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Ever wish you had a friend with whom to watch "The West Wing"? Someone to debrief each episode, share fan insights, highlight favorite quips, & revel in its general splendor? Or perhaps you're considering watching it for the first time but you'd like some company (or a geeked out guru guide). Now you have TWO such friends. Meet Andrea & Sallie, two friends who have wit, colorful commentary, and clearly too much time on their hands. Join them as they rewatch the series, episode-by-episode.
Ever wish you had a friend with whom to watch "The West Wing"? Someone to debrief each episode, share fan insights, highlight favorite quips, & revel in its general splendor? Or perhaps you're considering watching it for the first time but you'd like some company (or a geeked out guru guide). Now you have TWO such friends. Meet Andrea & Sallie, two friends who have wit, colorful commentary, and clearly too much time on their hands. Join them as they rewatch the series, episode-by-episode.
Andrea and her guests will offer tools for finding wholeness and balance -- in the kitchen, the bedroom, the board room, or on the golf course. A trustworthy guide in the emotional and spiritual realms for thirty years, her students have called her “a spiritual teacher extraordinaire.” She understands transformation and skillfully brings people into the core of their issues and out the other side, nurturing wholeness, balance and joy.
Andreas Sator spricht mit klugen Menschen über Gott und die Welt. Ein Beitrag zur Entschleunigung der öffentlichen Debatte.
Honest answers to frequently asked questions about sexuality, love and relationships - NOT for the easily offended!Our sexuality is so important to life that you need someone who can be honest, up-front and FUN!Finally a hip and hot doctor gives you real answers about sex, your body, your relationships and how to live a healthy life full of passion!After serving as Medical Director and Spokesperson for Discovery Health Channel and multiple appearances on Oprah, Dr. Oz, CNN and more, Dr. Andr ...
Andrea is an award winning master personal trainer from the Twin Cites, Minnesota and holds recognition as a top personal trainer, titles in the National Physique Committee Figure Competitions (NPC), and currently sits as a judge for the NPC Regional Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Competitions. Andrea has a deep passion for using her fitness and health expertise to help people make sense of their own fitness equation. She loves helping people realize what they can accomplish and beyond!
A daily, topic-driven look at news and issues that have impact on your life, along with top tier national guests and experts and a give-and-take discussion with listeners on those issues.
For the details check WWW.FIORINO.DJ
Local radio personality Andrea Duffy and higher-ed diversity expert Sarah Carter bring you the latest from the ongoing discussion of lady comedians (of all types!) through interviews, games, and clips of the best comedy by or related to women. Featuring discussion of current hot topics around women in comedy like harassment, being one of the guys, etc., mixed with historic context from the stories of ground-breaking female comics, this podcast promises to inject these important conversations ...
Stand up comic, artist, and lover of people Andrea Guzzetta interviews people that she loves about unique aspects in their lives and how they navigate love. Topics include polyamory, sobriety, religious differences, mental illness, and many more. She seeks to understand all the beautiful ways people love one another, despite their flaws.
Tune in and Turn on! Conscious Relationship & Sex Advice with Nerdy Neuroscience, Mindfulness Meditation & Tantra Tips
Aly and Andrea
Identical twins & motivational speakers, Aly and Andrea are experts in creating visionaries. Although they are identical twins, they speak from a totally unique perspective.... One of them is blind. Together, they interview rock star women in business for their blog, Rock Star U, at It has nothing to do with singing. Its about finding and capitalizing on your own rock star qualities to shape and brand your own world tour of success. So what does it really take to rock your ...
A ten-minute unscripted broadcast featuring an ordinary worker who needs career help. Get down-to-earth career advice that will get both you and the worker out of your funk and on to your future. Delivered by career guru Andrea Kay, author of “Life’s a Bitch and Then You Change Careers”, syndicated workplace columnist and author of three other best-selling career books.
5 Step Mindfulness Meditation for Emotional Wellbeing, Creativity, Connection & Intimacy
Learn all the tips, tricks and more for buyers and sellers in the California Area Real Estate Market
Andreas Henneberg, The Glitz & Cascandy's Upcoming GigsFri 20 Apr, 18 Andreas Henneberg @ Douala, Ravensburg, GermanySat 21 Apr, 18 The Glitz @ Loft, Saint Petersburg, RussiaFri 27 Apr, 18 Andreas Henneberg @ Desert Hearts Festival, Oak Springs, United StatesMon 30 Apr, 18 Andreas Henneberg @ MS Nachtschatten, Schweinefurt, GermanySee the full listing here by GigaToolsDespite the super fierce competition in Berlin, Andreas Henneberg has made a fin ...
Dr Andrea Pennington is a popular integrative medicine and longevity doctor who takes her empowerment coaching and life transformation services global! www.AndreaPennington.comAs a respected Integrative Medicine physician, acupuncturist, QiGong healer, author and leading authority on wellness and self-love, Dr. Pennington blends traditional medicine with nutritional insights, acupuncture, spiritual direction and positive psyhcology to present a holistic approach to overall wellness. She is t ...
Here you can find the latest Publications from Andreas Neocleous & CO LLC
The Profitable Practice Podcast. is for people who are ready to take action and make serious moves with their business. You ready to make your practice more profitable, then listen here!
Andrea's Zone
Motivational & Lifestyle Blogger/Author/Content CreatorWelcome to Andrea's Zone, where I share my opinions on a variety topics. From the media to social topics and a lot of motivation in between. Welcome To My Zone. Enjoy the show
Andrea & Friends
Andrea Valdez likes her friends. So she interviews them in hopes that you will like them too.
Fantasy Baseball "A star works at being a star … that’s how you tell a star in baseball. He shows up nightafter night and takes pride in how brightly he shines. He’s Wilie Mays running so hard his hat keeps falling off; Ty Cobb sliding to stretch a single into a double; Lou Gehrig, after being fooled in his first two at-bats, belting the next pitch off the light tower because he’s taken the time to study the pitcher. Stars never take themselves for granted. That’s why they’re stars." ~Jim Mu ...
A podcast concept from sports journalist Andreas Georgiou. The Reflections series digs deeper into a conglomerate of sporting stories including, health, business, mentality and failure.
Increase Self-love + Confidence and Enhance Sexual Wellbeing + Intimacy with Dr. Andrea Pennington
Yoga philosophy meets artistic expression in podcasts that reveal personal authenticity and beauty. Educational talks and interviews with awesome guests. An oasis of inspiration.
Sherry Andrea is a conscious higher self channel who is fully merged with her higher self. Channeling knowledge and information on various topics and concerns.
Andrea Speaks
A place where you can get encouragement and inspirational messages and guidance for positive living
Andreas Georgiou
Andrea Live
Want to hear inspiring stories that will encourage and uplift you? Andrea Jaxson interviews inspiring people as they share their positive stories that will touch your heart. You can share your story by calling Toll free 1-833-4-ANDREA, that's 1-833-426-3732!
andrea koroknai
Welcome to the Andreas Kyriakakis podcast, where amazing things happen.
Andrea Muglia
Podcast by Andrea Muglia
Why Oh Why
Named a best new podcast of 2016 by The New York Times, NPR, Huffington Post and iTunes. Andrea Silenzi speaks with friends, experts, and guys in bars about where love, dating and sex meets technology. The show tells the stories about relationships often blurring the lines between memoir, documentary, and fiction.
Andrea Amador is The Juicy Woman. She'll teach you how to end emotional eating, make peace with food and friends with your body.
The LTB Network provides a tokenized platform for podcasts, articles, and forums about the ideas, people, and projects building the new digital economy and the future of money.
Welcome to the Andrea Eppolito Audio Experience, where we talk about life, luxury, and above all else love. Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito works with an exclusive group of clients to create luxurious experiences. A sensory planner, Andrea engages all the senses and infuses high touch service.And avid reader, eternal student, teacher, author, wife and mother, Andrea can (and will) say just about anything!
It's Andrea Book Blog
I review romance novels, conduct podcast interviews with authors, and review books to films in the Romance genre.
Andrea Martini delivers his blend of upfront music and tracks from his label: Emotive Sounds.
Sam N' Andrea
Hi! We are Sam N' Andrea! We enjoy making serious topics comical and comical topics serious!
DirectorsTalk is a leading social media gateway which will fills a gap between the financial world and investors. DirectorsTalk provide headline market news and exclusive interviews for companies listed on the London Stock (
Weekly stock talk show. Technical analysis of stock charts, general market discussions, chart annotation requests. All stocks all the time. The "Blue Collar Trading Tour".
Travis V Andrea
The battle ensues.
We're fracken hysterical. We talk about all things T.V., film, pop culture, and whatever else may be on our minds.
Your source for coaching you can use right away. Blended with private stories. Be entertained, solve daily issues within a spiritual moment. You are the key because your feedback creates the future episode. You get the advice you desire,you even get a direct line to me because you and your time deserves V.I.P. Treatment
Welcome to the Paula Andrea Lobacz podcast, where amazing things happen.
The official Andrea Bertolini weekly podcast
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Andrea Allan and Hannah Boone talk about the process of quitting drinking with guest J.P. McDade.
Andrea hosts Last Week as the gang gets ready for L.A. and reminisces on the latest week of guests, which leads to the state of male comedians, the #MeToo movement, and open books.
Para muchas personas el Rock n’ Roll fue, y en muchos casos es, una fuerza cautivadora que los apasionó, al punto de impulsarlos a dedicar su vida a hacer esa música. Los impulsó a aprender a tocar un instrumento, a reunirse con otros amigos y formar una banda, versionar sus grupos favoritos, componer sus propios temas. Para muchos es increíble ...…
Opening Vincent McAviney Andrea Lewis - RSPCA Mike Smithson Blakey Eddie Betts Jane Reilly Two Tribes Behind Closed Doors
Discussing the shows, festivities, and behind-the-scenes of KATG Week
Jacaranda FM — The South African Road Passenger Bargaining Council (SARPBC) has confirmed that numerous bus services across the country will be suspended due to a national strike action on Wednesday.According to SARPBC's secretary general, Gary Wilson, Putco, Greyhound, South Coast Bus, Gauteng Coaches and Rea Vaya are among the bus services wh ...…
If your efforts have proven ineffective and you are being swallowed with overwhelm, if you seem to have the inability to be productive and you have a lack of focus… this episode of P. B. & Style is definitely for you. You’ll hear me doing a live case study with clothing boutique owner Tiffany Evans. Together we walk through an abbreviated versi ...…
Sponsored by True Religion Kira is joined by her fellow RedState writers, Brad Slager and Andrea Ruth, for a special episode of the Smart Girl podcast. Topics include the ramifications of bombing Syria, the horrible foreign policy legacy of Obama, and the awesomeness of Chick-fil-a. Also, Brad gives listeners his take on The Rock's new movie, R ...…
Kira is joined by her fellow RedState writers, Brad Slager and Andrea Ruth, for a special episode of the Smart Girl podcast. Topics include the ramifications of bombing Syria, the horrible foreign policy legacy of Obama, and the awesomeness of Chick-fil-a. Also, Brad gives listeners his take on The Rock’s new movie, Rampage.…
Jeff and Christian welcome Andrea Rene from What's Good Games back to the show this week to discuss Boss Key's new battle royale game, Shenmue 1 and 2 being remastered, Billy Mitchell losing his records, Jeff's infamous tweet, and more! The Playlist: a SPOILER FREE deep dive into God of War, plus Radical Heights Parting Gifts! Brought to you by ...…
Saturday April 14 Part 1 12pm EDT/ 5pm BST Download Sven Longshanks - The Daily Nationalist: No Homosexuals – DN 040918 - 30 minutes Download William Luther Pierce – The Turner Diaries Part 2 – 2 hours 30 minutes Part 2 3pm EDT/8pm BST Download Max Musson – South West Forum: Max Musson on the Board of British Governors – SW 040218 MM - 1 hour D ...…
Soul Joel Presents Girls Gone Green Episode 2 Tracy Locke and Donna Viacels welcome special guests Andrea Glaser and Susan Linfante! Listen in, Laugh, and Share!
Bill, Grant, Joe and John are joined by RedState's Andrea Ruth. For more from after the show (including a surprise appearance by Neal Dewing), support us on Patreon:…
Joined by Patron from Norway, Andreas aka Guaco! Let's talk about Rooster Teeth's new streaming video platform, and D&D fun.
This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast: The New Mutants get scary, and we want to know who you are reading besides DC and Marvel. Plus, New Super Man and the Justice League of China #22, and Gideon Falls #2! Show your thanks to Major Spoilers for this episode by becoming a Major Spoilers Patron at It will help ...…
In our third episode we cover two player games!Featured Games7 Wonders Duel- Antonie Bauza, Bruno Cathala/ Repos/ 2015Patchwork- Uwe Rosenberg/ Lookout Games/ 2014Twilight Struggle- Ananda Gupta, Jason Matthews/ GMT/ 2005Games of the WeekBlood Rage- Eric Lang/ CMON/ 2015Broom Service- Andreas Pelican, Alexander Pfister/Ravensberger/2015GKR Heav ...…
We've had a few weeks off - but we're back and to make up for it we're covering 3 more episodes of The Walking Dead for your (dis)pleasure. Things quickly snowball from undead to ugly, and in the mix Andrea manages to say a very, very special phrase...CW: Within minutes 38-48 there is an extended discussion on the show's (bad) approach to menta ...…
Colman Noctor, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist Sinead Nugent from the Sphere 17 Regional Youth Service,Elaine Byrn Doctoral Researcher and Dr Pádraig MacNeela.
This gorgeous Goddess is coming in to teach us how to eat for our Spirit and embrace Full Body Medicine!Rising She Vip: Fest 2018:
In Part 2 of this week's episode, I sit down with Aasttha of Baat Cheet Films and Andrea of Work of A.R.T. Fitness. I'm so proud to consider these inspiring girls friends! Enjoy!
Three great episodes and our long awaited ‘I love you’?! What a time to be alive! The Walking Dead delivered some emotional gut punches this week and some real *gasp* character growth. With callbacks to Andre, Duane, "Clear," Sophia and Carl we witnessed some of our group grapple with what it means to lose a child. For Carol, it meant facing he ...…
This week, I sat down with Funmi Omotade-Tan, the owner of FO Photography with a Master's in Mechanical Engineering, who works with her partner, Adrian, and often has to answer to their toddler before she answers to anyone else. (But hey, she's learning words now, so it's a lot easier to do!) Listen to our chat here: You can also tune in and su ...…
From tree climbing to getting lost in the forest, Josie Long ventures into the woods. Featuring Sook-Yin Lee on the wild forest of her childhood, the musician and radio producer Phil Smith on the love and freedom of clambering amid the branches, and a mother and daughter losing themselves amongst the trees.ClimbFeaturing Jochen Raiss and LeahPr ...…
Namy ft. Tracy Hamlin – “Love Youself” (Booker T mix) [Spirit Soul] Morten Trust – “Love Has Come Around” (Soulmagic mix) [Morehouse] Knee Deep ft. Brooke Russell – “Wont Let You Down” [Knee Deep] Rhemi ft. Hanlei – “Diamond” [Rhemi] Terry Hunter & Byron Stingily – “I Waited For You” [Dopewax] Chanel – “My Life” [Swing City] Steven Stone ft. An ...…
Join Andrea and Matthias Reisen and me in a discussion about the world of herbal medicine, preserving plants, and trends in growing medicinal plants. They have 25 years experience as growers, harvesters as well as educators. Since my focus is on holism, respect, and sustainability their wisdom fits right in. They are practical, down-to-earth an ...…
Infamous Youtuber Andrea Russett dives in to her life on social media, and gives us the scoop on some of her favorite creators.
According to Appadvice breating zone is free for a limited time. I am not aferliated with Breathing zone or Appadvice, but I love the app:
Time to get SAUCY! Just in time for Spring - Grab this latest episode of my MEAT podcast series recorded live from the Dallas Eagle. This tribal infused peak hour set will put you through a frezied journey of beats with energetic vocals and some twists and turns. Enjoy! Benson Wilder - SAUCED 1. Todrick Hall, Rupaul, Offer Nissim - Dem Beats Ch ...…
Today I have Laura with me on the podcast to talk all things DIY art. Laura's been an artist in the DIY scene for years so I knew she was the perfect person to explain the movement to me. Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) How a One-Painting Show Lets You Get Inside the Brilliant Young Basquiat’s Head - a look at the painting that sold for $110 m ...…
This week on LAST LIVES...What goes around comes around as the boys dive back in to the PS2 one last time. Talking Vice City, San Andreas, Gaming in the age of Roomates, God of War, and the best/worst games to play after a national tragedy. Plus some Golden Era follow ups, The Titles of each gaming "Age", and Sea of Thieves review with Justin H ...…
Another chill mix with great variety of artists. New show every week so make sure to subscribe! 00:00 Anima - You Are Truth 06:39 Blackmill - My Love 11:29 Jacoo - If You Only Knew 14:54 Andreas B. - I Need Your Love 18:44 Sacred - Reaching Out 23:52 Bryant Lowry - Heartbeat 27:17 Quixotic - Dust To Dust 31:29 RRAREBEAR - Discovery 33:55 Andy T ...…
Host Charles Roberts & Andrea Schwartz Description Why Is It So Hard To Evangelize People Stream/Download The post Why Is It So Hard To Evangelize People appeared first on Reconstructionist Radio Reformed Podcast Network.
Sometimes it's best to accomplish your goals in silence. Telling all your business just might be damaging. Not everyone is rooting for you to win.
Deirdre Clune; Fine Gael MEP for Ireland South.Richard Boyd Barrett; People Before Profit TD for Dun Laoghaire and Shona Murray; Foreign Affairs Correspondent.
Welcome back to another episode and we have your weekly geeky news. Star Trek Discovery gets renewed for a second season and some of the footage shown at Wondercon in Anaheim. D23 has announced it's dates for the Expo in 2019. Carol Danvers walking around in 90's attire and finally we speculate the hell out of why Fox's movies get pushed to a l ...…
“This is interesting” is a phrase that can easily go two ways. Oftentimes we say it in order to acknowledge that something is unlike anything we’ve heard, but with the subtext that we’re really not hoping to hear it again. Such is not the case with Letters to Maro, the new album from Frequency Drift. With this album the listener will be treated ...…
For this episode of Planeswalker Radio, I got to sit down with Michael Bonde, Thomas Enevoldsen, and Andrea Mengucci to discuss their upcoming #GPAmsterdam appearance. Michael Bonde: @lampalotThomas Enevoldsen: @therealenevoldsAndrea Mengucci: @mengu09Planeswalker Radio is proudly sponsored by, the best way to scan, track, and ...…
Welcome to to "Tonight We Dance" a radio show all about sexy house music.Promos for TWD---> sba.musicpromo@gmail.com1. Federico Scavo - Bambola (Remix)2. S.B.A - Creme De La Creme (Original Mix)3. Glovibes & The Cube Guys - The Drums (Original Mix)4. David Tort & DISCOMMON - You're A Killer (Original Mix)5. HXTN & James Hurr - Pussy Lovers (Ori ...…
How I became disabled and how I handle it. How four steps can turn sorrow into strength. Plus: I would love to serve you on your own journey m. Have feedback, wishes or need support? Go here to get in touch with me disclaimer: I am not a doctor,nurse or therapist. For anything directly connected to your well-be ...…
Everyone is back home where they belong & we're excited that we may soon see a #freeAdnan if all goes well plus we're checking the post for our invite from Cousin Meghan! We are less impressed with folks hurtin' adopted babies, the Beyonce biter, & Coach Molly (she's just a Becky with a whistle!) Find out what Kristin has in common with a baby ...…
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