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So many podcasts are about our digital devices. Analog(ue) is a show about how these devices make us feel and how they change our lives for the better, but also for the worse. Hosted by Myke Hurley and Casey Liss.
"ANALOGUE" is a rec.label/project based in Athens (Greece). Our purpose is to offer quality Techno releases, events & podcasts either by the team's resident Djs or by hosting guests. Creators of Analogue & Resident Djs : - A.Metz ( Jerm ( Mr.M ( Soundcloud pages :
Analogue Podcast
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Analogue Atlanta
Season THREE kicks off 12/30/09!!! Until then all the archive material will be hosted and linked at DOMINICKBRADY.COM Go Now!!!Analogue Atlanta is a podcast series distributed by myself focusing on, but not limited to the Atlanta underground arts scene including exclusive interviews and insights about various musical genres, visual arts and the politics of art. Radio documentaries about Arts outside of Atlanta as well as topics about Atlanta History will also be touched on.
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Neuro-Tek returns! But this time, instead of a club, it finds new life resurrected as a podcast radio show featuring DJ Bractune, DJ Analogue, and your host.. DJ DaemØn! This isn't your typical music podcast. This is one solid hour of pulse pounding in your face "Dark Electronic Dance Music" mixed club style LIVE IN STUDIO. No "Start, Stop, and Play", no talking breaks. NEURO-TEK Radio promises one of the most high energy industrial music podcasts you wi ...
Ffoton Interviews / Cyfweliadau - ffoton
Ffoton is on an a journey around Wales to seek out both established and aspiring photographers who deserve more recognition in Wales and beyond. The conversations you will hear on Ffoton will delve into their practice, style and process.
f podcast
An informal and slightly irreverent look at the world of creative, film-based photography brought to you by the creators of Not all photographers are anoraks or obsessives.
SUMOrg International(Canada*Japan)est 1984's Podcast
‎~*(((S*U*M*O)))*~ is Society Underground MuZiQue OrganiZation International(Australia*Brazil*Barbados*Cuba*Canada*Denmark*Jamaica*Japan*Haiti*Italy*Mexico*Norway*Panama*Spain*Trinidad*USA*United Kingdom*South Africa & Switzerland)est 1984.Sincerely Lyndon BNP Menard Founder of SUMOrg International & S*U*M*O Rec(est 1984)r
Koshowko Podcast
Hear the interviews with Koshowko, talks on audio production, full length tunes and more.
Artist Talk with Morten Andersen
A talk between photography artist Morten Andersen & Greger Nilson
Art Chat Podcast
art practice by practicing artists.
Myke at the Movies
From the archives of Relay FM, this podcast contains just Myke Hurley’s discussions of films with his podcast co-hosts Jason Snell and Casey Liss. For much more of Myke and his co-hosts, listen to Upgrade and Analog(ue).(Episodes will appear here 30 days after they appear within their respective Relay FM show.)
Campaign Podcast
The CAMPAIGN podcast is an actual play podcast where a small, consistent group of Chicago nerds get together to record role-playing games. It is hosted by Kat Murphy. CAMPAIGN focuses on long-form or “campaign” gaming. By this, we mean that each week, Kat leads a team of improvisers (James D’Amato, John Patrick Coan, and Johnny O’Mara) through a continuous story that could take months or even years to complete. CAMPAIGN is currently set in the Star Wars universe, and uses the Edge of the Emp ...
Rhythm Composer
Conceptual Electronic Music
Comic Strip AP
Comic Strip AP is a roleplaying game actual play podcast. The games involve two participants. They are recorded and released in sessions that last approximately fifteen minutes. This unique format is meant to be an analogue to old serialized comics, such as Prince Valiant or those found at the back of Dragon Magazine.
Since moving to New York City (Nov 2016), I am using thIs Mixcloud to host podcasts of my radio show, Diggin It With Dezie.Broadcast on www.Likwid.London every Thursday at 9pm UK time/4pm EST, the show features Soul, Jazz, Blues and Reggae music and anything that could conceivably fit under those categories.All the music I play is from my collection. I use two Technics SL-1210 turntables, Stanton 500 cartridges and an Ecler Pro 20 analogue mixer with a Shure SM58 mic. I also play some digita ...
Sightseer is a recording project between two women giving guided tours to the world they perceive, and the world's perception of them. They trade audio like letters, and every week they edit them together into an audio pamphlet, a brochure of psychic monuments, historical sites, and holes in the wall. Part of the Conversations with Women Series at Mount Analogue:
Soulsmoke Recordings present "Kitchen Jams" mixed by HighforThis
KitchenJams002 is one of those mixtapes that you put on afterhours or a sunny Sunday afternoon chilling in the sunshine. Super stripped back grooves and 100% vinyl. Got to love those crackles. It is put together by Gethin Herbert aka HighForThis. The young chap has probably played for every promotion in the capitol.HFT starting his DJing career playing out Jungle and Deep Dubstep, Gethin Herbert aka HighForThis, migrated to the house scene at the end of 2011. Since then he's been flying thro ...
T-Rex Effects
On this channel you can download all the T-Rex videos and watch them on your I-Phone or I-Pad. Please enjoy. Here's a little info on the company. You can see more at: www.t-rex-effects.comT-Rex has come a long way since 1996, but the company is still driven by its original spark – a passionate belief that the right technology can do great things for how music sounds. Today, the “right technology” is an ideal balance of analogue warmth and digital precision – engineered from the ground up to ...
Octex (Jernej Marušič) - ZVO.ČI.TI ( 2010
Octex, Jernej Marušič, (text by: Luka Zagoričnik)Hidden behind the name Octex is the Ljubljana-based artist Jernej Marušič, who started appearing under this name, a shorter version of Organic Crackle and Tone EXperiments, in the late nineties of the previous century – as a follower of contemporary currents in electronic music and a lover of analogue sound synthesisers. His first released composition ‘Nigljana’ was included in a varied compilation of Slovene electronic music Elektrotehnika Sl ...
Marko Batista and Nataša Mušević - ZVO.ČI.TI ( 2010
Marko Batista and Nataša Mušević (text by: Luka Zagoričnik)Marko Batista belongs to the younger generation of Slovene multimedia artists. Splitting his time and creative efforts between London and Ljubljana, Batista – like the majority of Slovene contemporary artists – creates and presents his work with far more success abroad than at home, where there is a considerable lack of both appreciation and venues for this kind of artistic expressions. At least we thought so years ago, when Marko Ba ...
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We welcome Ian Renfroe (@glennfinito) onto the show to talk about difficult games, the nature of challenging work, and why music might be the best analogue to games yet.By (Trevor Strunk).
Elephant was laid down in east London's Toerag Studios for just £5,000, on analogue equipment built before 1963. This stripped-back approach to rock'n'roll influenced countless Stripes imitators at the start of the last decade, but nobody matched Jack and Meg when it came to creating a colossal sound out of such basic ingredients. This week, on ...…
The west coast-based sound-maker and experimenter Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith weaves melodic patterns and pulses, using various analogue synthesizers – like the rare EMS Synthi 100 synthesizer, a vintage Buchla modular synthesizer, earning her a fun title as a composer and producer – “synthesist.” Her palette includes strings, bassoons, clarinets, an ...…
Abstract Paradigms
This week has a whole hog of music that is being played live soon or that you already missed. Golly gosh. This week's tracklist: Low Life - Bloodline [Paradise Daily, 2016]Root Rat - Estranged [Self-released, 2017]Activities of Daily Living - Slow Down [Self-released, 2017]Other Places - MEK [it, 2017]Taipan Tiger Girls - NOW THAT YOU LIVE IN S ...…
Check out our live show schedule Submit your music to Local Love Subscribe to Local Love on Stitcher, iTunes, Google Play or via RSS Download our smartphone app Support Echoplex Media on Patreon All of our podcasts are powered by Linux! Panel: Chip DeVille The Good Wife The Councilman Producer Dave Steve On Keys Musical guest Lyida Joy Davis Mu ...…
Abstract Paradigms
This week we pop over to Berlin to see what Necks percussionist Tony Buck is up to before going through a bunch of new releases, plus recent and upcoming performances. This week's tracklist: Tony Buck - Unearth (Excerpt) [Room40, 2017]Roman Nails - AHNT [Beat Concern, 2017]Maria Moles & Adam Halliwell - To-Ji [Nice Music, 2017]Skyline - Beacon ...…
Chubby! on Motomusic on www.deepartsounds.netGeorge BTP Aka Allstarr Motomusic, (also known as Dan Piu and Zarenzeit)is the founder and CEO of deepArtSounds.As a child, George’s favorite ...…
Video is also available – click to open ואראה את ה׳ Likewise even with Isaiah, a lesser prophet than Moshe Rabbeinu, who was the greatest of prophets:15 “And I saw G‑d.” וירא אליו ה׳ Furthermore, even before G‑d gave the Torah we find Abraham’s prophecy referred to in these terms:16 “And G‑d appeared to him.” ואף שזהו דרך משל, ואינה ראיית עין ב ...…
Colour and Pitch Sessions
Label founder Sumsuch returns with another hour of brand new underground sounds for your delectation. Track list follows, so please don't be a mooch and BUY MUSIC!1. PointBender - Feather - Denied Music2. Chasing Kurt - Cloud Dancer (Kiko Navarro Remix) - Peppermint Jam3. Liquid Phonk - In The End There Is A Smile (Lovebirds Remix) - Compost Bl ...…
The Prairie Chola Ayatollah is in the mix tonight with dark hip hop and heavy bass. Straight clownin'. Playlist: Homesick - Sleep (Lovin U) Suzi Analogue - FSN8 A.Fruit - Send Me a Message
Some soulful sounds to get you happy....
"Back by popular demand, the next instalment of Prime Loops retro synth-soaked sound series is back - Synthwave 2 provides you with an even bigger and even fresher dose of inspiring neon vibes and quality analogue tones.Taking inspiration from the classic sound of 80s and 90s film and arcade soundtracks, and rejuvenating them with modern produc ...…
This episode of Start the Music! I get to geek out a little with Doctor Who composer Dominic Glynn. We talk about theme tunes, UK techno, and about being a musician spanning the bridge between analogue & digital. I also have the pleasure of playing one of his Doctor Who theme remixes that you will not want to miss. TRACK LISTING: 1. Strange - K ...…
We introduce our recording engineer, Mike Crehore who helps us in the 2nd part of our conversation with Richard Alderson. Richard discusses building his first recording in NYC, Some of his techniques and philosophies for recording The ESP free Jazz catalogue. More about the 1966 tour with Dylan and The Band. His feelings about tubes vs solid st ...…
Relay FM co-founders Myke and Stephen answer questions from listeners as part of their third-anniversary celebrations.Links:- Ungeniused - Audio Hijack Pro - Skype Call Recorder - Neumann KMS 105 - ...…
A year in, Elias and Sean look back over the history of Breadcrumbs, discuss how it has changed, and look ahead to what it might become. Links and Show Notes Artwork by Efrat (sent in after we recorded) Trello Overcast Efrat’s listener photo Hello Internet – Reddit Podcasts: Planet Money : NPR 99% Invisible Hello Internet Accidental Tech Podcas ...…
House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien sits down with Tess Mehonoshen to discuss decay, writing papers, documentation, and the new necessity of incorporating digital with analogue. Tess Mehonoshen examines the contemporary phenomena of transient living and the ensuing disconnection that occurs with loss of place. Seeking to mimic and disrupt the s ...…
Grace Lutheran Church HB
Song of Songs 8:4-7 Sparks were flying last week as we engaged in the first half of our exploration of one of the most unread, rarely taught and typically overlooked or ignored parts of the Bible: the Song of Songs. Belonging to the wisdom section of the Bible, sometimes this book is referred to as the Song of Solomon. However it is more than l ...…
Analog(ue) listeners write in to say what they believe fame is, and Firefly Viewing Club continues with Episode 7: Jaynestown. This episode of Analog(ue) is sponsored by: Squarespace: Make your next move. Enter offer code FEELS at checkout to get 10% off your first purchase. Linode: High performance SSD Linux servers for all of your infrastruct ...…
TV Analysis with Whisper & Trouble
We examine social media in the world of Black Mirror, where it gets it right and where it doesn't quite capture our own experiences. This theme is explored specifically through two episodes: Nosedive and Most Hated in the Nation. This is a spoiler-filled deep dive, so make sure you've watched those episodes before listening to this episode. We ...…
SUBSCRIBE: WWW.EARTHREPAIRRADIO.COMIn this episode we explore the climatic design tools used by Dave's Permaculture design firm, Terra-Phoenix. Dave has been planning Permaculture properties all over the world and has developed methods for assessing the "climate analogue" of an area. He uses his climate analogue identification process to find o ...…
Instrumental electronic music by Eigenfrequenz. Video features model Kayleigh Fugatt. For more see YouTube (, Facebook (, Soundcloud ( or Bandcamp ( equipment used on this track: Gibson Les Paul, Roland SH-1 ...…
The Porsche 911R and the Nissan GT-R: Two cars with completely different ways of achieving the same thing -- thrills. But which is more satisfying to drive?By (CNETTV).
The Porsche 911R and the Nissan GT-R: Two cars with completely different ways of achieving the same thing -- thrills. But which is more satisfying to drive?By (CNETTV).
The Porsche 911R and the Nissan GT-R: Two cars with completely different ways of achieving the same thing -- thrills. But which is more satisfying to drive?By (CNETTV).
01. Bris (Original Mix) - Speed Limits02. Keep your secrets (Original Mix) - Andrew Bayer ft. Molly Bancroft03. In The Darkness (2012 Drums Mix) - Darude ft. Jo Angel04. A Man With Two Names (Original Mix) - Danilo Ercole05. F (Club Edit) - Analogue Sound Department06. Piercing The Fog (Original Mix) - The Blizzard07. Hammer (Original Mix) - To ...…
Today I’m sitting down with a founding partner of one of the hottest ad agencies in London – Andy Nairn from Lucky Generals. Andy co-founded Lucky Generals in 2013. The agency is responsible for almost all the good creative that’s going around at the moment, including my recent favourite: the Yorkshire Tea ‘Where Everything’s Done Proper’ campa ...…
Medschoolmedic Podcast
Why use TXA? What is it, and how does it work? Tranexamic Acid, or TXA is a drug that helps control hyperfibronolysis, which is associated with increased mortality. Essentially, the drug works to stop bleeding. TXA has been used in surgical suites for ages, but only recently are we seeing it move to the realm of EMS medicine. So how does it wor ...…
Whenever I want you all I have to do is streaming. Michael and Adam discus music on demand and the ghost of St Analogue makes an appearance! The book we talk about is "Navigating The New Music Business As A DIY & Indie" by Angela K. Durden. Follow Bad Truth on social media @badtruthpodcast on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also send ...…
Bhangra and Beyond is a weekly music show hosted by DJ Rekha, a cultural instigator, recognized worldwide for being one of the first DJs to merge classic Bhangra sounds into the language of contemporary electronic dance music. The first 40 minutes or so of the show comprise of Bhangra tracks fast and slow, classic and new. The of style of Bhang ...…
Tracklist (Full Set 2h)1. Dyno - Zero punto otto rebounce (Original Mix)2. Hatzler - Another Life (Metodi Hristov Remix) [Stil Vor Talent]3. Phutek - Prodigious (Original Mix) [Intec]4. Underworld - Born Sippy (Adrew Meller Reincarnation Remix) Bootleg 5. Sisko Electrofanatik & Klaark - Omnium (Original Mi) [Gain Records]6. Pleasurekraft - Bell ...…
Phototalk With Stylonylon
This episode fashion photographer Jay McLaughlin and I discuss in-camera double exposures (and how to get a nice-looking results!), the importance of selecting a focal point, a few tips on shooting with analogue film (including keeping your film in the fridge!). We also talk printing out photos and why/when it’s good to di it and whether it’s i ...…
This week, we're trying something new. I'm dancing talking with myself about discourse, analogue networks and the whole point of speaking and listening on magical and psi topics. The show is also my meandering post-analysis of Chaotic Good -the event I participated in with Conner Habib and Caitlin Doughty in Los Angeles last week.…
In this weeks splendiferous episode we are joined by the man that can, Hamish Gill, creator of the 35mmc blog and owner of many strong opinions on all things photography to talk about 35mmc, analogue photography in a business setting and of course Leica.By (Ade & Graeme).
Relay FM co-founder Stephen Hackett discusses his origin story, including an abortive attempt at being an Apple blogger, a fateful meeting over tea with Jason and David, how he left his job to become a full-time podcast entrepreneur, and the personal challenges he first encountered when he went independent. This episode of Free Agents is sponso ...…
Scott talks to his cousins Jeff and Jono about how they work together as drum 'n' bass duo Ekko & Sidetrack. PLUS, the oeuvre of Al Pacino, the analogue vs digital debate and the recording techniques of The Strokes.
After a little sick break, we're back and ranking comic characters in this extra-sized episode! Among the rankings are Batman b-list villains, Superman analogues and comics royalty!
After a little sick break, we're back and ranking comic characters in this extra-sized episode! Among the rankings are Batman b-list villains, Superman analogues and comics royalty!
Firefly: "Bushwhacked" Myke’s excited about Firefly’s third episode, “Bushwhacked”! Host Myke Hurley with Casey Liss Referenced Works Firefly [Amazon] Show Notes & Links Part of Analogue episode 108By (The Incomparable).
Melissa holds a Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis from Florida Institute of Technology. She has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) since 2009. She has over 14 years of experience in the field of developmental disabilities and at-risk youth, working with clients across the lifespan. Her areas of clinical expertise includ ...…
Bhangra and Beyond is a weekly music show hosted by DJ Rekha, a cultural instigator, recognized worldwide for being one of the first DJs to merge classic Bhangra sounds into the language of contemporary electronic dance music. The first 40 minutes or so of the show comprise of Bhangra tracks fast and slow, classic and new. The of style of Bhang ...…
Casey struggles with independence, Myke has conferences and travel on the horizon, and they return to space for Firefly Viewing Club for episode 5: Safe. This episode of Analog(ue) is sponsored by: Squarespace: Make your next move. Enter offer code FEELS at checkout to get 10% off your first purchase. Away: Travel smarter with the suitcase that ...…
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