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Podcasts from the San Francisco Symphony and Music Director Michael Tilson Thomas.
A classical music podcast. Join the National Arts Centre Orchestra's Marjolaine Fournier and one Canada's foremost music journalists, Jean-Jacques van Vlasselaer, as they explore the symphonic form from Haydn to Shostakovich.
The BSO podcast is dedicated to telling the stories of its players and visiting musicians, and to the history behind the music that the orchestra performs.
The San Francisco Symphony’s American Orchestra Forum brings together voices from diverse cultural perspectives and the general public to explore the 21st-century American orchestra. Topics include how orchestras connect with their communities; how orchestras balance creativity and innovation with artistic traditions and practices; and what orchestras can learn about changing audience patterns and engagement strategies from looking outside their own industry.
Perth Symphony Orchestra is one of Australia's leading orchestras. Based in Western Australia, the orchestra is committed to providing orchestral entertainment of the highest standard, whilst bringing a vibrant, fresh and innovative approach to performances. Under the baton of Chief Conductor Jessica Gethin and leadership of Concertmaster Paul Wright, the orchestra performs an extremely broad range of music, with the aim of delighting the widest possible audience.
My Symphony Of Life
Do you want a calm, cool, and "no-surprise" kind of life? Then this might not be the show for you. My Symphony Of Life is all about the challenges and rewards of being a middle-class mom and managing a family & home, job, pets, school activities, and helping run a production company and podcast network. Not for the faint of heart...Ana helps show you how to maintain control of a busy life and still have time to pursue your own passions and dreams.
The ability to hold a person's attention through music without text over a long span of time requires enormous contrasts, invention, discipline, and knowledge. A Symphony is an attempt to fuse the very best of extremely diverse elements of music and pay tribute to the millions of different sounds and forms and contents and cultures which music can show us. The Symphony is a musical democracy through which every kind and possibility of music's meaning is sounded together in dialogue with one ...
A weekly look at the four weekly readings with the Rev. Dr. Christopher Seitz, Wycliffe College
BT's Laptop Symphony
"Laptop Symphony" is the weekly radio show from pioneering electronic artist and GRAMMY™ nominated composer BT. Showcasing the best and brightest in a variety of new styles of EDM, in "Laptop Symphony" is an elixir to "one style" EDM shows. From Trance and progressive to new hybrids of bass music, no stone is left unturned in search for the most jaw dropping modern EDM soundscapes. "Laptop Symphony" is a one hour radio show, joined weekly by thousands of fans worldwide using the hashtag #Lap ...
LibriVox volunteers bring you 21 recordings of Symphony in Yellow by Oscar Wilde. This was the Weekly Poetry project for March 18, 2012.Oscar Wilde, an Irish author who lived for much of his life in London, is most famous for his witty, satirical plays. He also worked for some time as a journalist.Much of his poetry was written early in his career, with a notable exception being The Ballad of Reading Gaol. This poem, Symphony in Yellow, is probably one of his earlier works; in it he describe ...
A preview of the 147 minute new score for Fritz Lang's silent film Metropolis (1926) by Abel Korzeniowski
The House of Dust is a poem written in the four-movement format of a classical symphony. Hauntingly beautiful despite its bleak post-World War I depictions of human mortality and loss, the poem develops its movements around central images such as Japanese ukiyo-e ("floating world") woodblock prints, touching the reader's senses with endlessly evocative allusions to wind, sea, and weather. In this underlying Japanese sensibility and dependence on central perceptual images, Aiken's poem is sim ...
These discussions provide an insight into the programming decisions, the music, the guest artists, and many interesting historical and musicial tidbits about the Wichita Symphony Orchestra concerts.
Symphony Sessions
Like that OTHER composer with a similar name (but without the syphillis), Mosart212 (aka Maria JoséButter, aka Boston Blackie) is a prolific creator of bad-ass funky symphonies for the post-modern era. While he’s a DJ’s DJ, he’s also so much more: composer, rabblerouser, crate-digger, beatsmith, Baseball Fury, teacher, curator, writer, bargain-hunter, philosopher, boogaloo shrimp, hep cat, and all-around artiste. Symphony Sessions is a weekly foray into the mind of Mr. Mosart212. One week yo ...
BT's Laptop Symphony
"Laptop Symphony" is the weekly radio show from pioneering electronic artist and GRAMMY™ nominated composer BT. Showcasing the best and brightest in a variety of new styles of EDM, in "Laptop Symphony" is an elixir to "one style" EDM shows. From Trance and progressive to new hybrids of bass music, no stone is left unturned in search for the most jaw dropping modern EDM soundscapes. "Laptop Symphony" is a one hour radio show, joined weekly by thousands of fans worldwide using the hashtag #Lap ...
Sophie brings you her selection of the very finest in uplifting and melodic trance each and every month. 'Symphony - Together in Sound'. Enjoy!
Founded by Jerry Gardner in 1971, the Metropolitan Wind Symphony comprises over 70 talented woodwind, brass, and percussion instrumentalists who audition for membership and seating. It makes a significant contribution to the cultural life of the Greater Boston community by providing its audiences with high quality concerts and its members with opportunities for musical growth.
"Music is the rhythm of my soul. A hidden orchestra, buried deep within. I know not, what instruments sound and clash inside. All I hear, is a single song .... my inner symphony." (Soul Button)
The Audio only version of the Audio-Visual Podcast - Visual Symphony by Ace Pixels.Featuring the best DJs/Producers.60 Minutes of non-stop Audio Visual Treat!
Join Kewlio in his quest to play video games and discover the weird and geeky things of the world! Listen to chiptune artists you may never have heard of! Broadcasted live on CKDU 88.1 FM in Halifax, or on everywhere, at 5 PM Atlantic Time every Friday. Podcast updates the following Sunday.
Symphony Hifi
Welcome to Symphony Hifi, We design, engineer, program, install & maintain smart home automation technology, home theater systems for the Wilmington, DE area & the surrounding area.Contact us at 302-404-0526 or
Join RSO Music Director Steven Larsen to learn more about RSO programming and get behind-the-scenes info.
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra by hearing our podcasts.
After CSO concerts at Music Hall, the place to gather is the Green Room. It's where CSO fans mingle with Paavo, the musicians and the artists. It's the behind-the-scenes place to be! The CSO Green Room is the online backstage lowdown on all things CSO. Download today to learn more about the inner workings of this world class orchestra.
Every Symphony has a conductor and every business has an orchestrator. YES is Your Executive Symphony, an educational forum for small and mid sized businesses. Our goal is to help you thrive. Your Executive Symphony Theme Music by Matthew C. Thomas
Symphony Hifi
We design, engineer, program, install & maintain smart home automation technology, home theater systems for the Wilmington, DE area & the surrounding area.
Soccer Symphony
The Soccer Centered Podcast! Don’t Just Watch, Listen
Music is played. Opinions are shared. What could go wrong?
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Der Rosenkavalier was Richard Strauss's "Mozart opera," and its sparkle, wit, sentiment and infectious music- especially the waltzes - cemented his standing at the top of the operatic world.By (San Francisco Symphony).
Why dont we shed a light on the up coming 2018 FIFA Ballon d'Or nominations. Who do you think deserves one of the most prestigious trophies in the beautiful game?
Serge Diaghilev was turned down by four composers before turning to Igor Stravinsky to write the music for a new production by the Ballet Russe. Luckily, Stravinsky, eager to try his hand at a ballet, had already been working on the music for a month, and their artistic relationship went on to produce Petrushka and The Rite of Spring.…
John Storgårds will conduct the NAC Orchestra on October 10 and 11, 2018, in their performance of Schubert’s ninth and final symphony. Marjolaine Fournier, NACO double bassist, and Jean-Jacques van Vlasselaer, musicologist, explore this work and uncover that Schubert never heard it performed in his lifetime. Schubert died in 1828 at the early a ...…
Dvořák's Symphony No. 8 is, in many ways, his most Bohemian - full of blue skies, but with dark shadows that make the sunshine that much brighter.By (San Francisco Symphony).
Hear Executive Director Bourby Webster speak with Australian composer Ash Gibson Greig, who arranged the music in Perth Symphony Orchestra's acclaimed 'Unplugged: Nirvana Reimagined' show. This encore performance is again sold out with talks to tour internationally - have a listen to Ash's composing process and how he took some of the most icon ...…
In this episode, we go to Hell!...well, at least, we take a look at Diablo 3. Also, a brief glance at Nintendo Direct, as well as News of the Weird.By (KewlioMZX).
Scriabin's "Poem of Ecstasy" was the perfect "cosmic trip" for the Summer of Love - even though it was written 60 years earlier.By (San Francisco Symphony).
Marjolaine Fournier and Jean-Jacques van Vlasselaer prepare us for the Festival Focus 2018 featuring all nine Beethoven symphonies. Did he really invent the boogie-woogie? Beethoven offered so much variety within his symphonies, and as a genius, is a guiding light. Concert halls continue to be filled for performances of Beethoven symphonies. Fi ...…
In this episode, we take a look at the indie 3D platformer game A Hat in Time! Also, the Patron Saint of the Internet (because that's apparently a thing), as well as News of the Weird.By (KewlioMZX).
In this episode, we'll speak to our guest soloist, saxophonist Thomas Giles, in a retrospective talk about his stunning performance with the BSO. Also, we'll hear from our principal Bass Trombone, Jeremy Kempton. Enjoy!
In this episode will be discussing the Champions League group draw and all you need to know about this seasons 2018-2019 Champions League campaign. Don’t forget to follow the podcast on Twitter to stay posted on any updates and news on the podcast!
In this episode, we take a quick look inside the Cells. (No, not the dead ones.) Also, September's video game releases, and News of the Weird.By (KewlioMZX).
Just wanted to give you guys a quick update so you won’t think that the Podcasts is dead! Lookout for episode 7 dropping during the week! And also don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @SoccerSymphony
In this episode meet Melanie Kuhr, Managing Partner and CEO of Signature Millwork. Melanie is one of the featured speakers at the upcoming YES CEO Symposium, and she spoke with Carl Thomas recently about how the economic downturn of 2009 made her company better and stronger.
Challenge runs aren't always speedruns! In this episode, we discover a few alternate types of challenges. Plus, Pixar's veritable server farm, and News of the Weird.By (KewlioMZX).
In this episode, we explore the beginning of the trails of Octopath Traveler! Plus, a little about a parodist's debut, and News of the Weird. (Note: Due to a technical fault at the time of broadcast, this episode is only available in mono.)By (KewlioMZX).
In this episode, meet Chanel Davis, Founder and CEO of Davis Davis and Harmon Sales Tax Experts. Chanel shares her story of starting out at a big 4 accounting firm and launching her own business during the turbulent year of 2001. Learn more about YES and register for our upcoming event, "The Cyclical Nature of Business" at…
In this wonderful episode we get to talk about the beautiful return of league soccer and all its glory!! Follow the Podcast on any platform your taking your time to listen!! Thanks for the support and see you in the next Episode!
We venture into the weird in this episode, with strange Canadian laws, and unlikely dangerous animals! Plus, News of the Weird, and what's old and new at LowBiasGaming.By (KewlioMZX).
Some guy randomly plays stuff on a piano which isn't entirely in tune. Could be interesting, could be terrible. You decide!
Executive Director Bourby Webster and Artistic Director/Chief Conductor Jessica Gethin spend 20 minutes chatting about the amazing effects of music on the mind and body ahead of Perth Symphony's next performance - 'C.A.L.M.'. Also hear stories and insights from Jess' recent national and international tours.…
In this episode we will be talking about more transfers, rumors, and news. Thank you for all the support, and keep listening! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @SoccerSymphony
In this episode, we look at some notable game soundtracks. Plus, News of the Weird, and what's old and new at LowBiasGaming.By (KewlioMZX).
In this episode, we take a look at the murder mystery game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc! Plus, new game releases for August 2018, News of the Weird, and what happens when warning labels go too far...By (KewlioMZX).
In this Soccer Symphony episode we will talk about the 2018 summer transfer window and rumors! Don’t forget to like and follow the podcast and follow us on Twitter @SoccerSymphony
On this first episode of Squarewave Symphony Season 3, we have a chat with Kris Asick of Pixelmusement! Plus, newly discovered extended music from Tomba, as well as News of the Weird.By (KewlioMZX).
In this episode, YES Founder Kelly Kunst talks with Jane Taber, Business Attorney and Partner at Scheef and Stone LLP. Jane shares her story of launching a new practice in January of 2008. From the bottom of the economy to where we stand today, Jane offers insights and best practices for other professional services businesses facing changing ti ...…
In this episode we will be discussing the details and aftermath of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia! Hope you like and enjoy this episode! Big things are to come...
In this episode we will be reviewing the France vs Belgium game, reviewing the Croatia vs England game, and talking about everything in between that leads up to the 2018 World Cup final this Sunday!
In this episode we will be going over the preview before the France vs Belgium game! Hope you like what you hear like, favorite, follow!!
Check out the preview to my new podcast!
We talk about different gear that is used for entertaining outside our in as we have had a wet start to the summer. We all you too share what great you have and use as well.
Bourby Webster meets with Adrian Kelly (AK) - trumpeter, composer, arranger and all round extremely talented musician! AK will be performing in the upcoming 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered: the music of Stevie and Aretha' concert as well as having arranged the majority of charts. He speaks to Bourby about his process for arranging and the challenge ...…
Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 2 bridged the divide between East and West in Russian music; that may have been the reason it was the only one of his works that he was really satisfied with.By (San Francisco Symphony).
In 1854, Robert Schumann, friend and mentor to a young Johannes Brahms, attempted suicide by drowning in the Rhine River. Thrown into emotional turmoil by Schumann’s resulting institutionalization and his unrequited love for Robert’s wife Clara, young Brahms began sketching his first major orchestral work. Brahms reflects his struggle with a to ...…
In this episode, Kelly Kunst talks with Chanel Davis, Founder and CEO of Davis Davis and Harmon Sales Tax Experts, about her firm and their support for the 8th annual Suit Drive to benefit Metrocrest Services. To learn more about Davis Davis and Harmon and their current blog about Internet Sales Tax and the Supreme Court, click here.…
We arrive this Sunday at the last set of readings before Pentecost, those chosen for the final, 7th Sunday of the Easter season. In each of the three different lectionary years, portions of John 17 are read on this final Sunday, from what is called Jesus’ High Priestly prayer, as the Gospel reading. A final portion from 1 John is the Epistle an ...…
PSO Executive Director chats to Soprano Prudence Sanders and trumpeter Jenny Coleman - two soloists performing with Perth Chamber Orchestra on Saturday 12th May in Armadale for 'Baroque by Candlelight'.
Outdoor Audio SpeakersCheck us out on Call us at: 302-404-0526Niles Audio PlantersNiles in-ground sub-wooferLuxul WiFi Yamaha AVR with MusicCast
Outdoor Audio SpeakersCheck us out on us at: 302-404-0526Niles Audio PlantersNiles inground subwooferLuxul WiFi Yamaha AVR with MusicCast
We’ve come to the penultimate Sunday of the Easter season, the sixth Sunday, the week in which Ascension falls. Forty days after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Next Sunday is the final Sunday before Pentecost. Our lessons come from, as usual, the Acts of the Apostles, chapter 10 this week, the final section of the story of Cornelius’ convers ...…
In the symphony of scripture for the 5th Sunday of Easter, we continue our selected readings from the Acts of the Apostles, joined by portions of First John. As noted before, because Acts is shared across all three lectionary years, the selections are often made intentionally so as to come alongside the other readings; we saw this last week. To ...…
Welcome to the next episode of History of the Symphony. This month, host Evan Tucker examines two opposite yet equally important responses to Beethoven's iconic 9th symphony in the works of Anton Bruckner and Hector Berlioz.This episode is sponsored by Audible. Get your free audiobook and a 30-day trial at're looking ...…
Improvised at the piano after a strenuous day of teaching, Enigma Variations established Elgar as the pre-eminent British composer of his time. Shrouded in mystery is the “enigma” intended by Elgar, a secret he took with him to the grave. Variation IX, “Nimrod (Adagio),” has become a cherished piece in the popular classical lexicon.…
Sergei Prokofiev's opera The Fiery Angel—a medieval tale of demonic possession and its erotic overtones—was never produced during his lifetime. But he felt it contained some of the best music he had written, so he brought it to life in the concert hall as his dark, dynamic, and dangerous Symphony No. 3. How he got it past the Soviet censors is ...…
The lessons chosen for the 4th Sunday of Easter are taken from Acts, chapter 4; the 23rd Psalm; First John chapter 3; and the Gospel of John chapter 10. The Gospel reading should alert us that we are moving away from resurrection accounts such as we have had them from the end of the synoptic Gospels and John and into new terrain. So first a wor ...…
Bruckner scholars seem to focus on psychoanalysis rather than closing their eyes and listening to the music. To listen to Anton Bruckner’s eighth symphony is to listen to the summit of his music. The Toronto Symphony Orchestra performs this work with conductor Peter Oundjian on May 7, 2018. Listen to Jean-Jacques van Vlasselaer and Marjolaine F ...…
A fascination with the music of Italy’s distant past led Ottorino Respighi to compose what is known as his Romany Triptych of tone poems—Pines of Rome, Fountains of Rome, and Roman Festivals. The Pines of Rome depicts the trees around Rome, which according to Respighi, “dominate the Roman landscape [and] become witnesses to the principal events ...…
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