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SPONTANEANATION WITH PAUL F. TOMPKINS is a completely improvised show, from monologue to interview to narrative sketch. Join Paul, his special guests, his incredibly talented improviser friends, and accompanist Eban Schletter for an hour of comedy that none of them ever see coming.
A curation of improvised scenes - the types the NSA might be eavesdropping on by tapping our phones, laptops, and televisions- by hosts Luka Jones, Casey Feigh and Mary Holland, who are joined by an array of actors and improvisers.
The podcast about chain restaurants. Comedians Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger review fast food/sit-down chains and generally argue about food/everything.
Big Grande takes you inside the minds of four disgraced teachers as they explore new career paths in recent seasons of The Teacher’s Lounge. In season 7, the hosts try something drastically different than their former jobs of teaching children - become counselors at a summer camp.Feed generated by Unofficial RSS Feeds for Stitcher Premium.
This is a true story unfolding over one season. What if your best friend – your best, married friend – embraced the sugar baby lifestyle – not by necessity, but by choice? Sara-Mae Tuson’s BFF, Ruby, did just that. Sexy? Scary? Judge for yourself. We follow two years of Ruby's life, so it's important to listen from Episode 1. In the Sugar Baby Confessionals, the girl talk gets candid as Sara-Mae and Ruby talk about love, sex and life as a Sugar Baby.
It's not reaching for the moon to want to have great style everyday. You don't have to be super-rich or super-thin to be super-chic. This video podcast introduces short style lessons brought to you by wardrobe artist Aisha Jones that are designed to allow every woman to go from Plain Jane to Chic. Get real style advice for real people with real budgets.
Get the inside scoop at Hamilton High School from its finest group of teachers (improv group Big Grande). Contains Explicit Content. Listener Discretion Advised.
Few names are as synonymous with improv as Matt Besser. Founding member of the Upright Citizens Brigade and a regular performer in the world-famous show Asssscat, Matt has brought his talents to Earwolf with a fully improvised weekly podcast featuring the best improvisers in the universe. Music by Bobby Matthews and Dragoon. Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found exclusively on Stitcher Premium, ad-free. Go to and use promo code EARWOLF f ...
Do you enjoy Orson Welles-esque things, dramatic plays, improvisational comedy, or classic niche shit that will make you seem even cooler than you already are? Following the Hollywood tradition of re-do, re-make, and re-vive, we scour the internet for classic radio plays from the 1930's to the 1970's and have actors perform them once again! But that wouldn't be fun enough right? Cause lets be honest, some of them are going to be more enjoyable for the "I wish it was like the old days" genera ...
On Comedy Writing
Host Alan Johnson interviews working comedy writers about the business and craft of comedy writing.
The Kitchen Café
Flora Shedden, Neil Forbes and Sumayya Usmani are joined by food innovator Simon Preston and spice expert Ghillie Basan to share recipes and cooking tips
What if the government actually did cover something up in Roswell? What if yetis exist and are just really shy? What if super-intelligent lizards are wearing human skin suits, influencing international affairs and recording podcasts? Conspiracy theories are cool because they appeal to our evolved logical human brains and our stupid mammal idiot brains. So join comedian and skeptic Katelyn Hempstead as her brilliant friends try to convince her of these and many other conspiracy theories.
A podcast that keeps our students and alumni at the Guru Performance Institute at the cusps of recent happenings in the field of Sports Performance Nutrition. A podcast hosted by the Guru Performance Institute tutor Alex Ritson, whereby, in each episode, he takes the listener on a journey, discussing past and present research, interesting concepts and ensures by the end of each short episode, the listener comes away with actionable ‘evidence-informed’ take homes to guide their practice.
Pop Rocket
Pop culture discussion with Guy Branum, Wynter Mitchell, Margaret Wappler and Karen Tongson
Broken Talks
Podcast by Broken Talks
Convince Me
Each week a different guest from the comedy world tries to convince a couple of skeptics of get on board with their distinctive, sometimes downright unusual obsessions. Hosted by Ben Cassil and Thayer Frechette.
Interesting people talking about interesting stuff - politics, business, sport, comedy, social issues, tech, self-improvement. Anything really. Subscribe to the show via email to be notified when we upload new shows. Follow Dominic.
Time to finish out those Untold Stories! Beth & Abbey break down each episode of ABC's "Once Upon a Time," new episodes every Wednesday.
A podcast where comedians tell true, "meaty" stories from their lives to inspire longform improv comedy. Hosted by Josh Simpson, Jake Jabbour
A little bit extra, every weekday morning, from LBC's longest-serving presenter.
Don’t worry! You don’t have to get it before it goes back inside the vault, because we’re going Inside the Disney Vault. Your hosts Rachel Chapman, Clare Loughran and Oscar Montoya are venturing inside the Disney Vault each week to watch, discuss, criticize, and celebrate every Disney animated movie in chronological order. Come along on this journey as we go back and revisit some classics, forgotten treasures and some movies that should probably remain locked away. The movie is about to star ...
The best conversations seem to happen in the kitchen. The kitchen is the hub of the home - a place for lively chats over coffee, tea, lunch or even dinner. Join Marion Kane: Food Sleuth as she speaks with fellow foodies, chefs and just ordinary folk who relish the chance to share recipes, ideas, tips - and most of all - a consuming passion for food and cooking. Please subscribe, rate, and review the show in iTunes.
"Fish Out Of Water" is a comedy writing podcast hosted by Jeremiah Burton and Ryan Tweedy. Each week they have a new guest join them and talk about various types of comedy writing, from Television to the internet to live theatre. Its a podcast where comedians get to nerd out about writing comedy and talk about what makes them laugh.
Ben & Joey – two Italian guys from Indy, talking honestly about whats hot right now, some sports and Panera salads. One day a week if you're good.
New Dimensions
New Dimensions is an original and powerful forum for inspired and inspiring voices and views on a wide range of timely and timeless topics. Activism, art, education, science, psychology, philosophy, health, spirituality, global transformation, cross-cultural traditions, the interconnectedness of all life … All these and more are featured in this award-winning one-hour interview program that has been broadcast on public radio since 1973. For more information and over a thousand hours of downl ...
Jack Tame’s crisp perspective, style and enthusiasm makes for refreshing and entertaining Saturday morning radio on Newstalk ZB.News, sport, books, music, gardens and celebrities – what better way to spend your Saturdays?
FrequencyFM, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of excellence in Christian artistic endeavors. We accomplish this by encouraging artists, providing them a platform on which to share their work and engage with other artists, and by speaking truth in kindness and love in areas where we can do better. Join us at for insightful artist interviews, objective and honest music and book reviews, and thoughtful commentary on art across all mediums f ...
The Alan Cox Show
The Alan Cox Show 24/7 is a twisted talk show in Cleveland, mixing news, pop culture, interviews and general nonsense.
The best of Josh Cohen & The HomeTeam (Weekdays 10AM-12 PM) on ESPN 106.3.
Candy Chat
Candy Chat is monthly exploration of candy hosted by Betty Ebersol and Tabitha Hutchison. Each month, the ladies select an assortment of savory sweets based on a theme, sample them, and give their opinions as amateur candy connoisseurs. It's a scrumptious, mouth sound-filled romp through tantalizing treats!
The Alan Cox Show
The Alan Cox Show 24/7 is a twisted talk show in Cleveland, mixing news, pop culture, interviews and general nonsense hosted by Alan Cox w/ co-hosts Bill Squire, Erika Lauren, and fan favorite Poundcake.
Pen Sword
We are just a couple of guys who want to talk about everything and make people laugh! Check out our Instagram (@pens_word) for the doodles and art created during our shows, and follow our Twitter (@Pens_Word) for questions, podcast updates, and posts from us! If you want to get in contact with us, message us on Twitter or Instagram, or email us at!
Another comedy podcast with two comedian friends rambling.
Dinner Table Talk
JazzyThings is redefining what it means to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. No hot diets, no fads, and no confusion. The Dinner Table Talk podcast with JazzyThings is here to show you how to implement healthy habits in YOUR lifestyle and make them work for YOU!
Slackers Studio
Listen to Kimmie and Kelsey as they talk about their love for 30 ROCK with bits of laughter and maybe just a tiny bit of night cheese.
The 2nd Team
Your host Cody Ziglar (UCB Comedy, Adult Swim)kicks back each week with LA creatives to talk where they came from, where they're going, how they plan on getting there.
Peter Simon takes you on a journey around the globe sharing stories of the private lives of the sexually adventurous. Join in on the fun, leave us feedback and subscribe to this weekly adventure.
Certified Cicerone Christopher Quinn discusses beer in a fun and informal way.
Breakfast for Dinner is a podcast started up by a guy and gal in love with breakfast, culture, politics, music, fashion, and sports -- not in that order. Leave us feedback here, on Twitter at @BFD_podcast, on Facebook at, or at We might just read it on the show.
Who Charted?
Howard Kremer brings on some of your favorite comedians to discuss the top 5 songs and movies of the week. Plus, Howard, the guests and Who Charted crew each bring a new song that they recommend over all the garbage on the charts. Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found exclusively on Stitcher Premium, ad-free. Go to and use promo code EARWOLF for 1 month free (and $5 off the annual plan!)
The leader in vaping and doing it yourself. DIYORDIEVAPING.COM is the premiere platform for e-liquid mixing and craft developers.
Indie Music Plus
Indie Music Plus (IMP) was founded in August, 2015, with the mission to become the “Home of the Indie Musician”. Our aim is to provide the best services and creative solutions for Indie Artists worldwide. We highlight artists through our weekly FB Live Broadcast, YouTube videos, Roundtables, iTunes, Soundcloud, and blog reviews. In addition, we circulate all of our media content through our multi-faceted Social Media channels where our following has grown to over 200,000 Indie Music fans to ...
Ray's N' Brent Podcast is a sports/comedy show about love for Detroit, Kansas City and trolling each other. Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Store
The Queencast
Hello and welcome to the Queencast! We are Alex, Debra, and Soha. Three women from three different places, with three different lives. But when we unite in the Q Formation...WE BECOME THE QUEENCAST! The Queencast is an amazing audio adventure where no topic is taboo and where all voices are valuable. Join us on this journey and maybe you too will discover the keys to the Queendom!!!
2 Voices Radio are Andy Waterfield and Nick Benjamin. They take you on a humourous canter discussing people, places and stuff. The chaps offer a light hearted look at the mundanity and minutiae of life. The half hour podcasts range from highlights from their weekly long running show on Radio LaB 97.1FM in the UK through to specially produced Travelogue podcasts.
Refreshments Provided is hosted by Carly Findlay and Jason-Scott Watkins. It’s an irreverent conversation between two food loving friends, with the occasional guestYou can’t be sure where the conversation will go but there will always be refreshments provided
What do all of your favorite comedians, actors, writers, and artists have in common? At some point, they’ve all completely failed. Comedian Don Fanelli sits down with folks at the top of their game to talk about the times their dreams felt more elusive than ever. These hilarious, heartbreaking, and incredibly relatable stories remind us that failure is not only necessary when pursuing a dream, but ultimately the inspiration that keeps us moving uncompromisingly forward. New Episodes Tuesdays.
Against The Grain
Against The Grain is The View with 3 black comedians.​ No topic is too real, no conversation is too controversial, nothing is off topic. Follow us as we debate, sift through the topical BS, keep it light or make it heavy. What you hear is our thoughts, just what we're feeling at the time!
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Fox, Wilson, and Listug share the vision of a co-creative “Order of the Sacred Earth (OSE)” as an antidote to the many negative forces that surround us. Many people are forming “pods” and joining this order by creating rituals, taking the vow “I promise to be the best lover and defender of Earth I can be,” and connecting with one another throug ...…
Enjoy this exclusive interview with Big Grande. The episode is part of a brand new Stitcher Premium playlist called The Best of Big Grande, which features every appearance the group has made on Earwolf shows. To hear the playlist, type in “The Best of Big Grande” in the search bar.
A little bit extra, every weekday morning, from LBC's longest-serving presenter.
Enjoy this excerpt from an exclusive interview with Big Grande. The episode is part of a brand new Stitcher Premium playlist called The Best of Big Grande, which features every appearance the group has made on Earwolf shows. To hear the entire interview and playlist, go and use promo code TEACHER for your first month ...…
Carrie Wittmer (The Belladonna Comedy, New Erotica For Feminists) joins Alan to talk about her comprehensive writing major, making herself write humor pieces every week, and being an entertainment journalist. New Erotica For Feminists is out now! ...…
Comedians, writers and actors Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld (If I Were You podcast) join Howie and the gang to dip in to the latest charts of the week! We’ll hear about Halsey’s Lil Wayne tattoo, sickening cigarettes, and low-key Ambien adventures while they count down the Top 5 Songs off Billboard 200. Then, Jake and Amir make predictions o ...…
Join us for #IndieMusicLIVE! 149 - Get the latest in #IndieMusic news and listen to the best #IndieMusicians we have found in the past week! Featured Artist: @Michael Wayne StapletonMusic:Michael Wayne Stapleton - "Blue Eyes"Indus Rush - "Follow My Star"Nicolas W (NO-BODY) - "I'll Slink"Promote your music NOW: ...…
Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 - The girls from Twin Peaks stop by to talk their EDC trip, look a likes and more. Name Notes % Time CAP Pralines and Cream Tastes like hazelnut coffee cream with maple syrup. Not very pecan like, but it is creamy 05 CAP Silverline Butter Pecan Sticky caramelized sugar coating really well. Lighter on the flavor, comes in at the finish. Slightly dry and flat 3-6 08 FLV Pralines ...…
This week on the Queencast, there's good news and there's bad news. The bad news is, we've decided to put the podcast on hiatus and this is going to be our final episode for a while. The good news is, it's a new episode of the Queencast! You're invited to join Soha and Michael as they talk about all sorts of good stuff before turning out the li ...…
The holidays are upon us! It’s time for food, family, friends, fun, and… more food. Are you someone who gets stressed out about all of the “temptation” during this time? Do you feel like you have to worry sticking with your goals? Do you feel guilty when you indulge? You’re not alone! I hear this from so many people (and have dealt with it myse ...…
From the indie team powerhouse "I'm Susan" we have Austin Williams (Bordeaux, William Williams), Ethan Blouin (Roxbury) and Kevin Graber (Kitchen Sink, The Dirty Dishes) stop by to talk Grandma's phony Muppet Store, dog bites, pushy dads, and leading a baby with a baby on a donkey through the jungle. This leads to scenes about the sun being too ...…
Josh Sharp (The Opposition, 2 Broke Girls) and Don were both recently part of cancelled television shows. They try to break down how they feel and what they've learned from the process. Josh talks about how he sees his failures as more like icing on a cake, how he takes comfort in nihilism, and how no one cares about you unless you are Childish ...…
A little bit extra, every weekday morning, from LBC's longest-serving presenter.
Today the boys have a visit from their mutual friend, and discover a disturbing eyebrow treatment! MIXINVIXENS for 6% at BullCityFlavors.comJoin our Facebook group here: see our mixes on AllTheFlavors @ For more TheJuiceFairy content go to: more RinVapes ...…
One central tenet that underpins endurance performance is the maximal rate at which an athlete can sustainably maintain aerobic metabolism. The upper limit of which, is determined by measuring an athlete’s Vo2 max. This is the maximal rate at which one’s heart can efficiently pump oxygenated blood to working muscles for energy. This is governed ...…
A little bit extra, every weekday morning, from LBC's longest-serving presenter.
Paul F. Tompkins says “I love you” and welcomes you back to Spontaneanation! This time out, Paul’s special guest is actress Jameela Jamil of The Good Place! Jameela chats about where she plans to spend the apocalypse, Target being her favorite place on Earth, and the 3 times she broke her nose. Then, they are joined by improvisers & The Good Pl ...…
Asian sauces add zip to more than just Chinese dishes; they can pep up barbecue, chili, duck, chicken or broccoli. Chinese chefs use these off-the-shelf sauces in their kitchens, so you can, too. Oyster sauce, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, chili paste, black bean sauce with garlic, plum sauce, satay sauce, sriracha: all of them keep well on the shel ...…
This week we revive the classic radio play "The Hitch Hiker" by Orson Welles, originally aired June 21 1946. Comedians listen to the play and improvise a parody based off of it!With Special Guest Kale Hills from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles. He performs on the house team "P.O.N.Y" (Protect Our Nations Youth) on Harold nig ...…
Kanye West’s rambling, pro-Trump speech on SNL late September may have surprised casual observers, but by that point, his fans had heard both his outrageous statements and his frank talk about mental health for months. Charlagmane tha God lamented his canceled TimesTalk with Kanye on Instagram as a missed opportunity, writing, "Normalizing bein ...…
With the fall bird migration now in full swing, the companies in charge of Butte’s Berkeley Pit are using their new and improved scientific bird-hazing program to keep birds away. This week, their program got put to the test. Two years ago this November, Butte made national headlines when several thousand late-migrating snow geese landed on the ...…
U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and President Donald Trump are tamping down talk that Zinke might be the next Trump administration official to leave their position. Work on Keystone XL oil pipeline scheduled to start next spring has been put on hold. With the fall bird migration now in full swing, the companies in charge of Butte’s Berkeley ...…
Tester picks up votes in Trump country, and Montanans continue a long tradition of ticket-splitting. Governor Bullock has his hands full with another Republican-led Legislature, and this election stands out in many ways from previous Montana mid-terms. Sally Mauk, Chuck Johnson and Rob Saldin break it all down in this season's final installment ...…
Microsoft announced a new agreement this week to deliver broadband internet service to over 73,000 people in rural Montana and Washington who currently have slow, or no internet whatsoever. The FCC says roughly 40 percent of rural Montanans lack access to a broadband internet connection.By (Edward O'Brien).
A federal judge in Great Falls Thursday night blocked the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline until the U.S. government further studies its impact on the environment and climate. The controversial pipeline would carry crude oil from Canada to U.S. refineries in the Gulf Coast. The 36-inch-wide Keystone XL would pass through six eastern Mon ...…
Listen above as gardening expert Ruud Kleinpaste explains to Jack Tame about Argentine ants. Originally established in Auckland in 1990, they are now a problem in an increasing number of towns and cities throughout New Zealand.LISTEN ABOVE AS RUUD KLEINPASTE SPEAKS TO JACK TAME
Enable Me's Hannah McQueen joins Jack Tame to discuss the review into the banking sector, with the big four banks recording record profits. LISTEN ABOVE AS HANNAH MCQUEEN SPEAKS TO JACK TAME
Tara Ward takes us through her picks for this week's viewing:Homecoming: a psychological thriller starring Julia Roberts as a therapist working at Homecoming, a facility that helps soldiers transition back to civilian life (Amazon Prime Video)Discovery of Witches: this historical-fantasy series is based on the popular books by Deborah Harkness ...…
Catherine Raynes joined Jack Tame this morning to discuss two new books.Heads You Win by Jeffrey ArcherFrom the master storyteller Jeffrey Archer, Heads You Win is the incredible and thrilling novel from the author of the Clifton Chronicles and Kane and Abel.Leningrad, Russia, 1968. Alexander Karpenko is no ordinary child, and from an early age ...…
"There really isn't anything I have collected during my life which I have made money off. I would be surprised if anybody who collects old stuff ever really does.Sure you fluke the odd lucky purchase, but they are the exceptions. Ask anyone who collects teaspoons or pottery, you never resell them at a profit. We buy these items because they are ...…
Every Saturday morning, movie critic Francesca Rudkin joins Jack Tame to take a look at what is playing at the movies this weekend.Vermilion - starring Jennifer Ward-Lealand; Theresa Healey, Emily CampbellThis drama follows a group of women – mothers, daughters, friends and neighbours. Some of their relationships are good and some are broken.Jo ...…
Summer is on its way for sure so it’s time to indulge in an ice-cream sandwich, Sicilian style. Toasted brioche buns or thick slices of loaf cake work well for this decadent and fun dessert. The hero really is the caramel made with apple juice – yum!Apple caramel – makes about 1 cup1 cup Apple Press jazz juice1/3 cup brown sugar2-4 tbsps creamL ...…
"I think Donald Trump has every right to be pretty pleased about the results from the midterm elections.After all, it is the tradition for sitting presidents and their party's to lose ground after the midterm elections, and Trump didn't lose much ground.By expanding the Republicans majority in the Senate, he has ensured he is able to pass any s ...…
Free Dessert Friday: Peach Pie Pockets Follow JazzyThings on Instagram:
A little bit extra, every weekday morning, from LBC's longest-serving presenter.
What do you add when you’re ready to upgrade a podcast? Booze and an audience. And we had both at Lizard People’s first ever live show! Plus our guests were the amazing improv team Area 51 (Sarah Claspell, Dickie Copeland, and Jessica Jean Jardine) and they really put things over the top. And the theory they took on might be the most problemati ...…
A summit that could shape the future of invasive species policy in Montana will take place next week in Helena. Stephanie Hester, coordinator for the Montana Invasive Species Council, says invasive species management in Montana spans the Departments of Agriculture, Livestock, Fish, Wildlife and Parks, and other organizations.…
In Browning, Blackfeet Community College held a ceremony this week to name a newly-built $7.5 million Health Science and Education Building in honor of the late Blackfeet tribal elder, Elouise Cobell. On Monday, nearly two dozen nursing students wearing brand-new navy blue scrub tops stood in front of a crowd outside the east entrance of the ne ...…
Governor Steve Bullock today ordered flags in Montana to be flown at half-mast in honor of the victims of the mass shooting last night in Thousand Oaks, California. The University of Montana is planning to reduce its faculty by 58 members and cut its budget by $5 million by 2021. A summit that could shape the future of invasive species policy i ...…
The Montana health department is proposing a $1-per-hour wage increase for direct-care workers for disability services. It’s part of Governor Steve Bullock’s plan to restore budget cuts enacted over the last two years. But not all the money that was cut is getting put back.By (Corin Cates-Carney).
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