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A film photography newbie's journey of reawakening and discovery. Warning: rambling ahead.
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While I was away, I found a more convenient and successful way to sell my film cameras. And I had my musical passions and memories stirred by an unexpected source.
Due to an unfortunate accident, I will be unable to continue this podcast, at least for the foreseeable future. I hope to return someday, but currently things are suddenly in disarray. Please continue to keep film alive. I'll be watching from the sidelines. Be well and God bless.
In this episode, I express my love for the wonderful Minolta X-700 (dead) and X-570 (dying), my allergies that I didn't know I had for much of my life (and a handy remedy if you're an allergy sufferer) and a grateful shout out to the Negative Positives podcast for their kind, generous plug of my humble podcast on their most recent show...thanks ...…
Bleep eBay! In this episode, I rant more than a little bit about my experience with the BIG auction site and my experiences as both a buyer and frustrated seller. Hopefully, I can save you some headaches. Or you can laugh at my terminal newbie-ness ?!
A day of watching sports on TV left quite an impression on me, so forgive me for opening this episode with my thoughts on the NBA finals. After that, I have more to share on selling stuff on ain't pretty. Plus, I talk about an entry level DSLR that's caught my eye. Plus some other sports rambling.…
As if buying film cameras online isn't fraught with enough headaches! I've begun selling cameras online and am learning about the frustrations on the other side. If you're an experienced online seller, try not to laugh at me too hard. If you're new to selling as I am, I hope this info will help a little with navigating through the gotchas of on ...…
I'm paring back my film camera collection, in part because I've come to realize I'll never get around to fully realizing the potential of all the cameras I currently own. 'Tis better to master one camera at a time, and the Canon A-1 more than fills the bill. Okay...maybe a couple others, too ?. Also, I learned one of my favorite YouTube photogr ...…
Got it on Ebay for a song because it was in not so great condition but came with a great lens. My FTB apparently led a hard life before I got it, but I've come to appreciate its quirky charms. If you find one in better shape than mine, you'll have yourself a solid mechanical camera that you can shoot without a battery and can be used for self d ...…
I turned this episode over to a "guest reviewer" who explains, in his own inimitable way, which camera is best for newbies. Yeah, right?! Hope you enjoy.
Had some bonus free time and thought I would share some thoughts on film availability and other stuff. No, I'm not doing this just to rub in the great weather in San Diego ?
Whether it's better or not, the Minolta X-570 is a great, easy to use 35mm SLR that has a couple of features that put both the X-700 and the A-1 to shame. But...there's a big BUT...
Apologies to legendary admen Doyle, Dane and Bernbach...the Canon T70 is a subjectively ugly 35mm camera that's easy to operate, uses Canon FD lenses and can usually be found for a song online or elsewhere. Definitely worth a look and a try.
In this episode, I talk about my most frustrating camera, the Yashica 35 Electro 35 GSN, a camera that may claim your sanity but gives you results that make it worth the price.
How could I leave out these additional and key influences on my photography journey from episode 3? Two more great film sites for your perusal.
Sharing some of the people, places and things that instruct, influence and inspire my photography journey.
Who knew? I certainly didn't! If you have a Minolta Hi-Matic AF2, the manual says the slowest shutter speed is 1/8 of a second. Um, I beg to differ; it can go longer. It could come in handy in low light situations where you'd rather not use the built-in flash.
Gear Acquisition Syndrome can sneak up on a photography newbie; it certainly got to me. Maybe this episode will help you avoid it. If not, don't blow your budget?
In which a film photography newbie shares how his journey began.
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