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Zodiac Speaking
Dedicated to the memories of David Faraday, Betty Lou Jensen, Darlene Ferrin, Cecelia Shepard, and Paul Stine, and to Michael Mageau, and Bryan Hartnell, we are a podcast that digs into the Zodiac murders of 1968 and 1969, about the effect on the modern world, and about the victims and their lives and times.
More Than A Zodiac Sign is a cancer awareness/fundraising project run by the Dallas company, Ultraviolet Bookings. All shows will be hosted by Kristen Reed, and will feature kick-ass bands, public figures, and information about cancer.
Zodiac Killer
Welcome to the Zodiac Killer podcast, where amazing things happen.
Zodiac Updates
Robin Zodiac had a local Los Angeles ‘live’ call-in psychic television show, since the late 1980s. These programs were also viewed on a New York City Network. Robin worked in the entertainment industry behind the scenes advising Hollywood executives, world leaders and celebrities for decades. When Robin Zodiac officially became ‘Psychic Mom,’ she moved to a small town to work full-time as a telephone reader and stay at home parent. While conducting readings on a TV show, it had included an a ...
Home of LibraClassic! and all things that go THUMP!
Welcome to the Zodiac👿👿😈 podcast, where amazing things happen.
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Hartnell SpeakingToday, we look at the words of Bryan Hartnell, what they meant to the idea of Zodiac and how they have moved the case along. we also touch on details defining how a timeline is build, how unreliable details can often be as important as verifiable, and we give a shout-out to the amazing Ashley and Bay Area Mystery Club!…
...from the desk of LibraClassic! Playlist (with links): 1. Hallex M, Mordekhai – Night Goes On (Original Mix) 2. Dana Weaver, Doug Gomez – Freedom (Doug Gomez Soul Vocal) (05:20) 3. LibraClassic! – A Lovely Noise (Libra’s Lovely Dub) (EXCLUSIVE UNRELEASED PROMO – drops 9/28 TRAXSOURCE EXCLUSIVE!) (11:17) 4. Kischa Link – Everybody Get Up (Afro ...…
The Lake Berryessa AttackWe start our look into the attack at Lake Berryessa with a few snippets from the police reports.
Zodiac has a name.A first look at the first attack following the Zodiac giving himself a name. Here, I lay out what I'll be talking about for the rest of the set of episodes, and exactly what it might all mean. You can read my issue of Claims Department on Zodiac at can read my issue of E ...…
...from the desk of LibraClassic! Playlist (with links): 1. Chelsea Como, Jackio, Shino Blackk – TTYD (Blackkdraft Mix) 2. Deva Mahal, DJ Spen, Reelsoul – Wicked (DJ Spen and Reelsoul Extended Remix) (6:35) 3. Timmy Regisford – The World (Timmy Regisford Remix) (11:10) 4. Dave Aju, thatmanmonkz, Foxxee – They Sleep We Dub (17:05) 5. Jon Mavek – ...…
The Zodiac Killer gives himself a nameWe look at the first two letters written to newspapers, the strange spelling, and why they may, or may not, be authentic.
...from the desk of LibraClassic! Playlist (with links): Louie Vega – Love Having You Around f. Rochelle Fleming & Barbara Tucker (Extended Version) (0:00) Bobby & Steve, Byron Stingily – They Can’t Understand It (Vocal Mix) (8:02) DJ Applejac – Adinkra ft. Miles Bonny (14:15) AbysSoul, Sio, David Harness, Osunlade – Words (David Harness Yoruba ...…
The First SurvivorThrough the police report and my random thoughts, I look at Michael Mageau, how it fits into the case at large, how his survival may have changed the path of the murders, and more.
Was she the key?A look at Darlene Ferrin and the stories that have grown around her. Was she the key to everything? Was Zodiac after her and her alone? Was she stalked? What were the calls to her family about?
...from the desk of LibraClassic! Playlist (with links): 1. DJ Beloved, Mcleod – What You Won’t Do for Love (Jihad Muhammad Remix) (00:34) 2. Carissa Nicole, DJ Spen – Settle for My Love (DJ Spen Remix) (07:35) 3. Andrea Curato, Tapes – Kombela (13:42) 4. Aaron & Deckert – L.D.O.E. feat. Valentine (20:15) 5. Sister Pearl – Feel It […] The post ...…
...from the desk of LibraClassic! …what’s up, y’all! Spring is here and we’ve got our mid-month installment of The Zodiac Thump! This is Episode 3 of Season 2 and we’re hyped about the whole damn thing! Of course, all of our previous mixes in the Zodiac Thump series are still available to download or stream at your leisure! Check […] The post T ...…
...from the desk of LibraClassic! What up, folks! As you can see – I’ve changed my mind about my previous mixes (I do this often – it’s a Libra thing, LOL). I originally planned to delete them (and I have deleted some), but decided to leave most of them up (since they are still being downloaded and streamed!), so continue […] The post The Zodia ...…
The Second AttackYou can say that the attack on Michael Mageau and Darlene Ferrin on 4th of July, 1969 is what took a pair of murders and turned them into one of the most famous set of killings ever. We look at the two victims, and what we'll be looking at in the coming episodes, starting in late May…
The Second Set of VictimsA look at encountering Michael Mageau, and an introduction to why this might be the most significant attack of all.
...from the desk of LibraClassic! Playlist 1. Zepherin Saint – Skyy (Tribe Vocal Mix) 2. DJ CEEZ, NIKI GEE, Mara Marie – Be Her (BlackkSeed Extended Vokal) 3. Modaji – Hiroko (Kiko Navarro Love From The Sea Remix) 4. Javier Mio – La Candela (Felix Gil Rmx) —- Mutabaruka – Dis Poem —– 5. Sabb – Jeopardized (Original Mix) […] The post …the Return ...…
A look at the less likely and the ImpactWe take a last look at Faraday and Jensen with a consideration of a further-out theory, a look at what happened after in the community, and more.
What did they say? Zodiac Ciphers page for Newspaper articles -
The First Zodiac Murders The Mount Herman Road killings Police Report -
We begin hereWhat we are going to do. How we are going to do it. why it matters.
Pink Boss Empire breaks down what your Zodiac sign should expect on the horizon in the next 3 months!By (Pink Boss Empire Inc.).
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