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Ten Days that Shook the World (1919) is a book by American journalist and socialist John Reed about the October Revolution in Russia in 1917 which Reed experienced firsthand. Reed followed many of the prominent Bolshevik leaders, especially Grigory Zinoviev and Karl Radek, closely during his time in Russia.John Reed died in 1920, shortly after the book was finished, and he is one of the few Americans buried at the Kremlin Wall Necropolis in Moscow, a site normally reserved only for the most ...
Pastor Kerry Shook shares the life changing message of the Bible in a creative, practical, and relevant way.
A comedic podcast about all things paranormal.
Podcast by Revry Podcasts
NASA Is Shook
NASA Is Shook? You've read correctly! During this podcast series you'll hear logical, factual explanations as to why NASA is fake, and should be ousted!
Welcome to shortness never ends where I basically talk about a lot of things
In “Cooked up, shook-up or looked up” I put the latest controversial stories from your newsfeed on the stand and interrogate them till they crack. You wouldn’t want to get caught with a severe case of foot in mouth disease when showing off your scholarliness, now would you?
Interviews with lean thought leaders like Jim Womack and John Shook and those from of adjacent communities. The official podcast of the Lean Enterprise Institute.
Welcome to the Rock Sound podcast! Here each and every Friday, we’ll be bringing you all the latest news, reviews, gossip and chat from the worlds of pop-punk, emo, metalcore and everything in between. Oh, we’ll also have exclusive interviews with the biggest names in the Rock Sound universe EVERY week, too. Prepare to be SHOOK.
Rainbow Valley
Rainbow Valley is a monthly podcast where your host, Scott, takes a look at key events and personalities that shaped one of the most influential, vibrant, tumultuous and swinging decades in history. Join us as we celebrate the 1960s with the stories surrounding the music and news events of the decade that shook the world.
Woody Harrelson talks about Oscar nominee 'The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers.' In 1971, Daniel Ellsberg shook America to its foundations when he smuggled a top-secret Pentagon study to the New York Times that showed how five Presidents consistently lied to the American people about the Vietnam War that was killing millions and tearing America apart. Henry Kissinger called Ellsberg "the most dangerous man in America," who "had to be stopped at all costs.
For more than a century and a quarter, fans of detective fiction have enjoyed the doings of the iconic sleuth, Mr. Sherlock Holmes. In the company of his faithful companion, Dr Watson, Holmes has consistently delighted generations of readers. Created by a Scottish writer and physician, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this immortal private eye has solved cases for kings and commoners, lovely damsels and little old ladies, engineers and country squires and a legion of others who come to him in distres ...
Considered to be one of the books that changed the world and how we view ourselves, On The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin was met with incredulous horror when it was first published in 1859. The revolutionary, almost blasphemous ideas it described were seen as antithetical to the existing ideas of Creation contained in the Bible and other religious texts. It was mocked, reviled and the author was personally subjected to vicious persecution by the establishment and theologians. In the ye ...
Uncle Tom’s Cabin is one of the most controversial novels of the last century, with it’s sentimental portrayal of the anti-slavery movement in the USA. Written in 1852, the novel instantly rose to fame and split Americans up and down the country. Stowe was a passionate abolitionist and was inspired to write Uncle Tom when she spent time in Cincinnati in the early part of the 18th century. She met many slaves who had escaped from Kentucky and was touched by the friendships she built. It was w ...
We're here to tell you what has us shook and we hope you enjoy tuning in to all the shenanigans.
Join Kofi and Denzel from UNARTISTE.CO as they sip tea and throw shade at the expense of pop culture and the craziness of the world. To anyone who is easily shook, we suggest you turn away now but if you can take it welcome to The UNARTISTE Podcast.
“I thought it was you I saw coming up the hill,” she said, stretching out her hand.He stopped and shook it; the touch of his big, firm fingers made her tremble. His hand was massive and hard as if it were hewn of stone. She looked up at him and smiled.“Isn’t it cold?” she said. It is terrible to be desirous of saying all sorts of passionate things, while convention debars you from any but the most commonplace. (Excerpts from chapter 1.)
After almost two decades of working with women in business, Sonya Stattmann has been on the front lines of women’s quest for liberation, freedom and real success. She knows what it is like to navigate the business arena and she has helped thousands of women around the globe find more fulfilment and freedom. Women in the Business Arena explores the real journey to business success and the twists and turns to experience real liberation. She is joined by her dear friend and previous business pa ...
Have you ever wondered what recovering addicts talk about? Maybe the word 'addict' in any form creates some very ugly images in your mind. I felt much the same when I began going to 12 step meetings. I didn't want to be there, I didn't feel like I was "one of them" and it was so uncomfortable that I shook with fear every time I attended for a long time. Now, I understand something different. I've met some of the most amazing people in these meetings that have deep spiritual insights. They ha ...
Knowing God is a journey. You have to spend time with Him if you want to know Him. Each week, we offer you five new opportunities to better understand our mighty God. Listen as Dr. Damon Shook teaches about simple truths straight from the Bible. We pray that these brief Daily Times With God will open up a new chapter in your relationship with our awesome Creator!
Queen Elizabeth the First of England, the Grand Turk at Constantinople, and an organ builder named Thomas Dallam—quite a trio. In 1599, Elizabeth commanded master organ builder Dallam to construct and deliver to the Grand Signieur , as a present intended to garner trade and political advantages for England, a fantastic mechanical organ. Dallam’s wonder stood 16 feet high and was topped by a silver holly bush filled with blackbirds and thrushes that sung and shook their wings. Dallam kept a d ...
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“A lot of women label themselves as procrastinators, but is it really procrastination?” In this week’s episode, Sonya and Laura chat about a topic that has been coming up frequently in the Women in the Business Arena Facebook Group. The conversation centers around what procrastination really is and why many women perceive themselves as procrast ...…
Habits Of The Christian Life Week 5 Part 1 by Dr. Damon Shook
Habits Of The Christian Life Week 5 Part 2 by Dr. Damon Shook
Habits Of The Christian Life Week 5 Part 3 by Dr. Damon Shook
Habits Of The Christian Life Week 5 Part 4 by Dr. Damon Shook
Habits Of The Christian Life Week 5 Part 5 by Dr. Damon Shook
All Time Low's Alex Gaskarth talks us through the band's surprise release of new tracks 'Birthday' and 'Everything Is Fine' and looks back at the 'Last Young Renegade' album one year on. Plus, Patty and Ben from As It Is play this week's game of 'Translate The Lyric', while Josh and Stephen from The Faim play 'First Time, Last Time' and put tog ...…
We are joined by the boys from the Wona Mic Dey On podcast to discuss a very problematic time in pop culture with finding out that one half of the Clermont twins was involved in fraud, kidnapping and signing up for Koffi starts a career in beauty and gets a tad Akan supremacist and Denzel spills tea he didn't mean to. Intro ...…
SHOOK | S2:E6 | Darryl Stephens is in the studio today as we delve into growing up in California, what its like being a black queer individual in Hollywood, his iconic time on Noah’s Ark, how capitalism is effecting the LGBT community & much more.Darryl Stephens - Social Media ...…
“We need to become more aware of where we’re operating from.” In this week’s episode, Sonya and Laura discuss the importance of having clarity around what is really important in our business, not just what we need to “do”, but also what to put our attention on for the most results. A lot of business owners struggle with prioritising in their bu ...…
As It Is are on the cover of the latest issue of Rock Sound so we chat with frontman Patty Walters about their ambitious new album 'The Great Depression' and he puts together this week's 'Mini Mixtape'. Plus, the lads from ROAM attempt this week's game of 'Translate The Lyric' and Kellin and Nick from Sleeping With Sirens talk all things music ...…
1963 - a massive year in terms of news events. A year that would see an increase in tensions in America as the battle for racial equality raged on. It would be the year in which a scandal in the UK involving call girls, Russian spies and MPs , would eventually bring down the government. The Beatles would begin their dominance of the UK chart si ...…
We're back! Again! and Again! In this episode we discuss the tragic death of XXXtentacion, the long-awaited drop of Jay Z and Beyonce's joint project, Akon's Futuristic city, how the Warriors just got stronger and so much more!
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