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Messages from Michael Jacobs Ministries
Only Believe Ministries Christian Center (OBMCC) is a place where strangers become friends, and friends become family! It is our goal to provide an atmosphere t
The purpose of Ralph Douglas West Ministries is to glorify God through the proclamation of the Gospel and thebuilding up of the church. The goal is to make and train disciples by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through every available means.
Whatever It Takes Ministries with Paul & Jenny Speed is dedicated to helping couples and individuals do Whatever it Takes to succeed in marriage and in life.
Pursuit Ministries
Real. Simple. Intentional.
First Love Ministries is the Media Outreach arm of First Baptist Church, Tifton, GA. This podcast provides eSunday School from Adult 8, Class 3. The discussion is led by Bill Richardson. For more information, visit us on the web at Thanks for studying with us.
EDR Ministries
LWW Ministries
There is only one way to God, the Father and that is through Jesus Christ. Accept Him now and experience true life.
Welcome if your hear you are we are the chosen ones.
Agape Ministries
Get to know me as we get to know Yahweh!
Podcast by Global Supernatural Ministries
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Weekly sermons from Renew Ministries in Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Every event, service, and activity here at Southland Christian Ministries is centered around the ministry of preaching. The Bible is lifted up in this place and on this podcast. Enjoy!
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Welcome to Jarrell Reeves Ministries a Podcast forinspirational,inspiring messages and stories, along with Devotional readings, and interviews to help you get through your day or get it started and closer to God. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Freedom in the Spirit Ministries Podcast is about touching topics on how you can apply the Word of God in your life in our society today.
Bringing you relevant discussions, on daily life-issues, using practical Biblical concepts.
Sermons by Loma Linda Korean SDA English Ministries
Providing insights into the faith as I grow and learn with all of you. New episodes every Saturday! Email us at with your questions and comments! Become a supporter of this podcast:
In Touch Ministries desires to lead people worldwide into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and to strengthen the local church. Founded by Dr. Charles Stanley, In Touch is a multimedia broadcast teaching ministry whose reach spans the globe.
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Howdy Lovelies! Jesustude Ministries will be presented to you by Modeltude Agency. Our focus will continue to be about living a Productivious LIFE through praise, testimonies & positivity There will be plenty of real talk about having more than attitude but how to maintain JESUSTUDE & everyday topics to enjoy!
For the Recovery of the Gospel and Reformation of Churches.
The podcast home of Catholic Revival Ministries. More info at
Sermons podcast from Joshua Generation Minisitries
This is the weekly podcast for Freedom Ministries Church in Frankfort, OH. Our vision is to reach the community of Frankfort and make disciples who make disciples. We hope you are blessed and encouraged in your relationship with God through the messages shared on this podcast. Visit us online at
Brenda Walsh, best-selling author, International speaker, producer, and television host shares daily devotion to start your day. Each uplifting message gives peace, courage, and hope to those striving for a closer relationship with God and encourages a more passionate prayer life with our Lord and Savior. Visit to learn more about her ministry and explore her online store.
Pennsylvania Branch - Pastor Charles Kelley New Jersey Branch - Pastor Gary Kelley
Today, Reflections Ministries is the context through which Dr. Boa animates the many facets of his ministrya ministry of relational evangelism and discipleship, teaching, writing, mentoring, and speaking. The constancy of his vision through the years has established the ministrys clear and focused purpose: To encourage, teach, and equip people to know Christ, follow Him, become progressively conformed to His image, and reproduce His life in others.
TKHC teaches God's biblical truths without compromise but are adherent about delivering it through His love. They believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and that faith is LOUD and needs action to activate.
Gabriel Beady Ministries
The Daniel Zopoula Show catalougs the thoughts, feelings, and publications of Daniel Zopoula.
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A study of NT Greek and OT Hebrew, customs and culture of Israel, Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome, the pagan origins of the Christmass and other "holydays / holidays", all for the purpose of understanding what the bible meant when it was originally spoken/written as opposed to what modern "preachers" and "christians" "think" it says; i.e. NO OPINIONS.
Men's Ministries
Recordings from events with the Salem Heights Men's Ministries
Sermons by Prayer, Praise & Proclamation Christian Ministries (3Ps)
A New Breed of Christian Talk Show moving "from information to transformation," Chuck Crismier, veteran attorney, author, and pastor, has an amazing ability to probe below the surface and deal with issues that few dare to touch. It's dialogue that demands decision. It's 'Viewpoint' from Save America Ministries!
Jesus plus nothing. 100% natural. No additives.Andrew Farley Ministries consistently offers simple, straightforward, and accurate help for anyone looking to better understand the depths of Gods grace. It will challenge the way you look at God through scriptural insights, and help you live in the freedom of the finished work of Jesus Christ.
Margie Fleurant
Return Ministries
Teachings from Return Ministries.
Listen to the amazing word of God!
Erin Olson founded Sandalfeet Ministries in 2012 as a way to minister to people while still raising her young family. She is a wife, mom of three children and a servant leader. She blogs on her website She has three published books - Forgiveness - Unforgiveness: Revealed Through Your Fruits, Sit At His Feet: Choose What is Better, and Simplify the Season: Rediscover Christ Through Advent. She’s working on her fourth book, Spiritual Orphans: A Generation in Crisis. Erin’s ...
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This is dedicated to Jesus Christ who is real and alive ...His word is true and He is supernaturally in Love with YOU! Here you will recieve free training and equipping of Kingdom people, here you will solid training and understanding of the Spirit realm according to God and His ways.
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In this message Bertie expounds Mat 6 verse 24 and how it relates to finances. We examine prosperity and generosity from a grace foundation, and learn how they relate to contentment, and also that our sowing and reaping do not qualify us for Gods blessing in Christ.Bertie teaches us about the communion from 1 Cor 11 and our attitude towards it ...…
Jesus drank the cup of Gods wrath so we could now eat at his table. Not using our faith to work or qualify before God but seeing that the taking of our cross signifies the death of the lawman.
Matthew16:19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind on earth must be what is already bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth must be what is already loosed in heaven.
Bertie explains giving in the new testament in a great way. This teaching is an absolute must for every believer. WE HAVE BEEN SET FREE!!
All that God has done in Jesus has no value to the life of the individual, if not mixed with faith. The heart of a person is his belief system, from the belief system the power that drives your life in this world flows. In this teaching Bertie explains the dynamics of faith and it importance.
This is a great message from Nico Uys - (Only Audio)
Bertie preached in a church in Cape town. This message consists out of a combination of many messages, with the focus on the perfection that came through Jesus. Many people was touched by the message, set free bu the truth and it ends of by breaking bread together. Get your bread and wine ready and partake with us.…
Bertie explains what NO CONDEMNATION really is. Many Christians are living in condemnation and not even knowing it. This message will help you to understand the difference between guilt condemnation and correction.
Bertie shares an amazing message that will touch your heart on Grace as the influence unto good works.
This message is a must for any person that is serious about true freedom in the area of money, be it as a church leader or in business. Be prepared to be challenged to the core of your belief. You might even what to switch the message of half way through but it promises the fruit of true freedom and life in its truth, listen to the entire messa ...…
Bertie talks about Justification in the New Testament.
This message will help you understand how true stability comes and help you to experience stability in you thoughts and emotions by His stability.
In this teaching Bertie explains how sin is condemned by Jesus. It explains the power of what God originally intended for us and how God saves man from sin and death. Bertie explains that sin and death are what Jesus condemned in order that we will not be condemned unto death by sin killing us.
In this message Bertie explains the foundation that was placed from the beginning. He also explains some very interesting facts about what the WILL OF GOD is for your life.
In this message Bertie Brits explains further the Atonement and why the Blood of Jesus was necessary.
In this message Bertie Brits explains the place of signs, wonders and miracles in the light of Grace and the truth they point to. Miracles were never the end goal of the Gospel, and he explains the Gospel and what role miracles, signs and wonders play in the light of the resurrection. This is a must hear message for all.…
Bertie Brits answers questions about Lesson 2 of the Disciple Program-"The creation and the fall of the earth". This recording is available in audio format only.
Bertie bespreek die liefde van God in n kragte wyse waarin hy verduidelik dat die mens waardevol is vir God. Die boodskap van ons onskuld in Christus asook dit wat ons bekragtig tot n nuwe lewe word verduidelik.
In this message Bertie Brits explains what the kingdom of God is and how the kingdom of God works. And how it is GOD's responsibility to manifest His Kingdom in the earth within each believer and how only He brings forth His life in us by Grace.
In this message Bertie Brits explains how we are saved by Grace and what that exactly means. And how God has always wanted to share HIS Quality of life with us, all by His doing. He also explains what 'works' is and how it can never bring forth the life of God in us.
In this message Bertie explains how the LAW is FULFILLED in Jesus. He also explains what the following scriptures mean: Rom. 3:30-31: "Seeing it is one God, which shall justify the circumcision by faith, and uncircumcision through faith. Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid: yea, we establish the law."…
In this message Bertie Brits teaches on what keeps us in the GRACE of God. He will be teaching from Heb 12:1-2. In this passage Bertie will teach on the eternal investment God made in humanity in Jesus and what the power is that keeps us from falling in the LAW, From Eph 2:10 Bertie will explain what Gods plan is with man. From John 3:16 from w ...…
Bertie Brits will be teaching from 1 John 3:3 as well as Rom 8:24. This message is a continuation of his teaching on what the new birth is.
In this message Bertie explains easy obedience - this will TRULY enrich you and leave you with a sweet peace lingering in your heart.
In this teaching Bertie explains the fire and hell spoken of in the story of the Rich man and Lazarus
In hierdie boodskap gesels Bertie oor die basiese beginsels wat verstaan moet word om die meeste te maak van Bybel lees. Hy verduidelik dat dit uiters belangrik is om ten alle tye die WOORD raak te lees in die SKRIF. In die boodskap word daar ook duidelike onderskeid getref tussen die Skrif en die Woord van God.…
In this teaching Bertie explains what true peace is
What is the Gospel exactly? If you have this question, then this is your answer.
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