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The Texas History Podcast
Texas Old Time Radio is an dedicated to the regeneration of interest in an enjoyment of the part of vanishing Americana that has become known as the "Golden Age of Radio".
This podcast is all about music, art, film, and entertainment in San Antonio, Texas. We bring the best mix of commentary, music, and restaurant reviews that San Antonio has to offer. All of the music is provided by the bands/musicians with permission and physical releases to do so.
The Texas Metal Show brings you the best local metal from across the Lone Star state. We offer 2 shows in one feed. 1. The Texas Metal Show brings you interviews with various local metal bands from all genres of metal. We talk about influences, non metal music taste, worst shows ever, and a variety of other topics. We throw in 2 songs so you can get a feel for their sound. 2. Texas Metal Radio features heavy metal from all over Texas. All Texas metal all the time. We embrace all genres of me ...
Hosted by Texas Tribune's editor-in-chief Emily Ramshaw and featuring a rotating cast of Tribune reporters, editors and special guests, the TribCast is an informal – and, with luck, amusing – discussion of Texas politics and policy. New episodes post each week.
gone cold podcast - texas true crime explores unsolved homicides and missing persons cases throughout the state of Texas, providing the victims and their families with a voice.
The Texas Lacrosse News Podcast with feature Division I-III head coaches, assistant coaches, NLL, MLL, and Team USA players, and many others who are heavily involved in the sport of lacrosse. We will cover recruiting, skill development, pregame routines, how to prepare for tryouts, what college coaches look for in players on and off the field and much, much more!
Rare Texas Music News from Austin Texas. We have podcasts of 20 minutes. Music, entertainment and information. Available worldwide on iTunes Podcast Network. Go to iTunes Store, select Podcasts then type in TEXAS MUSIC NEWS RADIO in the search field. Get auto updates free by clicking on the subscribe button.
The Texas Radio Theatre take you back to the early radio days of variety shows that will keep you entertained.
Podcast comparing Texas movies and the true crimes they are based on.
Texas CrimeCast
The Dallas Morning News crime reporters discuss current events in the courts, with the police departments, and on the streets of North Texas.
Podcast comparing Texas movies and the true crimes they are based on.
Texas Standard
Coverage of politics, lifestyle, environment, technology, innovation and money matters from a uniquely Texas perspective.
Providence Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Dallas, Texas. Rev. David Rea, Senior Pastor.
This is the sermon podcast of Central Baptist Church of Tyler, TX. Tune in and suscribe!
Joel McCrea stars as Texas Ranger Jace Pearson in this thirty minute western adventure series. The shows are all reenactments of incidents from Texas Ranger history. The Texas lawman and his trusty steed, Charcoal, would track a criminal, often a killer, throughout the vast 260,000 square miles of Texas. With Joel McCrea lending star power, Tales of the Texas Rangers debuted over the NBC radio network on July 8, 1950. The thirty-minute show, sponsored by Wheaties, ran on Saturday nights at 9 ...
Texas Matters
Texas is a big state with a growing, diverse population and as the population grows, the issues and challenges facing its residents multiply. Texas Matters is a statewide news program that spends half an hour each week looking at the issues and culture of Texas.
Texas Conflict Coach
Welcome to the Texas Conflict Coach ® radio program with Founder and Host Patricia M Porter. Since 2009, we have produced over 325 podcasts. Check out our full Podcast Library and listen to episodes at www.texasconflictcoach.comOur program aims to help global listeners learn how to manage conflict constructively with tools, strategies, and resources regardless of whether the dispute is in your business,home, workplace, school, church community, family, or with neighbors.
Sermons preached recently at Trinity Fellowship, an Evangelical Free Church in Friendswood, Texas
Stay up to date with the latest news from the Texas Oil Patch!
Connecting the Ministers and Resources of North Texas District to reach the souls of North Texas.
Each week, the National Podcast of Texas offers listeners innovative ways to experience Texas Monthly articles by hearing directly from our talented writers and editors as well as the people they write about.
A conversational true crime podcast hosted by Texas natives Erin and Shea. New episodes drop weekly. Crime is bigger in Texas, ya'll.
Tales of the Texas Rangers, a western adventure old-time radio drama, premiered on July 8, 1950, on the US NBC radio network and remained on the air through September 14, 1952. Movie star Joel McCrea starred as Texas Ranger Jayce Pearson, who used the latest scientific techniques to identify the criminals and his faithful horse, Charcoal, to track them down. The shows were reenactments of actual Texas Ranger cases.
If it involves anything in the firearms community in Texas, you will find it here on the Texas Firearms Coalition Podcast, part of the TexasShootingTV Network.
Texas Parks and Wildlife Podcast: Bringing you the latest about efforts to conserve the wild things and wild places of Texas
Hear all the latest Kayak Fishing News hear on The Texas Kayak Fishing Podcast. Your host Clay and cohost Cody will bring you all the latest news in Kayak Fishing.
A true crime podcast that exclusively discusses lesser known murders committed in Texas.
Poems written by the Typewriter Rodeo about all matters from a uniquely Texas perspective.
North Texas District Youth Ministries
A blog devoted to the podcasting of sermons by the Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle, IX Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. Blog is found at or you can connect through
Guns, bullets, and just about anything that goes BANG!
A bi-weekly true crime podcast focused exclusively on murdered and missing persons cases out of the Houston Metro area. Explore the city's diverse and eclectic culture while examining the darker stories that weave the downtown streets and flow out down the bayous. No stranger to crime, Houston has thousands of stories to tell, from unsolved murder mysteries to current missing persons cases. See H-Town in a new light, a light inclusive to every victim in Houston, no matter the sex, race, or i ...
This podcast, hosted by Houston agent Karen Scott and her trusty sidekick and husband, Kevin Scott confront why real estate agents are ranked somewhere between used car salesman and prostitute when it comes to honesty and trustworthiness. We explore the reasons behind this phenomenon and in the process construct 10 Commandments each for agents, buyers, and sellers. In the process, we are sharing with the world our business religion in the hopes of finding like-minded agents and clients as an ...
Guns, bullets, and just about anything that goes BANG!
A community of real people operating in the real power of Jesus Christ and offering individuals a real purpose in life.
The only official Walker, Texas Ranger podcast and the only podcast being recorded by captives of Chuck Norris in a bunker deep under his ranch.
The Lone Star State’s politicians are outspoken, colorful, humorous and sometimes off-beat characters who exemplify the historical Bigger Than Life view that Texas has of itself, whether in Austin or on the national stage. That ensures that Texas politics is seldom boring, often amusing and never lacking in colorful intrigue and drama. The Houston Chronicle’s Austin Bureau covers all the action, from smoke-filled room to raucous filibuster, and each week we go behind the headlines for an ins ...
In 1974 Tobe Hooper unleashed into theaters horror unlike any seen before and started the modern slasher genre with the seminal horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Audiences watched in terror as Sally and Franklin Hardesty and their three friends travel through a rural Texas town and pick up a hitchhiker, beginning their terrifying encounter with a crazed, cannibalistic family. This story then continued through three sequels, a remake, and a prequel. Join Now Playing hosts Arnie, Brock, ...
Pratt on Texas
Pratt on Texas, the news and commentary of Texas. Live 5 to 7pm weekdays across Texas.
Left in Texas
Throw some extra logs on that fire as you listen to Joe Deshotel, JD Gins and Chris Mosser soothe your ears with a podcast discussing the week in Texas politics Send questions to Twitter at @LeftInTexas.
Welcome to the Trance & Progressive Trance Podcast of Deluxe Accommodations.KSYM 90.1 FM San AntonioSaturdays 1am-3am CSTDj Cogswell has captured music not for the masses but for progressive thinkers and ideal realists who embody that which was and is alternative, industrial, trance, electronica and bossa nova.In the late 90's his radio show Deluxe Accommodations at KTUH 91.3 in Honolulu, Hawaii, ranged from techno, trance and J-Pop.During his years of tenure in the radio business, Jacob tra ...
Audio recordings of The Texas Tribune's live events series. Our events feature in-depth discussions with prominent elected officials and newsmakers moderated by Evan Smith and other expert journalists from The Texas Tribune.For more info on Trib event, visit .
Get the latest news on Texas politics and policy from The Texas Tribune now on Amazon Alexa. With reporters based in Austin, Dallas and Washington, D.C., and on the U.S.–Mexico border, we are your go-to source for news on statewide issues.
Texas Conference for Women
The mission of Stonegate Church is to extend the glory of God through lives changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. If there is one hope for Stonegate, it centers on this idea. We'd love to have the opportunity to get to know you and walk together as we pursue God. For more information on Stonegate, visit us at
The Texas Tribune Festival is an innovative and engaging three-day event for people who are passionate about the issues that affect all Texans. Each year, the Festival brings together some of the biggest names in politics to explore the state’s — and nation’s — most pressing issues.
The latest news on biomedical research and discoveries from Texas Biomedical Research Institute
Auscultation of various heart sounds as they relate to the anatomy, physiology and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease.
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Hubbub in Hub City: after the chancellor of Texas Tech resigns, questions grow along the lines of “was he pushed” and why. We’ll talk “regent-gate”. Also, working and getting ripped off at the same time: after Harvey a wave of workers come forward saying their wages were stolen. We’ll hear what’s being done to help and what isn’t. And condition ...…
Clardy has the arrogance and duplicity required to be Speaker of the Texas House. Pratt on Texas morning update for Tuesday, 21 August 2018
Following backlash, the A&M System is banning relationships between undergraduate students and faculty or staff. Meanwhile, the flagship campus in College Station is implementing nearly a dozen changes to the student disciplinary process.
Following backlash, the A&M System is banning relationships between undergraduate students and faculty or staff. Meanwhile, the flagship campus in College Station is implementing nearly a dozen changes to the student disciplinary process.
Hurricane Harvey broke almost every record. What it failed to break: a certain spirit. A year after Harvey’s landfall we’re live from the gulf coast today on the Texas Standard. Coming to you live from Rockport- the first Texas town to be hit by Hurricane Harvey when it made landfall August 25th 2017. It was a category 4, causing damage estimat ...…
Does the new school rating system inflate performance? Pratt on Texas morning update for Monday, 20 August 2018
The Justice Department asked for the order to ensure that migrant parents who would otherwise have been detained can’t “bootstrap a right to release” just because they’re reunited with their
Dr. Lytle Adams had bats in his belfry. He had visited Carlsbad cavern right before Pearl Harbor was attacked. He came up with a great idea for weapon(s) of mass destruction hat would burn up the paper and wood cities of Japan. All he would need was a one ounce incendiary bomb, a breakaway bomb case, and millions of bats. So the Marines set up ...…
We're going down to far south Texas this week as Erin presents a case from La Joya. When a little boy suddenly dies, a firestorm of media attention is directed at this tiny town and the little boy's aunt. How does the justice system strain under the suspect's unique circumstances, and how does the media and publicity attention play into how a s ...…
School is about to start up again. Parents feel one way about that, students feel another, and teachers feel yet another. That was the inspiration for this Typewriter Rodeo poem.
After President Trump revokes the security clearance of a critic, a famous Texan makes a request of the white house: take mine too! We’ll have more on former UT chancellor Bill McRaven’s Texas-sized rebuke of President Trump. Meanwhile after stalled talks to renegotiate NAFTA, signs of a surprise breakthrough on a trade deal with Mexico althoug ...…
On our latest podcast, Andy Langer speaks with one of our own about Ticker: The Quest To Create An Artificial Heart.
A big name no replacement for big ability for P. Bush. Pratt on Texas morning update for Friday, 17 August 2018
In a strongly worded letter, McRaven, the former chancellor of the University of Texas System, asked President Donald Trump to revoke his security clearance so he could be included on "the list of men and women who have spoken up against your presidency."
What a show this week as Ted Cruz's campaign really stepped in it when it comes to an iconic burger chain. The state started awarding letter grades for public schools. And a gun belonging to the Democratic nominee for governor went missing. Yes, you read that right. Sen. Cruz and Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke are now both on television with due ...…
Back to school: it’s not just kids returning to campus, but armed employees. We’ll take you behind the scenes of the effort to train and arm in-school defenders against future shootings. Also, talking machines: San Antonio researchers using machine learning to help Texans who stutter. And an historic road trip with the Green Book as a guide. Te ...…
Is Lubbock-Cooper ISD’s “B” really an “F” rating? Pratt on Texas morning update for Thursday, 16 August 2018
Maria Jimenez-Rodriguez has been missing since June 21, 2018. She would take her daughter to the babysitter's house and seemingly vanish off the face of the planet. What happened to Maria? Did she simply get overwhelmed and leave like the police would suggest? Or is something more sinister at work in our city, ripping away people's loved ones f ...…
For the first time Wednesday, Texas school districts received official ratings that show their performance on a scale from A through F, perpetuating a debate on whether the new system is more accessible for
UNK W F was discovered deceased in 1989 blocks away from the Galleria. A week after Houston was hit with 1.7 inches of snow, she was shot in the head and left outside an office building. All she had on her body was a schedule of unknown origin, one of the only clues to her identity. Listen as B & CC discuss the details of HCIFS Case #ML89-8294. ...…
On this week's TribCast, Emily talks to Ross, Marissa and Emma about moldy, rat-infested state office buildings, family reunifications at the border, TV ads in the U.S. Senate race and a Republican state lawmaker's tough words for the Texas governor.
Nebraska uses opioids to execute a condemned killer. We’ll take a look at what this might mean in America’s most active death penalty state. Also, a deadly bridge collapse in Italy and a stark reminder about infrastructure warnings closer to home. What’s being done? What’s the state of overpasses in Texas? You might be surprised by the answer. ...…
Was TTU’s Duncan forced out by covetous-for-reappointment regents for fighting FOR Tech? Pratt on Texas morning update for Wednesday, 15 August 2018
Even as federal officials were supposed to reunite separated immigrant children with their parents, the number of children in Texas' privately run shelters fell by only 88 between July 13 and Aug. 7.The Trump administration said it would reunify families separated under the now-paused “zero tolerance” policy, but new data shows the number of ch ...…
While legacy media ignores border realities, one source well covers what is happening daily. Pratt on Texas morning update for Tuesday, 14 August 2018 in the Oil & Gas Industry: A Guidebook of Practical Advice from the show: •• ...…
As members of the senate return to Washington, one issue in particular is set for the spotlight, again. The issue of the Border Wall never really went away. But now demands from the President, and a separate issue congress has kicked the can on, appear to be coming together, we’ll explain. And pilots in training report problems with their plane ...…
Neuropsychiatric diseases affect millions of people and can be disabling. Only about 8% of therapies that work in animal models make it all the way to humans. That's why Texas Biomed scientists are taking part in a study to try and find a better animal model to work with these complex health problems.The ultimate goal of this research, funded i ...…
Beto O'Rourke, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, announced Monday he will start airing TV ads in his race against Republican incumbent Ted Cruz.
We Will Not Be Tamed Ambassador Jorge Avalos has been on some epic mountain bike rides. But he’s never been to Palo Duro Canyon. Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Vice Chair and Amarillo denizen Mark Bivins wanted to remedy that. He’s been mountain biking in the canyon for years and recently offered to give Jorge a personal tour. Listen in on ...…
Reformers used to talk about boosting the three r’s. This week the letters that could matter more for schools statewide: the letters A thru F. With 1100 Texas schools getting their first A thru F style report cards, who’s doing the grading, and is anyone getting extra credit? We’ll take a look. Also a pilot shortage and how the lone star state ...…
Does the public really care about the price tag of government spending?Pratt on Texas morning update for Monday, 13 August 2018
The plan places a heavy burden on the American Civil Liberties Union, the advocacy group that successfully took the government to court this year to order the
Where have we been? That's a good question. Listen to this episode to find out what caused our long break from the show and what you can expect for the future.
Recent discoveries — and ongoing drought — inspired this Typewriter Rodeo poem.
Texas teacher union opposes higher pay for higher performing teachers. Pratt on Texas morning update for Friday, 10 August 2018
Is it possible to prevent another Sutherland Springs? The military sure hopes so, that’s one reason it’s changing the way it reports domestic violence, we’ll have the story. Plus, there’s more political races to keep an eye on than the O’Rourke / Cruz one. But don’t fret, we’ll tell you which. And has the Rio Grande Valley perfected the formula ...…
On our latest podcast, Andy Langer speaks with the outspoken Dallas sportscasting legend who’s enjoying a second act as viral video star.
The Trump administration has promised to phase out the Obama-era immigration program. But the president himself has also expressed sympathy for "Dreamers."
During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump mocked Texas U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz as "Lying Ted" and disparaged both his wife and his father. What a difference two years can make. Cruz, locked in a tight re-election fight with U.S. Rep. Beto O'Rourke, is seeking Trump's endorsement and help in the coming fall campaign -- in one of the strange ...…
Two very different rulings on two very similar cases. What it means when the 5th and the 9th circuit court’s disagree? We’ll explore. Plus Mexico’s president elect receives his certificate of ratification: The electoral commission says yes, you are the winner. We’ll explore the implications. And fever ticks can kill cattle but regulations on tr ...…
Should Texas taxpayers shoulder financial burden of drug abuse treatment? Pratt on Texas morning update for Thursday, 09 August 2018
There were more than 100,000 pending U.S. citizenship applications in Texas at the end of March, opponents of the state’s voter ID law say the years-long case is settled, and education officials are set to release the first official grades for school districts next
A bunch of attorneys shined up their shoes this morning, they’re heading to court to for Texas v Nielsen, we’ll look at the details. Plus, Houston cops are learning to speak Mandarin, hoping to fill a huge void. And I know you’ve heard about Mexico’s drug war, but you’ve never heard it this way? A new book called Don’t Send Flowers from Corpus ...…
UT regents double-down on bad management culture. Pratt on Texas morning update for Wednesday, 08 August 2018
Texas has sued to end Obama's landmark health care law before. But this time, it has support from the Trump administration, changes to the tax code and a potentially sympathetic
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