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“The martyrs of Science” gives a brief biography of Galileo, Brahe and Kepler. These three men played a pivotal role in the scientific revolution during the early modern period. This book throws light upon their lives, their scientific achievements, adversities which they faced for their work and how they transformed the lives of the future generations forever. It also provides evidence which establishes that the work carried out by them are original irrespective of the claims by other men w ...
Tycho Alhambra, a lover of the weird and bizarre, reads his favorite weird fiction stories. Lovecraft, Machen, Blackwood, Chambers. They're all here.
"Sometimes people ask us 'how do you guys write the comic?' The answer is that we sit around and look at game news and we talk about it until we start laughing at something. It sounds boring and I think it probably is. The writing process behind one of those comics is recorded and made available for your listening pleasure. We call this Downloadable Content." - Gabe (Gabe and Tycho create the web comic Penny Arcade 3 days a week. New episodes are released on Wednesdays)
Churchcast w/ Rev.
I'm a oldskool DJ, Cannabis advocate, entrepreneur and inventor with a passion to curate uplifting music essential for our well-being. I specialize in Melodic House, Deep House, Deep Tech and NuDisco. Let's share the music we love, the moments that move us and the flow that creates our inner peace.Peace & Love,The Rev.For bookings email{( 2018 Bookings )}-12/31 - New Year’s Eve Yoga Celebration & Groove Party - Yoga Tree12/22 - Inside Out - Endup SF12/13 - Miyagi - Audio Sa ...
Acquisitions Incorporated serves up locally-sourced adventure from convenient franchise locations across Faerûn. Their adventures began in 2007 with a podcast of three friends playing D&D, and inexplicably progressed to live games on-stage before thousands of audience members at PAX.
The Sounds in My Head is a music podcast featuring songs and bands you might have missed. Hosted by an indie-pop loving Brooklynite named Daniel since 2004.
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Just two guys talking about music-n-stuff
Salt Mine Radio
For years 3 men have been trapped working 24 hours a day inside the depths of Big Al's Saltmine. Now they've finally decided to do something about it: start their very own podcast. Listen in as Sam Shearer, Layne Willson, and Gage Judd discuss Movies, TV, Video Games, Music, and just about anything else.
The Universe: broken into bite-sized chunks and discussed by Idiots. .
Dan Digs
Dan Digs showcases the best in brand new leftfield beats and electronic soul with special guests live in studio.If you dig the sounds and selections of Gilles Peterson, Benji B, KCRW, Lefto, Hyperdub, HW&W, LuckyMe, Soulection, Stones Throw, Ninja Tune, Tru Thoughts, and the Red Bull Music Academy, you'll feel right at home.For more radio show episodes, DJ sets, and the latest new music, head over to and
Tape Op Podcast
Podcast by Tape Op Podcast
Insight Music
CapRadio's monthly showcase of in-studio performances and interviews keeping you in touch our regional scene, the music and its makers.
A Podcast for Indie Record Labels. Hosted by Scott Orr.
KTRU Rice Radio
We are KTRU Rice Radio 96.1 FM in Houston, TX! Sticking it to the man since 1967. This account has interviews galore! For our music, check out . And if social media is your thing, FB/Twitter/Instagram. Also accept smoke signals.
Night Light Radio with Mz Prizm on Listen to show archives, or tune in live Saturday 2:00 – 4:00am. is a San Francisco-based community radio station. Our mission is to support emerging and underground artists and bring the Bay Area music scene to the world.
Part of the Voyages Extraordinaires series by French novelist Jules Verne, and also a sequel to his classic science fiction novel From the Earth to the Moon, Round the Moon presents the continuation of the gripping tale which ended with a cliffhanger and left readers to ponder over endless possibilities. Published in 1870, the novel presents an unprecedented journey into space, while focusing on space navigation, scientific calculations, unforeseen circumstances and dangerous encounters, whi ...
One song per episode, Legal. Free. Just the way your want them, plus info about the music and where to get more. Discover many IndieFeed genres and shows. Track us at
Zan Rowe offers up a super-cool selection of music and culture for your mornings.
Historically Speaking
Historically Speaking is that podcast that lifts up the old log of history and pokes at the things crawling underneath you never knew were there. Emus! Insane merchants! Bizarre deaths! Astronomers! Weird and creepy letters written by famous authors! This place has it all! Join Jack, Kelsey and Isaiah as they weekly delve in the weird, hilarious, and downright bizarre parts of the past you've never heard of but really should!
Members of the PAX IRC community engage in banter and other idiocy while watching their favorite movies and television shows. TV-MA
Astronomy 161, Introduction to the Solar System, is the first quarter ofa 2-quarter introductory Astronomy for non-science majors taught at TheOhio State University. This podcast presents audio recordings ofProfessor Richard Pogge's lectures from his Autumn Quarter 2007 class.All of the lectures were recorded live in 1000 McPherson Laboratory onthe OSU Main Campus in Columbus, Ohio.
Of all the natural sciences there is not one which offers such sublime objects to the attention of the inquirer as does the science of astronomy. From the earliest ages the study of the stars has exercised the same fascination as it possesses at the present day. Among the most primitive peoples, the movements of the sun, the moon, and the stars commanded attention from their supposed influence on human affairs. From the days of Hipparchus down to the present hour the science of astronomy has ...
Into The Blue
Malaysia-based new music radio show.Fridays & Saturdays 9-11pm, BFM 89.9 Kuala Lumpur (UTC +8).Full weekly shows: guests: Thundercat, Hermitude, Daedelus, Hiatus Kaiyote, Bok Bok, Erlend Øye, Philip Selway.Contact:
This book takes its origin in a course of lectures on the history and progress of Astronomy arranged for Sir Oliver Lodge in the year 1887. The first part of this book is devoted to the biographies and discoveries of well known astronomers like Copernicus, Brahe, Kepler, Galileo and Newton. In the second part, the biographies take a back seat, while scientific discoveries are discussed more extensively, like the discovery of Asteroids and Neptune, a treatise on the tides and others. (Summary ...
BLN.FM Finest Ego
60 minutes with exclusive and unreleased tracks. Hosted by Gordon Gieseking, Aine Devaney, and Malte Tarnow on Radio BLN.FM.The new generation of beat smiths understands Hip Hop, Techno and the diverse new styles between electronic and organic grooves evolving from them, not as a mere pose, but as an aesthetic principle, exploring the boundaries of these musical styles.Therefore, the crucial artistic questions are – How can you make known subjects in other contexts and how abstract can it be ...
Heard That! is music discovery podcast! Join us every Monday as we explore new artists and soundscapes.
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🎙️🙀💿You won't believe where your tracks came from!!! To our funky delight, the Rubberband Man (who used to DJ right here at BFF!) cruised through to visit us on Night Light Radio and share a journey through songs that are the most-famous, most-sampled tracks of all time. You're gonna lose it when you hear these! And they are oh-so-groovy, you b ...…
In which our hero visits an old friend and plays couch psychologist. Edgar Allan Poe tonight on the Weird Tales Podcast Email: Please visit Http:// for all back episodes and previously posted content. Thanks for listening!
🎶🍍🌴 It’s the 1 year anniversary of Night Light Radio, and to celebrate, we enjoy some groovy, vintage, classic, tropical bossa world music! Escape from the rainy winter with this vacation of an episode, and enjoy the sunny, cosmic vibes of this eclectic, jazzy mix. Explore past episodes, Mz Prizm's blog, Spotify playlists, etc. at L ...…
In which a young man attends the worst family reunion of all time. Email: Please visit Http:// for all back episodes and previously posted content. Thanks for listening!
Scott Orr talks with Marketing Director, Carly Starr about her role at the iconic indie label, Sub Pop. They talk in-depth about the promotional lead-up to the latest Low record, Double
About Acq Inc: Acquisitions Incorporated serves up locally-sourced adventure from convenient franchise locations across Faerûn. Their adventures began in 2007 with a podcast of three friends playing D&D, and inexplicably progressed to live games on-stage before thousands of audience members at PAX.
About Acq Inc: Acquisitions Incorporated serves up locally-sourced adventure from convenient franchise locations across Faerûn. Their adventures began in 2007 with a podcast of three friends playing D&D, and inexplicably progressed to live games on-stage before thousands of audience members at PAX.
🌄🎶🌞Good morning, let's wake up our souls & celebrate this beautiful new year! Enjoy this uplifting two hour mix that builds from softer to dancier, including new tracks from Sun Glitters, Moods, Polish Ambassador and more, and older hits from Emancipator, Tycho, Thievery Corporation and many more. LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD, ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY & MOR ...…
Arleigh Greenwald has been in the bicycle industry a long time as an employee, former QBP rep, blogger and critic. She has taken the next big step to open up her own shop and apply the things she has learned over the years. Find out how she hopes to d ...…
Julie Kathryn, AKA I Am Snow Angel is a producer, artist, sound designer, and advocate for female empowerment in the music industry. Her latest release Mothership was recorded in a cabin in New York's Adirondacks. I sat down with Julie in her studio in New York City for this chat. Enjoy!Sponsored by Antelope…
We rung in the new year with Mark Morford instructing and Rev. Hooman guiding 140 guests at The Yoga Tree in San Francisco. Please enjoy this 2 hour meditative set!Peace & Love!-Rev.-{([ Tracklist ])}-00:00 Thommie G - Samsara (Holed Of Mom Remix)04:31 Arleta - Teliose To Panigiri (Kosh Edit)12:16 Dandara, Arutani - Too Close (Iories Pink Glass ...…
Routine, man. Just stick to the routine. Keep your head down, don't ask too many questions, and everything will be fine. Also, women, amirite? Lord Dunsany has just the absolutely best titles for his story. Twitter: Tycho_Alhambra Email: Please visit Http:// for all back episodes an ...…
This is a Shavasana meditation track I put together for my Deep House Yoga events. May your practice bring you peace and love!Peace & Love!-Rev.
it's the fi-nal count-down! 🎶⏳🌈🕛 Shake off 2018, get hypnotized by these numerical songs and the most time-warp-y, insane playlist yet on Night Light Radio, and we’ll even reminisce through some nostalgic tracks together with this week's episode featuring Kraftwerk, Bjork, Pointer Sisters on Sesame Street, Beyonce, Public Enemy, The Oh Sees, Da ...…
In this episode, Sam Harris, neuroscientist, author, and host of the Waking Up Podcast, walks us through the profound, yet practical, ways that meditation can transform our lives. Additionally, he helps to define the types of meditation and clarifies potential misconceptions with terms like happiness, pain, and suffering. We discuss:The transfo ...…
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