Best Tappy podcasts we could find (Updated March 2019)
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A light hearted look from Australia at all things NRL, cricket and sport generally
Pebkac Podcast
Discussing tech tales, tech news, and random musings in-between
Tap In, Geek Out
Doug Lund and Eric G. Hollis document their relentless search for the perfect balance of alcohol and fandom.
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This week the boys get aural about Elon Musk and the state of Tesla. Don’t forget to join us on Reddit – r/pebkacpodcast Oh! and join us on Discord too
This week the boys discuss new servers, new Ryzen processors, VR headsets, and folding phones! Don’t forget to join us on Reddit – r/pebkacpodcast Oh! and join us on Discord too
This week two lone PEBKAC's celebrate Valentines Day the tech way. Listener discretion is advised. Don’t forget to join us on Reddit – r/pebkacpodcast Oh! and join us on Discord too
The original PEBKAC trio gets together and discusses the Wells Fargo outage, a dead guy stealing 160 million bucks worth of crypto, the latest with Tesla, and more! Don’t forget to join us on Reddit – r/pebkacpodcast Oh! and join us on Discord too
A couple PEBKAC podcasts meet up and discuss several Apple issues, LIFX flaws, and the shady dealings at Huawei. Don’t forget to join us on Reddit – r/pebkacpodcast Oh! and join us on Discord too
The PEBKAC duo brings on the pain! TESLA's answer to ICEing, RCS coming to Pixel, Marriot is getting sued, Shane got PWNed...and so did you, and Fortnite gets hacked! Don’t forget to join us on Reddit – r/pebkacpodcast Oh! and join us on Discord too
Thomas and Shane bring another West Coast-er on the show to rant and rave about all kinds of CES 2019 announcements! Don’t forget to join us on Reddit – r/pebkacpodcast Oh! and join us on Discord too
Such content! We have CenturyLink Outages, tough times for Apple, Chrome Cast hacks, the hecto-camera Nokia 9, and oh so much more! Don’t forget to join us on Reddit – r/pebkacpodcast Oh! and join us on Discord too
Recorded literally at the zero hour, Doug and Eric put the year to rest with an hour of reflection, prediction, anticipation, and other word choices we’d often shun. A brief look back on the year that was leads into a discussion about all of the pop culture that will shape the year to come. 2018 was a big year for our little beercast, and we ow ...…
PEBKAC Christmas presents, more data breaches, personal rig updates, XBOX Cloud Gaming, and more! Don’t forget to join us on Reddit – r/pebkacpodcast Oh! and join us on Discord too
Happy Holidays from PEBKAC! Google's Project Stream, Microsoft Stream-Only Xbox, Apple Lawsuits, CenturyLink bullshit, and Amazon Package Thieves gettin OWNED! Don’t forget to join us on Reddit – r/pebkacpodcast Oh! and join us on Discord too
Those two dumb pebbers are back again ragging on Google Plus, the US Government, Comcast, and more. There is even facial recognition for stalkers, and remote gaming! Don’t forget to join us on Reddit – r/pebkacpodcast Oh! and join us on Discord too
Two PEBbers talk about Google shutting down Allo and what their messaging landscape is gonna look like. They also tear into some cloud backup methods, Tumblr's removal of AC, Bethesda blunders, Microsoft kicking out Edge, and more! Stick around after the credits for some off the cuff home server cooling chat! Don't forget to join us on Reddit - ...…
Google Fi for all! More thoughts on Pixel Call Screening, More thoughts on Dash Cams, and additional blathering by four PEBholes. Don't forget to join us on Reddit - r/pebkacpodcast Oh! and join us on Discord too
Happy PEBKACsgiving. Black Friday deals, Google Pixel call screening, Newegg trickery, and more! Don't forget to join us on Reddit - r/pebkacpodcast Oh! and join us on Discord too
PEBKAC time. Giant diamond rings, G Suite Twitter hacks, BGP routing mishaps, dashcam updates, and a little extra just for you. Don't forget to join us on Reddit - r/pebkacpodcast
This week the crew tears into some Apple announcements, more flawed Windows 10 updates, Walmart gaming systems, and more!
It is time for PEBKAC and the four pebholes get riled up talking about some flubs with the latest Windows releases, dashboard cameras, the new Google Home Hub, and all kinds of other stuff!
Episode 150 is here and it includes a special treat for you! Jacob Salmela creator of Pi-Hole joins us in the studio to talk about Pi-hole and share thoughts on Google's flub with Google Plus. Download Pi-hole, support Pi-hole:
Eric swore he would never go back to his high school town of Augusta, Georgia... But after discovering the extraordinary beers that can be found on tap at the Riverwatch Brewery, a visit may soon be in order. He and Doug are joined by the Queen of the Augusta brew scene; Anne Sloan as she closes out our week in GABF coverage with all of the hea ...…
Day 6 of our Week In Beer coverage from the Great American Beer Festival is a trip down memory lane (if that's what you can call eastbound I-70), as Eric joins Doug in his college town of Manhattan Kansas, home to the Little Apple Brewing Company. Brewer Shawn Howard brought as much passion and personality to this episode as he does to the dist ...…
Tumbleroot is not only an accomplished brewery, but also a seasoned distillery. With all due respect, that's the equivalent of Michael Jordan actually being good at baseball. This marriage of two crafts produces a synergy that is unlike anything you've ever tasted before. Jason and Brandon gave us a peek behind the curtain of their enlivening a ...…
When the game is on the line, do you send in the rookie or your star player? As the only brewery representing North Dakota at the 2018 Great American Beer Festival, Bismarck Brewing embraced both of those roles. In just their first year as professionals, Jordan and Peter left a sizable impression with both their brewing and branding savvy. Doug ...…
SURPRISE! More PEBKAC! PEBKAY is a new special release where the gang rips into Youtube. This week --- The Verge PC Build Guide!
Oh yeah - it is PEBKAC again! Time to tear apart Facebook, Google turns 20, iOS 12 issues, Open Source MS-DOS, Elon Musk stepping down, and tearing into The Verge and their crappy PC build guide.
Day 3 of our Week In Beer ventures north to the small town of Alpine, Wyoming; home to the big beers and ambitions of Melvin Brewing. There was no missing the Melvin Bus, and the perpetual party it drew at this year's Great American Beer Festival. Lucky for us, Travis took a break from designer onesies and classic Kung Fu to speak about the pas ...…
Day 2 of our Great American Beer Festival adventure takes us to one of the largest independent breweries in the country. Green Flash Brewing Company was gracious enough to loan us two of their ridiculously talented brewers, and we think you'll agree that Ashley and Erik make great conversation in addition to great beer. Their Golden God barrel- ...…
Seven states, seven breweries, seven days. Our 2018 Great American Beer Festival journey begins outside of Austin, TX with a brewery known for its unique atmosphere and massive outdoor patio. Oh, and the beer is absolutely delicious too. Gino and Nate sat down with us after an exhausting but fulfilling weekend to talk about their passion for th ...…
Jeff Bezos drops a LOT of products on the market and the PEBKAC Podcast dives into them and tells you if they're worth purchasing or not... Additional coverage on Linus Torvalds being an asshole, Newegg hacked, and more.
It is Apple Season! Lets go ahead and tear into the latest announcements from Cupertino!
Apple springs a leak, Thomas loses $150 on pot and deploys rclone, Shane gets a Titan, and the latest issues with Fortnite! All this and more on an exciting episode of PEBKAC podcast!
Dan is having a Ubiquiti Adventure, Some new GPUs from NVIDIA, Valve arrives on GamingOnLinux, Verizon Throttling badwidth, and Xbox All Access!
PEBKAC crosses two timezones to bring you information about Shane's trip to DEFCON 26, Fax machine exploits, source code leaks on Github, unsecure AWS buckets, and much more!
Week 2 of the EPL + Patrice Evra + ideas for A League expansion
We visited this Colorado Springs-based taproom back in February, as owners Rich and Bill were gracious enough to sit down with us in the hour leading up to their grand opening. Though originally livestreamed, these interviews (like the Dueces crew), were so fun and entertaining that we wanted to make sure they got the full episode treatment. Je ...…
It is PEBKAC TIME yet again! Hosts in metro MN, rural MN, and bright shiny Las Vegas chime in over the internet to dive into a little pre-DEFCON details, their thoughts on Android 9 Pie, Always-On VPNs, and a little extra madness here and there.
The intercontinental PEBKAC Podcast gets rolling and hashes out the Reddit Breach, Cisco buys Duo for a truck load of cash, and a few recaps from Google NEXT 2018!
Doug and Eric are back with their trusty comic guru Carl to break down all of the DC comics announcements from San Diego Comic Con 2018. It’s a dark time for our heroes because these die-hard DC fan boys are fit to be tied with a golden lasso over this year’s news. Sit back, plug in, and check out these alpha nerds as they shred the Aquaman tra ...…
The boys are searching the puke soaked-floors of the local dive bars for their missing co-host. During which time they chat about Amazon Prime Day, the recent Google Cloud Platform debacle, some new Macbooks, Verizon's plans to block older-gen phones, and much more!
IT'S YOUR LUCKY DAY! Eric and Doug resurrect Tap In Geek Out in time to bring you an uncomfortably close examination of Jason Voorhees' wrinkly old sack. We celebrate classic slasher cinema in our review of Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6. We've also dusted off our Poké balls to revisit the increasingly popular Nintendo mobile game that's s ...…
Our take on the quarter finals, preview of the semis and what to do in the event England win
This week a trio of technophiles dissect new Nest pricing, discuss their thoughts on home security systems, Google Home's new continued conversation features, botched software patches, Slack outages, and oh so much more!
Lament for the Socceroos; silly French accents; and more Michael Caine
The boys go off book and discuss the latest from WWDC 2018, make threatening comments about Apple v. Android, and tangent down a few other techy paths. Oh yeah, Shane is drinking this week.
Everything from pot noodles to the joys of S backing
Our take on matchday 1 for Australia in russia 2018
Three PEBKAC fellas discuss the latest in their smart home conquests, IP home surveillance setups, self driving news, and just general ridiculousness.
It is PEBKAC time! The boyos dive into Comcast leaking WIFI credentials, T-Mobile leaking account information, smart egg cartons, smart tupperware, home automation gear, and so much more!
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