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Small Beans
Small Beans Podcasting is a place for beans of every sort to come bean it up. Free your soul, eh? Be a frijole.
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Podcast by Gamefully Unemployed
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Topics Include: Birds Of Prey, The Gentlemen, 6 Underground, I Lost My Body, Primal, Michael Fassbender in a car, Clerks 3, and Todd Phillips having terrible opinions on comedy.By Gamefully Unemployed.
Our heroes enjoy a movie that has time traveled here from 2003.By Gamefully Unemployed.
The miniseries continues as hosts Tom and Dave baffle over and attempt to explain the existence of a sequel that has no good reason to exist. Special thanks to Patreon producer James Raney for making it all happen.By Gamefully Unemployed.
Soren Bowie (American Dad, formerly Cracked), tells Sarah and Bridgett tales of growing up in the woods and surviving the much more deadly wilds of childhood. Or should we say WILDhood?!Support Small Beans and access Additional Content: Merch:…
Topics Include: Onward, Star Trek: Picard, Earthquake Bird, The Turning, Zombieland, Undercover Brother 2, White Snake, and Guy Richie’s return to crime.By Gamefully Unemployed.
For this Patreon-mandated episode our heroes watch a really good movie! Yay!By Gamefully Unemployed.
Stephen Chow's first masterpiece of a movie, and an action/comedy to stand for all time, Kung Fu Hustle finally gets its frames rated. And to make matters hyper, Alex, host of the At Least There's This pod, uses his extensive knowledge of martial arts to explain to Michael and Abraham how inhaling a cigarette in one drag and roaring through a b ...…
Our heroes watch a meaningless film with some great and wasted performancesBy Gamefully Unemployed.
This week in the Dish, the boys talk about cybertronic super-soldiers, the coming technological singularity, and little tiny Wall-E's that eat your blood. Sweet dreams!Support Small Beans and access Additional Content: Merch: https://smallbeans.bigcartel.comArt by Michael Vincent Bramley.Music by Abe Epperson.…
Things begin to heat up as hosts Tom and Dave continue to follow their Patreon subscriber's wishes and take a long look at the second Lethal Weapon, a film mostly about two cops performing the worst witness protection imaginable.By Gamefully Unemployed.
In this Patreon-mandated classic episode our heroes take a baffled gander at one of the more notorious monster movies of the past.By Gamefully Unemployed.
Our heroes feel genuine delight over a somewhat baffling film that features both fully-realized and problematic performances.By Gamefully Unemployed.
In anticipation of Monday's Off Hours, DVG and Abe and Michael sit down to dig into film-making, their 11-year history working together, and the scam that is monetizing content via Facebook! Thanks to everyone who submitted sultry Q's to absorb Daniel's sensuous A's.Support Small Beans and access Additional Content: ...…
Topics Include: Frozen 2, El Camino, The Last Of Us, Uncut Gems, Wounds, Jurassic World 3, the Clue remake, and attempted vehicular homicide.By Gamefully Unemployed.
In this Patreon-mandated episode, heroes genuinely enjoy their conversation about an extremely bad film.By Gamefully Unemployed.
Jacquis Neal returns to help Mike and Abe properly appreciate a John Singleton classic. Featuring Cuba Gooding, Lawrence Fishburne, and Ice Cube in a career-making role as Doughboy, implying the existence of some kind of semi-solid ice-dough state we should all clearly aspire to.Support Small Beans and access Additional Content: https://www.pat ...…
Our heroes discuss a fascinating and good movie destined to flop for very obvious reasons.By Gamefully Unemployed.
In part THREE of our special We Just Watched miniseries... Tom and Dave discuss a once again entertaining addition to the Tremors series with Back To Perfection -- starring Michael Gross, Shawn Christian, and Susan Chuang.Special thanks to subscriber and producer AaronBurrSir for making it all happen!…
Look, down in the sea! It's a fish! It's a chainsaw! It's...Helicoprion! The tooth-mouthed dino we misidentified for several centuries, at our own peril, is back, and Abe, Bridgett and Mike are gonna Real Good it for your listening pleasure.Art by the Small Beans community.Wicked Guitar Riff by Abe Epperson.Support Small Beans and access Additi ...…
Topics Include: Knives Out, In The Tall Grass, The Secret Garden, In The Shadow Of The Moon, Dark Waters, Dark Water, NBC’s new streaming service, and the weird new Fugitive remake.By Gamefully Unemployed.
In the latest Patreon-mandated episode, our heroes revisit a thriller from the 90s that only 50% of them had previously seen!By Gamefully Unemployed.
Bridgett and Sarah are back! And they brought rising LA star Christine Medrano to discuss nocturnal emissions, problematic prank calls, throwing pancakes at Canadian buses, and other cancelable acts.Support Small Beans and access Additional Content: Merch: https://smallbeans.bigcartel.comLogo by Ben Shannon. ...…
It's a WJW double feature as our heroes check out two hyped-up horror films currently available on streaming!By Gamefully Unemployed.
Topics Include: Midway, See, Modern Love, Doctor Sleep, the Skarsgård cinematic universe, and Jeremy Renner’s briefly existing app.By Gamefully Unemployed.
In this Patreon-mandated episode, our heroes discuss a slow and low-budget sci-fi that manages to tackle a very grand premise. Opinions slightly differ on this one!By Gamefully Unemployed.
How can it be Rong when it feels so Wright? Abe, Michael, and special guest Daniel O'Brien discuss Edgar's movie about the comic book about the band that's all about video games.Support Small Beans and access Additional Content: Merch:…
In this 100th episode of We Just Watched our heroes clash over the latest in blockbuster horror. ENJOY!By Gamefully Unemployed.
A brand new Patreon-produced miniseries devoted to the most irresponsible fictional cops ever written!By Gamefully Unemployed.
Topics Include: Bad Boys For Life, Terminator: Dark Fate, Black Christmas, Between Two Ferns, Dickinson, Briarpatch, Just Mercy, Kevin Sorbo, Scarlett Johansson, and Taaaaaaall Giiiiiiiirl!By Gamefully Unemployed.
Thanks to one sadistic Patreon subscriber, our heroes choose the film they watch off the result of a coin flip. It goes as well as it can be expected.By Gamefully Unemployed.
Soren swings silently sideways, spurting sensuous silkies. Also he, Michael, and Adam discuss Marvel's Spider-Man game!Support Small Beans and access Additional Content: Merch: https://smallbeans.bigcartel.comBy Small Beans.
Our heroes watch a bad movie, get frustrated, and then go watch a better movie instead.By Gamefully Unemployed.
Cristian and Abe dive mandibles-first into the Dark Universe (tm) of sci-fi monsters, strange animals that defy explanation, and how the twain might meet.Art by Michael Vincent Bramley.Music by Abe Epperson.Support Small Beans and access Additional Content: Merch:…
Enter a brand new podcast miniseries devoted to the increasingly unhinged Highlander series! Special thanks to Patreon producer James Raney for making it all happen.By Gamefully Unemployed.
Topics Include: Star Wars, Lady and the Tramp, The Aeronauts, The Two Popes, Joker, The Laundromat, The King, Disney+, and the perils of laryngitis.By Gamefully Unemployed.
In this brand new Patreon-mandated episode, our heroes watch a beautiful looking film with some narrative flaws.By Gamefully Unemployed.
Famed Writer/Director of The Long Kiss Goodnight, The Nice Guys, Iron Man 3 and other flicks, Shane Black, sits down with Michael to discuss his directorial debut, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a movie he also wrote and, as alluded to, directed. He's a Writer/Director. His dialogue is known for being a lot snappier than this episode description. You kno ...…
Our heroes celebrate one of the bests of the survival horror genre.By Gamefully Unemployed.
Andy Bush (Picnicface, Cavendish, My Gorgeous Son) has a POWERTHIRST for creative fulfillment, but that doesn't mean he's always going to get the creatrilytes his art-glands crave. In fact, he's spent a fair amount of his creative journey failing upward, literally, from Los Angeles back to Canada, the final refuge of all showbiz cowards (SHOTS ...…
Topics Include: Underwater, Marriage Story, Rambo: Last Blood, Bombshell, The Report, Antlers, Motherless Brooklyn, Sony vs Marvel, and The Matrix 4.By Gamefully Unemployed.
In this Patreon-ordered episode of We Just Watched, our heroes politely agree over the quality of a very confusing movie.By Gamefully Unemployed.
In part TWO of our special We Just Watched miniseries... Tom and Dave discuss the surprisingly good 1996 direct-to-video sequel starring Fred Ward, Michael Gross, Helen Shaver, & Chris Gartin.Special thanks to subscriber and producer AaronBurrSir for making it all happen!By Gamefully Unemployed.
It's rootin'. It's tootin'. It's as close as we'll get to concludin'! Emmy-nominated writer Daniel "Emmy-nominated" O'Brien joins Abe and Michael to discuss HBO's Deadwood flick.Support Small Beans and access Additional Content: Merch:…
Our heroes enjoy a perfectly acceptable thriller that belongs in the mid-90s.By Gamefully Unemployed.
Topics Include: Little Women, Invader Zim, A Hidden Life, Low Tide, Parasite, Night Hunter, Last Christmas, The Hunt, and the secret adventures of Obi Wan.By Gamefully Unemployed.
Our heroes are joined by writer/comedian Keith Carey to discuss one of the most notorious addictions into the Batman franchise.By Gamefully Unemployed.
Best film ever.By Gamefully Unemployed.
Our heroes scratch their heads over a somewhat boring and very missed opportunity.By Gamefully Unemployed.
In this non-exclusive episode, our hosts find themselves staring down the barrel of Fox Mulder's most insane adventure yet. Don't miss this record-breaking event! For more episodes, visit: Gamefully Unemployed.
Welcome to part ONE of a special We Just Watched miniseries... otherwise known as an exploration into the entire Tremors series! Today we start at the beginning with the 1990 film starring Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, & Finn Carter. Special thanks to subscriber and producer AaronBurrSir for making it all happen!…
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