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It's not just crazy talk, it's Psychobabble - the official free audio podcast from YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley. Listen each week as he and his bestie Korey Kuhl bring you a half hour of unfiltered gossip sessions, pop culture scrutiny, and stories never told before.
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In this episode, the boys get into the rich kid college scandal, they hold a prayer circle live for Korey, they discuss whether or not Mitt Romney's birthday cake candle blowing was monstrous, and Tyler shares what he dislikes most about Meghan McCain.
Today, the boys get into what they’re giving up for lent, the validity of Kylie Jenner’s self-made billionaire status, what celebrity loved poppers until her death, and what Katy Perry needs to do to come back.
How many Millie Bobby Brown puns can the boys make? You're about to find out. Tyler and Korey discus Millie's iconic paparazzi posing, the return of the Jonas Brothers, and the Rihanna Birthday Challenge!
Tyler and Korey talk about the Republican accusation that gays are the new KKK, what Drag Race has to do to reinvent itself, Shawn Mendes' underwear ad, and their thoughts on the Jussie Smollett case. Thirsty? It's time for some tea.
Today, the boys talk about Chris Pratt's homophobic church, JLo's Grammys Motown tribute, Valentine's Day, and Korey's mail arriving LIVE in the middle of the recording.
The boys discuss their favorite reality TV villains, Lindsey Lohan being an absolute mess in Greece, Justin Bieber's new clothing line... and Korey gets HEATED when defending Maroon 5's Super Bowl performance. Don't miss it!
What’s the latest RuPaul tea? The boys get into their awards show favorites, their first thoughts on Drag Race Season 11, and what new things they're trying in 2019.
Tyler and Korey give advice on all things job-related this week, including: how to make it when you’re flat broke, should you take an easy job or wait for something better, and how do you get your dream job?
Today, the boys discuss the most-liked egg on Instagram, the official junk-size chart of Hollywood, and what Katy Perry got suspended for in sixth grade.
Tyler and Korey do a mid-season deep-dive of "RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4", they recap their favorite and least-favorite Golden Globes moments, and they talk about how car guys are the new horse girls.
We're only in the second week of the new year and the boys are already getting down and dirty. Today they talk about the biggest headlines of the year so far, who hosted the New Year's Eve party to rival Tyler's, and what will Tyler and Korey's Halloween costumes be. Too soon? Deal with it.
Happy New Year! This episode is all about 2019. What do the boys think about… One Direction reuniting? Will Lady Gaga venture out beyond music and acting? And what should La Croix introduce as the brand new flavor of the year?
It's time for some holiday REALNESS as Tyler and Korey invent new traditions to honor this month's unsung holidays. What is the point of Brown Shoes Day? And let's not forget Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day, Roasted Chestnuts Day, and International Monkey Day.
Did the Grinch give some naughty business to his dog in the Jim Carrey version? What year-in-review surprises are in store? And why do Korey’s female-presenting nipples not mix well in a mesh shirt? The boys will serve up all the tea, so take a listen!
In today's episode, the boys discuss Korey's first drag experience, the "Thank U, Next" video, and the drama of Tumblr banning porn.
The boys get merry when they talk about their Christmas plans, the real definition of "big hole energy," and Kardashians on ecstasy.
The conversation really starts to circle the drain when the boys discuss their number one rule for a hot tub party. Plus - Tyler wants to know how much D Korey has seen and the boys debate what five questions they'd ask God upon entering heaven.
The boys answer all your holiday-themed questions, including what to do when you have a limited budget for the holidays, how to make gay friends in a new city, and what to do when your life is chapped. So turn on Kelly Clarkson’s "Wrapped in Red" and strap in for this fun holiday adventure!
The boys REALLY get into it this week. They discuss Tyler’s case of "classic head stink," what they think of Robyn and Ariana’s new albums, and whether or not "The Good Place" is even worth watching. Listen to find out their thoughts!
Bye, American cheese! Tyler and Korey mourn the loss of yet another thing millennials snuffed out. They also discuss putting weed up your backside, what the exact ingredients are in a seven-layer dip, and why you probably don’t want to win the Mega-Millions. We’re also visited by a special guest-star… Tyler’s mom, Queen Jackie!…
It’s almost Halloween! Today, the boys discuss Tyler’s Halloween costumes throughout the years, encounters at the Streamys, whether or not kids care about merch, and what word has been added to the Scrabble dictionary.
The boys get into everything, including whether Shrek invented the Muffin Man, Wendy Williams’ immense love of the gays, how six sisters started wigglin’, and whether or not straight people know about poppers.
The boys review of "A Star Is Born", and they’re brutally honest. What do they really think of Bradley Cooper’s singing? Or Halsey’s random cameo? You’ll hear it all: the good, the bad, and the Gaga.
Things get weird when the boys discuss Space Jam and ask the ever-puzzling question, "Was Babs Bunny hot?" They also get into jury duty, the correct pronunciation of Ariana Grande's last name, and Maroon 5 doing the Super Bowl.
Tyler got a new nose ring… or did he? And will Korey notice? The boys also discuss Celine Dion’s age, Grindr group chats, and Tyler’s appalling trip to the Hearst Castle. Was it worth it? Find out!
Christmas comes early and Korey couldn’t be more excited. The boys also get into Tyler’s idea for a gay version of Shark Tank, why "Kitten Kaboodle" would be a great drag name, and a famous, straight male celebrity going full frontal for Netflix. Find out who it is by listening now!
Think YOU had a bad day? Just wait until you hear what happened to Tyler and Korey. You’ll also find out which party game is the best, the details of a famous selfie wall being defaced, and you'll learn what colors Tyler really shouldn’t wear. So what are you waiting for? Start listening now!
It’s "back to school time," and the boys are going to school you… on school! Should a listener finally try to snag her first boyfriend? And is it worth it to ditch your entire friend group when you’re in your final year of school? The boys are ready to dish out their advice, so check it out.
"Sweetener" just came out, and it's time to celebrate Ariana Grande! We delve into all things Ari: Her past relationships, her entire discography, her best music videos… even her dogs! Does she deserve a "queens" edition? Listen and let us know.
Do you know what the word "jabroni" means? Well, the boys are going to explain it to you… kind of. They’ll also go in-depth into Florence and the Machine, the outrageous names parents gave their kids last year, and baby talk in the bedroom. Don’t miss it!
In this episode, the boys chat about Tyler’s trip to the Outside Lands music festival, whose "Fear Factor" viewing party was better, what "goop gotcha!" means, and are they the "Seinfeld" of podcasts?
It’s time for the boys to vent about what REALLY bugs them, including texting horror stories, annoying injuries, and Korey’s loud gulping!
The boys take a trip down memory lane which lands them back in the Midwest. What happened during their visits to Shipshewana, Indiana? Then they go down the rabbit hole of quirky eaters and bad restaurants. And have you ever wondered what Tyler’s morning ritual is? You’re about to find out.
It’s been a minute, but the boys are back and better than ever! In this episode they talk about what they’ve been up to, the top trends of the year, the straw issue plaguing the world, and Bernie Mac? And just what DOES Tyler think about Grindr hookups and hotel lobbies?
IT’S STORYTIME and the boys are sharing stories about their FIRSTS! Their first time bottoming, the first time they got a little tipsy, what it was like hearing their favorite albums for the first time, and what it means to be a play cousin.
The boys go a little bonkers when discussing the latest hard hitting fake news. What’s Trump tweeting about now? Is Harry Styles having tour backlash? What to do with 280 characters on Twitter, and just how much money will Shane Dawson’s underwear sell for on eBay?
It’s time to celebrate Thanksgiving with your favorite corncob and turkey. The boys discuss what they're most thankful for this year and reveal the story of how Theya saved Thanksgiving.
This week is all about advice! What to do if you don't like KPOP, how to navigate your boyfriend's pegging kink, & whether or not your celeb crush is realistic.
Tune in as the boys rehash their most recent travel adventures! Plus: Is Taylor Swift finally taking on Trump? And the boys dive into Drag Race All-Stars 3!
Gaga & Katy are taking over to celebrate Halloween! Tune in as they conjure ghosts, perform the gay gremlin, and tell the TRUE origin story of Halloween.
This week Queen Jackie is in the house! Find out her celebrity crush and why she hates the podcast! Plus see if she can decipher real news from fake news.
IT’S STORYTIME! Tune in for spooky tales, stories about cringe-worthy purchases, risque PDA encounters, and embarrassing meet-the-parents moments!
The boys celebrate National Coming Out Day by sharing their stories, answering loads of LGBTQ+ advice questions and a guest appearance by Hannah Hart!
What happens in Vegas Baby doesn’t always stay there. The guys rehash their debaucherous weekend while also keeping up with the latest on Taylor, Gaga & Selena!
Welcome to the Pennywise Queens Edition! This week the boys literally take IT to the next level with a full on clown makeover. Tune in & maybe you’ll float too!
This week is full of relationship advice: What to do with your man’s tiny member? How to recover from being rejected? And Tyler goes off on a teenage catfish.
It’s time again to solve some crazy conspiracy theories. Is the Taylor vs Katy fight really a hoax? Is JK Rowling real? And what's going on with Avril's ashes?
Things get weird when the boys discuss what they’d do with clones of themselves. Plus: Korey has a catfish & the boys dissect the new Taylor Swift video.
What’s scarier: a Trump space war or strippers with diarrhea? Tune in and find out as the boys dissect this, the Joanne concert, & how to eat string cheese.
Tik Tok it’s time to celebrate all things Kesha! We discuss her iconic songs, her latest album, the time she fucked a ghost & of course her alien abduction.
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