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Best Wetlands podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best Wetlands podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
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Ducks Unlimited Podcast is a constant discussion of all things waterfowl. From in-depth hunting tips and tactics, to waterfowl biology, research, science, and habitat updates. The DU Podcast is the go-to resource for waterfowlers and conservationists. Ducks Unlimited is the world's leader in wetlands conservation.
Listen as we explore issues, ideas and research about wetlands in Canada. Wetlands are some of the most bio-diverse habitats in the country. Wetlands are vital to the health of a wide variety of mammals, birds, amphibians reptiles plants - and, of course human beings. We'll be interviewing research experts and frontline workers from Ducks Unlimited Canada in lively, engaging exchanges. They'll keep you up-to-date and up-to-speed on the best information and stories about these vital Canadian ...
Bogcasts from Urban Wetlands studio featuring Pharm 13 - downtempo, ambient, soundtrack, electronic music.
A short 2-3 minute video podcast for kids about nature. In episodes 1-3, we'll meet elephants, waterfowl, and a BABY PANDA. After that, we'll visit the ocean, a wetland, and a volcano on Iceland.
A place where assumption meets mis-information, gelling into audio dribble
DW's Eco Africa showcases innovative concepts and best practice projects from Africa and Europe and presents environment and climate change ideas that inspire others to get on board or start something of their own. The show offers insight and moves people to help protect the environment.
Fresh ideas from the sharpest minds working toward a cleaner, greener planet
Past and present advances in the fields of agronomic, crop, soil, and environmental sciences. Enjoy interviews with researchers published in journals, books, and magazines from the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America. Opinions and conclusions expressed by authors are their own and are not considered as those of the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, Soil Science Society of America, its staff, its membe ...
Future Cities is a monthly podcast that aims to increase awareness of, and to catalyze action on, urban resilience. The show examines this topic by discussing ongoing research, highlighting current efforts, and sharing stories of resilience in cities across the world. By exploring a wide variety of perspectives, the show digs deep into understanding the many dimensions of resilience and the ways in which cities prepare themselves for the extreme weather events of tomorrow. Para llegar a un p ...
Discussions on the human-wildlife interface
The Gateway to South Louisiana
We disseminate current research in the aquatic sciences to a general audience through a semi-monthly podcast. Our goal is to frame recent high-profile research papers or career achievements in the broader context of current environmental and scientific issues and discuss how the guests arrived at these discoveries. We interview a wide variety of scientists ranging from graduate students to tenured professors from a diversity of countries and backgrounds.
Join Liberty Environmental’s experts in discussing topics of current interest in the environmental field, as they affect business and industry. This podcast is an informative and engaging discussion about environmental challenges by specialists in environmental due diligence, site remediation, air quality, regulatory compliance, natural resources, and other areas.
Interviews and music with Louisiana's Folklore Songwriter, Patrick Sylvest
RRC strives to tell unique stories from the agriculture community that show the true roots of the industry. It will also show off new products and ideas from the ever evolving industry.
Tommy Tucker takes on the days' breaking headlines, plus weather, sports,traffic and more
The KYGeoCast is a podcast for anyone with an interest in the geology of Kentucky and geologic issues. Take us along as an audio field trip guide when you visit parks, hike, drive, or bike and learn about the processes that have shaped our Commonwealth. Produced by the staff of the Kentucky Geological Survey, University of Kentucky.
Hello and welcomed to ‘Vet Chloë On The Road’… “Insights from real people making positive change for our planet”. I am Chloë, a veterinarian who has an interest in wildlife and all things environmental. And this is a show for people who would like to connect, learn and prioritise caring for our beautiful green and blue world. Come join me as I travel around Australia in my van Layla. Let’s share all things conservation and meet all the inspiring environmental heroes along the way!
Collie Ennis is a science research associate with Trinity College Dublin who owns a shed full of creepy crawlies and reptiles. Colette Kinsella is an audio producer who loves to talk about animals. If you like learning about the weird and wonderful side of nature - about things like spider sex, venom-packing frogs, or mind-controlling parasites, and more - then this is the podcast for you! Oh, and it's in a shed. With Collie Ennis and Colette Kinsella and guests. Produced by Red Hare Media.
Coming to you from the iconic Middendorf’s Restaurant in the middle of the Manchac, Louisiana swamp. Owner Horst Pfeifer will bring you behind the scenes and introduce you to the unique people from near and far that we get to know through the restaurant.We like to say we’re in the middle of everywhere. We’re located on I-55 (Exit 15) which travels from LaPlace, LA to Chicago, IL. We’re also just off I-10, I-12 and a short ride from New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Jackson, MS and the Gulf Coast. Th ...
32 Episodes. 32 Counties. 32 Questions. Every week United Ireland looks at how issues in small places have a much bigger context, and discusses the issues important to you. Let's go!
Kathleen Brack takes a look at some inspiring Landcare people and projects in West Gippsland, Victoria
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The relationship between sea and land has always been one of dynamic change. Yet, as rising sea levels threaten habitats for wildlife and humans alike, we are today more vulnerable than ever. The 11 video tracks on this album address the complexities of environmental change, focusing on the Blackwater Water Estuary in Essex where a coastal retreat scheme is in operation, managed biodiversity at Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire, and the search for sustainable forms of development along the River ...
The Broads are Britain's largest protected wetland and are home to a wealth of wildlife, especially fish and birdlife. They comprise a network of mostly navigable rivers and lakes in the English counties of Norfolk and Suffolk. The lakes (or broads) were originally formed by the gradual natural flooding of medieval peat excavations and cover an area of some 303 square kilometres (117 sq mi).The rivers and broads subsequently evolved to become a system of water-highways linking the City of No ...
This is a show about the life of wildlife biologists and other people who are passionate about bird hunting, bird habitat and bird dogs.
The world famous weekly podcast of two dudes discussing everything you would want to know.
A podcast about an array of topics ranging from Nerd Culture to Politics and covering everything in between.
An industry podcast for NCRA/ANREC stations around Campus and Community Radio in Canada
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Clint Willson joins Tommy to talk about the Mississippi River and how containing it affects the wetlands and the coast. How studying it closely could make an imact.By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Join host Jennifer Sanford for a conversation with Dr. John Clague, the grandfather of Canada’s natural hazard research. Learn about what happens to wetlands after major earthquakes and what role wetlands play in mitigating floods, tornados, and wildfire.By Ducks Unlimited Canada
In Part 1 of a two-part series, guest host Camden joins Jonah for a discussion on a personal favorite for both of them: the critically essential wetland ecosystem! Sources & Links: Read the articles featured in today’s news: Okinawa and the Military Base / A Restored Wetland in Chennai Learn more about wetlands: https://www.wetlands.org/wetlands/ /…
In 2019 cyclone Idai flooded large areas of northern Mozambique, washing away homes and destroying crops. But the devastation could have been worse had it not been for the intact ecosystem of Gorongosa National Park.By DW.COM | Deutsche Welle
A researcher from the University of Manitoba presents her students findings on pesticides in rivers and wetlands to the Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen. More on what they discovered here on Rural Roots Canada, Where we get to the Stem and Meat of Agriculture.By RRC soundbites
Common sense tells deer hunters that a management plan based on removinginferior racked or 'cull' bucks from the gene pool would ultimately lead to an overall increase in antler production within a property. However, recent research doesn't back that assertion up. QDMA (Quality Deer Management Association) Communications Director and longtime white…
The tiny island of Kokota is barely inhabited, yet its forest and ecosystem are in tatters after years of abuse. Now a group of volunteers is helping locals replant trees and revive its river system.By DW.COM | Deutsche Welle
Matthew “Matt” Gordy Stuller has forged his own success in life, entering the jewelry business as a high school student in his beloved hometown of Lafayette LA. Against the advice of his parents, Dr. Gilbert and Alma Stuller, as well as industry titans he met at the age of 18 when he traveled to New York to share his innovative ideas on the more ti…
JR of WagerTalk.com joins Tommy to talk about the upcoming NFL playoff games this weekend.By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Keith Spera joins Tommy which performers are playing at Jazz Fest and which bands you should go out and see.By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Mike Scarborough of TigerBait.com joins Tommy to talk about former LSU defensive coordinator Dave Aranda jumping to the Baylor Bears. How will this impact the Tigers in 2020?By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Professor Keith Whittington joins Tommy to talk about the impeachment process in the Senate. Do you want them to interview witnesses and take their time or just get it over with?By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Keith Whittington joined Tommy to talk about the vaccines and infectious diseases.By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
LSU's Dr Peter Scharf joins Tommy to talk about juvenile crime and the reasoning behind it. Should their parents have any responsibility?By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
A new green waste-to-energy power plant in Copenhagen has integrated a ski slope into its roof. Including a ski lift, it's the first of its kind in the world and could become the capital's newest landmark.By DW.COM | Deutsche Welle
A new book aims to teach kids about agriculture and the work that goes into producing food. We talk to the author of Dirt to Dinner here on Rural Roots Canada, where we get to the Stem and Meat of Agriculture.By RRC soundbites
“Genome-Wide Association Studies in Apple Reveal Loci for Aroma Volatiles, Sugar Composition, and Harvest Date” with Dr. Zoë Migicovsky, Dr. Carsten Pedersen Apple breeding can take a long time. Because each seed is the progeny of two different trees and each tree takes five to six years to produce its first fruits, breeders can be waiting years, i…
Scientists and farmers in northern Morocco are measuring the number of remaining insects. Populations of butterflies, wild bees and flies have fallen, which could have a dramatic impact on local food production.By DW.COM | Deutsche Welle
A startup in Ivory Coast is using an app to organize household trash pickup in the coastal city of Grand-Bassam. The company recycles whatever it can and customers are rewarded with points to buy mobile data or snacks.By DW.COM | Deutsche Welle
Cape Town is currently upgrading its wastewater treatment plants, most of which were built in the 1950s. The changes will improve the health of citizens — especially those in informal settlements and townships.By DW.COM | Deutsche Welle
Oleh Kosel joins Tommy to talk about the latest on the Pelicans. Zion is set to return next week.By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
LSU had plently of Tigers declare for the NFL Draft. We'll talk about that, plus, the OBJ situation after the game.By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Neal McCluskey joins Tommy to talk about Elizabeth Warren's plans to cancel student loan debt. Could that work? Can we afford it?By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Councilmember Jarred Brossett joins Tommy to talk about the 2020 budget and also the new rules and regulations for Mardi Gras.By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Andy Smith joins Tommy to talk about the latest on the impeachement trial. We'll explain how the trial works in the Senate and what happens next.By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Rafael Goyeneche joins Tommy to talk about the juvenile centers. Will the new policy help with juvenile crime?By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Robert Jenkins joins Tommy to talk about repeat offenders. Will the new policies help reduce the crimes commited by these young criminals?By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Dave and the news crew talk about the what acts could be playing at Jazz Fest. Plus, Zion is returning for the Pelicans. Are you excited about that?By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Dave and the news crew talk about the wildest and craziest stories from around the country.By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Host Chris Jennings is joined by Jay Anglin, Great Lakes migration editor for ducks.org. Anglin brings to light some interesting observations by hunters throughout the region, including an influx of white-fronted geese and light geese into southern Illinois and Indiana. www.ducks.org/dupodcastBy Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
It's election campaign time, which means for the next month Una and Andrea will be covering the general election, but a little differently to everyone else. No doses, no debates, no clickbait. We want to talk about big ideas and issues. We kick off our first election special with the king of campaign ephemera: Alan Kinsella of Irish Election Litera…
Mike Detillier joins Tommy to talk about the reports of Joe Brady possibly taking the OC job for the Carolina Panthers.By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
John Glaser joins Tommy to talk about the Iranian Deal plus what does the future hold with the US?By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Saeed Ghassenminejad joins Tommy to talk about the latest on the US and Iran. What does Iran make of the newest Trump proposal?By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Dr. Mike Brasher is joined by Amelia Raquel, DU Biologist from California, for a discussion about waterfowl habitats and conservation in Southern Oregon and Northeastern California, also known as SONEC. Although an arid landscape, wetland habitats provided in the SONEC region are continentally some of the most important for fall and spring migratin…
Mike Scarborough joins Tommy to talk about the national champioship. What juniors are the Tigers expecting to enter the draft?By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Former LSU QB Herb Tyler joins Tommy to talk about LSU's win in the national championship.By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Mike Detillier joins Tommy to talk about LSUs win over the Clemson Tigers. How big of a win was this for Coach O?By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Dr. Mike Schummer, SUNY-ESF, rejoins the show with host Dr. Mike Brasher to provide a late season update on prevailing weather patterns in the eastern U.S. and how these have influenced waterfowl migration since the outbreak of cold weather in November. We wade into a discussion about large-scale atmospheric patterns that affect weather across the …
When I got the text of a big male cougar in a snare last week, I figured someone had sent it to my longtime buddy Chisum Cooke. The next text I got was of his old man (and my friend) Lee Cooke bear hugging the 135 lb South Texas tom and I realized that cat [...]By Lone Star Outdoor Show- Sponsored By Dallas Safari Club
Jeff Palermo joins Tommy to talk about the national championship game between LSU and Clemson. What do the Tigers need to do to get a win?By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Former LSU QB Herb Tyler breaks down the game with Tommy Tucker on the national championship.By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Pearson Cross, professor from ULL, joins Tommy to talk about the new year in the Louisiana legislature.By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Jeff Hundley joins Tommy to talk about the planning and leadup for the National Championship. How New Orleans is able to host big events at such a successful rate.By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Mike Detilier joins Tommy to talk about the head coach of LSU. What did Coach O have to go through to get to where he is today?By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Ryan Allen Hall joins Tommy to talk about all the events going on for the College Football Playoff.By Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Host Christ Jennings is joined by John Pollmann, Ducks Unlimited freelance contributor, to discuss the best practices to plan and execute a youth hunt. Pollmann goes into detail regarding his Sept/Oct feature from DU Magazine and talks about his personal experiences hunting with his young son. www.ducks.org/dupodcast…
To help reduce overconsumption and clothing waste, more and more people are turning to alternatives. In Germany, a fair fashion activist is showing the way and hasn't bought anything new for over 10 years.By DW.COM | Deutsche Welle
An NGO in Gabon is working with the government to implement a new initiative that includes protecting marine zones, working with fishing communities and conducting both social and marine studies.By DW.COM | Deutsche Welle
Fay Harris has always been an active community volunteer and a respected professional in the hotel, radio, tv, and sports industries. She joins Jan Swift on this episode of Discover Lafayette to discuss how her faith in God and belief in the power of prayer are the essential components in her recovery from a life-threatening accident. On the mornin…
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