Best Transformers podcasts we could find (Updated November 2018)
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Two friends talking about the trials and tribulations of collecting Transformers. Along the way we also discuss video games, movies, and other things pop culture.
Transformers Academy
TransMissions is a podcast about all things Transformers! We discuss everything from the toys (both official and third party) to the comics, movies, and TV series. We also have some great interviews from creators of the Transformers media and toy worlds!
TransMissions is all about Transformers toys! Our show covers everything from Hasbro and Takara to the what’s new from unofficial third party companies to weird and wacky knockoffs! We have news and reviews and our Trips To The Store segment where we show off what we got in the past week!
Run by the moderators of the Transformers Youtube Community (TFYTC). Our monthly podcast featuring Dave - SMSNO1, Stu - TheMightyGrimlock and Brad - exillionXLR. We talk toys and all sorts of other nonsense, all centered around our facebook group located at Feel free to come and join us on facebook. We definitely don't take buying toys too seriously.
TransMissions Alt Mode is all about the world of Transformers media! We review and cover the latest in Transformers comics (both the new books by IDW Publishing and classic comics from Marvel and Dreamwave), movies, and TV series. You’ll also find interesting interviews with media creators as well!
A round table film review podcast hosted by Chris Keyes and Rick Fox. Join us every other Thursday as we hurt each other with our words.
Radio Free Cybertron is The Transformers Podcast! The world’s first and best. We’ve been bringing you the latest from around the Transformers world since 1999! Weekly news and reviews on all the Transformers properties in the universe: Titans Return, the Last Knight, Combiner Wars, Robots in Disguise, Transformers games, Transformers Angry Birds, Transformers 4: Age of Extinction, Transformers Prime, Rescue Bots, Fall of Cybertron, Transformers Legends, Botcon, IDW Comics, Marvel Comics, con ...
Nerdisms is us a group of geeks discussing our favourite things like Tv,films,comics and so much more
A podcast from Washington Post Live, the newsroom’s live journalism platform, where top-level government officials, business leaders, cultural influencers and emerging voices discuss the most pressing issues driving the news cycle nationally and across the globe. From one-on-one, newsmaker interviews to in-depth multi-segment programs, Washington Post Live brings The Post’s newsroom to life on stage.
Every episode, in chronological order!
The RFC Mini-cast
Your snack-size Transformers podcast every week. Get in-depth reviews, commentary and more in 30 minutes or less!
More Is More
A bad movie podcast.
Meet the stars of new movie Transformers: The Last Knight, including Laura Haddock, Jerrod Carmichael and Isabela Moner.The Last Knight shatters the core myths of the Transformers franchise, and redefines what it means to be a hero. Humans and Transformers are at war, Optimus Prime is gone. The key to saving our future lies buried in the secrets of the past, in the hidden history of Transformers on Earth. Saving our world falls upon the shoulders of an unlikely alliance: Cade Yeager (Mark Wa ...
Protégé Podcast provides the insightful career advice, powerful inspiration and unvarnished truth you need to pursue and fulfill the career of your dreams. Protégé Podcast is hosted by Rory Verrett, the founder and managing partner of Protégé Search, a boutique talent advisory and executive recruiting firm. Rory has helped companies such as Boeing, American Express, the New York Times Company, and the NFL recruit, retain, and develop high potential talent. He has recruited leaders for compan ...
The RFC Mini-cast
Your snack-size Transformers podcast every week. Get in-depth reviews, commentary and more in 30 minutes or less!
Grow Develop, Succeed. Don't just survive, Thrive!
Podcast by What Do You Remember?
A weekly podcast from Heather Hook in Johannesburg. Bringing you what's hot, what's cool and everything in between. If you need to know where to shop, eat and play, this is your podcast.
Every Week The League of Geekz brings you the latest and geekest of news in Movies,TV, and comicbooks. By all means were not experts but we do know our stuff, and the goal is to cover stories and review movies from our own view that will inform and appeal to you the movie or TV viewer and the geek. So sit back and enjoy the ride Because Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!!!!
This American Life
This American Life is a weekly public radio show, heard by 2.2 million people on more than 500 stations. Another 2.5 million people download the weekly podcast. It is hosted by Ira Glass, produced in collaboration with Chicago Public Media, delivered to stations by PRX The Public Radio Exchange, and has won all of the major broadcasting awards.
Women have the power to transform this world. We can end crime, violence and poverty, if we all come together and share. Let's share our wisdom, time, talent, finances, and most of all, our love. Connect with women from around the globe as we build bridges of sisterhood and heal our inner spiritual wounds in order to build a stronger foundation for our families. Join us every day Monday through Friday 7am -9am Central Time, Saturday noon to 2pm and Sunday 5pm to 8pm for enlightening, inspira ...
The Weekly Planet
The first and worst podcast on the Planet Broadcasting Network. The Weekly Planet covers all things movies, TV shows and comics.
Dpalm & Kriss love talking about Comic Books & Comic Book Characters. The Character Corner lets them do just that. We pick some of our favorite characters from DC, Marvel, Image and more to discuss their backgrounds and important issue runs. We cover some characters you might not know about or you wan too learn more about. This is the perfect show for both those who only know these characters from the movies and for hardcore comic book readers. Check the show notes for the key issues we discuss.
Being Awesome, the show about loving Transformers and having fun! The equivalent of the stickers on your old Trapper Keeper, is an audio fanzine that Talks Transformers and occasional other similar interests without all the negativity that for some reason always finds a way to pop up.
Reel Deal
Podcast by Colin Young & Alec Faber
Retro Squat Podcast where we randomly choose classics mostly from the 80's & 90's and mash them together to make something new.
80s Revisited
Go back to the 80s. Relive it!
RetConned is a program of assorted geekery - movies, comic books, video games and everything in between.
The Plex Files
Join a movie loving married couple as they set out on an adventure to watch every movie in their eclectic Plex library, and try to make sense of what they just saw. All genres apply, and sometimes there are guests!
Opinion Havers
What happens when two of the biggest names in underground podcasting join forces to make their own show? You get Opinion Havers baby! Join Cody, famous for his love of all things indie and his vast knowledge of movies you've never heard of, and Tyler, famous for being the only guy to have bought the Transformers 4 Steelbook blu-ray, as they review todays biggest movies. Or, you know, whatever they watched on Netflix last night.
Second Thoughts
Second Thoughts is a podcast where we openly share our opinions on films and television. Join Matt Feldbush, Aaron Deaton, Kyle Belback and a selection of special guests in a series of segments previewing, discussing, and analyzing a slough of films and television series.
Dissecting The 80s
Tripp and Andrew Laino have been watching movies together since 1992, and making fun of them together since 1999, when a rainy afternoon of babysitting turned into 8 straight hours of cheesy science fiction, popcorn and jokes. Raised on a strict diet of 80s adventure, action, comedy and drama, the pair have an undying love for the 1980s and all of the weird, wonderful cinema therein. Since 2014, they've hosted this podcast - every other week they dissect a movie (or sometimes a TV show), fin ...
Sunday Sermons
The official podcast of the Daywalker. Subjects include Transformers, nerd/toy/weird news, collectibles, comics, movies and tv.
ThunderDumps is your weekly podcast for movie reviews, comic books, video games and of course potty jokes.
Fire The Tomatoes!
Join Ben, Shannan, and Adam as they dig through the refuse of Rotten Tomatoes and decide whether to let it rot or give it a shot!
The Hold Up
Each month two old nerds both named John watch a movie they remember being good but haven't seen in years to determine whether or not it... holds up.
Armchair Reviews
We're just two dudes livin' in Yellowknife, Canada talkin' about the biggest movies that have come out and having spoilery discussions about them! All from the comfort of our armchairs. It's Armchair Reviews! Like we could do better..
High On Film
Each week we invite a guest to pick a movie of their choosing to play some games and engage in some film-talk centered around their movie choice. In most cases the entire movie is discussed, so please keep in mind that spoilers are inherent.
A podcast​ about everything and anything in Free-to-play games.Just like the blog (, Deconstructor of Fun podcast dives deep into the business side of free-to-play games in search of what makes them successful - and fun. The podcast is a long-form conversation hosted by the Michail "Mishka" Katkoff, a seasoned game maker, an accidental blogger and an unexpected podcaster. If you’re interested in understanding how free-to-play games work or you're looking to buff up ...
Refund Theater
A podcast where your hosts Jacob and Ben watch movies of questionable quality and discuss them with often hilarious results!
I Was There Too
If you're like Matt Gourley (Superego, Drunk History, James Bonding), then you know all the classic movie and television scenes so well it's like you were in the room when they happened. Well, you weren't. And neither was he. But the people Matt interviews were! Listen in as they tell the inside stories of how cinema and television history was made from a fly-on-the-wall perspective you've never heard. Looking for the archives?
Bringing you the BEST in Weird News Coverage. And it's all true! Covering the strangest stories from around the world. On each episode we discuss weird news, strange stories, and interesting characters. Always family friendly…always fun!
Blockbusters, limited releases, a-list, no list, big budgets, sequels; horrible movies come in all shapes and sizes and The Horrible Movie Podcast is an equal opportunity employer when it comes to bad movies. Each week Jack Altermatt (host and creator) invites a friend over to watch a horrible movie and then record their conversation about what made it so terrible. The only rule is: it must be a theater release movie; no straight to DVD movies here. Remember "Just because it's from Hollywood ...
This is the one feed to rule them all! The catch-all feed for the RetroZap Podcast network. Here, you'll find every show we release.
We exist to reach beyond ourselves and awaken greater.
Climb on up the Geekstalk for news, reviews and chat about all that can interest today's geek! Listen, like and Subscribe to our podcast! Join the community!
Metro Life Church is located in Lafayette, LA under the leadership of Pastors Caleb and Alicia Moran. For more information check us out online at
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show series
In this weeks show we watch Episode 11 of The Headmasters "The Shadow Emperor, Scorponok". We also look at MPM-7 Masterpiece Bumblebee, War For Cybertron Siege figures, a new sword for Power of the Primes Predating, and give our thoughts on Deluxe & Voyager Wave 1 Releases. Enjoy! Joe's YouTube : My Life In Collecting Joe's Instagram : MyLifeIn ...…
"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" changed the Marvel Cinematic Universe forever with the dismantling of a corrupt S.H.I.E.L.D. We look at how it influenced what we know now on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Case Files.
Does Holidays with Family Make You Want To Stay Away? Sometimes unresolved issues can make you not want to be around your family. Sometimes Family Issues can ruin a family gathering. Learn how to handle it affectively with Mental Health Professinal Khalid B. Scott on Monday Morning Mindfulness with ZeldaSpeaks. Join the conversation on Facebook ...…
"How to get......and remain sober"
Whether your Thanksgiving requires travel by Planes, Trains, and Automobiles or you’re content to stay at home watching television for a few Happy Days, playing Duck Hunt on your Nintendo, remember to enjoy the weekend.
Happy T.Hanksgiving! We’re celebrating with Punchline, which turns 30 this year! Why is Tom Hanks such a jerk? What’s the deal with Sally Fields dream, and why does it seem so out of left field? Why are these “comedians” not telling ANY jokes? Why is it so dang long? Did they invent Last Comic Standing? All this and more! Listen! Support us on ...…
On this episode we discuss cheesy Led Zeppelin, a guy who throws flaming underwear at a traffic camera, and we call some friends to wish them a happy Thanksgiving! All this and more on this episode of WEIRD!
Visit & get 15% off your purchase Try ShipStation FREE for 30 days with a special bonus when you use the promotion code PLANET at Get 3 months of Audible for just $6.95 a month at or text planet to 500 500 This week we mourn the passing of Stan Lee, a legend of the comic book industry. A ...…
Tonight the Geekz talk about Stan Lee, and Alil talks about the short interview he got to have with him when we first started the podcast. We also talk the Jason Todd episode of Titans, the new She-Ra show on Netflix, and much much more. So sit back relax and enjoy the show.
Stories of people who believe there is always a way. And also those who don’t.
what advice do you wish you had as a 20 year old? What mistakes do you wish you had not made in life? How would you change the direction you took if you knew what you know now
The DorkLair hosts discuss Stan Lee's massive contribution to modern myth, recounting some of their own memories and associations. They read emails, announce the winner of the giveaway, and share some recent pickups. The latest action figure news includes MAFEX, Revoltech, Mezco, McFarlane, and more. Bill goes over some tips and strategies in h ...…
The Geekz are back at the movies to review the Zombie Nazi flick Overlord. Will this new movie from Producer JJ be everything we hoped for from a cross genre film? You will have to sit back relax and enjoy the show.
To mark the fortieth anniversary of The Star Wars Holiday Special, TechnoRetro Dads present "The Could've Been But Wasn't Actually The Star Wars Holiday Special" Radio Drama. Join shazbazzar and JediShua with special guests, Joe Tavano, Mrs. Shua, and jessizzar for an audio version of the Holiday Special based on the earliest draft of the story ...…
We came. We saw. We conquered Rhode Island Comic Con and returned with handfuls of Kenners and stories of drinks with Oppo Rancisis. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. You don't want to miss this one.
Spiritual Counselor Cynthia Marie Williams joins us today to discuss her work and her organization "Sisters In The Spirit." How can women harness the tremendous spiritual power we have and replace the energy of fear and hate with the energy of love? How do we create a balance in this testosterone male dominated,violent, war mongering society? H ...…
Barry and iris get "All Doll'd Up" to investigate the mysterious crimes of Rag Doll on Scarlet Velocity: A Flash Podcast!
Join us as we look back at the history of gaming company SNK! Learn all about their amazing lineup of titles and NEOGEO consoles here.
On episode 67.1, Dennis and Darth Taxus discuss Poe Dameron's return to Resistance: "Signal from Sector Six." Plus, Kowakian Ape-Lizards.
The great Stan Lee passed on Monday (November 12th) at the age of 95, leaving behind a legacy and characters that will forever be remembered and timeless. Kriss and Dpalm talk about what impact Stan Lee and his creations had on them and why he matters so much to the world of comic books. Beyond the huge list of iconic characters he created/co-c ...…
Oliver finally meets "The Demon" and discovers just how long he's been manipulated, while Felicity does everything she can to get him out of Level 2 on Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast!
Your host, Viyahta, Master Herbalist and Holistic Life Coach shares her knowledge from over 30 years in the Holistic Health field. This podcast will review and examine the book "HOW TO STAY OUT OF THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE: An Encyclopedia For Alternative Healing" by Dr. Edward M. Wagner. Part of this review includes knowledge on how the body can hea ...…
On this episode we discuss a doctor who removes a kidney, flat earthers have a new theory, and those crazy Russians. All this and more!
On this episode, we’re joined by friend of the show Jimmerz from Distortion Productions as we review the final issue of Transformers: Unicron #6, Hero X shows off their Japanese language edition Transformers Classics Vol. 2 cover, and we find out when the Transformers Trading Card Game will be arriving in Canada. All this and much, much more on ...…
On this episode, we’re joined by friend of the show Jimmerz from Distortion Productions as we review the final issue of Transformers: Unicron #6, Hero X shows off their Japanese language edition Transformers Classics Vol. 2 cover, and we find out when the Transformers Trading Card Game will be arriving in Canada. All this and much, much more on ...…
This week on Radio Free Cybertron we are all about Botbots. We have them in-hand, and we can't wait to tell you the good news. Also on the show Diecast shares his hands-on time with Transformers Siege way back at NYCC 1973. All that and Botbots on this week's episode of Radio Free Cybertron! The post Radio Free Cybertron 596 – Botbots are our a ...…
Listener Appreciation month continues with Shoot ‘Em Up! Will this balls to the wall action movie hit its target? Find out inside.
White House Director of Strategic Communications, Mercedes Schlapp, sat down for an in-depth interview at The Washington Post about news of the day and how the 2018 midterms will affect the administration’s agenda.
Representatives-elect Veronica Escobar (D-Tex.), Chrissy Houlahan (D-Pa.), Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) and Jennifer Wexton (D-Va.) discuss their role in helping the Democrats retake the House and outline their legislative priorities.
President of New American Leaders, Sayu Bhojwani, CEO of Republican Main Street Partnership, Sarah Chamberlain, and other top political analysts and advocates, explore what factors propelled a record number of women to run for Congress 2018.
This is Part 2 of an interview by Zelda, the Monday morning host on The Female Solution of her book The Nonviolent Right to Vote Movement Almanac. You can visit the archive to hear Part 1. The book can be purchased at
The worst movies to gross a billion dollars. That’s right - Producer Phil and Jack talk about's list of the worst movies to sell $1,000,000,000 worth of box office tickets. Fun episode with a lot of Johnny Depp in it!
We’re finally back with another Character Corner. Sorry for the delays, been having a lot going on outside of the network and so it’s taken us a while to get back to where we need to be. We’ll definitely be back to a more normal schedule in 2019. We do have a schedule for the rest of 2018 and it’s as follows: Ultimate Spider-Man Part 2 (Hi) The ...…
Long term incarceration creates a mental and emotional state that must be undone when a prison inmate is released. How do you relearn to open a door for your self? How do you get caught up on using the latest technology? How do you figure out appropriate clothes to wear? And how do you know you won’t relapse back into incorrect behavior? Halfwy ...…
Dave and Mikey discuss the movies they've seen this month including some new releases such as Bohemian Rhapsody, First Man, and Bad Times at the El Royale.
On this episode, we’re joined by friend of the show Jimmerz from Distortion Productions as we react to Toy World’s third party Predaking teaser, Tarkara Tomy has confirmed a Studio Series Dark of the Moon Megatron, and Casio is releasing a Transformers-themed watch and pedestal. All this and much, much more on this episode of TransMissions! Che ...…
On this episode, we’re joined by friend of the show Jimmerz from Distortion Productions as we react to Toy World’s third party Predaking teaser, Tarkara Tomy has confirmed a Studio Series Dark of the Moon Megatron, and Casio is releasing a Transformers-themed watch and pedestal. All this and much, much more on this episode of TransMissions! Che ...…
In our second episode in our Protégé Podcast series on Workplace Wellness, I welcome back fitness and nutrition expert Brenda Sillas. Brenda and I discuss how to avoid stress-induced binge eating and how to create exercise habits that stick. On the Rant/Rave/Review segment I rave about the diversity of new political leaders coming to Washington ...…
Kanata's Castle is all clear to land at Docking Bay 44, but it's Phasma-first with Women in the galaxy far, far away. Yes, that's right, Becca and Devon continue along their journey expounding upon the many women in Star Wars.
On episode 67, with no new Star Wars movie this December, the Scoundrels reflect on the Star Wars films from the holiday seasons of the past three years.
Sean Parker, founder and chairman of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy discusses his $250 million investment in the development of new technologies to combat cancer and examines which fields of research hold the most promise for patients.
Leaders in health policy examine the financial burdens facing cancer patients and their caregivers and discuss how to reduce costs.
Doctors and medical experts discuss the rising HPV-related cancer rates in the United States and how doctors are looking to treat and eradicate these preventable cancers.
FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb and director of the National Cancer Institute Norman E. “Ned” Sharpless discuss the latest advances and challenges in the field of oncology.
Gathering of the Griots A Soulful Chicago Book Fair Affair "Feeding the Need to Read and Succeed" Ooooo goodie! The energy for this year's HOLIDAY book fair is ALIVE! Tune in for a sneak peek of what titles will be featured, event details and hear from me the founder herself, ASADAH! Call in 515 605 9325 and press the #1 on your phone to join i ...…
Tragedy To Triump! From Violence to Non-Violence! is possible! Many lives have been lost during tragedies. How do we go from being a violent society to a non violent society? JB Pritzker was recently elected Governor of the State of Illinois, but there are issues that need to be resolved. Now That You've Voiced Your Choice, How Will You Persona ...…
The Lord of the Rings has been a favorite story for generations whether in its original literary form, the Peter Jackson films, or (for many GenXers) Ralph Bakshi’s animated version.
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