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Start the day right and let these astrology podcasts help you know more about yourself, improve your relationships, gain insights to your future (after all it's written in the stars), and more. For all astrology followers and novices, here are some podcasts where you can get your daily (or even weekly and monthly) horoscope, discover what different planetary movements could mean for you, plus learn how you can use astrology to achieve your goals and build up a better understanding of who you are. Info
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A weekly podcast on topics related to astrology, hosted by professional astrologer Chris Brennan.
This Podcast is a wide net cast across the cosmos, sinking to the depths of Psyche, and reaching for the light in myth to see how heaven can be found here, now, while you are listening. It includes conversations with the most interesting of folks and solo shows with myself, Adam Sommer. If you enjoy astrology or magic or medicine, this is your show. If you enjoy the cosmos and all the mysterious ways they manifest through myth and psyche, you have found the place. Enjoy
Astrologer Shelley Overton discusses astrology, current events, quantum physics, and gives FREE READINGS to callers.
A podcast about witchcraft, astrology, the paranormal, cats, mysticism, spirit guides, psychics, and everything else you need to become a darling of the universe! Hosted by Angela Lovell and Ryan Singer. Support this podcast:
Living Astrology
Practical guidance and wisdom for using Astrology, Human Design Astrology and planetary transits to your benefit in your own life. We explore topics astrological, metaphysical and spiritual for 60 mins each week.
An astrological overview of each New and Full Moon, exploring the patterns surrounding the Sun and Moon. Astrologer Mary Pat Lynch discusses what we can expect and how we might work with the energies to reach our goals.
Access Astrology
Three astrologers, Heather Roan Robbins, Mark Wolz and Anne Ortelee combine their talents to make real astrology accessible through information-packed, entertaining and interactive weekly talks which are meaningful, useful and fun. We know astrology is a great tool to make the most out of life, love, and this moment in time, and want to share it with you.For more detail, please see our bios and individual websites: for Mark Wolz, for Anne Ortelee and ww ...
The FREE podcast that deepens your astrological wisdom. We always start with the forecast, and regularly include special features. Make This Week in Astrology a regular part of your astrological education! *** Sign up for email notifications when a new show posts -- just enter your email in the subscription box in the upper right corner of this page. It's free, and you can unsubscribe anytime.
Embodied Astrology and other tools for living in your body and from your heart or for more.
Explore esotericism, magic, and the occult with Reverend Erik. All of your favorite occultists, astrologers, magicians, and historians of esotericism sit down for casual and informative chats about the bizarre, unusual, and meaningful. Donate ETH at 0xa79b9697Bf482D80f2AA13Ca5Fa4B58C36707CD8
Get your weekly horoscope, up to date astrology topics, and chat about what's up in that crazy, wild sky with your favorite star child-oh yeah, Zoe Moon. Thursday nights at 8pm eastern/5pm pacific.
Short podcasts to introduce Astrology in an easy to understand and fun way using real examples from people like you.
Anne Ortelee, a nationally (NCGR-PAA Level 3, AMAFA) and internationally (ISAR) certified astrologer, presents her Cosmic Weekly Weather report. Based on the astrology configurations above our heads, Anne discusses the energy we can expect to experience on Planet Earth during the upcoming week. She offers a brief astrology lesson! You can always book a private consultation with Anne to discuss your personal questions and your chart.
Join Eugenia Krok, MA to bridge the esoteric + practical concepts of astrology to create a more professional + grounded future for astrology.
Are the stars really just like us? Join Aliza Kelly (celebrity astrologer, host, and author) as she explores mythology, magick, and pop culture in her weekly podcast, Stars Like Us. One-part astrology school and one-part talk show, each episode pairs relevant astrological subjects with an exclusive expert interview. Stars Like Us is a tool for illumination, inspiration, and laughter; a reminder that there's no such thing as destiny — it's all about direction.
How often do you get weighed down by life’s daily concerns? There’s an antidote -- look up! There’s a Cosmic Curriculum that supports and guides you to be your best self, when you tune into it. Each Monday and Thursday hosts Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh, CEO of Astrology Hub, and Donna Woodwell, professional astrologer and astrology hub’s senior editor will share tips, techniques, meditations and forecasts, as well as interviews with spiritual leaders, astrologers and other intuitives, for how you can ...
Daily Quick Astro Forecast Plus Tips on Reading Your Chart! This is a podcast to help you live more consciously. Whether you are an Aires, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces - this show will appeal to you! Quick, daily astrology horoscope forecasts you can listen to on the go! Consciousness. Living a Conscious life!
Timeline Astrology
This is Timeline Astrology, a podcast by astrologer Gary O'Toole. Listen to discussions about Indian astrology and stay up-to-date with sidereal (fixed star) transits.
The Cosmic Calling
A podcast for spiritual entrepreneurs and creative souls on a mission to align their life & career with the cosmos. Through weekly episodes that combine astrology, spirituality, personal growth, and career development, Natalie Walstein, Career Astrologer at Soulshine Astrology ( inspires you to bring more of your personal brand of much-needed magic out into the world while also bringing on special guests to talk about how they found their calling, how their astrolo ...
Astronomy Cast
Take a fact-based journey through the cosmos. Tune in to hear weekly discussions on astronomical topics ranging from planets to cosmology. Hosted by Fraser Cain (Universe Today) and Dr. Pamela L. Gay (SIUE), this show brings the questions of an avid astronomy lover direct to an astronomer. Together Fraser and Pamela explore what is known and being discovered about the universe around us. Astronomy Cast is supported through individual donations and the sponsorship of Swinburne Astronomy Online.
Monthly Marijuana Astrology for the Stoner at Heart
Monthly Marijuana Astrology for the Stoner at Heart
Monthly Marijuana Astrology for the Stoner at Heart
Join Soul Astrologer, Shaman and Writer, Louise Edington, and her bestie, Success Astro-Numerologist, Akashic Reader & Healer, Speaker & Author, Jen Duchene as they explore the energies of the weirdly magical universe that we live in. Receive guidance regarding how to navigate the energies and change the way that you look at things.
Daily astrological reflections to bring some far to the near. Hope you enjoy.
Maybe you know your Sun sign, but you also know there are not just 12 types of people in the world. You are unique and complex, and Vedic Astrology can help you know yourself and the people in your life better. We will cover all the essentials and how they relate to your career, relationships, finances, health and more; it’s all there in your birth chart, and we’ll teach you how to decode it.Hosted by Jeremy Devens in Austin, Texas who has studied Western Astrology since 2006 and Vedic Astro ...
Snake Oil/Jim Ventura
Navigational consultant, author, public speaker, teacher.Jim's expertise includes: Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Mah Jongg, animal totems, Rune Stones, Angel cards and Lakota indian teachings. He teaches workshops on developing one's intuitive abilities for practical use in everyday life. In personal one-on-one sessions his expertise in using the wisdom of Oracles, helps his clients to empower themselves by releasing fear and recognizing the choices and influences that contribute to the crea ...
Monthly Marijuana Astrology for the Stoner at Heart
Monthly Marijuana Astrology for the Stoner at Heart
Monthly Marijuana Astrology for the Stoner at Heart
Monthly Marijuana Astrology for the Stoner at Heart
Monthly Marijuana Astrology for the Stoner at Heart
Monthly Marijuana Astrology for the Stoner at Heart
Monthly Marijuana Astrology for the Stoner at Heart
Join bestselling author, consciousness teacher, intuitive and astrologer Molly McCord for this lively weekly show! Molly shares inspiring cosmic messages, astrological updates, spirituality insights, and timeless wisdom to add empowering awesomeness to your life - and have some fun along the way! Molly's spiritual awakening began in 2002, and she delightfully offers her years of growth and experiences in each episode to inspire, uplift and upLIGHT your journey.
The Astrology University podcast features interviews and discussions with some of the best astrologers on the planet.
Listen to Imani, astrology student and tarot card reader, discuss what’s happening in the sky and how it impacts you!
Monthly Marijuana Astrology for the Stoner at Heart
Monthly Marijuana Astrology for the Stoner at Heart
Catalyst Yogi helps you to find your Soul Purpose and Unleash your Unique Genius Out into the World. Check the website for more details.
Astrology Bytes is an educational astrology podcast, with bite-sized lessons for people who want to learn astrology...but don't have all day.
This Podcast is a wide net cast across the cosmos, sinking to the depths of Psyche, and reaching for the light in myth to see how heaven can be found here, now, while you are listening. It includes conversations with the most interesting of folks and solo shows with myself, Adam Sommer. If you enjoy astrology or magic or medicine, this is your show. If you enjoy the cosmos and all the mysterious ways they manifest through myth and psyche, you have found the place. Enjoy
Weekly astrology forecast with Melissa LaFara; featuring rotating guests who speak on a variety of fascinating topics! The Goal = Making the world a better place, one podcast at a time.
The Astrology Alchemy podcast gives you inspiring insights from current astrology cycles that support your path of turning your personal “lead” into “gold.” Hosted by astrologer Sheila Belanger.
Astrology Roast
Astrology. Pop culture. LGBTIQ. Love, and heartbreak. Your hosts Keren (Gemini) and Etai (Aries), just like every Jennifer Lopez movie character, are trying to make ends meet while staying authentic and looking great in a tracksuit. Join us on this astrological journey.
Podcast by BloodMoonMilk
What's Your Sign?
A comedy podcast for astrology lovers AND haters. With your hosts Julia Loken, Stevie Anderson, & Lisa Chanoux.
Explosive conversations for feminists, spiritualists, activists, people who have feelings about "ists" and "isms", rebels, astrologers, humans in general, and often catsl...
One of the top Astrology Podcasts for more than a decade, Hermetic Astrology Podcast features illuminating, inspirational and transformative correspondence between the primal powers of Above & Below...-more at
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An invitation to restore inner and outer balance at this Aries Full Moon and to align with the deep systemic personal and collective changes supported by the upcoming key Pluto cycles of 2020.By Sheila Belanger.
This week we are using the chart of a volunteer. We are calling her Emily. Two other Episodes work with this: Episode Fifty:Erin Sullivan interview Author of The Astrology of Family Dynamics Episode Sixty Seven= Astrology and Your Family Here is her chart: ...…
This Full Moon forms a tight square to Pluto, meaning Sun and Moon each square the Lord of the Underworld as they oppose each other. Pluto is here to break the impasse. He’s going to do it his own way, though, which means something is likely to fall apart.By RisingMoon.
5:09 PM eastern, to be exact! What is "Hunter" Moon? And are there any aspects to other planets we should be aware of? Let's celebrate this second fall moon in big style!
Ego and needed transformation collide as the week starts off! If you find yourself triggered, take the time to uncover the 'root' of why you feel this way. Welcome the ripple of change this reflection brings. Finding middle ground as the weekend dawns will have you committing on a whole new level when it comes to relationships. Tune in to hear ...…
Join Astrologer Janet Hickox in the MetaCafe - weekdays at 8:00 am PT/11:00 am ET for your Daily Astrology-Human Design-Oracle Energy Report. Live weekday mornings on the Living Astrology Facebook page. Mercury enters the shadow zone of his next retrograde today while in trine to the North Node - it gives the day a feeling of "destiny." What si ...…
Episode 90. The void-of-course Moon occurs when the Moon makes one last major aspect before heading from one zodiac sign to the next. In other words: it’s like this - the Moon in Gemini forms an aspect, say a trine with Jupiter and it’s the last aspect before the Moon enters Cancer. The period between that aspect and the Moon changing signs is ...…
Weekly Astrology Horoscopes with Zoe Moon. We have a Full Moon in Aries in our week ahead which means everyone is going to be emotionally charged up as this Moon opposes it's ruler, Mars, in Libra and squares Saturn and Pluto now Direct in Capricorn. It's about big endings, breakthrougs, wrap-ups, celebrations, or achievements that stir up pass ...…
Jen and Lou rap about the deeply powerful and radical Scorpio New Moon that occurs 3 days before Mercury stations retrograde at eh end of Scorpio, which means a lot will be uncovered at the end of this month and into November. We are hurtling into a period of rapid reveals and shedding. Please *subscribe and support our work on https://www.patr ...…
Want to know how the 9th house effects you specifically? You can now schedule a reading at the time that works best for you at What is your purpose in life and how can the 9th house help you understand this? How can transits help you understand your relationships with mentors, teachers, your father and planni ...…
Intense Full Moon Aries where tempers flare and unseen power dynamics arise from the level of ideological to internal. We will talk about gaslighting, gatekeeping, self awareness and our responsibility to ourselves. Fun stuff right? It’s a little crazy, but it’s all with good reason. To book a reading email me at To ...…
Libra energies are currently bringing the Masculine aspects of ourselves (the Sun and Mars) into higher balance and showing us the other side of what we've been experiencing in 2019. Libra is ruled by Venus, who is now in Scorpio and coming up to an opposition with Uranus in Taurus at 5 degrees on October 13. It is time to remove your own limit ...…
LIBRA SEASON IS HERE! This ep we are talking about the story of The Giving Tree, which is essentially a sexist children's book that is describing a horrible relationship. We also talk about The Bachelor, the Kardashians, Britney's Astrology lesson, and lots more. Thanks for listening xxBy Bensie.
In episode 226 astrologer Nate Craddock joins the show to discuss the early history of Christianity and its relationship with astrology. Specifically, we focus on the question of whether astrology is somehow inherently antithetical to Christianity, especially in terms of the origins of the religion during the time of the Roman Empire. Nate is a […]…
Astrologer Shelley Overton discusses how fear grips us, and what to do about it. Shelley takes questions about astrology and answers callers' questions about their lives. Listen in or call with your questions! Shelley takes calls. 347-994-3365 Shelley Overton has been studying astrology for 30+ years, and a professional astrologer for 20. Shell ...…
In this show, my dear friend Alec Brogan joins me to share more on Medical Astrology to continue from the last show with William. He recently graduated from chiropractic school and is doing some groundbreaking work weaving Astrology and his medicine. We talk all about it. We also recorded the show the day after the "Dreaming with Chiron" retrea ...…
Learn ways to strengthen a weakened Mercury in a horoscope, whether practical or esoteric.
Tune in to find out more about this week's astro climate, tarot cards, and animal ambassador.... along with my special guests: Norway based professional evolutionary astrologer at Polaris Astrology, Sol Jonassen! Guest topic of the week: “Prepping For Saturn/Pluto“ - where Sol and I discuss January’s upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction by describ ...…
Anne Ortelee, a nationally (NCGR-PAA Level 3, AMAFA, OPA) and internationally (ISAR) certified astrologer, presents her Cosmic Weekly Weather report. Based on the astrology configurations above our heads, Anne discusses the energy we can expect to experience on Planet Earth during the upcoming week. She offers a brief astrology lesson! You can ...…
Aries Full Moon strongly squared by Pluto and Saturn * Electrifying Jupiter-Uranus sesquare * Online mentoring classes start next week * 2 Grand Trines featuring Neptune and the North Node * More! Listen to This Week in Astrology now -- free! Click here for complete show notes on Benjamin Bernstein.
▶Emotional Freedom Program - Heal Your Inner child▶Shadow Mining 101▶Soul Purpose - Shadow Astrology Reading▶6 Primal Wounds Healing Series ...…
A conversation with Helene Saucedo of Handful of Stars.By BloodMoonMilk.
Today's episode, I go into the incredibly transformational potential of the month to come! October 2019, gives us all the opportunity to really dig our heals into the depth of meaning and reason in our lives. We also have to potential to really try and understand our attachment styles, which were first created in infancy. I also announce the PR ...… Stoner Virgo you can only control your actions and reactions within a changing terrestrial landscape. Cosmic influences in October will bring another class in communication studies. You will never be able to control the action or reaction of a cannabis companion, but you ca ...… The stoner Taurus will need every ounce of their tough durable nature in October. The second Fall month will be a tale of two cosmic influences. With an increasing workload, and a shifting landscape, the stoner Bull must puff puff plan their strategy for October. There is ...… Stoner Sagittarius the universe is sending a welcome love letter of bright energetic influence in October. Yeah, I’ll smoke to that! The second fall month could be seen like running through fields of budding cannabis trees. So many wonderful plants, you will want to h ...… Stoner Scorpio prepare yourself for an illuminating and empowering October. The planetary lights are green, and the terrestrial toking is lit. But progress in October will form from a slow burn versus a fast hit. The stoner Scorpion tale of the second Fall month will be s ...… The stoner Pisces can expect a period of peace and great personal prosperity in October. This season will be marked by mellow moods, and a steady flow of positive emanations. Events created by yourself will be minimal, but the stoner Pisces can draw excitement and adventur ...… Stoner Leo you are capable of being many things including vibrant, open, and loving. These are the traits that will propel you forward in October. Vibrant: Universal influences will target the little engine that could inside of you. Open: New situations and people will come i ...… Stoner Libra, everything is going to be ok. The planets have aligned to rain positivity in October. Socially the period will be a bonding experience of breakthroughs balancing the scales of justice and love. Self discovery will blend with exploration of cannabis companions, ...… Stoner Gemini sometimes life happens to you, and sometimes you happen to life. There will always be those moments when you feel stuck in the grind: Like everything is out of your control, and you are helpless but to endure whatever the universe decides to dump on you. You ...… Stoner Cancer your true nature will shine in October. The stoner crab is soft on the inside, and hard on the outside. The second Fall month will be split into two halves in which both of your characteristics will protect and pull you forward. The two halves of October will ...… Stoner Capricorn the month of October will be one of dualities: Yin and yang, darkness and light, great heights and sullen lows, and of course Indica and Sativa. You can expect sunny skies and smooth rides as you begin your autumnal adventures; but this ease of movement ...… Usually known for blazin’ trails and burnin’ blunts, a leader in the stoner Zodiac, the stoner Aries can anticipate a more lighthearted period with their fellow tokin’ terrestrials. After the steady grind of a busy summer season, this may be a welcomed change of pace. Use m ...… Although temperatures are cooling, the stoner Aquarius’ spirit will be as lifted as ever. Throughout the month you can expect to soar! Flying higher than a kite, riding the supportive cosmic winds to new elevations. Keep in mind however, other stoner signs may have diffe ...…
Daily astrology podcast. Music by Johnnie Day Durand.By Astrology by Tess.
Three astrologers who love their work, Anne Ortelee, Mark Wolz, and Heather Roan Robbins, talk about the astrological condidions of the week ahead, what they mean, how to navigate the shoals and make the most of the moment. We then take callers and apply the transits to their charts. This week Mercury and Venus square Pluto - what will that mea ...…
In this episode Renee considers the embodied symbolism Libra and explores how Libra’s association to the kidneys can provide insight into our personal and collective astrology. Learn more about this month’s astrology by listening to the Libra Season audio horoscopes for all 12 signs Get the LIBRA SEASON MONTH-AHEAD EXTENDED FORECAST by becoming ...…
In this episode, Tony talks with renowned astrologer Frank Clifford about his work in data collection - tracking down accurate birth times for noteable figures. We discuss his start in data collection, some of the pitfalls encountered, as well as some of the benefits to astrology. Accurate chart data not only improves our craft, but elevates ou ...…
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