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Mountain Stage Podcast
Stage Talk
Tune in each week for Stage Talk -- a weekly conversation about stage events in the Anchorage metro area with a calendar of events. Hosted by Mark Muro and Kristina Church and broadcast each Friday on KSKA FM 91.1 in Anchorage, Alaska. Learn more online at KSKA.ORG.
Big Band Jazz Music from the Big Band Era of the 30's to the 90's and beyond hosted by Rick Howard and Stan "The Man" Kratchman.
Off Stage and On The Air focuses on Theatre around the country. We are a lively and funny bunch who love theatre and love to talk about it. We also feature guest from and around the Austin, TX theatre scene (yes, there is LOTS of theatre in Austin). Off Stage and On The Air can be heard on Wednesdays from 2:00 to 3:00 on KOOP radio in Austin 91.7 or streaming live at
Presenting short and feature-length audio dramas and short-run audio series.
Center Stage
The all new KLHD 98.9 "The Talk," is bringing you "Center Stage," one of the biggest and fastest growing talk shows on blogtalkradio. "Center Stage" is a gutsy talk show that brings you pertinent, cutting edge topics each and every week. Our motto is: less music, more talk.
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The early stage founder show is the podcast for B2B SaaS founders looking to accelerate their growth. Every Tuesday, your host, Andy Baldacci, will bring you a brand new interview with startup founders, venture capitalists, consultants, anybody who has been there before and can provide actionable lessons to help your startup get to the next level.
A weekly video companion to 1UP's Retronauts classic gaming podcast. Each five-minute episode focuses on a different retro-gaming topic, from overlooked classics to overrated duds, from retrospectives to the art of collecting.
منصة لفهم عالم شديد التسارع
Bem vindo este é o FULL STAGE THE PODCAST, um podcast de MÚSICA ELETRÔNICA, aqui você ouvi lançamentos e as músicas mais tocadas no Brasil e no Mundo. O podcast é lançado todo dia 7 e 21 do mês, sendo que no dia 7 é escolhido um artista (DJ) brasileiro para fazer um set de 30 minutos junto com o Henrique Telles e no dia 21 eu conto a história de um artista (DJ) internacional e toco 3 de seus maiores hits. Welcome this is the FULL STAGE THE PODCAST, a podcast of ELETRONIC MUSIC, here you hear ...
Center Stage
Center Stage is the weekly podcast/radio series that brings you stimulating lectures and events from the Center for Inquiry (CFI). The nation’s leading think tank for secularism, science, and reason, CFI stages events at its headquarters in Amherst, New York, and under the auspices of branch Centers in New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and elsewhere. There’s always something thought-provoking and controversial on stage at some Center for Inquiry.
The Early Stage Podcast is devoted to interviewing top entrepreneurs at the Seed and Series A stages of their startups. This project is a deep dive into the initial challenges and breakthroughs driven innovators endure as they build their MVP, launch, raise funding, grow their teams, and find product-market fit. Early Stage is hosted by John Valentine, Manager of Technology Identification and Communications at Thales, a worldwide leader in aerospace, space, defense, transportation, and secur ...
Music: Key Stage 1
Music resources to support the Key Stage 1 curriculum and other curriculums within the UK. The resources emphasise singing and often have strong cross-curricular links.
The best of live interviews on sustainable business and clean technology, conducted on stage at GreenBiz events.
Welcome to The Home Staging Show! This is a podcast about everything home staging, real estate, selling a house and creating a beautiful home to live or to sell. You can find out more about the show at
Stage Directions
On Stage Directions each month I discuss current issues in theatre and performance with colleagues and critics, friends and fellow theatre workers. There are interviews with theatre makers, critics and academics and discussions of the latest shows and the latest theatre research. Stage Directions is brought to you with the support of the Department of Drama, Theatre & Dance at Royal Holloway, University of London.
Stage 30
Podcast by Su and Tray
More life-changing content @ - - - Join Shamanic Practitioner, Natural Born Mystic Devan Jesse Byrne on experience-inducing discussions on the nature of experiencing the universe. While using familiar terms, a familiar and perfect message of the same truth that all realities derive. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - More Information @ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ...
Stage Presence
IndieBeat's Josh Pineda talks with different artists, producers, bloggers, and other creative individuals who make up indie + alternative culture. This show is all about how indie artists present their creative projects through a digital stage presence: through social media, blog collaborations, and other innovative ways that artists release their works.
This eight-week retreat will focus on stage of generation, shamatha, vipashyana and mahamudra. Participants in this retreat should have a sound understanding of the Sutrayana teachings of Mahayana Buddhism, and have experience in the practices of shamatha, the four applications of mindfulness, and the four immeasurables. Please read the text, A Spacious Path to Freedom: Practical Instructions on the Union of Mahamudra and Atiyoga, by the great 17th-century master Karma Chagmé (from the chapt ...
Our show is dedicated to helping startups & aspiring entrepreneurs, know what it takes to build their first business.We have a bi-weekly podcast show (x2 episodes per week) where we feature a mixture of content which focuses on all things startup, entrepreneurship & innovation.We feature interviews with influential founders around the globe and break down how they started and scaled their businesses, all whilst providing their first-hand advice. We also feature lessons on particular business ...
The Sound Stage is a music show produced in Beijing, China introducing original underground and independent Chinese music to the outside world. This podcast gives listeners a fresh and intimate perspective into the lives of a new generation of musicians as they wrestle for control of their future in a rapidly modernizing China. Oh, and the music's fantastic! So listen up, because China is getting LOUD!
Welcome! Claim the Stage is a podcast for women who want to discover, awaken, and create their voice through the art of public speaking. Hosted by Angela Lussier, an award-winning professional speaker, author, and CEO + founder of the Speaker Sisterhood. Learn more:
American Ballet Theatre's Principal Dancer James Whiteside takes you backstage for ABT's 8 week performance season at the Metropolitan Theatre, providing an exclusive peek into his world as he brings us interviews directly from his dressing room. On this 8 week series,expect the unexpected as you never know who James will be chatting with next. From dancers, to choreographers to wardrobe, theatre crew and anyone who makes the production a success. Tune in each Thursday....Stage Rightside.
How to Create Great Lighting for Your Show
Center Stage Show
Hear the songs that influenced your favorite writers. Center Stage will introduce you to great music, and you’ll spend an hour with top songwriters. See “Where The Words” come from on Center Stage!
Podcast by Staged! Podcast
HAGiPOD Stage 1
HAGiPOD Stage 1 is a series of fun, comprehensive, self-learning resources designed for advanced beginners. The course content is based on the Course of Study, Japanese: Second Language, published by the Curriculum Council of Western Australia.
We I'm cover the music world
Stage Grok
The roaming theatre podcast coming to you from the geographic center of the American theatre.
The premier Stage Hypnosis TV show for stage hypnotists. In this show Geoff Ronning reveals bold, innovative and often controversial strategies for stage hypnosis success. In each episode he covers multiple topics that will have you improving your performances and bank account.
We talk with theatre and dance artists, academics, critics, about ideas. We're based between Melbourne and Berlin, Zagreb and Brussels. We sometimes swear. (For more information, please visit the official website,
Beyond The Stage
3MBS Fine Music - Melbourne and Susan de Weger of Notable Values are delighted to launch Beyond the Stage. This new podcast features 30 minute interviews with highly trained musicians who have built successful careers in law, medicine and business. We share their career stories, how music education is a unique and valuable training for career success in any industry, their transitional skills and how they maintain a musical life and identity.
Staging Shakespeare is series of video commentaries on performing and directing Shakespeare including extracts of two plays- 'The Tempest' and 'Two Gentlemen of Verona'. An English teacher also explains how she uses IT resources to engage students.
Rehman Azhar served as an anchor,news producer and special correspondent at Dunya News Television and Aaj News currently associated with Express News, his show goes on air Thursday to Sunday 10:05 PM Rehman Azhar was born on 18 January 1981. He is basedin Lahore head office.
A podcast hosted by Laneway Festival head programmer Danny Rogers and Lunatic Entertainment A & R scout Dom O'Connor that shares the stories of interesting people that work in music.
The OG Podcast Network
Stage Nine is a show from that explores the work of Star Trek creatives past, present, and future. Join Mike Schindler and John Mills each week as they look at the people who make Star Trek, and their work both inside and outside of the franchise.
The Show That Takes It Up The Arts
Your guide to what's happening on stages across the country and beyond. We'll bring you the latest from the worlds of theatre, dance, comedy, opera and musicals.
Well known film projectionist Russell Campbell plays music from the stage and screen.
Center Stage with Mark Gordon is a weekly talk show that looks at independent film and the people who make it happen in front of the camera, as well as, behind the scenes. Each week, the program features some of the most inovative and creative people woking in film today. From award-winning actors like Ben Kingsley (SCHINDLER'S LIST) and Adrian Brody (THE PIANIST) to cutting edge directors like Paul Greengrass (UNITED 93) and Darren Aronofsky (THE FOUNTAIN), Center Stage with Mark Gordon giv ...
It's like Shakespeare.Only Entertaining.
Rare insights into the working process of America's most seminal directors and choreographers are the focus of "Masters of the Stage." This series features more than three decades of priceless One-on-One interviews and panel discussions with theatre's most distinguished luminaries. Listen to these never before broadcast programs and hear the story of the American theatre told by those who helped chart its course.
Voice Over Guy, Bill Stage interviews people in and around his business including Video Producers, Agents and Voice Talent
Setting Stages
I'm a former dancer who's always had a passion for people, speaking, and inspiring. I'll share my experiences and explore the insight of others who hustled an unconventional path. Welcome to Setting Stages with Eddie Mac!
Senter Stage
A brand new interview series from The Newplex. On Senter Stage, Newplex member Ben Senter chats with people from all walks of life, from filmmakers, writers, professional wrestlers, content creators, and anyone else. Ben looks to shine a spotlight on interesting folks and topics, and to bring them to Senter Stage!
The best hypnosis podcast on the planet. Period. Six time award winning hypnotist Mike Mandel and his trance-junkie co-host Chris Thompson discuss all things related to hypnosis, self hypnosis, NLP, peak performance, self improvement and more. This podcast makes you smarter and lets you laugh while you learn.
"Everyone has a story. What's yours?" The Stoop features "ordinary" people telling the extraordinary true tales of their lives in front of live audiences as large as 1,400. Stoop stories are weird, wonderful, hilarious, and heartbreaking — and, above all, intimate. Founders Laura Wexler and Jessica Henkin host the podcast.
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Listen to the Show Right Click to Save Guests The Vortex She Kills Monsters City Theatre Playhouse Creatures What We Talked About The play that goes wrong goes on Green Acres Musical? The Cradle will Rock Soundtrack Yiddish Fiddler Yiddish Fiddler Review West Side Coming Back Dave Starts Previews Tonight Misogyny Broadway Trump Arts Medal of Ho ...…
Air Date: Aug 27 2018 - Big Band Stage Door Canteen for August 27, 2018
This week’s Podcast we will be tying up the 4 Week Series on the IFCB Concept. We will dive in on the B = Beam and how you can use this to change your stage lighting. Lighting News! (1:20) This week in Lighting News: The cat is out of the bag! M-PC, which was previously bought by Elation will be re-branding and has announced a Countdown for the ...…
Air Date: Jul 16 2018 - Big Band Stage Door Canteen for July 16, 2018
This week Ben welcomes one of Ohio's best burlesque dancers, Shrimp Cocktail! They talk about her origins in burlesque, the live of a burlesque dancer, performance, and expression - all with a load of laughs.
On this episode, Ken and I discuss songwriting, hero worship, hypnotism, and, well….rigor mortis. MUSIC on this episode: David Bowie, Squeeze, Husker Du, and more!
The Victorian Opera presents William Tell 140 years after it was last performed in Australia, we take a look at the winners of "Act I" of this year's Helpmann Awards, Hedwig and the Angry Inch creator and original performer John Cameron Mitchell on the songs and stories of Hedwig, a digitised collection of stunning backdrops made for JC William ...…
On this episode of STAGE GROK, I talk with lyricist and bookwriter Greg Kotis, about his shows Urinetown and Yeast Nation.
Recorded live at the 2018 vault festival! The Aural Stage Studios and the Audio Drama Production Podcast are happy to present Julie Hoverson's Shadow of Ignorance!
Dante is our 12-year-old son and our oldest of two kids. Dante talks about his love for numbers and video games, and shares his experiences in exploring the outdoors and traveling abroad. What's really cool about this talk is that Dante's at an age where he's molding his own opinions, insights, and perspectives and I had a few proud dad moments ...…
Listen to the Show Right Click to Save Guests Taji Senior A (What the Black Girl Found While Searching for God) Zilker Theatre All Shook Up What We Talked About Harry Potter, Das Play Australian company produces musicals New York Musical Theatre Festival Dianna Rigg vs Lauren Ambrose Spongebob set closing & Tour Cultural Appropriation, yellow f ...…
Air Date: Aug 20 2018 - Big Band Stage Door Canteen for August 20, 2018
Main Segment This week’s Podcast we’re at Sweetwater’s GearFest in central Indiana and we have two special guests from ENTTEC. We’re going to dive in and talk about what colors to use in our lighting. I always enjoy talking to those who work with the manufacturer’s because they have great insight and information to share. Let’s welcome Crystal, ...…
Air Date: Jul 09 2018 - Big Band Stage Door Canteen for July 09, 2018
On this episode, Steve and I talk about the infinite cosmos, bimbo come-uppance, and the high art of songwriting. MUSIC on this episode: Genesis, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and more!
The best of live interviews from GreenBiz events. This episode: Helene York, global director of Google's foodservice, on global, tech-enabled sustainable food procurement.By Joel Makower.
When I started the pod, one of the things I was super excited about was tracking entrepreneurs closely as they went on the rollercoaster journey that is startup life. The 1-year lookback podcast with RateGravity was so great I decided to do it again.Stephanie Rowe has been hard at work as Founder & CEO of Boston-based IoT startup Joulez, which ...…
WAAPA's Aboriginal Performance course for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders produces some of our most well-regarded Indigenous Australian actors, The Australian Dance Theatre production The Beginning of Nature, with a libretto in the Indigenous Kaurna language, is on tour, and inspired by Lewis Carroll's nonsense poem, The Hunting of the S ...…
Stage Talk founder and first host, Catherine Stadem After six and a half years, first as co-host and then as host of Stage Talk, Steve Hunt has decided to exit stage left. With his departure the show will take a short hiatus and then re-appear in August in a new format with a new name, but still focusing on the arts. To help commemorate the las ...…
Air Date: Aug 13 2018 - Big Band Stage Door Canteen for August 13, 2018
Recorded live at the 2018 vault festival! The Aural Stage Studios and the Audio Drama Production Podcast are happy to present Kaitlin Statz's Selling Ledford Manor!
Listen to the Show Right Click to Save Guests Jazz Kween Hot and Bothered MCC Church Bible on Broadway What We Talked About The Cher Show Hamilton Chicago Judge John Hodgeman Lillian Montevechhi and Gillian Lynne Cyrano the musical The Devil Wears Prada The Sound inside What to see in NYC Thank you to Dean Johanesen, lead singer of "The Human C ...…
Welcome, one and all, to the latest installment of The Film Stage Show! Today, Bill Graham, and I are joined by Conor O'Donnell to take a trip south of the border, where we talk about Sicario: Day of the Soldado. 00:00 - 09:47 - Introductions 09:48 - 53:54 - Sicario: Day of the Soldado 53:55 - 01:34:15 - Spoilers The Film Stage is supported by ...…
Main Segment The past couple of weeks we have been covering the 4 Letter Formula to Make Great Lighting Design: IFCB. Last week we covered the I = Intensity. If you missed last week’s podcast be sure to check it out: How Do I Use Intensity In My Lighting? F, in the 4 Letter Formula, stands for Focus. Focus is what you are doing to draw the audi ...…
On this week's Senter Stage, Ben is joined by Newplex editor, Jads! They talk about how The Newplex came to be and their philosophies on wrestling writing before lamenting the state of the DC Extended Universe and sticking up for Zack Snyder. It wouldn't be a Senter Stage podcast (featuring another Newplex member) without a healthy dose of wres ...…
Air Date: Jul 02 2018 - Big Band Stage Door Canteen for July 02, 2018
On this episode, John and I talk prostitution, masturbation, oh…and the majestic power of songwriting. MUSIC on this episode: The Proclaimers, Fleet Foxes, XTC, and more!
In this special episode of highlights from the year so far, Monkey Baa adapts Jackie French's Josephine Wants to Dance for the stage, Jada Alberts' new production of Brothers Wreck comes to Adelaide, playwright Alana Valentine outlines how her experiences inspire her writing, and we drop into a reunion of the original Australian cast of Cats.…
The cast of Cemetery Stories at the Anchorage Cemetery, August 2017. Linda Benson and Bruce Kelly of Stories at the Cemetery drop by Stage Talk this week to chat about all the fascinating characters that are brought to life in the Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery. This annual event, in which the general public walks from grave site to grave sit ...…
Here are the show notes from this episode: We’ve got brand-new microphones! It’s much better quality, it only sounds worse! 100 Days of Awesome continues with more strategies! Plus we answer our Mailbag questions from around the world… June Architecture of Hypnosis was the most international ever! Students from US, Canada, Sweden, Belgium, Engl ...…
Listen to the Show Right Click to Save Guests City Theatre "Ruthless" What We Talked About Skintight Log Cabin Cultural Identity Themed Essays Three Tall Women Closed Sasson Gabay Joins The Bands Visit Winner of the Jimmy Awards Michael Jackson Musical Sets Fall Workshop Chita Rivera – Bard SummerScape Idina and Judith – Hollywood Walk of Fame ...…
Air Date: Aug 06 2018 - Big Band Stage Door Canteen for August 06, 2018
Welcome, one and all, to the latest installment of The Film Stage Show! Today, Michael Snydel, Bill Graham, and I get our claws out for the newest installment of the resurrected Jurassic Park franchise, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. 00:00 - 06:08 - Introductions 06:09 - 41:04 - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 41:05 - 01:49:01 - Spoilers The Fi ...…
Lighting News! This week we will discuss how to use and adjust Intensity to spice up your stage lighting! 4-Wall Expo: 4Wall Lighting hosted a Roadshow in Nashville, where I was introduced to some new lights and great equipment. 4Wall offers Lighting and Video Rental: Elation Pro Lighting has introduced a new Smarty Hybri ...…
Air Date: Jun 25 2018 - Big Band Stage Door Canteen for June 25, 2018
On this episode, Elijah and I debate quantum mechanics, parallel realities, and robot prostitution. MUSIC on this episode: Gary Numan, Darlingside, Neutral Milk Hotel, and more!
Bangarra Dance Theatre's new work takes inspiration from Bruce Pascoe's Dark Emu, Simon Stephens' award-winning stage adaptation of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time on tour, the Circus Oz big top comes to Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens for Precarious, and playwright and performer Aanisa Vylet's The Girl / The Woman premieres ...…
Listen to the Show Right Click to Save Guests Something for Nothing Twelfth Night Andrea Ariel Dance Company Locked In Girls, Girls, Girls Improvised Musicals Broad Ambition What We Talked About Equity Award Once On This Ilsand with Ensemble Award Trump supporter disrupts De Niro’s musical with ‘Keep America Great’ flag Tom Hanks Improvised Sha ...…
Listen to the Show Right Click to Save Guests Austin Shakespeare Young Shakespeare Hamlet Spectrum Theatre Company Juneteenth Chronicle What We Talked About Tony Winners NY Times Best and Worst of Tonys Tony Ratings Tony Voters Rachel vs Neil Forum Theatre Closes National Tour of Falsettos Kiss Me Kate sets dates Jimmy Awards Streaming Thank yo ...…
Glyka Stoiou and Angeliki Karakaxidou in Don Quixotes Written, directed and performed by Glyka Stoiou, the Commedia dell’arte-influenced Don Quixotes (based on Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes) performs at Cyrano’s Theatre Company for one weekend only. Visiting Stage Talk from her native Greece, Stoiou, along with cast mate and fellow Greek A ...…
Recorded live at the 2018 Vault Festival! The Aural Stage Studios and The Audio Drama Production Podcast are happy to present Neil Jones's Cheerfultown, one of the winners of the ADPP Scriptwriting Contest!
Welcome, one and all, to the latest installment of The Film Stage Show! Today, Michael Snydel, Bill Graham, and I are joined by Allison Shoemaker to talk about Brad Bird’s Pixar sequel Incredibles 2 and if it was worth the 14-year wait. 00:00 - 04:19 - Introductions 05:19 - 30:31 - Incredibles 2 30:41 - 01:27:02 - Spoilers The Film Stage is sup ...…
Nomis is a hip hop artist whose music in 2017 reached 53 countries, 19k fans, and 3k hours of listens on Spotify and continues to grow. He'll reminisce about his past experiences recording music on an answering machine (on a what?), the evolution of music streaming and its impact in the artistic process, and revisits some memorable wins and Ls. ...…
Air Date: Jul 30 2018 - Big Band Stage Door Canteen for July 30, 2018
When you hear the word "diversity," what do you think of? Race? Religion? Age? Gender? On today's episode, we're framing diversity as those special ingredients that make you who you are. It's those ingredients that also help you to connect with others in various environments and groups and make you a dynamic speaker. My guest today is a leader, ...…
Today, I’m talking with Andrew Warner, the Founder of Mixergy, where the ambitious learn from a mix of experienced mentors through interviews and courses, and most recently the Founder of, a site built to teach marketers how to generate more leads and close sales with chat bots. Andrew was one of the pioneers of the internet star ...…
Lighting News! Earlier this week I read a great article by Brad Dureya about running audio with a tablet and the struggle of using wireless control. Wifi is a great tool but the consistency of the connection is not guaranteed. Brad goes into some tips and strategies for using WIFI and ways to prevent a mishap. Here is the article from Church Pr ...…
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