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AARP Care-FULL Conversations
Podcast by AARP Care-FULL Conversatons
AARP of Johnson County
Audio podcast of the meetings of AARP of Johnson County recorded by the City of Iowa City's Community Television Service.
AARP Nevada Voices Podcast
Podcast by Copyright 2017, AARP Nevada
AARP Foundation Work Search
AARP Washington State Podcast
Podcast by AARP Washington State Office
AARP Without Limits
Charlotte's News, Weather & Traffic Station
Where We Live from AARP
Where We Live is the companion podcast to the AARP eBook about building communities for all ages. Host, author, and chief advocacy and engagement officer at AARP, Nancy Leamond talks with America’s mayors about the state of their cities, and where they are going.
Hope Through Knowledge with Zoë A. Lewis, M.D., Talk Radio For Caregivers
Hope Through Knowledge with Zoë A. Lewis, M.D., is Talk Radio For Caregivers. This dynamic thirty minute talk show brings the experts on care giving right to you. Dr. Zoe Lewis interviews the top authors and experts from around the country. Guests are recognized for their contributions to care giving, aging, eldercare, and alternative wellness strategies that you can't afford to miss. 65 million Americans are caregivers and with more than 16 years of hospital-based medicine, a private practi ...
Planet BoomerVille for baby boomers with Jim Enright
Planet BoomerVille is for Baby Boomers, those born between 1946-1964. It is about remaining Stellar and Living Life Lively in the finite time we have remaining. That means Baby Boomer brain and physical health. Baby Boomer family relationships, love, Boomer sex, romance, Boomer Dating, grey divorce, Baby Boomer retirement, finances, and new business ventures. Making new friends and appreciating old friends. Lot's of music, new and old. It is about baby boomers new life beginning and adventur ...
Podcasting to my unborn grandchildren
reDEFINE™ with host Robb Braun
A personal note from Robb… "As we bring 2017 to a close, I am bringing Leading LIFE Large on BTR back to life in the form of reDEFINE™. My first live show on Blog Talk Radio will be Monday October 2nd, live from Kapaa, Kauai. My promise, simply, is to help bring you back to life in every area of your your life. You and I are running out of time so the time to wake up fully is now. Doing this work that I do for you has given me regular opportunity to look at my own life and look at where I ne ...
AARP:Job Security 50+ How to be Employable for Life
Stay on top of the skills, insights and resources you need to get and keep a good job after age fifty. AARP's Director of Employment Security Deborah Russell hosts the program along with Employed for Life author Anthony Burnham. Together they'll keep you competitive in the employment game at 50 and beyond.
-ANN:Job Security 50+ How to be Employable for Life
Stay on top of the skills, insights and resources you need to get and keep a good job after age fifty. AARP's Director of Employment Security Deborah Russell hosts the program along with Employed for Life author Anthony Burnham. Together they'll keep you competitive in the employment game at 50 and beyond.
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The Rock's place in football lore, Vanessa Carlton vs. K-Ci & JoJo, and some post-game subway shenanigans. (2:01)MLB Playoffs - The first managerial change of the off-season, a do-or-die game in Cleveland, and an emerging trend in middle relief. (12:45)US Soccer devastation. (25:10)A couple S/Medium No-No's to lighten the mood. (38:07)Jerry Jon ...…
The need for long-term care insurance for LGBT peopleAn alarming 36% of LGBT people say they’d rather spend for today than prepare for tomorrow. But what happens at the end of your life and you need medical or nursing-assistance, either in-home or in a nursing facility? The answer may be long-term care insurance for LGBT people.Ryan Taylor educ ...…
Each of us has been, at some time in our lives, a patient in the medical system. But some people have such extensive patient experience that their thoughts can translate to meaningful expertise. Jack Barrette is helping these patients turn their expertise into action as Founder and CEO of WeGo Health, a social network that empowers over 100,000 ...…
Tony Oppedisano, Manager and long time friend of Don Rickles and Frank Sinatra, joins Dave Plier to talk about Rickles’ final project ‘Dinner with Don’, which debuted this week on YouTube.
Shrink Rap Radio Psychology Interviews: Exploring brain, body, mind, spirit, intuition, leadership, research, psychotherapy and more!
Judith Newman is the author of To Siri With Love: A Mother, Her Autistic Son, and the Kindness of Machines. She writes about entertainment, science, business, beauty, and popular culture for a wide variety of publications, including The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Prevention, AARP, and National Geographic. As a book reviewer, she writes the co ...…
Forget millennials (for a minute). Theodora Lau, director of market innovation at AARP, shares why financial companies and fintechs should pay more attention to the over-50 crowd in their app designs and how a few fintech startups address this market.
Mary Naylor, Professor in Gerontology and Director of the New Courtland Center for Transitions and Health at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, and Rita Choula, Senior Advisor in Family Caregiving at the AARP Public Policy Institute, join host Jeff Voigt to discuss the family caregiving market with an emphasis on the caregiver an ...…
Prodoucher FunGus interviewed Miami native and former Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver Nat Moore. The Fins paid a visit to the Florida Keys Hurricane Irma evacuees at the Red Cross shelter in the Dade County Youth Fair Expo center. Nat believes this is "part of what we do" as a member of the Fins and the South Florida community. Along with AARP, Th ...…
People continue to recover from Hurricane Harvey. While the storm may have physically rolled through our area a few weeks ago, but the effects will be with us for many weeks to come. Many people are still sorting through typical long term recovery issues like cleaning out a home, finding a new school for your children to attend, or dealing with ...…
Nancy Colman, a New Yorker by birth, moved to the Bay Area in 1973 and to Brisbane in 1980. In 2009, she and Moria Lukas founded the Brisbane Village Helping Hands, a grassroots, all-volunteer community organization whose mission is to help residents “age in place” and stay connected to their community in town. It’s really about neighbors helpi ...…
Community Access Interview: AARP
Business for Breakfast
Today was a full day of interviews on B4B. Country music star Craig Morgan started the show (no relation to Ken) and talked about the first ever Eukanuba Performance Games to showcase extraordinary Dogs. Krister Ungerboeck of CEO Growth on why working Dads might have it harder than working Moms. AARP's Leigh Purvis on a new Rx report that shows ...…
Daniel Crosby on behavioural psychology applied to marketing and finance - MAF141 My guest on the show this week is psychologist and TEDx speaker, Daniel Crosby. We have a fascinating discussion about behavioural psychology and how we often make irrational decisions. If you're a marketer or give advice of any kind don't miss this great intervie ...…
AARP Care-FULL Conversations
As human beings, we will experience the highs and lows of life - and the transitions between the peaks and valleys are rough. It is during the stressful, difficult times that we realize the importance of resilience - the ability to “BOUNCE back” from adversity. Resilience is not a trait. Rather, it is a process of adaptation. When life unfolds ...…
According to AARP, 72% of people aged 50-64 believe they will have to delay retirement and half think they will never be able to retire! Are you one of these statistics? Well, tune in this week and you won’t be as Keith outlines the 5 Secret Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Investors along with specific strategies to increase your return while low ...…
Welcome To My Box
This week, Sergio & Lisa visit the Puzzle Box and get on a Soap Box about the AARP magazine.
AARP Care-FULL Conversations
Over the past twelve years, I have presented thousands of programs on various aspects of caregiving. I can’t discuss caregiving without addressing the issue of CHANGE. I always ask those in attendance if they welcome and enjoy CHANGE. CHANGE. The word alone triggers anxiety, fear, and discomfort. People squirm in their seats. Look at me in disb ...…
AARP Nevada Voices Podcast
In this express version of the podcast, we update you on what's happening the rest of August and into September with AARP Nevada. This includes our EXCLUSIVE event with Frank Abagnale - who's story was made into the Leonardo DiCaprio film "Catch Me if You Can."
In episode 6 of the Vetrepreneur Life Podcast, my guest is Christine Hueber, who grew up as the daughter of a Navy Civilian, and Founder of, where she is recognized as LinkedIn's #1 All Time Top Female Expert, Social Selling Expert, Coach and Speaker. Christine has a Top 1% Most Viewed Profile, is a member of the invitation- ...…
Mayor Betsy Hodges freely admits she is obsessed with recycling - because it works and because it leads to other behavioral changes that encourage a commitment to social justice.
Welcome to Care-FULL Conversations sponsored by AARP Colorado. Today, Jane W. Barton, the caregiving ambassador for AARP Colorado, recognizes that the challenges posed by aging and illness ripple throughout the family system—however you choose to define family. Basically, we’re all in this together! So, it’s important to identify our traveling ...…
AARP’s Barry Jacobs presents information on the caregiving issues of family discord, abuse, guilt, humor, and mental health.By ().
The Rhino Daily Podcast
AARP truly understands and implements effective marketing.
“Dying is much more than a medical event. It is a time for important psychological, emotional and spiritual work – a time for transition. To a large extent, the way we meet death is shaped by our habitual response to suffering, and our relationship to ourselves, to those we love, and to whatever image of ultimate kindness we hold.” - Frank Osta ...…
Community Access Chats With the CT Chapter of AARP
Retire Hoppy Podcast
Show Notes Segment 1 – Retirement Our theme comes from the June/July 2017 AARP Magazine Page 36: Find Your Passion Retirement glee wears off after about a year. The happiest people pursue a purpose or passion. What’s the difference between a purpose and a passion. A purpose gives you a reason to get up in the morning and a passion is something ...…
Articles from AARP and Market Watch offer a unique personal finance forecast for Americans over 50, and money management for boomer women and elders who might become too old to manage finances.By ().
Curious and Curiouser Podcast
Can we have it all? Career, relationship, family, other interests? And what are some of the hard decisions we have to make when defining that for ourselves? Deep breaths before this one, gang. Because on this episode of Curious & Curiouser, Tracey and Cayly are breaking down the myth that “having it all” is desirable, possible, or even a real t ...…
Over The Kill
Finally, a movie about the thing that Over the Kill is about... kind of! Bruce Willis leads a star-studded cast of AARP-eligible actors on a mission to prove that they're not too old to headline a big-budget blockbuster. Pete samples his Bruce Willis fan fiction, Dan gives a brief history of Judge Dredd's legal career and Harry shares a story a ...…
After having terrible jobs working for other people Jacob went off on his own to research and explore how work and everything we know about it is changing. Today Jacob Morgan is one of the world's leading authorities on the future of work, employee experience, and how the workplace is changing. He is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, and ...…
The podcast is back! This month we talk about the biggest issue on the table for Nevada's aging population, and those that love them - the health care bill before the senate. We talk through why it's a bad deal for Nevada and just what the impact would be on the Silver State. We also introduce you to AARP Nevada's newest member of the team, Dir ...…
Margaret Laws has been working at the intersection of the for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare world for many years. This world has had an explosion of activity to find solutions to major public health and personal health challenges; according to Margaret, these worlds are beginning to blur and the newest foundations and non-profits are act ...…
Margaret Laws has been working at the intersection of the for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare world for many years. This world has had an explosion of activity to find solutions to major public health and personal health challenges; according to Margaret, these worlds are beginning to blur and the newest foundations and non-profits are act ...…
KUNM Call In Show 7/13 8a: New Mexico’s population is aging fast. But with a high poverty rate, problems with Medicaid, and potential health care cuts on the horizon, this state’s senior citizens are facing a number of challenges. What do you think needs to be done to make sure older New Mexicans get the support they need? Are you a caregiver, ...…
Can I Safely Withdraw My Principal in Retirement? By Douglas Goldstein CFP®- helping olim handle their U.S. investments from Israel As a cross-border financial advisor, one question I hear nearly every day is, “Can I afford to withdraw my principal in retirement?” For most of my clients, the short answer is, yes, but it is important to know how ...…
Pretty Dece - Entertainment and pop culture news and opinions • Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! Time for a call-in! • AARP Gamers • Pacman Vs is a better party game than Pacman! • R2-D2 ...
Have you ever been accosted by a grocery store psychic? Are you the only representative of your age demographic at the Sound of Music Sing-A-Long? Are you tired of hearing from anti-gay bakeries? Are you putting too many things in your vagina? Is Reductress, the funniest place on the internet, the only thing that makes you LOL IRL WTF AARP? If ...…
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