Best Wheelchair podcasts we could find (Updated May 2019)
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When OCD's anxiety does not show itself outward in a physical sense it becomes a hidden secret to only those that have it and the ones that support them. The world outside has no clue of the anxiety's present and thus it becomes the invisible wheelchair of the person who is dealing with the anxiety. It is time for the world to see and understand what that anxiety is doing to people.
Man vs Wheelchair
Two guys with Muscular Dystrophy talking about owning disability and developing a mindset made of granite.
HD Extreme Sports
A group dedicated to extreme sports HD videos. Skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, paragliding, bunjee jumping, speedriding, freeboarding, base jumping, mountain biking, motocross, wheelchair burnouts, BMX, you name it! If you can die from your sporting activity and have it taped in HD then it fits in here.
Get ready to throw your assumptions about disability out the window! In "The Obvious Question," Madi Lawson, a 21-year-old journalism student who has two rare forms of muscular dystrophy, takes on the assumptions, misconceptions and just plain ignorance others have about people with disabilities. But this isn't your typical conversation about disability. In this podcast Madi talks with co-host Becky Smith and others about fashion, friendship, dating and more - challenging all the things you ...
Kurt Fearnley's Tiny Island is a chance to hear from amazing Aussies from right around the country about their passions, what makes them tick and what it means to be an Australian.
United On Wheels
Wheelchair Lifestyle Podcast
Dan is in a wheelchair and has to give up comedy while he heals in bed from a pressure sore. Andy let himself go after being on national television over 5,000 times in 2017. Dan needs to gain weight for his operation. Andy needs to lose weight to get back on TV. Together they are meeting in the middle. Most of their guests have TV credits. Try not 2 cum.
SCI Life Uncovered
True Wheelchair Life: SCI Life Uncovered Podcast
Quad Podcast
QuadPodcast is hosted by Bob Ness, a C-6 quadriplegic. The podcast is designed to inform, educate and entertain. Listen and learn about people with spinal cord injuries: We’re independent people who lead interesting lives. We’re all walks of life, nice people, jerks, funny, dull, partiers, teetotalers, doctors, lawyers, actors, musicians, etc. everything that makes people humans. Hopefully you’ll meet some or all of them…well, meeting all would be impossible, but at least you’ll hear some co ...
Warrior Games
Wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans participate in the Warrior Games. They will comprise five U.S. teams representing the Army, Marine Corps, Navy/Coast Guard, Air Force and Special Operations, as well as one international team from the U.K. Teams will compete in seven sports including archery, cycling, shooting, sitting-volleyball, swimming, track & field and wheelchair basketball.
Who Is Jamie See No Bounds?In January 2014, Jamie See No Bounds woke up not being able to use his legs. After a tedious journey of medical assessment, Jamie was eventually diagnosed with a functional neurological condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).However, instead of focusing on life in a wheelchair! Jamie developed a taste for adventure and turned his frustrations into sparking his creative abilities. He committed to living life outside the box.Jamie is an honoured Winne ...
Historians have ranked U.S. presidents on leadership, economic management, and pursuing justice, but they have never asked themselves who is the best fighter. This show will change all that. Hosted by two history professors—James Early and Scott Rank—this is an NCAA-style tournament in which all presidents fight each other one-on-one until there is one champion. James and Scott narrate each of these 44 fights by comparing the physical abilities of each president (height, weight, etc.), milit ...
We Are Superman
Hosted by David Clark, a former 320lb alcoholic, drug addict, food junkie turned accomplished endurance athlete, bestselling author, plant based fighter and happiness warrior. Hosted by David Clark, a former 320lb alcoholic, drug addict, food junkie turned accomplished endurance athlete, bestselling author, plant based fighter and happiness warrior. Join world class athletes, actors, musicians, entrepreneurs and everyday heroes for a look into the far side of the universe where anything is p ...
Leg Day Podcast
Not a CrossFit podcast. Just CrossFitters doing a podcast. One happens to use a wheelchair. &
Behind the Axle
Behind the Axle looks at today's Wheelchair Rugby world - What's new, what's on the horizon for the sport, and what's interesting to today's fans of the sport!
Fan Grrrls
An AFL podcast that's all about the fans.
A Generation X stroke survivor explores rehab, recovery, the frontiers of neuroscience, and one-handed banana peeling.
I plan to talk about anything & everything related to rugby league here in the States.
Self-serving persuasive talkers of everything and nothing. We are Conversation Con Artists. We get together weekly to talk about a number of topics that explore the dynamics of our beautifully twisted society.
Underdog stories are legacies that never die. Tune in every Tuesday to discover underdogs who persevered and overcame the adversity they faced. Hear their stories. Be inspired. Find the will to never give up.
Disability INC.
Honest conversations about disability with parents, educators, and people with disabilities.
Tune in as George Fourie from Martial Arts Media covers Internet Marketing Tips and Strategies for Martial Arts Business and School Owners. Get modern ideas from the digital world for lead generation and retention. Guest interviews with successful industry experts.
The ZBrush Podcast
The official ZBrush podcast hosted by members of the Pixologic team.
Inspiring people | authentic conversations
Have you ever looked at another women and thought "how does she do it?" This podcast will answer that question. It's conversations with some of the busiest women we know. We'll hear the tips and strategies, from balancing children and budgets, to their career and health. For every woman who has looked at another woman and wondered "how does she manage her life?", this is your podcast.
Hi this is Scott Tarcy and welcome to the Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast This is the intro podcast to give you a little background on me and what I would like to do with this podcast I’m a mechanical engineer and the president of My company does CAD work and prototyping. I love designing and inventing products and creating businesses around that activity. There are many podcasts out there about entrepreneurship and a few about inventing, but I have yet to find a podcast ...
In Season Two, we introduce to our listeners 10 women who have had many struggles along their life’s paths. Despite their challenges, their protective factors have helped them soar and inspire others. We hope season two brings you as much hope and inspiration as it has for us. This season we are excited to introduce ten women who are continuously fighting the odds and manage to succeed anyway. These strong women seem to always thrive despite negative circumstances. So get ready, Listeners. A ...
Our Service Dog Training Program is exclusively for owners training their own service dog. We offer professional guidance and support every step of the way, from choosing a candidate to all aspects of training, including public access, service dog skills and service dog tasks. Learn more at or for our fully online course.
The Punishers are a wheelchair basketball team based in Washington, D.C. These are their stories.
A2A Spotlight
KCBS afternoon anchor and A2A Alliance founder Jeff Bell spotlights remarkable individuals who have turned a personal adversity into advocacy on behalf of others facing similar challenges.
Ask A
Ask A
Ask A is a podcast where comedians KevOnStage and Big Irish Jay ask a guest questions that the average person would not usually have the opportunity to ask them.
We welcome you to share our Journey with our in-depth and personal insights into the most inspirational and informative guests from within the disability community and beyond. We will give you the inside view of our guests personal and professional stories of triumph, courage, and clarity to show you that you are not alone and you too can find the knowledge and the way to a more focused and fulfilling life. We will provide fascinating reviews of the best inclusive travel locations, as well a ...
I'm Lauren Mill! I'm in a wheelchair and discuss a number of topics xx
A podcast hosted by Deuce Windham, Independent Scout (Scouting Academy) and analyst for The Athletic & SBN's Canal Street Chronicles covering the New Orleans Saints. He is joined by Ellias Williams who is a life-long and die hard Who Dat. Player reviews, film break downs, breaking news and great Saints memories all here being laid out in the confessional booth.
Hellwatch: Pilot
A young disabled woman in a wheelchair protects an unaware world from demons and monsters. Ester Vasquez, born with arthrogryposis, hunts the monsters and demons that hide from the unsuspecting masses along with her 6'8, 360lbs Samoan care provider, Sammy. In episode one - 'Pilot' - Ester and Sammy travel just over the Mexican border from their home in Arizona to help a little boy possessed by a demon, but what awaits them when they return home is far worse than anything they've ever faced. ...
We love to explore and debate stuff that affects disabled people.
Bringing the latest in spinal cord injury stories. From interviews with survivors, telling us how they learned to drive again, to researchers - explaining the cutting edge work they are doing to find a cure. Updated Bi-weekly.
Basic Able
Inspirational podcast about the disabled...PSYCH! Talking about disability issues and community in an aggressively UNbasic way. All of our episodes are filmed so we can caption them, and show off how ridiculously good-looking we are. Transcriptions are available too. Captioned videos available
Basic Able
Inspirational podcast about the disabled...PSYCH! Talking about disability issues and community in an aggressively UNbasic way. All of our episodes are filmed so we can caption them, and show off how ridiculously good-looking we are. Transcriptions are available too. Captioned videos available
Two Rare Mama Bears, a Cure CMD Podcast - where we discuss all things Congenital Muscular Dystrophy and Rare Disease...All subtypes, ages, abilities and topics with the intent to connect the CMD community. This podcast is about bringing together affected individuals, their family, researchers, clinicians, industry, and policy-makers to have conversations with the goal of moving the needle on the mission of Cure CMD. Hosts: Megan Meyer and Matty Manley.
Just a a wheelchair...with a microphone and about 4 loads of laundry to avoid. Let's talk about the good, bad, and the ugly (but often hilarious) of life with a disability.
Sporty - ABC RN
Sporty is your guide to the powerful place of sport and fitness in Australia’s cultural life. Recognising it’s much more than a game, Sporty charts and analyses big-time spectator sports, celebrates the amateur athlete and encourages anyone struggling to get active. You don’t have to get sport, to get Sporty!
PopHealth Podcast
Healthcare is a multi-trillion dollar industry in the United States, and yet many people are completely unaware of the brilliant people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to improve access, lower costs and improve patient outcomes. Welcome to PopHealth Podcast, the show by healthcare professionals that explores the challenges facing the American Healthcare system through the perspectives of the innovative minds looking to solve them and move the industry into the future. We invite thought ...
Audio from our family vlog. Be sure to WATCH the vlog at
In an effort to tap into his original talent, a wheelchair-bound author moves to a rural town, where he befriends a single mother and her three kids, who help reignite his passion for writing.
The Guerrillapreneur Podcast is a show about and for Entrepreneurs and Business Mavericks who use the Sharing, Gig and Circular Loop economies to defeat corporate Goliaths. If you are not a Maverick, you don't have to go home, but you gotta get up out of this podcast.#startup #startupstrategy #bootstrapping #levelingup #guerrillapreneur
A podcast following traveling physical therapist, Dr. Dylan Callier, as he interviews other experts within the travel healthcare field to provide information for all medical travelers.
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The Wheelchair Mountain Bike – Bowhead Corp (Chris Bagg and Will Gill) – Ep67 23 years ago, Chris Bagg broke his back snow boarding. Chris was very into outdoor sports and wanted to continue his activities as a parapalegic. Chris built his own custom wheelchair first. He needed this because all the stock chairs were too small for his 6 foot 8 i ...…
Deep dive into learning more about Instagram blogger Alex Dacy, also known as Wheelchair Rapunzel, as she discusses her Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) diagnosis, path to becoming a blogger and social media influencer, as well as how she found herself in the advocacy, inclusion, self-love, and body positivity space while also an apparel merchandi ...…
Ask A Person In a Wheelchair with @ItsLoloLoveBy KevOnStage BigIrishJay.
KCBS Radio afternoon anchor and A2A founder spotlights Candis Welch, a disability advocate and blogger. Candis was diagnosed with SMA, a rare neuromuscular genetic disorder when she was 18-months-old. She has been in a wheelchair since she was 11. Candis hopes to be a role model and inspire others with disabilities through her blog CanCan on Wh ...…
Getting into the great outdoors bushwalking and camping is great, but hard to do if you have a serious physical disability. So what would a weekend camp designed to take wheelchair users off the beaten track be like?By ABC Radio National.
Are the Saints better after the offseason, or are they still a work in progress? Marcus Davenport is looking for ways to make sure that 2019 goes even better than 2018 did, and several Saints players come together to build a ramp at a local home. #Saints***********************************Help keep us on the air! For less than a bucket of chicke ...…
When you hear Yasmina McGlone has represented Victoria in Wheelchair AFL and won Richmond's Best & Fairest award in the sport last year, you'd never guess she hadn't seen an AFL game a few years ago, let alone never used a wheelchair before last April! Yasmina came in for a chat this week about her path to sport and how she explains her wild ne ...…
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an anxiety disorder which involves thoughts that are obsessive and compulsion that evolve trying to rid yourself of the obsessive thoughts. This sensorimotor obsessions focuses heavily on the thoughts and obsessing of the continuation of thoughts forever. Listen and find out more...…
The wild requires that we learn the terrain, nod to all the plants and animals and birds, ford the streams and cross the ridges, and tell a good story when we get back home. -- Gary Snyder A few weeks ago, we heard from Carol-Ann Nelson from Destination Rehab about the PT work she does in Bend, OR, helping folks with disabilities from around th ...…
Ask A: Police Officer www.kevonstage.comBy KevOnStage BigIrishJay.
KCBS Radio afternoon anchor and A2A Alliance founder Jeff Bell spotlights paralysis survivor Amanda Boxtel and her high-tech efforts to help the mobility-impaired.By
Je me décide à mettre en ligne cette vidéo qui date du 27 Aout 2016.J'espère qu'elle aidera et fera se poser quelques questions/réaliser certaines "petites choses" importantes dans cette situation.Je rentre INVOLONTAIREMENT dans un nuage par sa base et qui me monte à environ 4900m d'altitude.Quelques commentaires:* Le nuage n'est ici pas plus t ...…
Krótki filmik z naszego wyjazdu w rejon archipelagu Revillagigedo i słynnej wyspy Socorro. Miłego oglądania :)By HD Extreme Sports.
Concussion on the sports field hasn't always been taken seriously. What are the consequences?By ABC Radio National.
Early spring jumps at Skydive Midwest when the weather gave way. All filming and editing by Scotty Kervick.By HD Extreme Sports.
We got with SiOnyx and tested their Aurora night vision camera in freefall during night skydiving operations. The GoPro footage I got was basically completely black and you couldn’t see anything. The Aurora is not only night vision, but it’s COLORED night vision. The results were pretty amazing.By HD Extreme Sports.
Last July, Mark French joined me on Strokecast to share his stroke story and talk about his new film, A Teachable Moment. It tells the stories of four Washington, DC, area stroke survivors as they navigate the new world of stroke recovery. Mark was one of the featured survivors, as was Anne Daily who I spoke with in Episode 14 about making the ...…
Andy had a dysfunctional Easter. Nam encounters a creep at the dentist. Tyler encounters a creep in Canada. Dan learns about raprock. All our guests have TV credits. try not 2 cum.
Corner Canyon top to bottom on the Specialized Stumpjumper 29. Bike absolutley rips everything. From the rocky tech to the dirt jumps.By HD Extreme Sports.
In The Hive this week is Misty Deiparine, a female bodybuilder from Boulder, CO. Misty has a no nonsense hard-work attitude and will inspire you to be a better athlete. She’s also shares how kindness and compassion help save her live after a fatal car accident. Follow David hereTwitter / Instagram @WeAreSuperman Da ...…
I'm guessing you all love rugby league as much as I do. I'm also guessing you love multiple rugby league podcasts, the same as I do. Well I decided I wanted to send some positive vibes out to my fellow podcast hosts! This is a shoutout to all of the ones I listen to consistently. There are many more & I tend to like all of them that I come acro ...…
How to avoid hiring the wrong martial arts business coach who will take you nowhere faster. IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN: Why do you even need a martial arts business coach Beware of martial arts business coaches who coach what they can’t do How to not get burnt by a martial arts business […] The post 77 – What Happens When You Have The Wron ...…
Sports satirist Titus O'Reily joins us this week to talk about the grim reality of letting a bunch of 20-year-olds determine if we're happy or sad. Just fun footy things! Titus tells us how he became both a footy fan and also one of our favourite satirical commentators. Together we dig into the darkness of the ‘good bloke’ and the culture that ...…
Extrémní skoky do vody ze 30 metrů, největší párty léta, nejhezčí holky = HIGHJUMP - 20th Anniversary = 2.-3.8.2019 ► Save the date #MyNejsmeFestival Více info: === ► FB:✪ WWW: » Instagram:…
A bunch of firsts! Plus Q&A time. We were going to do an online course on How To Raise Your Dream Puppy, but decided to make it FREE on YouTube instead. Check our YouTube channel ( for our "Jango, Service Puppy in Training" playlist. Victoria is a proud graduate of Bart Bellon's NePoPo Silver School. Certified dog trainers ...…
Short teaser of the road to batb, an amateur muay thai event in Brisbane.By HD Extreme Sports.
Kill Loqueesha Vol 1 starring (dialogue about) the new horrendous movie Loqueesha. Conversation Con Artists dive into social events for the week and answer a listener letter from Colin. Help us #contheconvo!By Mr. On Point and Calamity Red.
Anthony Aguiniga is a Green Beret and the founder of a shoe company, Woobies. Anthony has a big plan to become the dominant shoe company in the industry. He shares how he overcame alcoholism and a lack of a fulfilled purpose in his career after the military to form the shoe company that he is so passionate about today. In this episode: Deciding ...…
Philip Williams is a 3-time Inc. 5000 honoree after becoming the CEO of a 17-year-old cash strapped company and growing it at 50% per year for 5 straight years. Philip's work resulted in two nearly simultaneous acquisition offers from two publicly traded multi-national corporations. He accomplished it all by bootstrapping the business.In Episod ...…
People with disabilities face social stigma and misunderstanding stemming from what they see and hear from movies, books, newspaper, Internet, even advertising. When people are bombarded by daily misrepresentations, they can take root and create stereotypes, reinforcing negative images and ideas about people with disabilities. Learn how authent ...…
Transvulcania Una de las mejores carreras de montaña del mundo que se celebra en mayo en La Palma. Transvulcania se ha convertido en un referente del mundo del trail running. Es, sin duda, una de las mejores y más bonitas carreras de montaña del mundo. Con 4 modalidades: ultramaratón 74,33 km.; maratón, 45 km.; mediamaratón, 24,28 km. y kilómet ...…
It's time to Embrace the Mayhem! Tampa plans to go into 2019 with an eye on the Southern prize! Watch out USARL, they're coming for you.By Nate Gee.
Reaching the pinnacle of one sport is incredible. In two? That's something else. After an Olympic Games representing Australia in hockey, Georgie Parker made the leap to play AFLW at the highest level with the Collingwood Magpies. A fierce, determined athlete and one of my favourite larrikins, Georgie now also hosts the sports commentary podcas ...…
Latoya found her passion and voice through running and now nothing is going to stop her!By Jane Ellen.
A mere 16 -year old, grapples with assault and the realities of gentrification in her urban City, while using the power of spoken words to reminds us me that even when we hurt, we still we still have power and that together we may cry, but we can triumph as well!By Pod Save the Rest of Us.
Quad Solo Grocery Shopping: Come with Bob on a quick trip to the store by Quad PodcastBy Quad Podcast.
When Steve had a massive stroke out in the wilds of Colorado, his determination to survive got him to the point where he could get help. Charlene, his wife and now caregiver demonstrated the same work ethic and fortitude in the weeks and months following his stroke. Stroke spouses, partners, and caregivers are amazing, and this is Charlene's st ...…
The 2019 season is almost here & the Delaware Black Foxes want you to be aware of their wily, crafty capability!By Nate Gee.
So, how much can you really make? What holds you back from making more money as a traveler? Are bill rates dropping? Why? Stay tuned to find out! 3:16- Bill Rates 7:45- How Much Can You Make Tax-Free? 10:15- Bill Rate Myth 11:35- Overall Pay Drop Podcast: Safe community for medical traveling questions: ...…
We were going to do an online course on How To Raise Your Dream Puppy, but decided to make it FREE on YouTube instead. Check our YouTube channel ( for our "Jango, Service Puppy in Training" playlist. Victoria is a proud graduate of Bart Bellon's NePoPo Silver School. Certified dog trainers thru the International Associatio ...…
Directed by Pedro TejadaBy HD Extreme Sports.
See Petr from Kiteboarding Holešov experience his first real heli-loops and watch him go stoked after 30 seconds of airtime on our FLYSURFER Kiteboarding SOUL closed-cell foilkite. For more information check: http://www.flysurfer.comBy HD Extreme Sports.
Monday morning madness from Djerba! Amazing ride with friends on their FLYSURFER Kiteboarding SOUL 12.0m kites. For more information check out: http://www.flysurfer.comBy HD Extreme Sports.
Petit cross en compagnie de Martin depuis le Luberon, posé à Banon en passant en bordure de la vallée d'Apt et Rustrel. Le plafond en début de vol était à 1500m environ, il a fallu se battre pourarriver péniblement à s'extraire.Vol interrompu par le temps qui passe et la nécessite de revenir sur terre ce jour là.Les conditions devenaient pourta ...…
We've made it into may and we're getting some nice looks at various players during their offseason workouts. Dez Bryant is back to running routes as he recovers from his 2018 injury. Ms. Gayle Benson is honored with an award and more in this episode of WDC!#Saints***********************************Help keep us on the air! For less than a bucket ...…
This week we continue the United Spinal Pathways to Employment series. Barbara Kornblau is joined by Chanelle Houston and Brian Denny who will share their journey back to work after spinal cord injury. They’ll discuss some of the accommodations made by their employers as well as interactions with colleagues upon returning to the work force. Uni ...…
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