-in-a-lifetime.
You might be a genius at managing other people’s money, but personal finance is quite another kettle of fish. Ringgit & Sense puts a clear mirror in front of you so you understand personal risk profiles, realistic investment horizons, retirement planning and the all-important education loan and health insurance plan, and the explosion of myriad personal finance products.
Brian Preston and Bo Hanson, fee-only financial planners and wealth managers, go beyond common sense as they help you make smart financial decisions. Their professional credentials, sophisticated topics, and approachable style have attracted thousands fans and made them a personal finance phenomena. Learn more about Brian and Bo, read, listen, or watch the show, follow the blog, and connect directly to go beyond common sense at
Hilarious fan podcast of the Ottawa Senators NHL team. Hosted by Kardinal, Canuck and Pan.
Start Making Sense
Political talk without the boring parts—featuring the writers, activists and artists who shape the week in news. Hosted by Jon Wiener and presented by The Nation Magazine.
Two sisters, one practical and full of commonsense, the other a passionate and emotional creature, an uncaring brother and his avaricious wife, a handsome rake and a faithful gentleman – these are some of the unforgettable characters who make Jane Austen's first published novel, Sense and Sensibility such a delightful, witty and timeless classic. The novel was published under the pseudonym “A Lady” by its shy and retiring nineteen-year-old author, Jane Austen, in 1811. She was the daughter o ...
Begun in 1988, Financial Sense(R) Newshour is a financial market broadcast hosted by money manager James J Puplava, CFP, on the week's market action, interviews with financial experts, and Jim's personal perspective on the markets/economy.
Common Sense Pregnancy, the podcast, is a breath of fresh air: accessible, authoritative, funny, reassuring and personal. It's chock-full of Jeanne's comprehensive, medically-sound advice and insights plus conversations with women, mothers and experts in pregnancy, parenting and the power to change the world. Women's health expert, labor nurse, feminist, mother of four, Fit columnist and author of Common Sense Pregnancy (Random House, 2015), Jeanne Faulkner has been at the beds ...
Dollars & Sense
Homeschool encouragement and podcast
Money Making Sense
Money Making Sense is a 2017 and 2018 Peoples Choice Podcast Awards (#PCA17, #PCA18) finalist. Host Heather Kelly focuses on how to find financial peace by better allocating your paychecks and analyzing the impact of simple family decisions. Episodes approach the topic of personal finance from a cost-savings and revenue-generating perspective. Covered topics include: vacationing on a budget, accumulating retirement savings on a limited income, reducing household expenses, the financial impac ...
Uncommon Sense
Uncommon Sense: The Podcast of the American Chesterton Society, where we talk about all things Chesterton from a Chestertonian perspective. Join the conversation! Feedback welcome:
Thoughts, comments, questions, and answers all with the aim of making sense of Islam today.
Puck Soup
We’re Greg Wyshynski of ESPN, Sean "Down Goes Brown" McIndoe of The Athletic and Ryan Lambert of Yahoo Sports and this is a hockey podcast, in the sense that we talk about hockey, both on the ice and about fan culture. That’s the “puck.” This is also a podcast about movies, TV, fast food, life lessons and general idiocy. That’s the “soup.” Unless you ordered the minestrone.
Thought-Provoking Entertainment Online Since 1994
Join neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author Sam Harris as he explores important and controversial questions about the human mind, society, and current events. Sam Harris is the author of The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation, The Moral Landscape, Free Will, Lying, Waking Up, and Islam and the Future of Tolerance (with Maajid Nawaz). The End of Faith won the 2005 PEN Award for Nonfiction. His writing has been published in more than 20 languages. Mr. Harris and his work ...
Southern Sense is Common Sense Conservative Talk Radio. Hosted by Annie "The Radio Chick" Ubelis, a Top Conservative Host on ©Southern Sense is copy right protected
Grace and Mamrie talk nonsense, common sense and make jokes at their own expense all the while trying to provide you with 30+ minutes of your day you might not hate completely.
Garden Sense
Hockey Sense
Hockey Sense with Andy Strickland airs weekly in St. Louis on Wednesday's from 6-7pm on KFNS 590 The Fan and
A podcast based inquiry into the next phase of the human experiment. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Making sense of...everything!
Making sense of...everything!
Jim Ross is considered the voice of Wrestling. He’s a member of three halls of fame including WWE and is a multiple-time New York Times best-selling author. From ringside to the boardroom JR has built a 40+ year career that will never be duplicated. Enjoy his candid opinions, special guests, and sense of humor on a fresh presentation on the all-new The Jim Ross Report exclusively on Westwood One Podcast Network.
The Common Sense Show features a wide variety of important topics that range from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of The Common Sense Show is to provide Americans with the tools necessary to reclaim both our individual and national sovereignty.
Dollar & Sense
Dollar and Sense is a podcast about all things trade. From local ports and markets to international trade and diplomacy, Brookings Institution Senior Fellow David Dollar and guests explain how our global trading system is built and its effect on our everyday lives.
Conservative talk and news with Annie Ubelis "The Radio Chick". Call in number during the LIVE broadcast is 917-889-3675 We air LIVE on Tuesdays & Fridays 2pm - 4pm EDT**** FEATURED on http://www.TopTalkRadio.comBecome a member at and get updates and more on our website.© Southern Sense is copy right protected.
Green Sense Radio
Green Sense Radio his hosted by Green Sense Farms founder Robert Colangelo. The program features entrepreneurs, innovators, academics, and policy makers who are making the world a better place.
A renowned educator in the fields of nutrition and Chinese Herbalism, Roger Drummer brings his 30 years of experience as a Diplomate of Chinese Herbology to these engaging conversations. Tune in for cutting-edge information on today's important health topics. Roger's unique style takes the guesswork out of complicated health issues. HerbWorks is committed to helping you improve your health and enhance your life, through herbs and common sense.
A weekly podcast offering expert advice on a variety of parenting issues, focusing primarily on helping babies and toddlers who are having trouble sleeping through the night.
First published anonymously due to its seditious content in 1776, the pamphlet argues for the need of American colonists to pursue complete independence from Great Britain, and not be driven simply by the urge to free themselves from unfair taxation. Paine provides argumentation for his revolutionary ideas, suggesting the unification of colonial forces to achieve this goal. Furthermore, Paine strengthens his case by clearly asserting the advantages that would come out as a result of independ ...
Loud, fast-talking and deceptively funny, this politically-independent "forward-thinking pragmatist" looks at the events shaping our world through a uniquely American lens. It's smarter than you think, and faster than you expect.
Cyrus Says
Hosted by the inimitable Cyrus Broacha, Cyrus Says is the definitive show on life in urban India, politics, sports, civic sense, traffic, kids, food, and everything that matters. Mostly.
Making sense of Money with Pete Matthew – Personal Finance FAQ
This Is A Comedy podcast primarily. However This Is Also A Free Environment To Speak Your Mind. You Can Call In To The Show To Talk of The Things That Piss You Off.You Can Just simply Call In To Make song requests Or Even Just Phone Me To Tell Me Some Topics Or Give Me Material To Mention On The Show. So Feel Free To Call In At 8654656776 Between 12:00p.m. and 10:00p.m. Any Day Of The Week And You Can Be Heard On The Online Airwaves.
The Cost Per Pointcast is an Ottawa Senators Talk Show hosted by Hockeybuzz writer Trevor Shackles and Silver Seven Sens writer Colin Cudmore
This is a podcast where we try to make iLL logical sense of everything that goes on in an illogical world to stupid muuf*ckas!Join Mr. Busby & JCNoHunnidz every week as they discuss trending topics & hot takes in Hip-Hop/R&B, sports, pop culture, and everything else in between.Listen and subscribe now!
Dollars & Sense
Homeschool encouragement and podcast
Thought-Provoking Entertainment Online Since 1994
Antonia and Patrick are dynamic early career teachers dedicated to having unfiltered conversations about the state of the American education system and the highs and lows of being classroom teachers.
Join Shree Nadkarni as he goes through life, testing ways to be happier, healthier, and finding his own passion through interviewing interesting people in the world.
Dollars and Sense
Dollars and Sense is a weekly radio show that discusses money matters related to debt and how of manage it. It also discusses the many topics related to solid financial planning, credit, and creditors. The show features licensed insolvency trustee Blair Mantin and is hosted by Elaine Scollan.
Tim Harford and the More or Less team try to make sense of the statistics which surround us. From BBC Radio 4
Barstool Politics
A podcast devoted to helping you make sense of the world around you several craft beers at a time. Barstool regulars include Nick McGuire, Bill Muck and Phil Barker but we are often joined by smarter and more well informed special guests. If you like discussions of good beer and bad politics, this is the podcast for you.
Becoming Wise
The Becoming Wise podcast offers depth and discovery in the time it takes to make a cup of tea. Each episode is curated from hundreds of big conversations with wise and graceful lives. Reset your day. Replenish your sense of yourself and the world. On Being Studios is the producer of On Being, This Movie Changed Me, and more to come. Krista Tippett is the author of the New York Times bestselling Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living. President Obama honored her with th ...
Loud, fast-talking and deceptively funny, this politically-independent "forward-thinking pragmatist" looks at the events shaping our world through a uniquely American lens. It's smarter than you think, and faster than you expect.
The SKOR North team talks Minnesota Gophers football and basketball. Hear more at
Aaron Rand Freeman and Dacia Mitchell use up all of your Friday to make sense out of nonsense in this new weekly podcast.
Fresh Perspectives on Sustainable Development
The Vergecast
Hello! This is The Vergecast, the flagship podcast of The Verge... and your life. Every Friday, Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Paul Miller make sense of the week's tech news with help from our diverse and wide-ranging staff. And on Tuesdays, Nilay hosts in-depth, one-on-one interviews with major technology leaders. Join us every week for a fun, deeply nerdy, often off-the-rails conversation about what's happening now (and next) in technology and gadgets. And, remember, promo code. Produced by ...
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Jamal Mayers joins to talk Blues-Jets
In the book 'Silent Spring' by Rachel Carson she writes, ‘in nature, nothing exists alone.’ This simple but important quote is the centerpiece for Earth Day 2019, which is coming up on April 22nd this year. We’re joined by Earth Day Network president Kathleen Rogers. Plastic can be made more sustainable - and less likely to clog up our oceans - ...…
On Good Friday there is no live broadcast - PRE_RECORDED - Liars, Leakers and Liberals - Judge Jeanine Pirro Southern Sense is conservative talk with Annie "The Radio Chick" Ubelis, as host and "CS" Bennett, co-host. Informative, fun, irreverent and politically incorrect, you never know where we'll go, but you'll love the journey! Visit our web ...…
Have you ever wondered how to speak better and communicate more effectively? It's something that we do every day but it's getting harder and harder to do as we forget the core principles of communication and become lonelier and lonelier due to our focus on technology. I set out to search for people who could help me understand how to communicat ...…
Dale talks about his new book, Knight of the Holy Ghost, plus the sainthood cause, plus much, much more! Dale Ahlquist was a guest on the Coffee and Donuts show with John and Mary on March 16, 2019
Sometimes a homeschool group started as a for-profit business desires to convert to a nonprofit organization for its many benefits. Can that be done? How hard is it? How costly is it? In the next 3 podcast episodes Carol Topp, CPA will explain how to convert a for-profit business into a nonprofit organization. In this second episode Carol discu ...…
A short making sense episode with frequent guest of the show Bonnitta Roy. We have a chat about the recent episodes with Jem Bendell and Vinay Gupta, and how what new paths forward may lie in the wake of the collapse narrative. Become a supporter of this podcast:
The eve of the 15th of Sh’aban is one of the most significant and spiritually important times in the Muslim calendar. It is a night that the salaf used to seek out and honor with pious devotion and sincere supplication. What follows is a very simple overview of the importance of this event and recommendations for observing it.…
The chair of the House Ways and Means Committee formally requested six years of Trump’s personal & business tax returns earlier this month. Trump has said he won’t do it—and that the law is “100 per cent” on his side. He’s 100 per cent wrong about that. David Cay Johnston explains why the IRS Director is required to hand over the returns—or fac ...…
With all the talk around bond yield curves and what they could mean for the economy, Roshan speaks to Zulfadzlie to get a better understanding of bonds, yield curves and what it means when yield curves invert.
Does having a Costco or Sam's Club membership really give you the most for your money? Andy Farnsworth, host of Fan Effect, sits down with host Heather Kelly for this discussion: Bulk vs Grocery Stores. Andy has to feed a family of 8 and Heather is only shopping for herself. What items does Andy say he will never buy in bulk? And how does he st ...…
In this week's episode, Senator Bernardi is on the road, touring the great state of South Australia. He talks about Israel Folau’s tweet that annoyed the elite, Love: The narrative of Easter, The chicken dinner dilemma, Electric cars, How to give the Australian, Conservatives the best vote, Rising wages vs lower taxes, The choice for Christian ...…
Jeanne rebroadcasts her conversation with midwife and Commonsense Childbirth founder, Jennie Joseph, CPM, about the healthcare disparities that increase poor birth outcomes for women of color and the simple solutions midwives provide to make sure all mothers and babies thrive. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
This week, the iLLogical Gang talk about Nipsey’s celebration of life (1:20) as well as Disney’s planned takeover this upcoming winter (36:30).Later, the guys discuss the possibilities of who could play Scar from Lion King (49:12), Magic Johnson’s departure from the Lakers (1:00:51), album reviews (1:55:18) and more.This week’s music reviews in ...…
In this episode of the Making Sense podcast, Sam Harris introduces John Brockman's new anthology, "Possible Minds: 25 Ways of Looking at AI," in conversation with three of its authors: George Dyson, Alison Gopnik, and Stuart Russell. You can support the Making Sense podcast and receive subscriber-only content at…
Antonia and Patrick answer a critical question on how teachers have and haven't stayed in the profession after 5 years. And we catch up on Patrick's Thailand vacation! Whew, chile forgive us for the quality. Patrick: @PresidentPatAntonia: @MsAdamsTeachesWebsite:
Robert Koopman, the chief economist at the World Trade Organization (WTO), joins Senior Fellow David Dollar to discuss the role global value chains play in world trade and the effects they have on developing economies, advanced economies, and the WTO. Their conversation draws from a new report published by the WTO and its partners which summari ...…
Saturday, April 13, 2019
Veronica Hinke, Experience the last night of drinking, dining, and style on the Titanic in food writer and Titanic historian Hinke’s Last Night on the Titanic, which painstakingly recreates the decadent meals, cocktails, fashion, and protocol of history’s most glamorous (and ill-fated) ship.David Dorsen, Former Assistant Chief Watergate Committ ...…
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