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Through Christ, We Learn to Bring Healing to Others - We are a healing presence to others when we give them strength and when we give them hope. On Becoming a Healing Presence, Dr. Albert Rossi explains how to do both in imitation of Christ, our complete healer, who desires nothing more than for us to be His humanity on earth - his healing presence to others.
Adoptees On
The podcast where adoptees discuss the adoption experience. This is not the usual adoption talk. You will find real, raw, and deep feelings addressed in these interviews. No sugar-coating here! Come and laugh, cry, learn and heal with us. I promise you'll have a "me too" moment. Adult adoptees share stories of search, reunion, and secondary rejection. Adoptees On also curates recommended resources to encourage and educate the adoption community about adoptee issues.
Healing Justice Podcast is a virtual practice space, bridging conversations at the intersections of collective healing & social change. Hosted by organizer and healing practitioner Kate Werning, each week we share a conversation with a powerful social justice leader, and an accompanying audio practice to help resource you in your leadership and the wellbeing of you and your people.
Holistic wellness for living with health challenges.
Join author and international speaker Howard Straus on a journey to help you discover the power of natural healing. As grandson of Dr. Max Gerson (creator of Gerson Therapy) and the son of the ever popular health advocate, Charlotte Gerson, Howard has been a lifelong champion of natural health and healing methods that really work. Each week, Howard will interview researchers, authors and experts well known in the natural healing field, who will discuss their views and share valuable informat ...
Join Spiritual Medicine guru, Dr. Karen Kan, holistic physician and energy healer for this radio show so you can learn how to manifest health, happiness and prosperity and express your Soul's Mission, and in doing so, increase the Light and Love in the Universe! Dr. Karen interviews experts in energy healing, spiritual awakening, nutrition, Chinese medicine, Law of Attraction, prosperity and Consciousness. Dr. Karen's fans, students, and clients are Light Warriors - they are sensitive, lovin ...
Healing X Outreach radio is an apologetics countercult based podcast ministry! We interview scholars, former cultists, and host moderated timed debates on important theological issues striking the Christian church today! We are listener supported radio! We are a ministry affiliate of EMNR (Evangelical Ministries to New Religions find out more at
Healing from Mental Illness is possible!!! I know, because I did it. I have fully healed from schizoaffective disorder after a ten-year long battle, and have been medication-free and living a normal life since June of 2013. If you or a loved one is struggling with schizoaffective disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, anxiety, or any other mental illness, there is hope!!! I am producing this podcast to accompany my new book, Healing Schizoaffective, to share the insights and wisdom th ...
Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center has been hosting this weekly group meditation since 1978. Listen to chanting, guided meditation, and a few minutes of silence each week with Unity of Boulder. Guided Meditation led by Jack Groverland and music by Norma Groverland.
Rainbow Soul
Monthly+ - Information and Music for your Mind, Body and Soul - The Rainbow Soul Channel at features Hosts from around the country discussing, lecturing and having conversations about Africana Studies, Entertainment, Holistic Healing & Nutrition, Sports, Politics & "Life." Rainbow Soul is also proud to present a weekly program for our children called Aunt Jewel's Bedtime Stories. Rainbow Soul - Talk Radio for Your Mind, Body and Soul - If you enjoy listening to the FREE ...
Rainbow Soul
Monthly+ - Information and Music for your Mind, Body and Soul - The Rainbow Soul Channel at features Hosts from around the country discussing, lecturing and having conversations about Africana Studies, Entertainment, Holistic Healing & Nutrition, Sports, Politics & "Life." Rainbow Soul is also proud to present a weekly program for our children called Aunt Jewel's Bedtime Stories.Rainbow Soul - Talk Radio for Your Mind, Body and Soul - If you enjoy listening to the FREE p ...
From PTSD to Post-Traumatic Growth: The Thousand Lifetimes
Candy and her Posse of angels provide healing, empowerment and direction for your life in a loving, honest and no-nonsense manner. Inspiring and uplifting!
Nan Dale Ross, Reiki Master and NLP Practioner, shares her knowledge and personal experiences using energy healing techniques. Her episodes will teach other how to pull layers and resolve negative emotions from past experiences, reprogramming the subconscious mind for changing realities, and healing the heart to attract loving relationships.
This podcast is dedicated to helping people heal from domestic violence. Cover art photo by Cover art photo by Cover art photo by
Healing and Restoration Through Torah, Only through the Torah do we find the true power of transformation of our souls. This is the definition of healing--transformation of our souls. It is from the soul that it translates into the physical.
Seppa Healing
Come with me as we talk about spirituality, cannabis, alternative medicine, and so much more! 🍄🥕👁 Become a supporter of this podcast:
Teaching from Capital Healing Rooms Canberra Australia
Norma is a professional singer (music at iTunes, or who is also a natural intuitive healer and channel for Archangel Michael, Mary and Hathors. This is a series of Meditations and Teachings from Norma and her guides, Mary, Archangel Michael, and the Hathor Atamira. They speak and sing through her on Sound, Healing, Energy Awareness and our ability as humans to be channels for Spirit. Blog-Newsletter - podcasts of spoken teachings - healing music CDs – Concerts – Worksh ...
Internet Radio Show Host, Life Issues Counselor and Author Randi G. Fine Discusses Helpful and Inspirational Topics You Can Relate to Your Own Life--Bringing Insightful and Expert Information that Heal and Enhance Our Life Experiences. Offering You Top Experts in the Field of Spiritual Enlightenment,Mental Health, Emotional Health, Physical Health, and Holistic Health.
Healing Happens
Healing Happens shares inspiration, stories, and holistic tips from experts who have cured medical diseases such as cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, and mental emotional issues. Enhance your health, energy, and happiness.Avital Miller, best-selling author of the book Healing Happens, inspires people to experience boundless energy, absolute happiness, and true success in order to live the best life possible. For over fifteen years Avital has been serving thousands of people worldwide a ...
Welcome to the Teza Zialcita's Soul Healing podcast, where amazing things happen.
.We help people achieve balance in their physical health and emotional wellness
Podcast Episodes Dedicated to Emotional Healing. If you need a LIFE COACH to help you heal from emotional pain, please reach out to me at I was bullied as a child and went through depression. After doing a lot of emotional healing I want to pay it forward and help others live their best lives.
Hear weekly messages from Healing Word Church.
Life after Narcissistic Abuse. My own journey, my own real story. Still fighting. Still healing.
I stumbled upon a means of healing my broken heart and crushed spirit through telling my story of my childhood sexual abuse. The world's advice had been, just get over it. Gods advice was share it and write it all down, for anyone to read. This was my deliverance and turning point back from chaos and dysfunction. The fog I lived in for many years has cleared and I am free to pursue, overtake and recover all that the enemy has stolen from me.
Healing Medicine Radio features interviews with Tattooers, Artists and non-traditionalist.
On the Chronically Healing podcast, you'll hear Jessie Deschane, a chronic illness coach living with Hashimotos Thyroiditis, have conversations with people just like you who are on their own unique chronic illness healing journey.
Healing Anonymous
I've struggled with emotional problems, addictions and codependency, and there's been a lot of improvement for me. Part of my continued healing is that I share with others the solution. Here's information for healing and life. In short: Being sorry, and being forgiven for true wrongs, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth.
As a Medical Intuitive, I have a passion for the mystery and magic of healing. This podcast is my journey to explore healing traditions and techniques from around the world. ​*Sincere thanks to for intro music
Healing is a journey. There is no "getting over" trauma, we only learn how to get through anxiety, depression, and post traumatic stress disorder by creating a life of meaning and unconditional love. May this be a place you feel supported as we share true stories, tools and resources for overcoming trauma and child sexual abuse. We share our stories of survival and light in the darkness to show you that are not alone and you can do this, raise awareness among the community and lead the way t ...
Melissa of Natural Healer is a Reiki Master Teacher, author, podcaster, blogger, and speaker who loves creating easy, actionable ways for people to heal themselves and others. #bigloveFor more visit Intro/Outro Music Credit: Music for Manatees Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License (
Interviews, Meditations, and Thoughtful Episodes about Embodiment, Yoga, and Healing. We explore remembering and embodying your true nature, alignment with your soul, and deeply loving, and expressing yourself. Wonderful wellness practitioners and healers share their healing tips, philosophies, and how they shine. It’s about loving support to advance your own healing process as we will journey together. A creative blend of Yoga, Family Constellations, and Somatic Experiencing practices.
A Darkboy and Dr. Pouquie Production
Come out of your spiritual closet and join 28 year old Medium, Candace Dalton for incredible conversations with amazing people just like you, from all around the globe who share how they survive and thrive through grief. Test your intuitive, psychic and mediumship abilities with fun games and enjoy as Candace gives validating, uplifting and healing messages from above to those in need. Get ready because Candace is an open book who's ready to share some weird and funny things that have happen ...
Relationship Empowerment Coach and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Expert
Living Hope Classes
Biblical education classes by the team at Living Hope Community Church in Latham, NY, USA.
Learn to use magnets, crystals, pyramids with sacred words of power for healing and transformation. Personal healing requests are welcome. Bring crystals.
Stop Macular Degeneration & Other Eye Disease Naturally
Talks from Jenny Thompson.
Podcast by Katee Pedicini
Tuesdays at 9am pacific / 12pm eastern Angel Healing House Radio - Reawakening people to live their Divine eternal natures and helping them to create Heaven on Earth.Angel Healing House Radio is an enlightening, inspiring and uplifting weekly program in which Claire Candy Hough delivers channeled insights and messages from her angelic family, The Posse of Angels, on topics that bring empowerment, clarity, direction, healing and love to listeners, as well as taking calls for free Angel Readin ...
Sermons recorded as part of our weekly services
Rock with Motivational Speaker/Total Wellness Advocate/Author Yvette Braswell on the ESSIEFOP SUNDAYS podcast at 11am EST as she & her guests produce the perfect mash up of Wellness & Hip-Hop Culture. Despite our sauce flavoring the planet, many of us are in dire need of discovering a balance in the habits required to have a truly 'good life'. This podcast is designed to get us in tune with healing our community through the 8 Dimensions of Total Wellness. WARNING:⚠️ The host of this show is ...
Healing Protocols: The Global Edition explores the many different approaches to building and sustaining vibrant health from across the world. Each month, we’ll bring you a new episode, as we explore the key principles of good health from urban to rural communities, from people working 9 – 5 jobs to others who lead a more traditional lifestyle and more. Jo, Petra and Rory have been friends for years and the thread that binds the three together is their passion for health advocacy – which they ...
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This was recorded during the teachings of Akashic Records Level 2. Remember to close your Akashic Records after opening and journaling with your self. Namaste🙏💜
11/17/18 Saturday 1pm ET/12pm CTRL/11am MTN/10am Pac Call in and listen, share comments or ask questions at 1-347-934-0379 or online at: Christian apologist Marcia Montenegro was involved with various New Age, occult, and ...…
Are you willing to take risks and support yourself and your family like never before? Today's special guest, renowned speaker, life coach, and author Hayley Hobson offers you the way to do this in her book Get It Done. Moving away from mainstream mediocrity to live an exciting and fulfilling life sounds like an amazing promise, and this book wi ...…
Support Adoptees On One Time Donation | Monthly | Secret Facebook Group Today hear about the newest amazing resource for adoptees: Adoptees Connect and their peer-led support groups! The founder, Pamela Karanova, shares with us why she started Adoptees Connect, the power of meeting in-person with other adopted people, and why peer-led support g ...…
In Part 4 of our Catching God series Pastor Obed talks about the importance of allowing God to control the worship service
Dr. Albert Rossi reflects on difference between reactive and proactive approaches to life.By (Dr. Albert Rossi and Ancient Faith Radio).
Drew Drake not only survived bullying, he is an example of turning his pain into power as he spreads positivity in his message. He goes deep into how energetic eating brought out this positivity in him. Apply for my Emotional healing here:
This episode is about releasing sadness, shame, guilt and anger. This meditation is about releasing the emotions that may tie you to your fearful thoughts, Your anger or guilt.
VOICE ~ Compelling Voices ~ Courageous People with Melody LIVE INTERVIEW with Melody on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 13! LISTEN LIVE TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 13, when MELODY will give VOICE to her journey out of the Jehovah's Witness Organization. Melody will share her Disassociation letter that she gave to The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society in 2016. You can ...…
Well, which one is which?! Are you confused between the terms empath, intuitive, psychic and medium? It can get confusing and easy to get them mixed up! Candace explains the difference between the four and helps you understand your own gifts! Be sure to subscribe to this podcast to be notified each week when a new episode is released! IG: @Heal ...…
In today's program, Claire Candy Hough and her angelic family The Posse of Angels will share insights and messages about children and how by seeing them from a higher perspective, we can allow ourselves to experience peace and healing.
After Avital Miller healed from an autoimmune disorder beyond what her doctors said, she started to meet people who overcame fatal pronouncements. She interviewed all different types of health and healing experts to determine the mindset of healing. In this episode learn the second of four top keys to health, healing, and happiness that can be ...…
Tune into this episode where the Trinity kick off a discussion into where religion and spirituality meet or part. This is bound to ruffle some feathers! Check it out and let us know your views, especially if you disagree family.
Short and sweet. I will be back Wednesday. Till then check out my other podcasts 💖 if you would like to support me you can subscribe monthly to my station as little as $1 a month find me @seppahealing on all socials Become a supporter of this podcast:
This LIVE broadcast of the Light Warrior Radio Show features guest Karin Rozell. Karin shows moms in coaching, consulting and private practice how to create the money, time and satisfaction they want, in less than full-time hours, with her Happy Little Practice Method. She has been teaching holistic solo-professionals how to start and grow thei ...…
“It’s bigger than self love — I would say that really what I’ve honed in on the past few days [on the Retreat] has been self respect and, and trust in oneself. With specific tools like resourcing, knowing that I have all the tools I need within myself, and whatever environment I’m in to nourish myself and bring myself to a better place when I’m ...…
Amy Johnson was a dynamic young woman who suffered from a number of "minor" ailments, and thought of herself as being in relatively "good" health. So it was a total, and devastating shock to be diagnosed in 2013 with clear cell ovarian cancer in her right ovary. When she went for surgery to remove the ovary, it was discovered the cancer was spr ...…
Part 3 of our series Catching God urges us to be hungry for more of God and not satisfied with the status quo
We discuss how age is only a number and it's ok if you havent made it yet. We also discuss about the magical events that will be happening tomorrow on 11/11💖 Become a supporter of this podcast:
11/10/18 Saturday 1pm ET/12pm CTRL/11am MTN/10am Pac Call in at 1-347-934-0379 to listen or share comments or ask questions during the Q and A segment of the debate also online at: Not in the United States compare yo ...…
Free Advice Friday As a survivor of Narcissistic abuse myself I know how frustrating, helpless, and confusing this disorder can be to deal with. As an experienced counselor I know that issues dealing with this problem are always arising. I am fully aware that many of you cannot afford the out of pocket expense of paying for counseling, but do h ...…
Support Adoptees On One Time Donation | Monthly | Secret Facebook Group On today’s healing episode we are learning about somatic therapy. Jennifer Griesbach, LCSW, teaches us what it is, what it looks like practically in a therapy appointment and why is it so effective for adoptees in particular. If you’ve ever felt disconnected from your body, ...…
We talk about what will be going on with the new moon and with the north and south nodes. One is in cancer and the other is in Capricorn. What does this mean for you? Become a supporter of this podcast:
After being physically abused by her husband, Julia decided that enough was enough when she saw her son mimicking his toxic behavior. She mustered up all the strength she had and planned what she coined "The Great Escape."Her story is not only riveting, but so beautiful, she and her daughter now run a successful blog that helps others heal as t ...…
We made it through to November 7th! Come get through your midterm election adrenaline/terror hangover with us. The world is drowning in spin and hot-takes, so we're holding a different kind of vulnerable, real-talk space to process the results and work to understand what comes next for our movements as we take stock of both our wins and our los ...…
Why Being alone is a good thing and what the benefits are. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Dr. Albert Rossi interviews Fr. Sergius Halvorsen on the topic of "Apologetics and Evangelization: The Dangers of Profiteering." Rev. Dr. J. Sergius Halvorsen is the Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program at St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary in Younkers, NY.By (Dr. Albert Rossi and Ancient Faith Radio).
In today's program, Claire Candy Hough and her angelic family The Posse of Angels will share insights and messages about how we can heal and feel better about our family relationships as we enter into the holiday season.
After Avital Miller healed from an autoimmune disorder beyond what her doctors said, she started to meet people who overcame fatal pronouncements. She interviewed all different types of health and healing experts to determine the mindset of healing. In this episode learn the first of four top keys to health, healing, and happiness that can be a ...…
Keratoconus is a progressive eye disease in which the normally round cornea thins and begins to bulge into a cone-like shape. Learn the latest traditional and alternative treatments for this eye disease
With the holidays approaching, Candace thought it would be a good time to be honest and real when dealing with grief and the holidays ahead. You are not alone. Please subscribe and rate 5 stars! IG: @HealingGraceThePodcast
Hey guys I’m doing a new thing called “plogging. Just talking about what’s on my mind and all the other random things that go on in my head hahah Become a supporter of this podcast:
On this episode the Trinity explore the place for gender roles in today’s society and culture and answer a couple of your questions. Stay tuned and dive deep with us family.
If you have been feeling low energy lately it's because Mercury is about to go direct. Become a supporter of this podcast:
During this LifeWave broadcast, Dr. Karen and Dr. Dennis are going to discuss how to use the LifeWave patches on unique acupuncture points to reinforce the energy of meditation, relaxed states of consciousness, increase bio-coherence, boost mental clarity and spatial clairvoyance, and enhance health. This involves torsion field physics, as ther ...…
This episode is with special guests Dan Cohen and Emily Blefeld! They are amazing family constellations facilitators and do powerful work with people in healing and moving towards the life of their dreams. “All of us – the inspired, bewildered, angry, hopeful, and unaware – hold the potential to free our hearts from the binds of ancestral entan ...…
In this episode we discuss about how to go within in your relationships. How to take ownership of the root causes. Become a supporter of this podcast:
We touch base on going within and gaining closure. Releasing the old to bring in the new. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Saturday 11/03/18 1pm ET/12pm CTRL/11am MTN/10am Pac Call in at 1-347-934-0379 and share comments or ask question by pressing 1 to unmute yourself also view us on Julian's You tube channel at: or listen on BTR at: This is a very special broadcast as Gus Astacio w ...…
Week 2 Become a supporter of this podcast:
Support Adoptees On One Time Donation | Monthly | Secret Facebook Group Today we release part two of our two-part season four finale! Listen in to an incredibly intimate conversation between Janet Weinreich-Keall and both of her fathers, Emil Weinreich, and Gordon Keall. We discuss Emil’s shock of discovering he was a father to an adult daughte ...…
Let me know if you get this BIO: Radiant Alchemy Wellness is The evolution of the Husband & Wife Dynamic Duo: Master teacher/healers Dr.Brown and Rev. Safiya Oni Brown both Medical Intuitives, Spiritual Life Coaches & Advisers, Certified Nutrition Counselors, Therapeutic Kinesiology Practitioners, Reiki Masters, Holistic Health Counselors & Flo ...…
Become a supporter of this podcast:
Become a supporter of this podcast:
Host Deardra Shuler talks with singer Sarah Dash who will be doing 3 concerts in November in tribute to Aretha Franklin. Sarah Dash has sung with some of the greatest names in pop, rock and R&B – try The Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper, The Marshall Tucker Band, Laura Nyro, The O'Jays, Wilson Pickett and Bo Diddley among others. She has appeared o ...…
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