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2 hours of news, prayer, music, and fellowship with John McTernan. 9 to 11pm (EST) every night. Scheduled show topics are Monday - End Time Bible Prophecy Study. Tuesday - Prayer for Outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Wednesday - Teaching Jesus Christ Came to Heal the Brokenhearted. Thursday - Prayer of the Solemn Assembly. Friday - Prayer for the Brokenhearted. Saturday - God’s Health System and Protection. Sunday - Looking For Blessed Hope.
High Times and Good Lines. Join The P.P. Boys on their adventure through life. Grab a bong, roll a joint, sit the fuck DOWN. Here's the point. (There is none) WELCOME TO THE P.P. Boys Podcast!!! SC: Pot-headPhatty TikTok: PotheadAndPhatty YT Ch: Pot-Head & Phatty IG: pot_head_and_phatty Pateron: Pothead & Phatty
Dharma PhD

Dharma PhD

Shannon M Whitaker

One practitioner’s four-year journey to become a professional in Mindfulness and Secular Buddhism, without getting all mysterious and solemn about it. Join Shannon M Whitaker, co-host Jeff Street, and guests as we discuss the science, philosophy, culture, and practice of mindfulness: What’s the latest fMRI research actually telling us about the effects of Loving-Kindness on the brain? Why is Loving-Kindness a terrible translation of the Pāli word “Metta”? How are other practitioners navigati ...
A weekly show that brings you ten new tracks from artists from across the world. We cover every genre conceivable, from abstract techno, mutated dancehall, dark metal to Chinese bin lid music or something else - if it's recorded outside of the major label system, we're up for playing it. You'll find music you love, music you don't understand, and music that'll change your life.
Faith & Politics is a podcast of the South Dakota Catholic Conference. Join Executive Director Chris Motz, Esq. as he and his guests explore a variety of contemporary civic issues through the lens of a classical Catholic moral and ethical framework. Winsome and robust, Faith & Politics ranges from the soul to the state as it seeks to cultivate thoughtful criteria for governing well in the 21st century.
The St. Josemaria Institute Podcast is a series of reflections following the spirit of St. Josemaria Escriva to help you grow and deepen your daily life of prayer. The St. Josemaria Institute was established in 2006 in the United States to promote the life and teachings of St. Josemaria Escriva through devotions, digital and social media, and special programs and initiatives.
Pax Britannica is a narrative history podcast covering the empire upon which the sun never set. Beginning with the accession of James VI of Scotland to the throne of England, Pax Britannica will follow the people and events that created an empire that dominated the globe. Hosted by a PhD candidate in British Imperial history, and based on extensive scholarship and primary sources, along with interviews with experts in their field, Pax Britannica aims to explain the rise and eventual fall of ...
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Check out the podcast website Check out Pax Britannica Merch! Facebook | Twitter | Patreon | Donate For this episode, I found the following publications particularly useful: Kenyon, J. and Ohlmeyer, J., The Civil Wars: A Military History of England, Scotland, and Ireland, 1638-1660. Harris, T. Rebellion Michael Braddick. The Oxford Handbook of the … --- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Listen to the newest episode of the Saint Marianne Cope Parish Podcast: Father Joseph Clemente’s homily for the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. Listen and subscribe at or wherever you get podcasts. Connect with us online: (Music courtesy of David Mares:…
Do you have the aspiration, the desire, to give yourself completely to God? What is holding you back? In this podcast, as we celebrate the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God (January 1), Fr. Donncha Ó hAodha reflects on our vocation as children of God and our calling to begin again as we give witness to the incarnate love of God the Father. Fr. Donnc…
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