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Transit Unplugged
Hosted by Paul Comfort, Transit Unplugged shares the stories, challenges, and successes of the top transit professionals. Transit mobility is really the driving factor in the industry. Transit equals mobility. And mobility equals life.
Transit Church exists to glorify God by making disciples in Alexandria, VA and the surrounding area in the DC metropolitan region. theTransit family consists of a diverse group of people from different walks of life, who live in community with each other as we follow Jesus.
Covering Transit and Land Use in the Greater Seattle Area
For all of your transition needs
The Age of Transitions is an original podcast that covers the topics of: transhumanism, Singularity, geopolitics, history, propaganda, mind control, occult symbolism, and much more.
Weekly uploads of the messages in Transit, the middle school ministry of Athens Church located in Athens, GA.
Life Transitions
Listen to Attorneys Kathleen E. O'Connor and Brenda M. Rivard offer advice on legal matters ranging from Wills, Estates, and Trusts, to Long Term Care planning and Assisted Living Options.
The Transit Lounge hosted by Shandra shares ideas, insight and inspiration around being CEO You in the business of your life. Shandra will share stories, interviews and practical tools and tips to explore if it's truly possible to earn great money, doing what you love, without burning out... This podcast is for people going places.
Welcome travelers to The Tomorrowland Transit Authorities, a weekly podcast in which Christine and Rob sit down to chat about everything and anything Disney and Disney World! That includes Disney rumors, news, vacation plans, trip reports, and question and answers!
BOOKING WORLDWIDE:nickjaksa@gmail.comMusic Festivals:Ultra Europe 2015Ultra Korea 2016BPM Festival 2017Ultra Europe 2018Ultra Europe 2019Labels:Unstuck Musik / Egothermia /LW Recordings
Transitions From War
Transitions in life are rarely easy. They require us to change. They throw us off balance and by their nature force us to adapt. Coming home from war is among the most difficult transitions one can face. Join Marine Corps veterans Mike Ergo and Richard Dreyling as they discuss the journey to leading a better life through active living, meditation, and mindfulness.
Transitions From War
Transitions in life are rarely easy. They require us to change. They throw us off balance and by their nature force us to adapt. Coming home from war is among the most difficult transitions one can face. Join Marine Corps veterans Mike Ergo and Richard Dreyling as they discuss the journey to leading a better life through active living, meditation, and mindfulness.
The Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) is a division of the Maryland Department of Transportation, and one of the largest multi-modal transit systems in the United States. MTA operates Local and Commuter Buses, Light Rail, Metro Subway, Maryland Area Regional Commuter (MARC) Train Service, and a comprehensive Paratransit (Mobility) system. MTA also manages the Taxi Access system, and directs funding and statewide assistance to Locally Operated Transit Systems (LOTS) in each of Maryland’s ...
A podcast about gender, identity, orientation, and all the life that happens around them! George is an FtM transgender man, Jess is his pansexual genderqueer wife; they talk parenting, work, and such.
Straight talk about the world’s transition from fossil fuels to renewables with energy expert Chris Nelder
Welcome to the Rail~Volution Podcast. Rail~Volution is a network and an annual conference focused on ways that communities leverage major transit investments (including rail, bus rapid transit, bus, as well as bicycling walking, sharing and emerging options) to connect people with employers and neighborhoods. With the Rail~Volution Podcast, we're delving deeper into aspects of building livable communities, with special focus on equity and community participation.
LA Podcast
A news podcast for people who live in Los Angeles. Hosted by Hayes Davenport, Scott Frazier, and Curbed's Alissa Walker.
Transit Insight
Whether you are a transit professional, enthusiast, or an end-user, you will find these discussions about transit by two CEOs and a Planning Director enlightening and informative.
You’re not totally happy with your career (obviously!) You also know that there “has to be something out there that’s better.” That hope that you can find meaningful and fulfilling work, that also pays you well, has led you here! This is the show that provides the inspiration, tools, and roadmaps to move from where you are to work that matters to you and uniquely fits your strengths and talents.
You’re not totally happy with your career (obviously!) You also know that there “has to be something out there that’s better.” That hope that you can find meaningful and fulfilling work, that also pays you well, has led you here! This is the show that provides the inspiration, tools, and roadmaps to move from where you are to work that matters to you and uniquely fits your strengths and talents.
Change It Up Radio
From the team that brought you Transition Radio Show, join renowned Life Transitions Expert, author, speaker and media personality, Paula Shaw for Change it Up! Radio. Join Paula as she creates a new kind of conversation, with topics exploring how to truly connect with yourself, embrace change, and empower your life path with a clear vision. Look for inspiring guest hosts who will ignite an introspective dialogue! So if you’re seeking for more clarity, inspiration, motivation, and you’re rea ...
Driving You Crazy
Let’s talk transportation, traffic, transit and what’s driving you crazy as you try to get from here to there, no matter how you do it. Longtime Denver traffic expert Jayson Luber and Denver7 executive producer Joseph Peters will look at the big issues in transportation, traffic, transit and whatever is driving you crazy. Come join us on the road well traveled!
The Transportation Commission decides on transportation issues including Transit; Pedestrian, Bicycle and Motor Vehicle.
Oxford Transitional Justice Research (OTJR) is an inter-disciplinary network of more than 100 Oxford staff and students working broadly on issues of transition in societies recovering from mass conflict and/or repressive rule. OTJR is dedicated to producing high-quality scholarship that connects intimately to practical and policy questions in transitional justice, focusing on the following themes: Prosecutions, Truth Commissions, Local and traditional practices, Compensation and reparations, ...
The War on Cars
The War on Cars is a podcast about car culture, mobility and the future of cities. We bring you news, commentary and stories about the worldwide battle to undo a century's worth of damage wrought by the automobile. The War on Cars is waged by three leading voices of the livable streets movement, Doug Gordon, Sarah Goodyear and Aaron Naparstek. Liberate your city. Enlist today in The War on Cars.
Epic Church is a new church in Buffalo, NY, meeting in the Regal Cinema Transit Center at 6707 Transit Rd, Williamsville, NY 14221. Service Times are 9:00 & 10:30am.
Women in the Middle is a podcast for women in their 50s who don’t want to let life pass them by. You’ll learn from someone who knows what it’s like to be stuck in a midlife funk and want to change but not know what to do. Master Certified Life Coach Suzy Rosenstein shares the mindfulness skills, tools and perspective you need to live intentionally, learn how to dream again, and create a life you love. Download a free guide to help you start living a life without regrets at https://suzyrosens ...
Early Edition with Joe Mathieu airs from 4:50 a.m. until the start of Morning Edition at 5 a.m. We bring you the information you need, including traffic, transit and weather in an informal and informative way. Our listeners learn about the stories we are covering and get a sense of the behind the scenes aspects of starting the broadcast day.
Mentor Select Podcast is a career guidance resource for students, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Derrich Phillips created Mentor Select to provide you with the essential mentorship and support to follow your passions. The weekly podcast interviews provide the road map to your dream career.
Do you want to stop drinking? Does alcoholism or addiction run in your family? Are you considering how to get sober? Are you seriously thinking about sobriety for the first time being alcohol is controlling your life as never before? If so, then check out this podcast! This podcast is a short daily audio provided by the online Alcoholics Anonymous recovery group, Transitions Daily. Transitions Daily also distributes this same content in a daily email with a secret Facebook group for discussi ...
A review of the week's top stories at the intersection of sustainable transportation, urban planning, and economic development. Hosted by Jeff Wood of The Overhead Wire.
Dedicated to the art of living today and creating tomorrow. The podcast is for those who yearn for a life of adventure and significance, or are navigating through a transition. Hear tips on tuning mind and body, finding your rhythm and developing your unique voice. Kathleen uses music and the arts to communicate a message of joy, hope, and life transformation.
Daddy Issues
Comedians Keon Polee and Tony Baker discuss fatherhood
A weekly podcast tracking the transition from fossil fuel transportation to electric and the surrounding clean ecosystems. Hosted by Electrek’s Frederic Lambert and Seth Weintraub.
The Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Podcast with award winning business coach Peter Boolkah (aka The Transition Guy®) will help you take control of your business (and your life) while growing and transitioning your business from one level to the next.Featuring special guests from around the world, including best-selling authors, keynote speakers, world-class coaches and business leaders, The Transition Guy® podcast is sure to give you the insights, knowledge and understanding you need to tak ...
The Reinventing Transport show provides practical help and encouragement on urban mobility issues for an international audience. It is for anyone, in any country, pushing for local changes to urban transport and public space, especially if you want your city to be more socially just, sustainable, safe, productive, full of great places and much better at helping us all to flourish. Intro and outro music: "So Far So Close" by Jahzzar via ...
If you're a veteran feeling tired of the mundane routine out of the uniform and are looking discover your next mission that leaves you feeling fulfilled and satisfied. The Ambitious VET is for you, here we dive into the trenches with today's top performing military veterans living a passion driven life out of the uniform and our mission is to reveal the secret formula to you living a more fulfilling, meaningful, and top performing civilian life!
"This is Personal" looks at the intimate details of a person's life through appreciative inquiry. We delve deep to find out how they got to this singular point in their lives. What are the events, the stories that influenced how their life has worked out? Have they used their past as a weapon or as a gift? By allowing a guest to share their story authentically, we gain both compassion and inspiration from their struggles and successes. And hopefully insight on what we might become as well.
On October 5, 2007, Kevin Saum suffered a traumatic brain injury called second impact syndrome during a high school football game, which ended his athletic career and nearly ended his life. Kevin created the Head's 'N Tales podcast to serve as a platform for other athletes who have been dealt life-altering injuries, illnesses or other obstacles throughout their careers to share their story's and to learn how they persevered in the face of adversity. He additionally interviews subject experts ...
Living Astrology
Practical guidance and wisdom for using Astrology, Human Design Astrology and planetary transits to your benefit in your own life. We explore topics astrological, metaphysical and spiritual for 60 mins each week.
Rob Hopkins
Podcast by Rob Hopkins
Oyster World Radio
This is a podcast about people. A collection of stories from across the globe. Let's face it, we are all pretty dang busy these days. With a limited budget, and even more scarce vacation days, it can be hard to look beyond your day to day life. We keep hearing the benefits of travel such as the sparks of creativity, the understanding of people and cultures, and the digging into yourself to see whats inside. Although I can't provide everything travel has to offer through the convenience of yo ...
The FREE podcast that deepens your astrological wisdom. We always start with the forecast, and regularly include special features. Make This Week in Astrology a regular part of your astrological education! *** Sign up for email notifications when a new show posts -- just enter your email in the subscription box in the upper right corner of this page. It's free, and you can unsubscribe anytime.
Job/Career transition, Organizational Development, Emotional Intelligence in the workplace, Retained Search, Women in the workforce, Military transitions
Career Foresight
Foresight is knowing how to take action in the present to create the future you want to see. If you desire to build a career with a meaningful impact that also brings genuine satisfaction to your life, this podcast is for you! Through heartfelt, down-to-earth interviews and educational episodes, host Jennifer Spoelma (Career Coach & Author) makes sure that you always leave feeling encouraged and with more clarity for your career choices. If you're all in for actionable self-improvement and r ...
Diane Rehm’s weekly podcast features newsmakers, writers, artists and thinkers on the issues she cares about most: what’s going on in Washington, ideas that inform, and the latest on living well as we live longer.
Inbound Raleigh
Our goal is to foster a discussion about transit and transportation in Raleigh. We cover a range of topics, including sidewalks, streets, cars, bicycling, greenways, parking, rail, buses, and more. Some of those conversations will be broad while others will dig deeper. Some will be lighthearted and there may be copious amounts of sarcasm and a few jokes. Many of our podcast episodes will feature interviews with transportation officials and also the regular people who use it.
Muni Diaries
The Muni Diaries podcast is where you'll hear true stories that happened on public transportation in San Francisco and the Bay Area, presented by the editors of Since our launch in 2008, we've gathered stories from more than 4,000 transit riders. To submit your own story, or read more bus tales, visit
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The daily distribution consists of different recovery quotes daily from various resources including; Twenty-Fours A Hours A Day, A.A. Thought for the Day, Daily Reflections, Big Book Quote, Just for Today, As Bill Sees It, plus more! This podcast is a short daily audio provided by the online recovery group, Transitions Daily. Transitions Daily ...…
I mean, how can we NOT talk about the Skyliner incident from last week? We also talk about time traveling through Disney history, custom Disney challenges, and we spend a considerable amount of time talking about Mall Madness. Want to support The TTA Podcast & look rad while doing it? The TTA Podcast T-Shirts! The TTA Podcast Pin! Have a questi ...…
Since 2005, Karie Kaufmann has helped over 500 business owners and executives achieve their goals and take their business to the next level. Her clients have achieved double and triple-digit growth in profitability, accomplished through improvements in sales, marketing, team training, systems development and strategic planning. She helps busine ...…
Lani Hankins is an Army vet who deployed to Afghanistan. Working in a war zone was no cake walk, but Lani found the return home to be the tougher battle. Mike and Lani talk about some of the misconceptions of trauma and PTSD - where it comes from, how it doesn't have to be from combat, and why other veterans can really turn on the hate. Lani is ...…
Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) has become 'hyper-visible' in international criminal justice, yet scholars disagree whether this is a good thing for feminism or not. In focusing on the normative question of whether international criminal law can be a force for good, the empirical question, namely what exactly happens when critical conce ...…
Marlon Ettinger calls in to the show to pitch his radical political idea: Hillary 2020. His main selling point is that it would be the funniest possible outcome for all of us. topics include: art, Age of Transitions comic, Hillary Clinton, days of Trump, Democratic Party, liberals, right wingers, closet authoritarians, entertainment, comedy, Th ...…
Lisa Joy is living a work life that is certainly not for everyone, but it's PERFECT for her. That's the point of making career change - to make every move take you closer to living a work life you love. Lisa started out with a Science degree and ended up a newsreader on one of Australian's biggest and best radio networks, then landed a job as a ...…
Paul tells the Corinthians that he's not impressed by what gifts they have or what they do with them. What’s most important is the way of love.By Jeff Toomer.
Some weeks back, George's HRT prescription was changed from 200mg/ml to 100mg/ml, basically doubling the dose to achieve the same amount of a more diluted testosterone shot. It wasn't ideal, but it was the option available to him at the time. But in the intervening weeks, he has been more irritable, and irritability can be a side effect of HRT. ...…
In this third part of a trilogy of shows about how to decarbonize grid power, former utility regulator Travis Kavulla offers his thoughts on how wholesale electricity markets can use competition to deliver clean electricity. Following our discussion about reforming wholesale markets in Episode #90, and our exploration of how state policies can ...…
“Our motto is, ‘We’ll do whatever it takes to get it done.’” BC Transit has a service area of 944,000 square kilometers (360,000 square miles – which is about 40% larger than Texas) and encompasses 130 communities with ~1200 buses and 81 different transit systems. It’s quite the job, and Erinn Pinkerton, President and CEO at BC Transit, is up t ...…
MDOT MTA celebrated the opening of the new Camden Station in the downtown Baltimore area earlier this month with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. MDOT Secretary Pete Rahn and MDOT MTA Administration Kevin Quinn spoke about the historical significance surrounding the station; it is the oldest continuously operating transportation terminal in the count ...…
Rideshare tax to fund the streetcar (3:12) University Street station naming (13:04) New West Seattle – Ballard alternatives (19:35) Sounder South (45:56)By Seattle Transit Blog.
I hope you enjoy my latest episode of Transit In Effect. I'm excited to share some music I have been working on since my return to Toronto. Stay tuned for new music to come!Tracklist:Light Years Ago - Iris SantoConfined Heart - RebekahLegion - Bruno AguirreQuainty -Dave SimonBulero -Wrong AssessmentSignal Response -Michael KleinCherry -Hasha Me ...…
The way I met U.S. Army Veteran, Travis Manion Foundation Mentor and Mental Health Professional, Vince Ruiz was confirmation that there are no accidents in life. Vince and I met at the first ever Between The Ears “Link-Up,” which was founded by one of my former guests and mentors, Bill Anthes. Vince and his buddy just happened to hop in my truc ...…
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