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The Comfort Killers Radio
The Comfort Killers Radio is a platform hosting shows by entrepreneurs, personalities and individuals from all walks of business, culture and lifestyle. For more information visit:
Life Stoked: Success | Startups | Lifestyle
create a life you're excited to live!
Conference Notes: Business Conferences | Networking | Leadership
Conference Notes is a podcast dedicated to sharing key takeaways from the best business conferences in the world. Each episode features an interview with a conference host, discussing topics like: social media, content marketing, entrepreneurship, design & creative, leadership, sales, SEO, branding, startups, lifestyle design, podcasting and more.
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The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast
This is a work-in-progress document containing my answer to the question: what is a lifestyle entrepreneur?
What is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur? This is a work-in-progress document containing my answer to the question: what is a lifestyle entrepreneur? Lifestyle Entrepreneurs: A 2nd Wave’s Coming of Age For many years, being a Lifestyle Entrepreneur was seen as 2nd best by the macho startup community. But, today that image is changing thanks to: the gro ...…
David Kingsbury is a personal trainer working with A-List actors on films such as Assassins Creed, The Huntsman, The wolverine, X-Men Days Of Future Past and more. Our mutual friend, Andreas Kambanis introduced us after learning that HEALTH is my theme for 2017. This introduction changed my life forever. I am the healthiest and the fittest I ca ...…
The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast
I believe that life is an adventure and the biggest adventure we can take is to live life on our own terms. Sounds easy but we all grow up within the confines of the Cubicle. That’s the system that has us studying for tests so we can get good grades to enter good jobs to buy cars we don’t need, to impress people we don’t care about. It’s a syst ...…
Create Your Own Life with Jeremy Ryan Slate | Breaking the Chains of Ordinary
After Connor Young graduated with a biology degree and started a CrossFit gym in 2011, it was easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition was his passion, and he coached similar-minded people on health for a living. But then in 2014 when Connor moved to San Francisco and into healthcare entrepreneurship, his intention to eat healthily crash ...…
Paper Napkin Wisdom - Podcast and Blog for Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Difference-Makers
Is there a formulaic way to build a great startup? Today’s guest, Maxim Wheatley thinks so. Maxim comes from a very diverse background - he is an award-winning product leader and innovator, with proven success operating at the intersection of business development, innovation, and product strategy. Additionally, he is the co-founder of LifeFuels ...…
Michael is the Managing Director of Wapack Labs and the Co-Founder and CSO of Kyrus. Paul and Michael (Santarcangelo, that is) pick his brain about startups, the startup lifestyle, and his experience in the security field. Tune in to Startup Security Weekly to hear his story! Full Show Notes: ...…
That Startup Show
The startup lifestyle: it’s scary, exhilarating, you have no work/life balance, and it’s incredibly rewarding. You could fail epically, or, make billions and change the world; and we find out how those two things go hand in hand. Twitter: @tsushow Facebook:
Gift Biz Unwrapped | Women Entrepreneurs | Bakers, Crafters, Makers | StartUp
Shelley Rosen, is Founder and CEO of Luxe Bloom, a venture-backed Chicago based start-up. Luxe Bloom delivers a transformative innovation by offering natural, long-lasting rose arrangements to luxury business operators on a subscription basis. Luxe Bloom roses do not require water or refrigeration to keep their supple beauty and last 60 days. S ...…
TREPX Podcast | For enTREPreneurs by enTREPreneurs, TREPX Podcast provides actionable advice, tips, and steps for freelancers, startups, and early-stage companies to grow into a business bigger than themselves.
Micky talks to Jack Zerby about his time at Vimeo, his successful startups and a near-acquisition from Facebook. Jack is passionate about entrepreneurship and speaks boldly about the distractions, noise and fluff that often surround the startup lifestyle. This interview covers the story of how Jack has built his successful businesses and his ph ...…
Life Nomading Podcast: Remote Work | Travel | Unconventional Lifestyle | Business
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be part of a startup company? If so, you’re in luck today. In this Life Nomading Episode my friend Jay Clouse gives us... The post LN 002: Remote Working and the Startup Lifestyle with Jay Clouse appeared first on Life Nomading.
Matt's friends Bill Condo and Michael Waclo joined us in this fun episode to talk about the rise of the Internet and how web technologies influenced all our nerdy origin stories. Bill is a talented developer while Michael is a sharp designer. Together and with the help of other web friends, they produce an interesting video podcast series calle ...…
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