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Learn Business English Vocabulary for ESL
Each week, we'll share a short vocab podcast you can listen to with awesome mnemonics to help you remember SAT vocab! Check us out at for more SAT help :)
Help with vocab and pronunciation.
VOCAB: with Bennu
Follow Bennu on Twitter as he delivers ancient Egyptian vocab. Each week these are put together as a flash card video.
VictorPrep's GRE vocab podcast is for improving for English vocabulary skills while helping you prepare for your standardized tests! This podcast isn't only intended for those studying for the GRE, but also for people who enjoy learning, and especially those who want to improve their English skills. Having a large vocabulary can help you both in academic life and as a professional. The podcast covers a variety of words and sometimes additionally covers word roots. Using a podcast to prep for ...
A regular podcast designed to help you learn modern German vocabulary!
In just two minutes, you'll get a fun and friendly dose of word roots, three times a week. Understand these roots and how they work together, and you’ll have a firm grasp of nearly any English word you come across.
A vocabulary podcast dedicated to defining advanced English words, such as those found on the GRE, SAT, LSAT, etc.
Learn English Vocabulary Podcast. Always Free. Please leave good reviews at iTunes. It's a FREE show so be kind with the reviews. We are constantly working on making the show better.
The Most Popular Educational Podcast on iTunes. Learn Difficult English Vocabulary Words. Educate yourself! It's a free podcast that's sponsored by but you're welcome to leave a donation to cover bandwidth costs.
Learn French with free lessons. 10 minutes of French, three times a week, brought to you by French teachers from Paris. Listen to free daily MP3 podcast lessons and download Lesson PDFs (Transcript, English translation, Additional vocab...) directly on the website. You can study anywhere, anytime.
Learn Spanish with Real Spanish Conversations for advanced and inspired intermediate learners, including full analysis of all the best language and vocab in each show. Get the accompanying worksheets at
Improve your vocabulary with poetry
SHIELD SQUAD Christian apologetics crew defends the gospel against “Hebrew Israelite” claims. We seek to model Christ for the city as we debate and educate in every episode!
IELTS Made Easier
A daily talk-through of IELTS Test topics to help you become familiar and confident with the issues and vocab of typical topics. Follow me on and check out more advice and tips on my website Please post any special requests in the Facebook group or send me a Voice Message here on!
Vocabulary on LEWWWP
Many posts on LEWWWP have a focus on vocabulary.Please visit: ( ( ( ( ...
Podcast by Basic Vocab
Hard Topics - Easy English is a weekly podcast for English learners where we talk about the important news, stories, and ideas that are changing our world. Creator Lynne Welton is an English teacher with a Master’s Degree in Political Economics. Lots of helpful tools are posted on the website, including the tapescript, a set of online vocab cards, and discussion questions to get you thinking and speaking in English:
In this loose series of podcasts I'm talking about topics pupils at Bavarian grammar schools have to deal with. The main focus is on presenting topical vocab in use.
Creator Carolyn Davidson, hosts “Words You Never Heard!” a highly popular and syndicated radio show airing on The American Forces Radio Network in 174 countries and stations across the USA. Be entertained and increase your vocab with real and spectacular words you won't believe exist! And that's no taradiddle!
This programme is intermediate (B1) level students of English who need English for work now or in the future. We provide useful phrases and vocab for everyday situations at work. We also talk about techniques to help you learn English and work effectively in English.
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More on what the Philippines can learn from Japan; a continuation from the "What the Philippines can learn from Japan" video, which you can watch here: reading: JICA: Cost of Metro Manila Traffic Now Costs P3.5B per day https: ...…
The Philippines dropped nine notches in a global competitivness survey. Can we ever fix this?Sources/ further reading:CNN article on Phil drop in competitiveness ranking article on Phil drop in competitiveness ranking ...…
Chrissy & Jason make a return to their drunken shenanigans after drying out last week. They quiz each other on Urban Dictionary Vocab words, Chrissy brings another quality Samuel L Jackson impersonation, and they discuss the difference between good employees and great ones by comparing them to $26 and $80 whiskey. All this, plus an impromptu so ...…
I visited the Ronac Art Center in Greenhills a few days ago - it's a good example of how to make a profit from Filipino culture. Listen to learn more!Pics of the Ronac Art Center: Vocab: "ella" - siya (babae)First Worl ...…
My thoughts on former Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno's ouster, and a look at structural issues in our legal system. (Apologies for spending a few seconds trying to kill a mosquito.)Sources:Arangkada 2017 (proposed judicial reforms): investigation of Sereno ouster: to appeal her ous ...…
Today we learn the vocab and translate the Chinese national anthem " March of the volunteers" outro music:Cartoon Battle - Vadodara by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( http://i ...…
Learn Vietnamese with! Our Vietnamese vocabulary lists are listener favorites, and now we’ve made it even better! In each lesson, you’ll hear the Vietnamese words and phrases from the Vietnamese vocabulary lists. Join us for Vietnamese Vocab Builder!In this lesson, you’ll learn words and phrases for traveling by Airplane. C ...…
Last week I attended a presentation (in ClockIn, not ClockWork haha) by the Philippines' Undersecretary of Railways about the government's subway and railway plans for Metro Manila. Here's a brief summary and my thoughts.Spanish-Tagalog Vocab: "tren" - trenPicture of the Proposed Metro Manila Railway plan: ...…
Juli Keene is a LEGIT wealth of knowledge in the area of diet, nutrition and wellness. She is a clinical nutritionist with a degree in bio-chemistry and over 25 years of experience in the arena of healthcare. What I love so much about Juli in addtion to her knowledge is her straight-forward, no "sugar coating" (pun intended ;)), & incredibly ge ...…
Tim Webster and Suzy Yates talk to the Founder of Leadership HQ and author of 'Just Rock It' Sonia McDonald about the word she thinks needs to be removed from our vocabulary.
Theological Thoughts on Thor (Part 2) As more and more comic-based films are released, Hollywood continues to find ratings gold in the superhero genre. But there’s more to these films than just a feel good movie; they seem to touch on very human issues. In this podcast, Lenny and fellow apologist Vocab Malone discuss the movie Thor: Ragnarok, w ...…
01. Bingo Players - Curiosity (Original Mix) 02. Damien N-Drix - Scratch (Extended Mix) 03. Rutger Van Gelder - On The Sly (Extended Mix) 04. Delayers & Mindshake - Taka Taka (Extended Mix) 05. Aylen - Zazu (Original Mix) 06. Bingo Players & Oomloud - Tic Toc (Extended Mix) 07. Carl Tricks - Rock On (Original Mix) 08. Bingo Players - Bust This ...…
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