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Brainberry Tarts
Brainberry Tarts, A Deviantly Sweet Podcast. Two salty, sweet feminerds share their unfiltered opinions on life, love, and the modern world. Every episode is served with hearts of gold and a healthy portion of snark and attitude. These two are as comfortable discussing Game of Thrones as the next big Disney movie. Books, Movies and so much more! Check us out! 50% Geeky, 50% Girly, 110% Awesome!
Bookish Tarts
A fabulously racy podcast hosted by chick lit writer Georgina Penney and erotica and contemporary romance writer, Rhyll Biest.
Krispy Tart Topics
Podcast by Krispy Tart Topics
Train Tarte Tales is a storytelling project from two travellers seeking to uncover interesting tales during our travels around the globe and sharing them with you here. From cultural phenomena to social issues to local customs; there’s no topic too big or small. We tell real life tales about real life people and places.
Candy Chat
Candy Chat is monthly exploration of candy hosted by Betty Ebersol and Tabitha Hutchison. Each month, the ladies select an assortment of savory sweets based on a theme, sample them, and give their opinions as amateur candy connoisseurs. It's a scrumptious, mouth sound-filled romp through tantalizing treats!
New Life Pentecostal Church | Audio Podcast 2017
A Little Sweet....A Little Tart...A Little Unexpected
Roxy's World
The official podcast of pin up model Roxy Tart!
An array of the sweetest of sweets, squash, conserve, sanctuary, marmalade, in your toes, on your toast, strawberry, salsa, blueberry, all the berries, self-contained, plums, applesauce, collections, jelly, shove, sticky with it, nonny-nonny, sugar and tart, sassy, fruit, quandary - lullaby
Life is full of lemons—those pesky challenges, obstacles and concerns that define modern culture. This podcast celebrates the lemons of everyday life. In each episode the hosts, a feisty academic couple, attack a unique problem, and, through rigorous debate, they transform tart lemons into tasty lemonade.
Curvy Cutie Chat
A podcast where we chat with the curviest cuties of pin up, cosplay, and burlesque! Hosted by Roxy Tart & James H. Carter II!
DHCT - Tech House
Dome Head Crop Tarts are a collective of Ableton DJs that slice, chop, re-jig and re-rub tunes to produce tech, wonkey, drum and bass, ghetto, Baltimore funk, hip hop, house sets.
Hosts Rawr Tarts and CrimsonPoodle (along with ProducerZero) embark on a journey to watch and enjoy anime. It should be a good time, mostly. Maybe. Probably. Also features consistent guest appearances by Awkward Silence
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Open Communamory by Krispy Tart Topics
DRFTR live performance Playlist: Songs: Ohia - Farewell Transmission Methodman - Got To Have It Matmos - For The Trees Barrett Deems Big Band - Groovin' Hard Postdata - Fields & Valleys Yukon Blonde - Too Close To Love DRFTR - Oiled up (Live @ CJSW) DRFTR - Such Potential (Live @ CJSW) DRFTR - What About The Woman (Live @ CJSW) DRFTR - It Has N ...…
Playlist: Chixdiggit! - Dolphins Love Kids Nina Simone - Do I Move You? Sudan Archives - Beautiful Mistake Hansmole - Black Juice Damien Jurado - 1973 Father John Misty - Mr. Tillman Michael Rault - Pyramid Scheme Cherry Glazerr - Only Kid on The Block Mise En Scene - Endless Summer Pink Mountaintops - The Second Summer of Love Golden Calgarian ...…
This week the Brainberries share their frustrations on the dirth of original content on the big and small screens. There's some Star Wars talk and some serious contemplation of what it would take to steal a shark in a stroller and keep it alive. All this and so much more so Check Us Out! 50%Girly, 50% Geeky, 110% Awesome!…
I'm a PoopPlop-sexual by Krispy Tart Topics
The Berries are back this and ready to talk San Diego Comic Con. The share our feels on the newest Doctor Who trailers then the talk turns real as we give you updates on past stories. The lesson you should tae away from this serving? Don't eat poop, the super powers are not worth it. All this and so so much more, so Check Us Out! 50% Girly, 50% ...…
With Jeanette!!! Playlist: Basketball - Andika A Tribe Called Red - Stampede Pow Pow (feat. Black Bear) Bernice - Talk About Her Dirty Projectors - I Found it in U Belle and Sebastian - Wrapped Up in Books Smokescreens - Waiting for Summer Chixdiggit - 2000 Flushes Yellow Máscaras - City in Ruins Adrian Teacher and the Subs - Emily Carr Punks K ...…
We finally remembered to talk about dental dams. by Krispy Tart Topics
Playlist: Raine Hamilton - Aurora in the Meadow Fugitives - No Words A Boy Named Thor - Paper Thin Girl Jenka - The Day I Became A Bird Fruit Bats - Death of the Clayton Peacock Red Arms - Soviet Red (White and Blues) Be Your Own Pet - Bicycle Bicycle You Are My Bicycle Gravel - Corners Cul De Sac - The Portland Cement Factory at Monolith, CA F ...…
This week the Brainberries are back to dishing out the feely advice. The they share their usual tart opinions on the upcoming Y: The Last Man, the new Gundam movie, good dogs, good books and their firm stance on the opening of ancient unmarked coffins. All this and so much more, so Check Us Out! 50% Girly, 50% Geeky, 110% Awesome!…
This week is just shenanigans for the lovely ladies of the Brainberry Nation. 4th of July rolls around with its firework fun, danger bugs, cartoon cameras, long distance dialing birds and fools gold are all on the menu, along with the freshest Doctor Who news. All this and so much more so Check Us Out! 50% Girly, 50% Geeky, 110% Awesome!…
EX-cess Baggage by Krispy Tart Topics
Sam, Pancake, Austin, Dalton, and Producer Zero embark on a mission to figure out if anime will ever break into the mainstream in North America and talk about the anime that have come the closest. Also, Austin has a ridi
Hi folks, this week the Brainberries discuss the New Who Screw...Driver that is. Jon Snow has his frozen lady love and even the tiniest little bit of Masters of the Universe news must be shared. Finally, the worst case of facial bumps you can possible get is on the menu. All this and so much more so Check Us Out! 50% Girly, 50% Geeky, 110% Awesome!…
This week, no matter how hard they tried, there is just no turning around the bad. It's all No Doctor Who, too much rain, and walking food babies. All this and so much more so Check Us Out! 50% Girly, 50%Geeky, 110% Awesome!
Yes, daddy! Giddy up! ft. Cowboy Redwood by Krispy Tart Topics
Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there and thanks for checking out part two off our Episode 81 fun. In this installment the conversation continues as we discuss Ihop's epic burger troll, The Doctor's Daughter and smart puppets and, of coarse, bad toilet humor. All this and so much more, so Check Is Out! 50% Girly, 50% Geeky, 110% Awesome!…
This week's two-parter hits all the high spots. In part one, they dish out some advice that's a little out the ordinary. New movies and E3 highlights. All this and so so much more. Check Us Out! 50% Girly, 50%Geeky, 110% Awesome!
Help me I'm feeling! Ft. Foods by Krispy Tart Topics
Mandi, Sam, Joe, and the ghost of Dalton's voice talk about Fairy Tail, viral successes, and how the teen drama fad negatively affected Darling in the Franxx. Oh, and something about food, probably. End song: Shiny D
Here it is, the second part of our epic return two-parter. In this segment the Brainberries talk casting dramas for Walking Dead, The Crow, and Spawn. They visit the ancient past and the nearer future. And speaking of time traveling, they end it all up with some potentially amazing and shocking Doctor Who Series 11 news. All this and so much mo ...…
Hey everyone! The Brainberries are back and ready to serve up this week's episode. With so much to cover in the weeks they were gone, this episode has been split into a two-parter. Part one covers high school romance, Solo, Deadpool, Jason No-moa and the recent 8bit family reunion at Comicpalooza in Houston,TX. All this and so much more are hot ...…
Memorial Day and Amazon Echo's Alexa singing the National Anthem. Meadows of Dan happenings: yard sales, new stores, nice customers. Reynolds Homestead Book Sale and History Around Us talk on the Melungeons (June 6 at noon) A Little Sweet... Addi Flexi Flips at VanKlikStudios on etsy Professor Meow Sweater by Claire Slade A Little Tart... The r ...…
Tips and tricks for small dicks and friendships by Krispy Tart Topics
Krispy Dates Jags' Ex by Krispy Tart Topics
This week the Brainberries share their feelings, or lack there of for the last words of certain Avengers. They talk about the return of a Helmet and some Wyld Stallions and one of them shares their feels for space cereal boxes named after Disney characters. They also manage to discover the real issues and dangers lurking deep in the their juicy ...…
Texts From Wednesday Evening by Krispy Tart Topics
Sam, Mandi, Dalton, Pancake, Austin (kind of), and Joe sit down after a short break and talk about all the anime they've been watching lately, including Citrus, Eromanga Sensei (unfortunately), Fairy Tail, Violet Evergar
Fourteen Fucked up Fetishes....JK we have more by Krispy Tart Topics
Spring scenes (Cows by Beth and apple tree by Leslie) Baton twirling, elder care, problems with the Veteran's Administration, a long hard winter A Little Sweet.... Betty's Beauty by Kathleen McGrew Baby bracelets A Little Tart... Signed copy of Blue Highways by William Least Heat-Moon Taking a friend to a bluegrass show in Northern Virginia dur ...…
This week we get into all the latest, greatest stuff. Avengers, Westworld, and the reigning 90's TV classics make the top list. Real world transformers and crazy new surgery firsts round out this episode. All that and so much more, so check us out.! 50% Girly, 50% Geeky, 110% Awesome!
The Tindy Touch by Krispy Tart Topics
This week the Brainberries recorded on 4/20 and had a blazin good time too. They bring you the story of a real life Rocket Raccoon. They get real about all the 2's coming out this week, Super Troopers 2, Westworld 2, Avengers 2. Deb shares her feels about the latest He-man news and Antz talks Overwatch. All this and so much more so come check u ...…
This week we talk all things Brainberry, toilet humor, space crazy and scary cyborg robot types. Debbie gives her take on #FanExpoDallas, and the Brainberries also finally get to give a full shake down of #ReadyPlayerOne. All this and so much more so check us out! 50% Girly, 50% Geeky, 110% Awesome!
Are You Cucking Kidding Me? by Krispy Tart Topics
The crew sits down to talk about My Hero Academia, whether or not it has any similarities to One Punch Man, whether or not the tournament arc sucked (it did, cuz I'm the producer and I write these hahahaha!), and the bes
This week the Brainberries talk about some of their favorite April Fools gags. They learn that there is more to science than their brains can take and that Cannes is not in the business of entertaining. All this and so much more so come check us out! 50%Girly, 50%Geeky, 110%Awesome!
Krispy & Jag's April Fool's Day Prank by Krispy Tart Topics
Krispy and Jag's dive into dating while intoxicated vs. sover and dating while mentally ill. Is it possible to have a normal relationship when someone is struggling with mental illness? Listen and talk with us on this episode of Krispy Tart Topics.
This week your favorite Brainberries take a break from the pirates life to talk about a little bit of everything from Star Wars to Disney March Madness and even Family Guy World of Warcraft. All this and so much more so check us out! 50% Girly, 50% Geeky, 110% Awesome!
Friends, Fuckers or Foes? by Krispy Tart Topics
Peeps Sour Watermelon, Fruit Punch, and Mystery 1 and 2 Look out! You got some peepin’ Tomasinas comin’ at you! The ladies are back with an episode all about flavored Peeps! Usually they come in nondescript sugary dollops, but flavored Peeps add a whole new level of tasty delight to the little bird treat. Recorded a while ago, this episode is p ...…
This week the ladies of Brainberry get into Sea of Thieves, Surviving Mars and a little Marvel Movie talk. We dish out the advice as usual and go a little off the deep end with the love of Xbox controllers. All this and so much more so Check Us Out! 50% Girly, 50% Geeky, 110% Awesome!
Sam, Austin, and Joe team up for a light, but airy podcast about light, and airy topics, including Darling in the Franxx finally getting back on track, My Hero Academia, whatever Austin was watching (we weren't paying at
This week, the Brainberries dole out great advice. Fantastic beasts, Wiseau craziness and the mood flu are just a few things brought up this week. Check us out! 50% Girly, 50% Geeky, 110% Awesome!
Krispy & Jag's got their palm read by a psychic in Hollywood.
After a short delay, this week comes out swinging. We talk books, penguins and near to the heart movie moments, but really we are all about who wore what on the red carpet. Mary Poppins, Oscars, and so much more make up this star studded serving. So check us out! 50% Girly, 50% Geeky, 110% Awesome!
Krispy & Jags talk about Jags' horrible sexcapade & eating pu$$y
Sam, Mandi, Dalton, and Joe sit down to talk about basically nothing for 25 minutes and then talk about the Crunchyroll Anime Awards and more Darling in the Franxx. We'll be honest, this one is only just okay.Ending
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