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"Perspectives on studying abroad from past and present students of color." A bi-weekly interview podcast created and hosted by Danielle G., a former student herself.
Where should you go? For how long? How can you afford it.....? These are just a few of the questions we discuss on The Study Abroadcast. If you're thinking about studying abroad this is a perfect podcast for you to listen to in order to motivate, and inspire your inner Indiana Jones or Carmen Sandiego. Get ideas from others. Make plans for your own. And for Pete's sake, study abroad...smarter.
the podcast about all things intercultural
Study Abroad Radio
Bringing you local music from around the world
The Inside Study Abroad Podcast explores the world of international education and meaningful travel with fascinating guests, a little friendly debate, and whole lot of practical advice. Episodes touch on various aspects of study abroad, entrepreneurship, career growth, higher education, and travel.
A podcast related to all things studying abroad - providing insight into the eye experience for about to, in the middle of or curious about what it's like to study abroad Cover photo by Porapak Apichodilok Instrumentals by Lee Rosevere
Study Abroad Podcast is a series of podcasts that are about experiences of people who studied abroad from Pacific University. Students who studied in Australia, Chile, London, Japan, and Germany talk about their experiences and cultural differences. They will also give advice for people who are thinking about study abroad in the future.
Yes! Study Abroad is a platform to encourage and equip minority students with the tools needed to study abroad and be competitive in a global setting. Students from all over have shared their study abroad experience to inspire you and so that you can learn from their mistakes. Take these stories with you on the go, on your commute or while multi-tasking! Drop your questions and comments for advice from YSA founder, Kierra. Enjoy!
Two Years Ago, Pete, an American college student and soccer fanatic, met two Brits on a study abroad trip to the US. Since then, they've been talking soccer and trading notes on culture and life ever since. Now that college is over, Pete's travels, meetings with fellow soccer, and the occasional banter with the two Brits are being shared with the rest of the world.Follow us on social media!Instagram - @betweenthestickspod
Welcome to UNC Study Abroad Podcast. With 300 study abroad programs spanning 70 countries, UNC Study Abroad has a lot to offer. In this podcast we sit down with UNC students and alumni and learn how study abroad has led to personal and academic growth.Website:
Ripple Effects
Ripple Effects: Travelers with Disabilities Abroad is a podcast brought to you by Mobility International USA, where we listen to the vivid stories from people with disabilities going abroad and the positive impact these experiences have on shifting ideas of what is possible.
Your Journey to Monash
Your Journey to Monash is dedicated to sharing the real life experiences of senior international students studying at Monash University. Hear from a diverse mix of students and guests as they discuss important issues involving pre-arrival, arrival, visas, homesickness, making friends, improving your English and more. The podcast series is about gaining an understanding of what studying abroad may be like and to help you be as prepared as
Walking on Earth
Travelling abroad with the hope of finding somewhat greater than I know . . .
CSIS looks at how rapidly changing technology and cybersecurity are affecting the world in the twenty-first century. Issues covered include intelligence, surveillance, encryption, privacy, military technology, space, and more. Programs leading the research on this topic include the Technology Policy Program and the International Security Program.Find the latest research from our scholars and CSIS events on this topic below.
Zac Poonen Sermons
Zac Poonen, a former Indian Naval Officer, has been serving the Lord in India for over 50 years as a Bible-teacher. He has responsibility for a number of churches in India and abroad. His sermons, books, articles and bible studies are available free of charge online at This podcast series features his recent sermons and messages.
Mindful Expat is a weekly podcast show designed for those living abroad to provide you with weekly guideposts for emotional wellbeing and resilience in your international life and to help you make the most of your inner and outer journeys. Living abroad presents us with unique challenges, but also equally unique opportunities for personal growth and development. Psychologist and expat counselor, Dana Nelson, Ph.D., shares insights on emotional wellbeing for overseas adventurers and brings yo ...
Wandering Nature
Wandering Nature is devoted to discovering nature’s wonderful, strange, and fascinating organisms and ecosystems. Because these ecosystems are in exotic and wild locations, it’s also about the adventures, joys, and challenges of travel abroad. The project is made possible by a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, which provides funding to recent college graduates to pursue a year of independent, non-academic study abroad.
A Home for the Nomads at Heart. Where travel, study abroad, and intercultural living overlap with spirituality, consciousness, and self development.
Nate's BlogAbroad
Podcasts from my time studying abroad in Bern, Switzerland. Enjoy! Visit the blog at
Strici iz tujine
Went to Munich, Germany, at 19 to study abroad ... it was the best decision I have ever made! Now I want to help you make your best decision ever!
TBindi Podcast
My adventures studying abroad in Rome and across Europe, as well as current American sports opinions.
Welcome to the “Studies and Career Podcast”. The podcast is produced by Jonathan Schalk, Madelene Rönnberg och Sara Rosenquist, Uppsala university, Sweden. The podcast deals with topics regarding studies at Uppsala university and focuses on career paths, international studies and student life in general. Welcome to listen, comment and contact us!
Two guys podcasting about the obscure side of Japan you haven't heard about but probably should.
Oncourse Vantage is India's foremost creative and alternate education company that aims to bridge to gap between formal education and real world skills. They offer a plethora of institutional and non-institutional programs to help develop life-skills along with standardised test prep and assistance with undergraduate, graduate or MBA study abroad applications. The podcast is an extension of their work as educational consultants, where hosts & founders Alisha & Akhil breakdown how to choose t ...
Global Roundup
Do you want to study abroad to enhance your journalism education? In this podcast, Jonah McKeown and Jiwon Choi from the University of Missouri's Global Programs Office bring in guests who have done just that, to help you learn more about studying abroad. Enhance your global perspective and get connected to our office to make the most of your time at the University of Missouri. Come and explore the world with us!
This UPR original series is a yearlong storytelling project about borders that are crossed to pursue goals or make changes in society. New episodes added monthly through June 2018. The UPR Original Series "Crossing Borders" is a yearlong storytelling project between UPR and the USU Office of Global Engagement - providing services for international students and scholars; and facilitating study abroad opportunities for students and faculty. Details found here .
Saigoneer Podcast
The Saigoneer Podcast allows listeners to take our reporting, insight and banter anywhere through in-depth discussions on Vietnamese society and culture, as well as interviews with special guests.
This is the podcast where I share my experiences traveling and studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Millennial Thoughts dives into all things that affect our day to day lives. Every episode we will discuss a new topic and how it affects millennials as well as how we feel about it being a millennial. Support this podcast:
Jiran 2018
Jiran (جيران) is a 5-week summer language program from July 2-August 3, 2018 that pairs intermediate and advanced Arabic students with underserved Arabic-speaking families in New Britain, Connecticut. Jiran programming in a program focused on Arabic language learning and intercultural competence development. The program allows student participants to progress in Arabic, access Arabic speakers from places they cannot study abroad (Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, etc), and experientially learn abou ...
Performers Joe Canose and close friend Scotty get together once a week to discuss the finer points of nothing in particular. Inspired by their daily lives in San Francisco, this podcast covers everything from the inane to the completely inappropriate. Listening to Joe and Scotty is like that one time you got stuck in an elevator with all the interns on their first day, and there was that one with the weird thing on her face, but, like… surprisingly nice legs. But, you couldn’t even pay atten ...
Morning Air
Morning Air® with John Harper is an inspiring, informative, joyful, and family-friendly way to start your day! From breaking news and social issues to tips for business, parenting and family life, Harper and co-host Glen Lewerenz cover every topic from a balanced, Catholic perspective.
Through conversations with artists and community members, we’re spreading positivity, thoughts, music, and art—all through a Filipino American perspective. Based out of Daly City—the Pinoy Capital of the United States—the goal is to empower the FilAm community and Pinays / Pinoys throughout the world by profiling awesome people and spreading good vibes. This is a mix of personal journals, interviews, recordings, and whatever can be created. Hope you enjoy!
Expat Women Radio
A platform for Expatriates who are live, study, work or travel abroad. We will discuss how to become an Expat as well as how to maintain life as an Expat.
Live from SUSU, we are the University of Southampton's award winning student-run radio station, broadcasting 24/7 at Follow us and subscribe for weekly podcasts, interviews, live sessions, and more!
The Student Visa Podcast is for the curious and adventurous listener. It is for people who want the most out of life. Host Rob Sulaski will bring on other international students to share background information, personal stories and travel tips on a variety of experiences in and around Spain. Whether you are a student preparing for your own study abroad, a traveler looking for tips or a listener who wants to learn about an exciting new place on your daily commute, Student Visa has something f ...
A weekly 5 minute thought-provoking insight designed to rekindle our adventurous spirits, and entice us to live our lives to the fullest. Written and read by Nathan Minnehan, produced and recorded by WalknTalk. Nathan Minnehan is a world class suit designer, published author, public speaker, coach, linguist, and international entrepreneur. He is the founder of and Nathan has dedicated his life to building brands that inspire others to transform ...
Aliens with Visas
Aliens with Visas is a podcast about studying/living abroad, and all that comes with it. Career pains, financial strains, and cultural assimilation are some of the topics discussed on the show. What are the seeds of motivation, driving this quest for success and what is the internal journey of a student immigrant through it all?
As you prepare to take this journey to study, work, volunteer, or retire abroad, subscribe to The Your Expat Expert podcast to minimize the ‘Nobody told me or I didn’t know moments’. Now let’s begin a smoother transition. Today’s Show: Welcome to The Your Expat Expert Podcast Your Expat Expert Podcast provides expatriate services to individuals and companies moving abroad in an educational environment with an informative voice helping you feel confident and more importantly, prepared. Want t ...
Inside Mizzou
As the first public university west of the Mississippi River, the University of Missouri contributes to today’s most important innovations and issues happening around the world. From the classroom to the corn field, journalism to SEC athletics, Mizzou works 52 weeks a year, every year. Join Chancellor Alexander N. Cartwright on his weekly podcast, “Inside Mizzou,” as he connects with students, faculty, staff and alumni to explore the real stories, real discoveries and real impact of the Mizz ...
Expat Sandwich
Running from the law? Looking for a place to retire or simply want to know what it's like to live in another country? Expat Sandwich, hosted by Marty Walker, features an eclectic range of expats sharing the best, the weirdest and the worst of living abroad. Learn more at
NCC Forum
This series explores Nassau Community College's rich educational environment, including the dedicated faculty, administration, student clubs, and events on campus.
American Scandal
Every scandal begins with a lie. But the truth will come out. And then comes the fallout and the outrage. Scandals have shaped America since its founding. From business and politics to sports and society, we look on aghast as corruption, deceit and ambition bring down heroes and celebrities, politicians and moguls. And when the dust finally settles, we’re left to wonder: how did this happen? Where did they trip up, and who is to blame? From the creators of American History Tellers, Business ...
Teachers know that when classes are done, the beer has been poured, teachers gather around the table, and the talk turns to...teaching. Great (and not so great ideas) are tossed around, argued, praised, and ridiculed. What's been missing is a microphone on the table. Until now. If you're a teacher, and especially if you're teaching in Japan, have a listen. Tony and Charles talk about what they've learned, what works, what doesn't, and what other teachers like you have to say.
Expat Sandwich
Running from the law? Looking for a place to retire or simply want to know what it's like to live in another country? Expat Sandwich, hosted by Marty Walker, features an eclectic range of expats sharing the best, the weirdest and the worst of living abroad. Learn more at
Featuring personal business stories of entrepreneurs, from early stage start-ups, all the way to billionaire octogenarians in Malaysia and abroad, Open for Business is a valuable resource of shared experiences for the SME industry. The occasional business coach makes an appearance for a different perspective on business concerns.
American Idiots Abroad
AJ Marks and Megan Sola-Guinto are two American musicians studying in England and host a biweekly podcast with a variety of local and international guests to discuss the cultural differences between the U.S. and the U.K. From explaining slang to debunking various misconceptions, Americans and Britons alike can tune in to hear fresh perspectives on what the other countries are like. Email your questions, corrections and stereotypes to and follow AJ and Megan on social media ...
Digital Diamonds is the go-to podcast for high-vibe women, girl boss entrepreneurs and content creators who want to grow a standout personal brand online. Social media coach and content queen Laura Langheinrich shares weekly episodes with top tips on digital marketing, online video and mindset to help you get the attention, sales and success you want online. Laura also brings on industry leaders and inspiring content creators from all around the world to join her and share all the best & act ...
Voices in Japan
Ogni settimana
Discover what Japan is REALLY like. Every week, join Burke and Ben, as they share their personal experiences and opinions about living in Japan, covering all topics such as working, studying Japanese, customs, holidays, traditions and much much more. Whatever you want to know about Japan, you can find it here.
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The University of Missouri may sit – as we like to say - in the middle of the middle of the country, but the reach of our campus and community is global. Our students, faculty and staff represent six continents. And every year, we send more than 1,000 Tigers abroad to gain vital learning and scholarly experiences that connect us even more to th ...…
Joshua Laurel is a Public Health major student at UC Berkeley, set to graduate this 2020! He went to the Philippines this last summer and studied at UP Diliman, through UC Berkeley’s first Study Abroad initiative in the Philippines. In this episode, we talk about his experience during study abroad—going back to study at his home country’s top p ...…
Thurs. Oct. 3rd-Hour 2. Fr. Paul Cannariato on the influence of St. Francis. Tim Glemkowski about parishes readiness for millenials moving to the suburbs. The Rome Study Abroad program of the University of Mary with Msgr. James Shea, Alex Haug and Bryn Anderson. Eric Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League on an Illinois bill restricting […] Al ...…
In this episode we talk to the founder of the Diversity of International Women of Color, Ms. Alhia. She started a nonprofit to help provide funds so women can study abroad. Follow her non profit on Instagram @ d.w.i.c --- Support this podcast:
University of Southampton Study Abroad and Exchange Team discuss the highs and lows of doing a year abroad in Hong Kong with a group of Southampton Students.Contact us at and follow our students on Instagram @sotonabroadPresented by Gemma and HaleyProduced by Jack ChallinorEdited by Jack Challinor…
This Week In Southampton (TWIS)is a fortnightly podcast, aimed at University of Southampton students, reporting news on campus and in and around our city.By Surge Radio.
Tues. Wed. Oct. 22nd-Hour 3. Archbishop Bernard Hebda on the influence of St. John Henry Cardinal Newman. Fr. Rocky discusses his love of St. John Paul II. All show notes at Influence of St. John Henry Cardinal Newman and St. John Paul II - This podcast produced by Relevant RadioBy Relevant Radio.
Tues. Oct. 22nd-Hour 2. The Importance of Beauty in Liturgy with Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone. The 2020 March for Life Theme with Jeanne Mancini. The dangers of Safe Injection Sites with Fr. Douglas McKay. Real Life is Elsewhere with May Beth Bonacci. Saint of the Day. Glen’s Story Corner All show notes at Beauty in Liturgy, March for Life T ...…
Tues. Oct 22nd-Hour 1. Fr. Joe D’Amico on the importance of prayer partners in our spiritual lives. Holiness for Busy Moms with Michele Chronister. Shawn Carney from 40 Days for Life during the Fall 2019 Campaign. Glen’s Story Corner All show notes at 40 Days for Life, Holiness for Busy Moms, Prayer Partner Importance - This podcast produced by ...…
Singapore’s first retail electricity marketplace,, has created a peer-to-peer energy trading platform, Synergy, that TNB has expressed interest in. CEO Martin Lim discusses how Malaysia can move towards renewable energy, the benefits of peer-to-peer energy trading, and how liberalisation could pave the path to a new modern energy e ...…
Mon. Oct. 21st-Hour 2. The upcoming docudrama, “Love and Mercy” with Fr. Chris Alar. Rhonda Martin on why the fascination with the dark side. Sr. Bridget Haase on what we could learn about the poor from St. Zita. Homily Highlights-Fr. Christopher Smith, Fr. Paul Fagan, Fr. Marcel Taillon. Saint of the Day. Glen’s Story Corner All show notes at ...…
Mon. Oct. 21st-Hour 3. The Seven Deadly Wounds and the Power of Confession with Fr. Burke Masters. Bishop Michael Burbidge (Diocese of Arlington, VA) on ministering with those with special needs. Homily Highlights-Fr. Christopher Smith, Fr. Brian Belongia, Fr. Paul Fagan. Glen’s Story Corner All show notes at On the deadly wounds and power of c ...…
Mon. Oct. 21st-Hour 1. Bishop Donald Hying (Diocese of Madison) on the Dual Nature of Christ. Audio of Jeff Cavins on his ministry and the beginning of Relevant Radio and Morning Air. Melissa Guerrero on how to bring back parents to the faith. Glen’s Story Corner All show notes at Dual Nature of Christ, Jeff Cavins, Bringing Parents Back to the ...…
In our next episode of digital transformation with Jason Low, we review a case study with Thundermatch (TMT), Malaysia’s largest IT retailer on how they took on a challenge to transform during their 1-year journey.
Confused as to how we ended up in this Brexit shaped mess? So am I! If you want to learn more about what happened to all things brexit related over the summer, give this a listen!By Surge Radio.
Fri. Oct. 18th-Hour 2. Fr. Joe D’Amico on the Importance of Prayer Partners and taking that example from the Old Testament. Shawn Carney on the Halfway Mark of the Fall 2019 40 Days for Life Campaign. Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg reflects on the Gospel for the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Glen’s Story Corner All show notes at 40 Days for Life Hal ...…
Fri. Oct. 18th-Hour 3. Gary Zimak on How the Rosary has helped you. The Real Presence of the Eucharist with Bishop Bill Wack (Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee). You called with your prayer petitions. All show notes at How the Rosary has helped you, The Real Presence of the Eucharist - This podcast produced by Relevant Radio…
Fri. Oct. 18th-Hour 1. Fr. Marcel Taillon answers your faith questions and talks about conversion. Continued Discussion on Prayer with Msgr. Stuart Swetland. Glen’s Story Corner All show notes at Faith Questions Answered and Continued Discussion on Prayer - This podcast produced by Relevant RadioBy Relevant Radio.
Nexea is a venture capital and startup accelerator firm that aims to support and fund tomorrow’s tech giants. We dissect the firm’s methodology, which aims to create tech startups that can grow 10X within a few short years.
Thurs. Oct. 17th-Hour 2. Kim Morgan on Pregnancy Loss. Audio of Matt Beardsley interviews former Morning Air Host Jeff Cavins. Msgr. James Shea on St. John Henry Newman. Audio of Glen Lewerenz at the Catholic Schools Center of Excellence Conference in Minnesota. Glen’s Story Corner All show notes at Jeff Cavins, Pregnancy Loss, St. John Henry N ...…
Thurs. Oct. 17th-Hour 3. The Dual Nature of Christ with Bishop Donald Hying (Madison, WI). The Influence of Deacons with Fr. James Kubicki. All show notes at The Dual Nature of Christ, Influence of Deacons - This podcast produced by Relevant RadioBy Relevant Radio.
Thurs. Oct. 17th-Hour 1. Bishop Brendan Cahill (Diocese of Victoria, TX) on the Power of the Rosary and also on Immigration. Fr. Carter Griffin on unanswered prayers and what to do about them. Glen’s Story Corner All show notes at On Unanswered Prayers, The Power of the Rosary, Immigration - This podcast produced by Relevant Radio…
Ryde Technologies, a Singapore based startup launched in early 2015, is expanding its carpool services app to Malaysia. Ryde was launched as an alternative to existing transportation solutions, matching private-car drivers with commuters on a similar route. Not only does a RydePool trip allow drivers and riders to move efficiently, it also help ...…
There’s been a lot of confusion as the tax on some goods have increased to 10% but some have not. Also, some companies have decided to absorb the tax increase into their pricing, while other companies have used the timing of the tax increase to significantly raise their own prices, such as Japan Rail Hokkaido. Yes, it’s all very confusing and t ...…
In this episode I talk with travel blogger gabby also known on the web as packslight who discusses how she studied abroad for free, travels while having a 9-5 and provides travel opportunities on her blog site for everyone.--- Support this podcast:
Wed. Oct. 16th-Hour 2. Happy National Boss’ Day with Bro. Greg Cellini as he talks about how to better your relationship with your boss. How you know you’re not pious enough with Tom Hoopes. Vatican Correspondent Ashley Noronha on Pope Francis’ General Audience and celebrating Feast days in Rome. Cassie Everts on her new book: […] All show note ...…
Wed. Oct. 16th-Hour 3. Fr. Marcel Taillon about praying in public and also answers your faith questions. Dave Durand on What Great Leaders Do. All show notes at Praying in Public, Faith Questions Answered, What Great Leaders Do - This podcast produced by Relevant RadioBy Relevant Radio.
Tues. Oct. 16th-Hour 1. The Value of Pilgrimages with Fr. John Gordon. Fr. Robert McTeigue on the Deadly Sin of Pride. Jacqueline Burkepile on how the Rosary changed her life and helped her find her husband. Glen’s Story Corner All show notes at The Value of Pilgrimages, Deadly Sin of Pride, Rosary Changed Her Life - This podcast produced by Re ...…
If eating insects grosses you out, you might want to know that creepy crawlies like the Black Soldier Fly could be the food of the future. With food crisis hitting many parts of the world and human demand outweighing supply, companies like Life Origin are working hard to find alternative food sources that are sustainable and easy to harvest. In ...…
Tues. Oct. 16th-Hour 2. National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day and how to counsel and help those who have miscarried with Laura Kelly Fanucci. Bishop Brendan Cahill (Victoria, TX) on the Rosary Congress he hosted and also talks about immigration. Glen’s Story Corner All show notes at National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Da ...…
Tues. Oct. 15th-Hour 3. On what to do about unanswered prayers with Fr. Carter Griffin. Msgr. Stuart Swetland continues the conversation about prayers and also answers your faith questions. All show notes at On what to do about Unanswered Prayers and faith questions answered - This podcast produced by Relevant Radio…
Tues. Oct. 15th-Hour 1. Bishop John Barres on the 1969 New York Mets and using their You Gotta Believe slogan as a role model for our faith. Mario Costabile on “Array of Hope”. Dating in a Wasteland with Mary Cuff. Glen’s Story Corner All show notes at 1969 Mets and You Gotta Believe, Array of Hope, Dating in a Wasteland - This podcast produced ...…
Today we talk to Emmanuela a travel blogger for JetSetters diary as she travels the Caribbean, while working on her doctorate while having a full time job. She is a first generation Haitian American who has been traveling all her life. She hopes to make it to Africa one day and has a goal to go to every country in the Carribean. --- Support thi ...…
When humans go on holiday, they can treat themselves to the comfiest, most luxurious experience - but when pets are left behind on holiday, they’re often not afforded the same privileges. Muhammad Syahir Zainal, founder of the world’s first 5-star cat hotel, discusses how Catzonia Hostails provides anything and everything a cat and their owner ...…
Mon. Oct. 14th-Hour 3. Fr. John Gordon on the value of pilgrimages as callers share their pilgrimage stories. Marcel LeJeune on the idea that Fruitfulness in Ministry should be named more than numbered. Homily Highlights from Fr. Marcel Taillon and Archbishop Jose Gomez Pope Francis and Fr. Bismarck Chau on the canonization of St. John […] All ...…
Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, TX on continuing education with the St. Phillip Institute in his Diocese. Jonathan Campos on music from “The Risen Project” and ministering to the Brazilian Catholic Community in San Francisco. Emily Jaminet on living a more authentic faith life. Homily Highlights-Fr. Marcel Taillon, Bishop Paul Swain, Fr. Joh ...…
Mon. Oct. 14th-Hour 1. The Power of the Eucharist with Bishop Bill Wack. Msgr. Stuart Swetland on abortion, Planned Parenthood and advice given to a grandmother for her granddaughter. Glen’s Story Corner. All show notes at The Power of the Eucharist, Advice for a grandmother - This podcast produced by Relevant Radio…
Failing Forward features real-life stories from entrepreneurs who have failed and are stronger for it. On this episode, we discuss the challenges of cash flow management with Jusri Ong from Telecontinent, who was faced with a crucial decision on whether to stay in business and continue to “bleed” or cut his losses and close down, after setting ...…
We're back with more footy! Hartford Athletic's first season is hitting its end, and while experiencing an away day in the Great White North, Pete visits the Senate Tavern where Ottawa Fury supporters spend their match days. Pete talks to three members of the squad, Simon, Alec, and Stephane about Ottawa's history from league to league, the pot ...…
This week, we begin (1:32) by discussing the impact social media, and especially Instagram, can have on tourism in light of two headline-grabbing recent events: the abrupt closure of Hanoi's 'train street,' and the social media furor that erupted after pictures of an illegally-built hotel on the Ma Pi Leng Pass in Ha Giang Province appeared on ...…
100th Episdode Request Bird’s nest in Lawson’s sign Special Segment – Columbo Books Review Tourism getting out of hand? Song … More japan2point0.wordpress.comBy David and Matt.
The Big Debate kicks off episode one of Series three! In this episode we discuss: -EU will decide on Johnson's Brexit plans, by "the end of the week" -Scotland introduce law which bans parents from smacking their children -Hong Kong protests reignite -Iranian hackers attempt to hack President Trump's re-election campaign, according to Microsoft ...…
Fri. Oct. 11th-Hour 2. Bishop John Barres of the Diocese of Rockville Centre (Long Island, NY) on using the 1969 Amazin’ Mets as a role model to believe. The Little Sisters of the Poor are back in court again and Montse Alvarado explains why. Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg on the Sunday Gospel for the 28th Sunday […] All show notes at ’69 Mets and ‘ ...…
Fri. Oct. 11th-Hour 3. The influence of the Word of God in your life with Fr. Tim Graff. Jim Otremba on ways to cultivate joy. Prayer Requests taken. All show notes at Ways to Cultivate Joy, Influence of Word of God - This podcast produced by Relevant RadioBy Relevant Radio.
Fri. Oct. 11th-Hour 1. Fr. Marcel Taillon on confession and conversion stories. Pastoral questions answered by John Harper’s Spiritual Director, Fr. Al Audette. Glen’s Story Corner All show notes at Confession and conversion stories, Pastoral Questions Answered - This podcast produced by Relevant Radio…
Comic books. Alternative history. Space-age Malaysia. Open For Business gets geeky with Azlan Tahir and Adley Ariffin, creators of a comic book series called Unity Macroverse. Under the surface, Unity works as a collaborative platform for local (and regional) creatives. We speak to Azlan and Adley about the business of creative ventures, social ...…
Thurs. Oct. 10th-Hour 3. Relevant Radio Religion Correspondent Msgr. Stuart Swetland on abortion, planned parenthood and book recommendations to help a 13 year old. Fr. James Kubicki on the power of the rosary and callers share their rosary stories. All show notes at Power of the Rosary, Book Recommendations to help a 13 year old, Abortion and ...…
Thurs. Oct. 10th-Hour 2. Fr. Dan Dorsey on the Extraordinary Mission Month of October. Patrick Reilyy on the Canonization of John Henry Newman. Msgr. James Shea and Taylor Lassiter on service. Abby Johnson on the Box of Joy program and a little bit about Planned Parenthood. Saint of the Day. Glen’s Story Corner All show notes at Mission Month, ...…
Thurs. Oct. 10th-Hour 1. Bishop James Wall (Gallup, NM) on the power of the rosary and also about religious freedom. Fr. Rocky (Relevant Radio Exec Director) on Our Lady of Good Help and answers your faith questions. All show notes at Month of the Rosary, Religious Freedom, Our Lady of Good Help - This podcast produced by Relevant Radio…
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