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Wrist watch Bar Talk and Horological Shenanigans at their finest. A wrist watch podcast about two friends sitting down every week for an honest, foul-mouthed discussion about all things watch related.
THE MUSIC SNOBS is the podcast where Scoop, Isaac, Jehan, and Arthur discuss, debate, and deconstruct the music and musicians who both fascinate and frustrate them.
Enjoy time with the Frugal Snobs discussing career advice, social situations and product reviews. As always Be Well and NEVER Pay Retail and be sure to register at, take the PodTrac audience survey to help out our stats, subscribe on iTunes, add us to your Stitcher play list or check out the podcast around the web!
The Comedy Snobs
The Comedy Snobs is a weekly podcast where Daren and Jason review comedy of any type. Stand up, movies, youtube clips, personal stories. Nothing is off limits.
Podcast by Cigar Snob
The news, views & reviews of craft beer in Ireland by the IrishBeerSnob
Pot Snobs Podcast
Pot Snobs from San Francisco and Portland indulge in weekly elevated discourse about the best of the best in West Coast cannabis.
The news, views & reviews of craft beer in Ireland by the IrishBeerSnob
Board Game Snobs
Critical Board Game Reviews: Because Life's Too Short Mediocre Board Games
Weekly film chat with David Lees and Tom Roe covering new releases, Hollywood news, Bluray releases plus classic and crap films.
Reel Snobs
Sassy chicks discussing flicks
Recovering Snobs
Definitely not the snobs we used to be.
Aspiring Snobs
Jon and Greg have seen a lot of movies. But can they really call themselves "snobs"? Despite their film bona fides and their pop culture prowess, there are many obvious blind spots that need to be filled. So follow along with Jon and Greg as they reexamine the supposed "classics" and expose themselves to more arthouse fare.
Reel Snobs
Sassy chicks discussing flicks
The creators of The Music Snobs present SNOBS ON FILM, the podcast where movies and television are discussed and reviewed with care—and debated without caution. Get ready for a non-Hollywood ending.
Vegan Recipes and Vegan Food Reviews
Snob Bar
Оффициальный подкаст Snob Bar. г. Казань, Кремлевская Набережная тел. +7 (843) 590-81-74
Whine Snob
A home for funny people and absurd ideas
Anime Snob
Anime news, reviews, discussions, fan questions
Snob on my knob
Pretty cool stuff here, take a’s kind of good, I don’t know. Take it with some salt that’s all I gotta say about it.
Slob To Running Snob
Horatio motivates and advises anyone with even a tiny interest fitness. So whether you are eating 5 pies before breakfast or already running marathons, this is the podcast for you.
Culture Snob Podcast
audio content from Culture Snob, featuring commentary and interviews related to pop (and not-so-pop) culture
Vous entrez dans les coulisses techniques de "Snobs, aptes et pas bons". Il n'y a rien à y faire a priori, et comme c'est plus joli de devant, on vous invite à prendre un verre sur ( ou à cliquer sur un lien "Aller au vrai blog" )
Flicks features a weekly film review focused on new independent releases and old classics.
Movie Snobs from Chicago tackle a different movie each week. We're not the discussion in film school. We're the conversation after class over pizza and beer.
Join antagonistic film critic Josh Hadley and laid back film critic Cecil Trachenburg for a weekly look at the films you never heard of or simply forgot about alongside a true cine-masochist Petar Gagic. Radiodrome takes you back to a time of VHS tapes, exploitation on TV and porno that mattered. New episodes air every Thursday at 9PM CST at and all shows at
The necessity of a work on Snobs, demonstrated from History, and proved by felicitous illustrations:—I am the individual destined to write that work—My vocation is announced in terms of great eloquence—I show that the world has been gradually preparing itself for the WORK and the MAN—Snobs are to be studied like other objects of Natural Science, and are a part of the Beautiful (with a large B). They pervade all classes—Affecting instance of Colonel Snobley. (Summary excerpted from Prefatory ...
Lost in the Static
Glenn Criddle from the UK and Sara Hanley from the LA along with all around jackass Josh Hadley take you through a nostalgic trip through the mind's eye of pop culture's past every week on Lost in the Static. New episodes air every Saturday at 7PM CST at
Tea or Books?
Simon (Stuck in a Book) and Rachel (Book Snob) debate the difficult decisions of books and reading.
Taking Back Film Culture One Snob At A Time
Two passionate audio engineering nerds --- Kush Audio gear designer and avowed analog snob Gregory "UBK" Scott, and ITB mixing pro Nathan "Nathan" Daniel --- crack themselves up while answering listeners' questions about everything from gear and plugins, to the psychology of mixing, to what makes a song grab the listener's ears and heart and how to get more of it into your productions. Whether you mix professionally on a 9000J or in your bedroom on Cubase, these ballbusting fanatics of sound ...
Welcome to the Cult Film Club, a monthly podcast and blog about MOVIES WE LOVE TO DEATH despite how bad, weird or obscure they are. In fact, we love them because they’re bad, weird or obscure! We discuss and analyze cult films from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond. Collectively we possess an impressive amount of useless pop culture knowledge, but we’re no movie snobs–just a couple of guys (and a girl) who really like movies.
Do you feel like every week there’s some band your “eccentric” co-worker/friend is trying to turn you on to? Are you confused as to which band with the word “wolf” or “horse” you’re supposed to like? Lucky for you, every week DJ Father Guido spends hours in his lab sifting through bits and bytes of hipster blog entries and indie magazines searching for the finest aural pleasures available. Then the Father compiles them here for you to enjoy in the comfort of the Donnybrook Campus.
This is Hear Me Out, the podcast where Winston Noel and Alden Ford, along with a special guest each episode, explore the songs we love, no matter what literally everyone else says. We are not music officials. We are not music critics or music snobs. We are unqualified on every level to provide any cogent analysis of why a song is good or bad. All we know is, there are songs we just can’t stop loving, even though the world passed its harsh judgment on them long ago. So every episode we sit do ...
In which we ruin records by talking over them. What's the point, you ask? Because we can.
Vino101 an easy no snob way to learn about wine, wine tasting, and food and wine pairing.
Jojo's World
Jojo's World is a fortnightly Jojo's Bizarre Adventure recap and discussion podcast. Each episode, Jojo superfan and anime-snob, Liam S. Smith is joined by wannabe anime enthusiast and music-nerd, Nick Ballantyne to watch an episode and have an unscripted, largely coherent discussion of its influences, references and basically anything else that seems interesting.
Yeah I Heard That
Discussions, at great length, about many topics with zero focus.
Hey beer lovers! Have you ever wanted to know how do your local breweries get up and running, the history behind their beer and what drives their passion for brewing? Then this is the podcast for you! Comedian Ramon Smith goes on a quest to uncover the many aspects of your local breweries.
Art, I Swear
A lot of people don't understand modern art or contemporary art history. Because the art world is full of stuck up snobs who expect the layman to have read Derrida. We are too goofy to be those people.
This is a basic grammar, treating of the parts of speech, syntax, versification, pronunciation and punctuation. The listener is warned that there is quite a dated feel about this little grammar as the author, in keeping with the times (1840), is a frightful snob about social classes, scathing about 'vulgar speech' and also sometimes quite rude about American turns of phrase. The author is not remotely as comical as he thinks he is, but it has its moments. (Summary by Ruth Golding)
A show for the music snob in all of us
Bill Nye was a famous American humor columnist in the middle 1800's. He said "We can never be a nation of snobs so long as we are willing to poke fun at ourselves." And he did exactly that in hundreds of newspaper columns that were later collected into books. This is a selection of just 35 of the most humorous, wry and downright funny cogitations of his, written of course in the somewhat convoluted style common in the 19th century which just adds to their flavor in my opinion. The selection ...
Free Goods Show
FREE GOODS is all about the find. I interview creatives, snobs, and heads to get them to recommend everything from their last discovery to deep cuts to add to the Free Goods playlist available on Apple Music ( & Spotify ( For questions & suggestions, hit up
Jon Starkey, a big city snob and wine aficionado is reluctantly sent to represent Pluto, a dwarf planet at the edge of civilised space. There he encounters everything from hick locals to psychotic AI software to undead football teams... Subscribe and follow his weekly adventures!
Poems Read by Jeff
Poems Read by Jeff is the podcast in which you will here poems read by Jeff. There will also be discussions of the poets and of the poems themselves by a regular guy - not a poetry snob.
Lore Of The Yeti
The delusional host of this pretentious podcast is under the impression that a Yeti Society exists in the foothills of Southern Alberta. He proceeds to arrogantly criticize our culture and values like an insolent snob from the view point of appealing to this morally advanced and spurious society of Sasquatch/Yeti. He even has the audacity to claim that this fictitious society enacts decrees unto our own, demanding and advising with all the pontifical ravings of a deeply unsettled man.
No Rangers Allowed
Dungeons 'n Dragons, house ruled to death, as played by weird and weary videogame snobs. Starring a desertwalking Zoroastrian dwarf druid; a backwoods halfling elftaku, master of banjo, jaw harp and double flute; an emo cat-summoning death cleric; and a filthy, feral anarcho-syndicalist barbarian. A Selectbutton Gaiden podcast. Join us at Radical show icon by art subgenius @BachelorSoft
Art, I Swear
We are now hosted at: lot of people don't understand modern art or contemporary art history - because the art world is full of snobs.We are far, far, too silly to be those people.Art, I Swear - two nerdy friends hosting a podcast which asks: what you want to learn about art?We post bi-monthly with a bonus interview every month.
Monthly look at the A-League from a football journalist and a complete idiot. An "anti-Euro-Snob" football show for A-League purists. Crazy musical interludes included. Look for our podcast in the Podcasts app or in the iTunes Store
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Paul Hogan and Crocodile Dundee are coming back (for real this time), The Shining is getting a sequel and Tom and Dave talk about the movie everyone is talking about so they talk about it too: Hereditary. Also: Lawrence of Arabia, The Great Escape, The Getaway, My Man Godfrey, Sweetie.By (David Lees and Tom Roe).
Daniel's Game - Lyric Fill In The Blank; In & Out Burger; COP; Self Check Out; Mac Balcony; Old Folks Treats; Whiskey Snobs; Weird Foods
This week we dive into the cool world of GMT and dual time watches. The Glycine Airman finally makes its way into the TBWS family and we get geeky about planes and watches.Also, stay tuned for the conclusion of our Nodus Trieste giveaway and sit tight as the snobs finalize their Hong Kong travel plans.This was one heck of an episode and we'd lo ...…
Curious about how long two people can talk about a movie with no dialog, characters, or story? Wonder no longer! Jon and Greg revisit the 1982 classic art film, Koyaanisqatsi. Subscribe to Aspiring Snobs on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Soundcloud, or any podcast service of choice. You can email us at for comments and recomm ...…
In this packed episode of the podcast, the Cigar Snob Team smokes Vegas Cubanas by Don Pepín García (except Nick, who still has a cold) and talks about Nicaragua, North Korea, Donald Trump, Alex Ovechkin, the World Cup, snorkel masks, and a whole lot more.One thing's for sure: this episode's not gonna be fuckin' suck!Music in this episode:"Boss ...…
Beckler & Seanna talk about bad breath, parenting snobs, ad the World Cup.
Welcome to the first official episode of the Two Broke Bird Snobs... Just kidding. This week you'll get a handful of recommendations for cool Father's Day watches under $65. Mike even buys one on-air!Show NotesBlack-Capped Chickadee: Raven Trekker 40 RT07: ...…
1 Corinthians 8:1-6 June 10, 2018 Lord’s Day Worship Sean Higgins Download the bulletin. Download the Kids’ Korner. The sermon starts at 16:15 in the audio file. Or, A Primer on the God of Food Food is a strange and fascinating subject. The growing, hunting, purchasing, preparing, cooking, eating, cleaning up from, and thinking/talking about fo ...…
Picture the scene, the Beer garden in L. Mulligan Grocers of Stoneybatter, a gorgeous sunny Saturday. What better than to spend a part of the afternoon tasting beers from North Tipperary's Canvas Brewery Taking the rule book of convention, and tossing it on the fires of Mad Max, listen to Maurice and Mark talk about the origins, the aspirations ...…
Beckler & Seanna talk about enviro snobs, Don Cherry on basketball, and liquor samples.
It's fast approach time for Western Month to ride off into the sunset, so Jon and Greg and cleansing their palettes with the classic Mel Brooks' spoof, Blazing Saddles. Subscribe to Aspiring Snobs on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Soundcloud, or any podcast service of choice. You can email us at for comments and recommendatio ...…
It's time to crack open some cold ones with the boys! This week's show is all about how much we enjoy beer. We discuss when we started drinking beer, some of our favorite stories and then reveal our five favorite beers. There are a ton of ways you can let us know what you think of the show and tell us about your favorite beers. You can call us ...…
Be on the look out, cowpokes! We're blazing a trial to the end of Western Month and we're running out of ol' timey Western nomenclature to use! So listen in as we're celebrating all body types with The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Subscribe to Aspiring Snobs on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Soundcloud, or any podcast service of choice. You can emai ...…
Being from the Midwest, northern IL/southern WI, specifically, and playing in rock bands myself for over 30 years, I know quite a bit about the local and regional music scene from that area, and from the era of the '80's and '90's that I came up in. Author Theron Moore knows much "more"... Theron has written a terrific trilogy of books called " ...…
Beckler & Seanna talk about gender discriminatory businesses, camping snobs, and angry brows.
Gimbal is a beer snob, Farron gets two free beers, and Gretchen makes a friend.
In this week’s show Ranch Racer and Perpetual Girl discuss the various materials used in watch construction, and the merits (and demerits) of each. Let’s just say that rose gold most definitely is NOT their favorite.PG kicks off the wrist checks with her Christopher Ward C60 Trident GMT 600 38mm. The duo both have a ton of respect for CW and wh ...…
Our apologies if this episodes upsets you, but consider this a trigger warning for all the tube snobs.
* This episode is dripping with the ANSWERS you have been WAITING for... OH YES...all the "BUT WHY'S" are debunked now!* Organic living and vegan problems stripped down* Saving the cows & ditching the puss (yeaaaa I said it)* Water Snob at her finest finally explains it all * Selling my home, putting belongings in storage and flying to a remote ...…
Get your posse together, because Western Month is only getting more rugged and dangerous. Jon and Greg brave some dangerous ne'er-do-wells in this week's episode, as they revisit 1952's High Noon. Subscribe to Aspiring Snobs on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Soundcloud, or any podcast service of choice. You can email us at fo ...…
Today, the Kicking the Seat Podcast and's Pat “The Über Critic” McDonald fan the flames of cinema epics past with a look at 1974's The Towering Inferno! What happens when a state-of-the-art luxury skyscraper falls victim to shoddy wiring? You guessed it: fleeing snobs, elevators to Hell, and Paul Newman dangling from half-m ...…
It's the most contentious episode to date! Alex hates everything Bourbon Street stands for, but Adam and Matt believe it holds an important place in our city. How can they possibly agree on the Top 5 Bars on New Orleans' most notorious strip?Who do you think's right? Let us know in the comments by writing #TeamAlex if you agree with the snob, o ...…
What's your relationship with food look like? If you're looking to make a major transformation, chances are, your relationship isn't great. On the flip side, however, if you have already gone through a transformation, there's a high likelihood that you could also have a bad relationship with food. What the hell is a bad relationship with food? ...…
Beckler & Seanna talk about the afterlife, music store snobs, and sex hands.
T.J. and Jay welcome Entertainment Weekly movie critic Chris Nashawaty, author of “Caddyshack: The Making of a Hollywood Cinderella Story.” The 1980 ‘slobs vs snobs’ comedy classic stars Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray, Ted Knight and Michael O’Keefe. While the on-screen product is beloved by movie and sports fans alike, the behind ...…
Coming to you from Beer Snob City, it's everyone's favorite stumbling drunk podcast, Beer Plus Three. The featured beers are from Fremont Brewing, Icicle Brewing and Wander Brewing. The Beer Plus 3 Podcast features Jeff Swatman, Rick Anderson, Bri Edwards, and occasionally Micheal Zamora and Brandon Longwell. Got something to say to us? Send it ...…
There's gold in this here episode! Not only do Jon and Greg rediscover The Treasure of Sierra Madre, they finally get the chance to have a spoiler-filled Avengers: Infinity War discussion! Listen to it before it blows away, like dust in the wind... Subscribe to Aspiring Snobs on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Soundcloud, or any podcast service of ch ...…
Is Spencer A Restaurant Snob by Spencer Graves
South Bay Brew Talk SBBT 31 - Salute to Beachwood We talk Green Flash and beercations all while drinking some yummy yummy Beachwood beer. This episode is sponsored by: Craft Beer Cellar Torrance. Why buy beer from a snob when you can buy it from a geek?!?! Celluloid Winter Full length album 'Everything Exists' recently released. For fans of Pin ...…
In Washington state, the names Chris Upchurch and DeLille Cellars rarely needs an introduction. Chris is a wine-making legend. In this episode, he shares the stories about his part in founding the distinguished DeLille Cellars, his family's sustainable vineyard and Upchurch label and his thoughts about the history and future of Washington’s win ...…
At MommyCon, my son had the pleasure of tasting KABRITA USA toddler formula and he loved it. I almost cried watching my breastmilk snob actually enjoy something other than mama's liquid gold but it was also reassuring to know that there are quality products out there that my baby boo likes. I had the opportunity to sit down and interview Dr. An ...…
Look out for snakes in your boots, because it's Western Month at Aspiring Snobs! Because Jon can't get enough of HBO's Westworld, he's forcing Greg to go on a dangerous expedition into the wild frontier, starting with one of the earliest John Wayne westerns, Stagecoach. Saddle up, partners! Subscribe to Aspiring Snobs on Apple Podcasts, Stitche ...…
What supplies do you need to make good coffee at home? This episode will cover the basics that will help the novice coffee lover up their home coffee game. But this information will hopefully be a valuable review to the full-blown coffee snob too. I will tell you the supplies I use to make coffee at home and how to buy good coffee, store coffee ...…
The cigar industry is dominated by families whose tobacco stories begin in Cuba. But one company in particular stands out as not only having a deeply Nicaraguan identity, but also having a history that is tightly woven into that of its home country. In this episode, you’ll hear Erik Calviño’s interview with Alejandro Martínez Cuenca, the man be ...…
Beckler & Seanna talk about Beckler's gay DMs, hilarious business names, and diet snobs.
Join The Elist Culture Snobs Out of Touch with the Common Man as they discuss Avengers Infinity War. They’re an odd cast broadcasting from Boston to California. It’s Odd Cast Coast 2 Coast
Apply what you learn. Learn how to develop your greatest On Today’s Episode: One piece of advice I can give you without you spending a dime. Episode Main message: Become public WiFi snob! A habit for protection. Check Out These Highlights: #1 Introduction [0:30] #2 Connecting your ...…
Coming to you from Beer Snob City, it's everyone's favorite stumbling drunk podcast, Beer Plus Three. The featured beers are from Menace Brewing. The Beer Plus 3 Podcast features Jeff Swatman, Rick Anderson, Bri Edwards, and occasionally Micheal Zamora and Brandon Longwell. Got something to say to us? Send it to or find us o ...…
We share our tasting experience with two wines by Elephant Seven, out of Walla Walla, WA. The winemaker, Josh West was inspired by the Elephant 6 collective, a group of independent musicians dedicated to an individual and personal approach.
The Moondoggies have a new album out this Friday (4/13). It's called A Love Sleeps Deep and it is very VERY good. They also have a release show that same night at The Neptune Theatre with Seattle bands Grand Hallways and Le Sang Song. That is a great Locals Only lineup. We also got into people being snobs about music, why everybody should liste ...…
The Elitist Culture Snobs Out of Touch With Common Man, take a closer look at the Steven Spielberg directed movie, Ready Player One. Was it good? Was it bad? Do you care about our opinions on nerd culture? We hope you do if you listening to this podcast Intro and outro music : Outer Orbit by Revolution Void…
Today we are again joined by Poppy as we talk about some rather passionate subjects! We open by uncorking a fine bottle of Tears of Vulcan wine, and discussing our experiences with wine in general. For our Talk of the Road, we get pretty heavy on the subject of Helmet laws and responsibilities, before diving into the experiences of being a Tota ...…
Maroela Media — Dit was soos ʼn doodsvonnis wat hy meteen opgelê is. Eers was hy blakend gesond, en toe is sy lewe skielik in gevaar. Die musiek-egpaar Marius en Vernette Wessels – of te wel Coffee Snobs – het twee keuses gehad: Marius se kankerdiagnose kon hulle onderkry óf hulle kon terugbaklei.
Hey, you know who makes good movies? Steven Spielberg! So join Jon and Greg as they discuss one of his most important works, the 1993 classic, Schindler's List. Subscribe to Aspiring Snobs on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Soundcloud, or any podcast service of choice. You can email us at for comments and recommendations. Foll ...…
The team (Erik Calviño, Ivan Ocampo, Nicolás Jiménez) smokes La Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Obelisco cigars while talking March Madness basketball, FDA regulation, Rocky Patel's new lounge in Pittsburgh, and fake meat!Mentioned in this episode:Captain Andrew Luck: P's Butcher Shop:https://www.jimmyp ...…
It took a while to get him into our busy brewing schedule, and it was totally worth the wait for our homebrew contest winner Chris Nadeau to come and make a batch of his incredible Trips Up North New England Stout! It was even better than we remembered! And to top it all off, he shared two great finds from up north, Treehouse Old Man ESB and In ...…
No animals were harmed in the making of this episode, as Jon and Greg prepare for the next Wes Anderson stop-motion film with his first foray into the medium, Fantastic Mr. Fox. Subscribe to Aspiring Snobs on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Soundcloud, or any podcast service of choice. You can email us at for comments and reco ...…
Since March is a celebration of Washington Wine, I invite Brynna Baldauf and Geneva Baldauf to share their expertise with me on the podcast. We taste a L'Ecole's 2015 Semillon and Guardian's Chalk Line red blend. Learn something new as we snob it up and enjoy these two bottles. There's always more at…
Episode 9: Nutrition with Loryn Galardi My Testimonial! Introduction to Loryn Galardi and her not so healthy diet, use of antibiotics and their consequences The “Nazi” Nutritionist’s advice that turned Loryn’s life around-Chicken, Fish, Broccoli, Spinach NO SUGAR< NO FRUIT< NO STARCHES< NO ALCOHOL< NO COFF ...…
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