Best Xbox360 podcasts we could find (Updated April 2019)
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The B-Team
Join Captin, Sworen, Gadget Man 007, and Spydersvenom in our weekly podcasting endeavor!
Major Nelson Radio
The (sometimes) weekly unofficial podcast from inside Xbox at Microsoft.
GeekNights Tuesdays is the weekly gaming segment of GeekNights, featuring video games (computer and console), German board games, roleplaying games, and more.
Of all the podcasts in the world, you had to walk into ours... And we're glad you did! The Big Red Barrelcast is the flagship podcast of Your hosts are Dave (a podcast legend), PacManPolarBear (a Canadian podcast legend), and Kev (a dude). Every week we discuss Video Games -- and probably other junk -- as we drop (somewhat) informative entertainment bombs across the landscape of your ears. So if you're looking for the internet's #1 gaming podcast, by all means go and find t ...
A podcast that holds nothing back. We discuss gaming, gossip, culture and anything that may come to mind. You have been warned.
Xbox Achievement Hunting discussion as the hosts discuss the achievements of current games and games gone by. Informational for those new to achievement hunting, interesting for avid achievement hunters, and entertaining for all.
Have a slice of life conversation with the Critical Media Guys as we talk about our week, whats happening in the news, upcoming games, movies, television, go through emails and more.
Aaron & Katie are your hosts for the Pink and Blue Xbox Podcast - an entertaining and sometimes surreal show based around Xbox Land and video gaming in general. Our hosts have been together for 14 years, were (eventually) married in August 2015. They also have a five year old daughter.Like any other loving couple, our hosts tend to argue quite a bit - but they promise not to do this "on air"...much.The Podcast began in September 2009 and will soon be celebrating 60 Episodes.The Podcast has a ...
Geek Legacy presents the Pixelated Podcast, an informative and enlightening podcast that aims to deliver detailed insight on video game news, controversies and updates.
Games Only Podcast
Video games? Take a look at Games Only, the podcast that deals with - Games Only.
The Nearly Men, playing games and kicking backsides... well, nearly. Join Colin and Paul who are two casual gamers as they discuss all things in the world of video games.
Major Nelson Radio
The (sometimes) weekly unofficial podcast from inside Xbox at Microsoft.
Settle It On the Screen is here entertain and inform you about the world of video games. Our shows will consist of World Record breaking news, top players interviews, game reviews and much, much more.
Gaming Reversal
My Xbox 360 Videopodcast
DLC Podcast
A weekly video game discussion by The Completionist and The Mediocre-ist
For more than three years The Blu Show has been your best source for PlayStation-centric information and/or entertainment. Now join Rothbart, Frawlz, and PacmanPolarbear on the PlayStation Podcast (aka "The Blu Show") as they offer three very distinct outlooks on gaming, the PlayStation platforms, and whatever else they decide to talk about each week. Whether you're 14 or 114, these guys will probably make you laugh, blush, and possibly cry with their unique approach to mixi ...
The World of Gaming Through Huggy's Eyes
Game With Lame Iteration 2
Welcome Everyone to VGM WAVE! I am your host, Krazyeye. I would like to thank you all for listening to my show! This podcast is dedicated to people, like myself, who loves to listen to great video game music!So just sit back, relax, and enjoy some great music.If you have any comments and/or song request, please email me at
NewGamePlus' Podcast
Everything that has to deal with video games and more, maybe boobs too
Damage Meter
KZOM Radio's weekly Gaming News Recap
Kue's House
CPL Weekly Radio Show
Our podcast is for gamers by gamers we talk about games, technology, industry news. Each episode will crack you up and make you want more
Things We Play
Three dedicated gamers sit down once a week to talk about/pick apart the games they've been playing, old and new.
On our own, we game together!
We make magic you listen!!!!
The Festival of Blood Radio Network brings you hours of computer, gaming, and console news weekly. Subscribe to our podcast to receive our line up of shows!
PS3NEWS' Podcast
For the Latest Gaming News visit and subscribe to our podcast
A podcast run by the people of MHFCommunity
This podcast will focus on video games but is not afraid to derail into whatever is interesting at the time. Listen as Dave, Chris, and guests talk about what they've been playing, discuss the gaming topic of the week, and undoubtedly partake in shenanigans.
AfterShock Podcast
Join the Loaded Pants staff, Hugo Seijas, Wrecktify, and Daniel Lopez, as they break down video games, video game culture, and the local gaming scene.
OCG Podcast
OCG is a weekly podcast presented to you by Slixshot and Monochromaticx. We talk to about the latest news in gaming, new releases, new trailers and what we have been playing.
Join your host, Compbros, as he brings along other fans to discuss all things gaming (along with other things).
SMOKE OR DIE RADIOThe only place for Music, Games, Movies & The Paranormal.. With your hostsSephiroth NYC , Astekk & Mamas Lil Girl.So for your place for Music like Hip-Hop, Salsa , Emo , R&BFor all your information on XBOX360 & Playstation 3For everything thats The ParanormalThere is only one placeSMOKE OR DIE RADIO!!TUNE IN!!
Try It today it is a fun mix of all tech
Twisted Joystick
Twisted Joystick retells great video game stories so that you can either relive that experience, or get a whole new one. Check back each week for more episodes!
We know things.
Knight-Nui News and all other Knight-Nui podcasts you will find here so come back often to hear what's new and how we're doing.
MHL Moose Hockey League Radio Talk Show with your hosts Jim Flannian, GIANT918, and Oktizzy. Plus special guest callers from the Moose Hockey
Voice Chat
Montcada en Juego
Programa de radio online y podcast sobre videojuegos.M3J se emite en rigurosos directo los Miércoles de 23 a 00:30 en Montcada Ràdio. Y también se puede descargar en formato mp3 desde la web del programa.Cada semana, además de hacer un resumen de las noticias ocurridas durante la semana y los lanzamientos venideros, realizamos un especial sobre algún tema o videojuegos en concreto con un estilo muy ameno intercalado por algunas de las mejores bandas sonoras de los videojuegos.
Halo Yeah!
Friends talking about everything and anything while playing Halo.
Nerd Out Word Out
Ramblings/Musings on Video Games, Movies, TV Shows and related Nerd Culture from Chris Perrin and Mark McGrady.(May contain Potty mouth words)
Ghost Game Reviews was created by gamers, for gamers. This podcasts brings trending topics in the video game community, add a touch of humor and some crazy conversation. Let us know what you think via twitter or our blog. This is just the start for us and feel free to contact us with idea or questions for the next episode.
A blog for our game-related podcast and our nerdy game-related articles.
We're 2 guys, Aaron and Aleck. We have delightful conversations about video games and what makes them great. Have Some. It's delicious.
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The panel tackles the usual suspects, Inside Xbox - April Edition, and reunites two that once were one in order to bring the world an old gift. Exe and Elroy make a triumphant showing with Game Swap #3 (NUMBER 3!!!!) Waka heads up AH101 Game Club: SOMA! Home "improvement", sketchy doctors, killer robots, accidental murder and more! This week: U ...…
Steve, Mike, and Chris talk more predictions for Space Jam 3, best moments in GTA V online, and the Mass Effect opinions run rapid as Bioware mentioned the words “Mass Effect” in an interview.
Devil May Cry 5HeadlanderLords of Shadow 2 Download Standard Podcasts
While Big Ell is off watching sweaty dudes rub all over each other Kenny, Corey, and old man Nate talk cheevo hunting……but wait! Has Corey lost the urge to obtain those sweet bleep bloops? Does he dare play games for *censored* now? Find out on this week’s episode of Achievement Hunting 101 Z! Cooperative dissonance returns! This week Corey joi ...…
Tonight on GeekNights, we return from PAX East to review the phenomenal and groundbreaking Baba is You. This game is a must-buy, and is one of the greatest push-puzzle games ever made. In the news, Borderlands 3 cometh, you can get a year of Nintendo Online for free, Crown of Emara is a stand-out game, Smartphone Inc was played incorrectly by a ...…
SekiroDevil May Cry 5Crackdown 3Yoshi's Crafted World Download Standard Podcasts
Welcome back to the Pixelated Podcast! Justin and Stephen return to talk about some of their favorite and most intriguing video game stories for the week.Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and A Link to the Past might be coming to the Nintendo SwitchRed Dead Redemption 2 briefly listed as coming to the Nintendo SwitchBorderlands 3 will be exclusive ...…
Five panelists! Two hours! A rousing discussion on what lengths we go through to get achievements. Do we play bad games? Do we have regrets? Is it ok to play bad games for score? We weigh in and hope everyone else does too! Queen Bee Corey and PolliNate take a long look at Where the Bees Make Honey. Which panelist had a honeycomb in his heart f ...…
SekiroCrackdown 3 Download Standard Podcasts
Steve and Ricky discuss the Halo series details, WWE Fastlane results, Wrestlemania predictions, and the spawn of Ricky’s Review of Captain Marvel.
Welcome back to the Pixelated Podcast! Justin and Stephen return to talk about some of their favorite and most intriguing video game stories for the week.We recap Sony's first State of Play presentation and what it includedSony will no longer allow download codes for games to be sold in retail storesGearbox unveils Borderlands 3 as well as some ...…
Steve and Ricky talk about The Division 2, Google’s Stadia, Xbox’s disc-less system rumors, and the release of withheld video game news within the gaming industry.
Join this hungry quartet of gamers as they discuss their week of gaming. The April Games with Gold were announced; what are they and are we excited for them? Find out which game we want to slay the devil in and more importantly we ask the important question...what's for lunch? This week on Waka's Weird Wonders, Wakapeil talks about the game Org ...…
Valkyria Chronicles 4Devil May Cry 5AbzuCastlevania Lords of Shadow 2 Download Standard Podcasts
Steve and Mike sit down and reflect on their past comic con endeavors, Disney streaming service, and Google’s Stadia.
Welcome back to the Pixelated Podcast! Justin and Stephen return to talk about some of their favorite and most intriguing video game stories for the week.Google has announced their Stadia console and introduced how it will workHalo Master Chief Collection will add Halo Reach, coming to PC this yearNintendo shows off a number of indie titles com ...…
The panel talked about some of the same stuff and some of the not so same stuff. Listen for yourself to hear what's what! If you actually read this and are the first to message rawker in Discord, you win a game! Exe gets into the St. Patrick's Day spirit with the top 3 achievements related to the holiday. He also manages to offend the entire co ...…
We examine the latest Inside Xbox stream! Halo MCC news, Minecraft in Game Pass, The X-Cloud and more! We share our achievement stories for the week! What are our favorite video game guns? Nope, not Elroy’s guns! Listen and find out! Wakapeil has been Battle Royaling it with the community and lived to tell the tale! Find out what happened in th ...…
Tonight on GeekNights, we review the new hotness, a Dota2 mod called Auto Chess. It's buggy, weird, utterly novel, and definitely worth trying, continuing the long tradition of mods becoming transformational to PC gaming. In the news, Baba Is You finally arrives, Nvidia drops 3D Vision support, you can use Twitter to track Nvidia driver updates ...…
ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove!Kingdom HeartsAnthemThe DivisionDevil May Cry 5Valkyria Chronicles 4 Download Standard Podcasts
Steve and Ricky confront the latest Pokemon movie trailer, Spacejam 2, and Star Wars Episode 9 predictions.
Crackdown 3Zelda: BoTWDishonored: Death of the Outsider Download Standard Podcasts
After a couple of hooky attempts, Professor Fuuf has gathered the regular panel back together! We share our February Period Summaries! Are any of the hosts on pace for a Fuuf? We have lots of info on community milestones, sales, and ongoing contests. FuFuCuddilyPoof and Rawkerdude review the game Void Vikings. Does it live up to their expectati ...…
Steve and Ricky breakdown the latest video game news, Halo Infinite’s upcoming “spiritual reboot”, their most played childhood video games, KISS farewell tour, and more!
Assassin's Creed OdysseyAnthem Download Standard Podcasts
With our resident moose migrating to Canada, the rest of the panel discusses all things achievements, and even some Nintendo talk. With the rumors of Game Pass potentially hitting the Switch, we just had to weigh in. For BCM, is finding a game that takes place on Earth harder than it sounds? Remember, you need proof! Our resident Fuuf may have ...…
Tonight on GeekNights, we review the most notable spiritual successor to Advance Wars to date, Wargroove. Prior to this, Days of Ruin was the last game that scratched that itch. It's good. In the news, Bowser replaces Reggie ending an era for Nintendo, Thumper is a must-play VR game, and GOG is in some financial trouble.…
Crackdown 3Assassin's Creed OdysseyPreyAnthem Download Standard Podcasts
Larry Hryb, Xbox Major Nelson Gamertag: Rubes Special Guest: Kate Remington, Music Respawn (24:05 –44:24) News & more!
Larry Hryb, Xbox Major Nelson Gamertag: Rubes Special Guest: Kate Remington, Music Respawn (24:05 –44:24) News & more!
Welcome back to the Pixelated Podcast! Justin and Stephen return to talk about some of their favorite and most intriguing video game stories for the week.Reggie Fils-Aime announces he will be stepping down as President of Nintendo of America in AprilFallout 76 player who actually enjoys the game has been banned because they play the game too mu ...…
While rawker plays hooky, Michelle fills in admirably and class goes off without a hitch. Crackdown 3 is heavily discussed, so strap on in, agents! We look at Microsoft’s often delayed blockbuster. What do we think of it? The title of the episode may give it away, but it’s not all a bed of roses. We compare single player and cooperative play an ...…
Apex LegendsResident Evil 2 RemakeFar Cry 5Assasin's Creed OdysseyPreyPunchlineDivision 2 beta Download Standard Podcasts
Steve, Ricky, and Eric discuss Ben Affleck retiring from the role as Batman, Epic Games/Fortnite lawsuit update, details of a Breaking Bad movie and more! Predictions were made and are set stone before tonight's wrestling PPV for the Elimination Chamber. Listen and see who's prediction will rise to the status of bragging rights in the next podcast.…
Welcome back to the Pixelated Podcast! Justin and Stephen return to talk about some of their favorite and most intriguing video game stories for the week.Blizzard Activision announces record profits from 2018, then lays off 800 employeesSony explains their reasoning for not attending E3 this yearRecapping the most recent Nintendo DirectTake a l ...…
The VSS group is back for another holiday themed episode to celebrate Valentine's Day, VSS style! Join our trio as they each come to the table with a very different idea of what Valentine's Day should be. Be careful, though, as one of the crew has a dirty mind when it comes to this holiday for lovers! Wakapeil hasn’t been feeling great this wee ...…
Join Elroy (love that guy) and Freamwhole (he’s ok) as they weave a tapestry of stories together in a seamless production that will invoke tears of joy and laughter when they discuss their “Favorite Funny Gaming Moments”. Spoiler alert: as the latest installment unfolds you will find that it is not the game that is causing the humor but rather ...…
Apex LegendsWarhammer: Vermintide 2Far Cry 5 Download Standard Podcasts
Welcome back to the Pixelated Podcast! Justin and Stephen return to talk about some of their favorite and most intriguing video game stories for the week.Nintendo will allegedly release a new version of the Nintendo Switch this yearRumors also suggest Nintendo will announce a game, "that will please the fans" this yearSony's PlayStation 5 may b ...…
Matrarch takes a seat on the panel as she dominates the entire episode! Are Castleroids contagious? A community member has been playing some Metroidvania games and is nipping at our heels! We discuss all things contests! Did the hosts get the hang of Hangman? Did we randomly pop any RTDL achievements? Did we gave a FRAC about scoring a lot rece ...…
The B-Team Ballgaggies awards (GOTY show) Download Standard Podcasts
Welcome back to the Pixelated Podcast! Justin and Stephen return to talk about some of their favorite and most intriguing video game stories for the week.Retro Studios has taken over development of Metroid Prime 4 and a Metroid Prime Trilogy might be coming to the Nintendo SwitchCapcom suggests they would remake Resident Evil 3: Nemesis if the ...…
How did our Hawken boost go? How many of our great community complete it and how long did it take? What games will we tackle next? What have we been playing in 2019 and how far have we come in our FRAC??? With their love of all things Guacamelee 2, do Koosh and rawker secretly work for Drinkbox Studios? We discuss the February Games with Gold, ...…
Tonight on GeekNights, we review the new-to-us 2014 tabletop game from Johannes Sich: La Cosa Nostra. It's a mob-themed negotiating game that works. In the news, we're back from PAX South 2019 where we presented Nostalgia vs Game Design, we've reviewed the entire current season of anime, Dota Auto Chess is the precursor to the next hotness, the ...…
AshenCeleste Resident Evil 2 “One-Shot” demoRed Dead Redemption 2Phantasy Star (Sega Ages on Switch) Download Standard Podcasts
Welcome back to the Pixelated Podcast! Justin and Stephen return to talk about some of their favorite and most intriguing video game stories for the week.Activision and Bungie split; Bungie to publish Destiny from now onSNES games are likely coming to the Nintendo Switch Online service in the near futureMortal Kombat 11 impressions and thoughts ...…
Do you like boosting sessions? We know you do! We discuss upcoming community boosting sessions Hawken and Titanfall. What zombie games will we use for FCC/BCM? Which games would we like to see remastered? Will Nate buy a game on sale that he’ll never play? Will Ell talk about sandwiches? Will Kenny ever see the sun? Will Corey get a haircut? Wi ...…
Return of the Obra DinnInto the BreachHellblade Sennua’s SacrificeDead Cells Download Standard Podcasts
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