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Do you like to save money? Do you like to laugh? Do you have about half an hour of free time in your day? Then we are the podcast for you!! This isn't a podcast only for dental professionals. Anyone would enjoy our casual conversational interview style where we get to know our guest, not talk "shop" the entire time and just have some fun. In each episode we also do our very popular funny mishmash of clips that is related to each guest. Hosted by the Odd Couple of Dentistry - Dr. Glenn Vo and ...
Stay Thrifty
Conversations with myself and people I think are doing amazing things.
Get innovative advice and tips on cutting your bills and saving some cash.
All The Best
New Australian Storytelling
Greater Cincinnati wakes up every day with Jeff and Jenn on Q102, Cincinnati's hit music station. Don't miss out as Jeff and Jenn play songs that will get you ready to take on the day, talk with listeners and share their thoughts on life and love, news and community events. Check out the podcast for the highlights of today's show!
Earth Eats is a weekly program of real food and green living hosted by Chef Daniel Orr and produced by WFIU Public Media in Bloomington, Indiana.
Weekly roundtable discussions on topics in pop culture, queer life, and RuPaul’s Drag Race. We love a drag queen and a stiff drink. New episodes every Monday!
Everything That Rocks
Dylan & Hayley
Dylan Lewis and Hayley Pearson do the breakfast show on Nova 919. If you miss any of the fun, don't stress it, you can always download this daily podcast to get your fix.
Kaye Smith, eBay and Amazon Reseller, sharing experiences along this journey as a reseller. From live trips to the thrift store, pricing strategies, shipping, how to attack death piles, and other bits of information that can boost your skills and reseller business. See what I’m up to @
What if everybody understood child development? What if all education policies were made with that understanding in mind? What if all education questions were approached from the perspective of the student? What if schools and the school day were planned with the needs of students in mind? What if all programs, projects, problems, and edtech solutions were truly student-centric? Tune in to Studentcentricity and get strategies for teaching with students at the center of the learning process.
In every episode, we aim to demystify the “how to start a dental practice” problem by bringing on world-class influencers and consults in the dental industry to pick their brain about how to get past the barriers involved from no practice, to practice owner, to successful practice.
Bookclub is a bi-weekly, hour-long podcast in which we discuss a different book each episode. With jokes! Come and join us!
The other side of snowboarding
Thrift Therapy
Welcome to the Thrift Therapy podcast, where we examine the psychology of thrift life in a comedy and interview format. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Lifelong Learning
On Lifelong Learning, host Kate Nesi, frugal wife, mother, runner, and librarian, shares her experiences in the continuous pursuit of lifelong learning. Topics include frugal personal finance, family, marriage, making and creating, health and fitness, running, and continuing the growth mindset throughout life.
From Valley Public Radio
ThriveCast is a creative look into the lives of people of different walks of life. People of all sorts have developed and discovered new ways to THRIVE. Listen as they share with you what they have learned. Hosted by husband and wife team, Ben & Jecelyn, you will encounter new ideas and continue to Thrive in your life.
The Raving Patients Podcast, where reputation matters! Get ready to learn not only how to revitalize your practice’s online reputation, but also increase your visibility and credibility on Google and how to use the power of your happy patients to market your practice online with The Reputation Doctor himself, Dr. Leonard Tau!
Beyond the Berm takes a look at things outside of the berms of Disney's Magic Kingdoms, and at times things inside the berms as well.
EBPR Podcast
E.B.P.R. - Everything But Politics & Religion Podcast: a podcast by two average American women, talking about anything and everything, except politics & religion.
This is an archive show (Episode 601-900 only). For the newest episodes, subscribe to the regular podcast Optimal Health Daily in your favorite podcast app!
Girlfriendology is the online community for women based on inspiration, appreciation and celebration of female friendship.Girlfriends make us healthier, happier, less stressed, live longer and even feel more beautiful. Girlfriendology is the place to be inspired and share in this amazing community!Visit for more information on our inspiring blogs, podcasts and videos, as well as shopping, reviews contests and more.
I'm challenging myself to feed myself for $1 for a month - Follow me on my journey!
Man Up Series
Man up!
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Insect cuisine is a part of many cultural traditions throughout history and across the globe. So why does everybody talk about it as "future food"?
Dr. Christopher Phelps is an entrepreneur, general dentist, and an amazon best-selling author who practices in Charlotte NC. In his first 7 years of practice he grew the revenue of his practices by a factor of 10X, going from 1 practice location to 4 locations. After selling two of those offices for profit, Dr. Phelps focused on maximizing the ...…
Kanye and Kim's Valentine's Day and Colton was #MeToo'dBy
Plus, hear how Tim almost lost Steve (his beagle)By
Governor Gavin Newsom signed his first pieces of legislation into law on Wednesday, and he chose to sign them at a school where the water contains a carcinogen and kids can’t even use the drinking fountains. Newsom opened his visit in a history classroom, introducing the bills to a room full of students at Riverview Elementary School in the Fre ...…
This seems to be a man thing.By
When is the right time to share important parts of your life?By
What did we get for VDay and lots of NTDMTN!By
Last week we spoke with writers Nikiko Masumoto and Brynn Saito about their Yonsei Memory Project. For the past several months, they’ve been working with artists, teachers and others on how to tell personal stories about social injustice in front of an audience. It's all part of a greater effort to get people talking about civil liberties strug ...…
Hey Ambitious Dentists, When my team and I launched the SYDP podcast over three years ago, we had no idea that we would be able to build such an amazing SYDP community. Since launch, we’ve had over 100+ guests on the show, each of which shared their unique take on how to build a thriving and profitable dental practice. Today I’m incredibly exci ...…
Today on Young Artists Spotlight we will feature the music of the University High Chamber Choir from Fresno. All of the students at this public charter high school located on the campus of Fresno State participate in music programs, and today FM89 listeners are in for a treat. Hear the a capella sounds of over 40 talented choral music students, ...…
If you or a loved one needed to go to the emergency room, how would you pay the bill? If you’re like most Americans, you don’t have huge cash funds socked away for a trip to the ER. Most of us are overwhelmed by the high cost of healthcare—and it doesn’t help that medical costs are often hidden. We recently reported on a new federal law that ai ...…
Traffic, FML, Cheese, Chuck E Cheese, Chicken and Waffle CerealBy
Everyone has to have a starting point!By
Almonds are a nearly $3 billion industry here in the San Joaquin Valley—but without honeybees to pollinate the trees, there would be no harvest. By some estimates, as much as 90 percent of the country’s bees are trucked to California for the almond bloom. In 2014, however, beekeepers nationwide reported that almost half of all honeybee colonies ...…
Self Help Graphics and Art, an organization in Los Angeles that intersects art and social justice, is celebrating its legacy of producing art prints by Latinx, Chicana, and Chicano artists with an exhibit called Entre Tinta y Lucha: 45 Years of Self Help Graphics and Art. CSU Bakersfield’s Todd Madigan Gallery is currently housing more than 50 ...…
Megan Anderson Bohigian has been a teacher and writer for years, but only started publishing her own work after she retired in 2012. Her latest collection of poems, “Vanishing Point," uses metaphors to compare nature to her personal experiences. Megan says the inspiration to write about her memories in this way comes from "playing" with words; ...…
Pacific Gas and Electric, the primary utility provider in the Central Valley, filed for bankruptcy last month leaving questions about what this means for California’s renewable energy industry. Many renewable energy companies contract with PG&E, but as the company’s assets are examined, those contracts could be changed. This could also affect t ...…
On this week’s Valley Edition: We look at how pesticides may be contributing to honey bee deaths, and what that means for the $3 billion dollar almond industry. We also look at how the bankruptcy filing from utility provider PG&E could derail the state’s renewable energy goals. Later, we take some time to explore the arts and culture scene by v ...…
Join us for our clubbing of The Many-Headed Hydra: Sailors, Slaves, Commoners, and the Hidden History of the Revolutionary Atlantic by Peter Linebaugh and Marcus Rediker. You'll learn all about the unstoppable widespread transfer of seamen. Next book: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
BONUS: Introducing Voyage to the StarsBy (
Having defeated Josail Longshadow our crew of adventurers must decide what to do with the frozen bodies of Torog and Pelor. Pelor is pretty simple: release him. Torog...well Torog will probably be pretty mad and in a "squash small things" mood. Whatever they decide, fate has dealt them a hand that forces them to keep moving forward or else more ...…
Things are getting hairy!By
These two from Milford are pretty wild!!By
In this week's podcast, the guys Rucap Episode 9 of All Stars 4. Was the Sex and the Kitty Gurl 3 skit a flop? Come see if it's TFC approved! Make sure you stay tuned in the trade sections. There's enough hi-jinx happening for Latrice to call us out on our romper room f**kery! Trade: Seth: http://www.ins ...…
This week we recap the Man Food & Brews event discussing food in a cup, eating food outside and a Mark & Andy picnic! Plus, Andy's Redline intervention, rhino pills, grubby little hands at the Bloody Mary bar, family relationships at work, Andy ODs on vitamins and more! The post Mark & Andy Podcast 2.9.19 - Pizza Scream appeared first on WRIF R ...…
During the week of Valentine’s Day, Americans will purchase more than 50 million pounds of chocolate. Make sure yours is produced and traded fairly.
Heidi Mount is the President of Heidi Mount Coaching, a Virtual Consulting Company. Her work with dental practices focuses on creating simple, effective and easy to follow solutions that result in less stress and greater profitability. As an international speaker, she is known for her engaging style and generosity with useful tips. In fact, her ...…
Be Our Guest: Kevin Gade and Elise Hyder from Cincinnati Youth Collaborative.By
E News: Justin Bieber rushed into marriage so he could have sex, Jeff Bezos is being blackmailed by the "National Enquirer," and Ariana Grande is having it out with the Grammy Producers.By
Fake or For Real and Best Friend Game.By
Second Date Update: Did he really just talk to that part???By
My most epic #thrifttrip ever, record review of 9 to 5 and Odd Jobs by Dollyn Parton I got for less than a dollar, and Stephanie of Veni_vidi_thrift on Instagram talks thrifting for luxe heritage brands such as Hermes, Chanel, YSL etc. We discuss what to look for, where to shop, and how to authentic your finds. Guest ...…
Sometimes courageous, noble, hard-working people grab the headlines -- but most of the time their work goes unnoticed by the public. They’re the teachers, organizers, artists, and more who help to make places like Fresno better. Well, now some of these local heros are being celebrated -- in a new portrait series that opens at Arthop Thursday Fe ...…
When you think of civil rights leaders from the Central Valley, names like Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta probably come to mind, but another fundamental figure in the farm-labor movement was Larry Itliong. The Filipino activist co-founded the United Farm Workers of America and was pivotal in the Delano Grape Strike. His life was recently memor ...…
E News: Was "The Rock" the Oscars first choice as a host?, "The Simpsons" will not die, Ariana Grande won't be at the Grammys, and Fake or For Real 2-7-2019By
Good Morning and E News: Will the new "Avengers" movie be 3 hours long?By
News That Didn't Make the News: What are you doing for Valentine's Day? What are the biggest turn offs for making love, and Best Friend Game.By
Second Date Update: Lasting love on a cruise ship.By
Today's guests on Young Artists Spotlight are a group of string players led by 17-year-old Isaac Kim. They perform under the name Music of Bakersfield at local nursing homes, and also at private functions. Many of the members of the group are also part of the Bakersfield Youth Symphony Orchestra. Support for Young Artists Spotlight comes from t ...…
Hey Ambitious Dentists! Happy Wednesday! I have a special treat for you today. Recently I had the honor of being interviewed by the incredible Dr. Paul Goodman and attorney Rob Montgomery on The Dental Amigos Podcast. It’s always fun being on the other side of the mic for a change, and Dr. Paul and Rob are really great guys doing amazing things ...…
Fresno’s no-camping ordinance -- aimed at sprawling tent cities -- has been in effect for about a year and a half. Since then, the homeless population has slowly increased, and the city recently received millions in state funds to tackle homelessness issues. However, some would argue that policies like the no-camping ban are making life more di ...…
On Saturday Feb. 9, a group of writers, educators and artists will tell personal stories about social injustice in front of an audience at Fresno State's Madden Library from 2-4 p.m.. It’s called Storytelling for Change and it’s part of a larger effort to get people talking about present day civil liberties struggles and how they connect to the ...…
We’ve got new dreams, new hopes and a new backpack. Grab your game face and embrace your adolescent fears. There are important lessons to be learnt, both inside and outside the classroom. The Eyebrow Incident by Alyssa Bermudez The popular girls, increased body hair and mortal embarrassment — these are the necessary elements for a preteen drama ...…
E News: Jennifer Lawrence is engaged!!!, Charlie Sheen won't get married anytime soon, Liam Neeson says he is not a racist, and Miller Lite is responding to Bud Light.By
Fake or For Real and Best Friend GameBy
News That Didn't Make the News: Here's how to get the best fries at McDonald's, Samsung has a new app for singles, Here are the newest Top 10 dating deal breakers, and Single men smell bad.By
Second Date Update: Pants off, Dance Off Party!!!By
The frenetic energy of William Harder’s life is palpable before you even enter his home—with his dogs, their little heads crowding the front window to shout at visitors. Inside, Harder himself joins in, singing “Oh no!” in harmony with their excited cries. At the Ouija board welcome mat—I'll learn later it matches the kitchen mugs—Harder asks m ...…
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