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Barstool Rundown
El Pres, KFC, and Big Cat and the rest of Barstool Sports break down the biggest and funniest stories/videos from the internet that day. The Rundown is the Front Page of the Internet in audio form, presented with a slant on men's humor in a locker room atmosphere.
Barstool Politics
A podcast devoted to helping you make sense of the world around you several craft beers at a time. Barstool regulars include Nick McGuire, Bill Muck and Phil Barker but we are often joined by smarter and more well informed special guests. If you like discussions of good beer and bad politics, this is the podcast for you.
Barstool Pick Em
El Pres, Big Cat and Rico Bosco break down the College Football slate from a degenerate gamblers point of view
Barstool Pick Em
If you're looking for winners, you've found the right place. Fade hosts Big Cat, Pres, and Rico Bosco as they give you all their losing picks with extreme confidence. Weekly talk about bad beats, close misses, and staring at the ceiling Sunday night thinking about how you'll pay your bookie. Rule number 1 of gambling, always bet the Over. Rule number 2, if a mascot dies the week of a big game, it's an automatic mortal lock.
Hosted by Smitty from Barstool Sports the Podcast will capture everything from sports, life lessons, stories, advice and everything else one could imagine.
Barstool Rockers
Barstool Rockers is a weekly 'magazine style' podcast focusing on classic, prog and most every aspect of rock music. Hosted by two life-long fans, it aims to inform and hopefully entertain.
Jennifer Williams will be interviewing various women who have beat the odds. We show everyone how you can beat the odds using humor. Phil 4:13
Let your inner freak flag fly with the #1 podcast for strange conversation! Kevin will try to keep this train on track while covering everything from sex and drugs to sports coverage and current events! - Gen K Studios
The title probably explains it all.
Barstool Coaches
Podcast by Barstool Coaches Podcast
Barstool DVR
A weekly roundup of the best TV shows, both new and old. Whether it's breaking down some symbolism behind the latest hit drama or laughing about the hottest comedy, Barstool DVR is a light hearted but intriguing discussion of the TV landscape
Like craft beer? This is the podcast for you. Three craft beer aficionados (two in Portland, OR and the other in Washington, DC) talk about beer. Barstool Therapy Podcast covers beer news, beer reviews and the occasional tales of homebrewing mishaps - all presented with a healthy dose of humor.
Ever see those guys at the bar laughing and talking loudly. That's us, talking everything from sports to movies. Pull up a stool and join the fun and shenanigans. Follow us on Twitter @barstooltalk
The Barstool Sports podcast docu-series. Full length podcast features about the greatest athletes, entertainers and moments in pop culture and sports. Hosted by Kevin Clancy (KFC) from Barstool New York, his unique perspective is accompanied by interviews, audio clips, and music making each episode a polished audio documentary with the typical Barstool Sports humor and insight.
F1 And Done
This is F1 And Done. We will be doing our best to provide an American barstool style of biting, fanboy commentary on Formula 1. We’ll be recording podcasts after every Grand Prix. Our goal is to share a few laughs, offer opinions, and enjoy the unique sport of Formula 1 racing.
Barstool Dixie On The Road
No Quitters
MTV's The Challenge reaction show featuring @TheClemReport, @CaptainCons, and @BarstoolJJ
In a fresh iteration of a classic formula, comedians Jason and Randy Sklar share their unique comedic takes on an assortment of sporting issues and chat with an amazing array of guests.
The Sports Media Podcast with Richard Deitsch is a weekly show that features interviews with members of the sports media about their work, as well as roundtables with sports media reporters about television, digital, audio/radio, print, and other forms of media. You can read Richard’s work at The Athletic and hear his words at Sportsnet 590 The Fan in Toronto.
Barstool Radio with Dave Portnoy is a weekly "best of" podcast where we deliver to you the best 60-90 min from Barstool's daily show on Sirius XM. This podcast focuses on the inner workings of Barstool Sports while also hitting on many of the viral topics of the week.
KFC Radio
Featuring all of the regular Barstool personalities, KFC Radio is the quintessential bar conversation brought to podcast form. Listener interaction is the name of the game as Barstool readers and listeners contribute their Stoolie Voicemails to drive the conversation to strange places including embarrassing personal stories, bizarre hypothetical questions, and more. New episodes of the hilarious Barstool Network flagship show are released every Friday. Every Tuesday and Thursday.
Red Line Radio
A couple Barstool Sports bloggers turned podcast hosts, White Sox Dave and Barstool Carl, bring you insightful, engaging and humorous weekly baseball content with a Chicago bias. Interviews, conversation, laughs. Red Line Radio. Intro & close song: 'Dennehy' by Serengeti.
Viva La Vegas
BlackJack Fletcher hosts Viva La Vegas LIVE to answer any and all gambling and sports questions. Exclusive home of WINNERS.
SteelerNation Podcast brought to you by where we discuss everything Steeler football weekly!
Pub Talk Podcast
Pub Talk started off with friends drinking a new beer each week and shooting the breeze about crazy news stories, playing games, and generally messing around. It has evolved to a craft beer podcast with some humor dashed in. We love craft beer and enjoy trying any we can get our hands on. We are based out of the Tulsa, Oklahoma metro area and love to support local Oklahoma beer (a scene that is absolutely exploding), but enjoy beers from all over the region, country and even the world.
Spittin Chiclets
Former NHL vets Ryan Whitney, Paul Bissonnette and Barstool Sports' Rear Admiral bring their outspoken and irreverent opinions to the masses. Focusing on the NHL but also touching on pop culture and everything else under the sun. New Episodes release every Tuesday and Friday.
Pints With Aquinas
If you could sit down with St. Thomas Aquinas over a pint of beer and ask him any one question, what would it be? Every episode of Pints With Aquinas revolves around a question, a question that St. Thomas addresses in his most famous work, The Summa Theologica. So get your geek on, pull up a bar stool, and grab a cold one. Here we go!
Dave Portnoy
Barstool Sports. By The Common Man For The Common Man.
On "HangTime," co-hosts Josh & Justin deliver sports & pop culture takes. "Sports radio meets locker room talk" through interesting topics, segments and occasional guests. Click subscribe to get on board with your new favorite sports podcast.
Yuppie Junk
Hosted by "JJ" from Barstool Sports along with his longtime friend "Germ", Yuppie Junk features talk about pop culture, sports, relationships and whatever else privileged yuppies could complain about. Discussing any and all topics that come up.
Mickstape is the preeminent Basketball Podcast ever of all time. @Tyleriam and @ColeyMick bring you the most correct takes about all things basketball, from the parquet to the playground and beyond. If you're looking for advanced stats, facts, or things of that nature, you've come to the wrong place entirely. This is the Rasheed Wallace of podcasts. The Allen Iverson of podcasts. The JR Smith of podcasts. Go ahead and smash that subscribe button or be mocked ruthlessly by your friends and fa ...
Coming Up Roses
Podcast by Barstool Chief
Starting 9
Barstool Sports presents the baseball podcast that everyone wants but no one else will give you. Do you care about play by play baseball coverage? We don't either. This is the pod for fans of America's greatest pastime who want hosts willing to cut through the noise and talk about the game the way we really see it. Hosted by MLB great Dallas Braden and Blogger Jared, The Starting 9 makes baseball podcast listening fun again.
The Short Porch
A Yankee podcast hosted by Barstool's Hubbs and Tom Scibelli. Any and everything Yankees you could want to hear about. New episodes every Friday.
Laces Out
Pat McAfee and AJ Hawk join Barstool Sports' Jerry Thornton to answer the question, "What would it sound like if two NFL greats and a football writer got together to discuss everything in the NFL worth talking about and lots more stuff that isn't?" If you listen to just one podcast for seriously insightful football analysis, you should also listen to these guys sit around and mock everything.
A Portland Timbers fan podd hosted by Nevets and Alex . Pull up a bar stool, grab a pint, its Five Minutes to Kickoff.
The Podfathers
The Podfathers is a podcast from KFC, Clem and Uncle Chaps from Barstool Sports breaking down the good, the bad, and the ugly of fatherhood. Other books and websites and podcasts have tried to explain what life as a new dad is like "from a dude's perspective." "As told by Guy's guys." or "from a mans perspective." They have all failed. Through their own personal experiences and brand of humor, the Podfathers help parents everywhere relate to the wild and crazy ride that is raising children.
Sooner or Later Podcast Presented by Barstool Sports
The Yankees podcast hosted by Andrew Rotondi and Scott Reinen of Bronx Pinstripes, a YES Network partner. The Bronx Pinstripes Show is a baseball podcast that focuses on the New York Yankees and brings you strong opinions, analysis, on-and-off the field news, super hot-takes, player interviews and everything else Yankees baseball.This show is not affiliated or associated with the New York Yankees, MLB or Barstool Sports.
Jnorty Live
Jnorty Live is a Sports Podcast hosted by Jack Norton, Finn Duffey and Jack Golden. Each week the three host discuss recent sports news which can lead to some colorful debates. The Hosts really know what they're talking about and make the show interesting.
Where is the best place to buy into the next big thing? The Ground Floor, I’ll tell you that for free. We will do you even one better, were doing the next big thing for free. Crazy I know, but we are men of the people. You know your annoying friend who always reminds you they were the first person to hear a song or watch a TV show before it blows up? Here is your chance to be that friend, because we all know it’s better to be that friend then the other way around. The goal is simple: each ep ...
Bros Bibles & Beer
A conservative, a progressive and a hyper-emotional school teacher walk into a bar...and someone hits record! Every week or two Scott, Zack, Jeff & guests do life together. Sometimes funny and always real. Unpolished and potentially unsafe...kind of like life. Pull up that barstool. Grace, Peace, Cheers!
Dap Or Crap
Simple barstool conversation about pop culture, music, sports, journalism, movies, TV, current events and life. The way it was meant to be before smart phones killed conversation.
Podcast by Barstool Chief
Comeback Szn
Johnny Manziel is making his Comeback Szn official by launching a college football podcast on Barstool Sports. Stay tuned for updates on the first episode and launch date.
Reags from Barstool Sports hosts a show that gives college basketball junkies what they want. A fun, loose approach to talk about the sport and what's going on within the game. He talks about college basketball with various guests featuring writers, former players and coaches to bring insightful yet entertaining insight into the world of college basketball. So hit that subscribe button and immediately get to know more about college basketball.
Known as Blind Mike, former Executive Intern at Barstool Sports. Mike Geary gives you a view of the world from his eyes
***New Episodes every Wednesday!***Presenting the Manga Raiders Community Happy Hour!!! Or the MR Happy Hour for short. This is where a community of Manga Writers and Artists get together and we talk about...well Manga and Anime. There's reviews, games, challenges, tips for aspiring writers and artists and much more, so if that sounds like your kind of thing then pull up a barstool, crack open a cold one because here, its always Happy Hour!
Daily Mail
Hosted by Kevin "KFC" Clancy from Barstool Sports, Daily Mail brings the best and craziest news stories of the day along with Kevin's unique spin on what it all means. The bite-sized episodes, each under 20 minutes, are perfect for listeners on the go without a ton of time to commit. New episodes are released three times per week.
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NBA/NHL Playoffs Jay Feely Gun Picture Guy Tased on Flight Gronk Press Conference
What's the forecast for today's game in Chicago, is Doug working on a big piece of journalism for sweeps, discussing Allie LaForce's post-game interview with LeBron, debating Allie's approach for the question, the response on Twitter was fascinating, anonymity continues to be an issue on social media, do message boards still exist, discussing a ...…
On this week's show, Minnesota Wild goalie Devan Dubnyk calls in to talk about his early career adversity, the mystery that is goaltender interference (along with a suggestion), being a big Barstool guy, and much more. Additionally, Whits and RA discuss the current playoff races, whether people are sleeping on the Caps, the hot Blues, potential ...…
Frank The Tank Mr. Portnoy Fultz/Embiid MLB Opening Day
The Barstool Cincinnati team talks with Nick Senzel about his life in the Reds organization, starting the season in Louisville, and Fortnite. Enjoy, and Go Reds.
So today was weird. Our buddy Eric Arditti, who you know as "BarstoolRDT" from Barstool Sports was our co-host. He and Glenn made the most unnecessary bet in sports radio history last week, suggesting that Ryan Flaherty would definitely be back with the Orioles this week. He is not. So they are spending the entirety of today's show hosting the ...…
Ronda Rousey Guy Bets His Kids Flat Earther NFL Coaches Photo Virginia Tech Women's Lacrosse Team Kid vs. Bouncer
The most fun we've had on a podcast! Jon B and Kevin overbook the podcast but it leads to hilarity. Francis Ellis from Barstool Sports Radio and Tommy O'Regan from the Barstool Variety Hour join the guys to talk about the amazing stuff they're doing with the media giant. Also joining is a favorite to the show, Jay Jurden. And finally, James Cam ...…
Happy Monday to all of our listeners! Today we have another great episode of Keeping it Real Estate for you. On today's episode we talk about Brendan's new part time job, discuss the new house closing this week and Andrew's incredibly inconvenient vacation. Then we have part 2 of our interview with Riggs from Barstool Sports. Segments include: ...…
Blind Mike Geary has your week in sports media reaction with thoughts on Bill Belichick narratives, a bizarre Top 20 list from ESPN the Magazine, Bill Burr joining Mike's old friends at Barstool Sports for Rough N Rowdy, and a new ESPN show 'Get Up' with Greeny, Beadle & Rose.By Trash Talk: A Media Podcast with Blind Mike.
Zay Jones Millennial Diamonds Car Thief Baby Chinese Military
Thanks Braxton Brewing Company for having the BeDfrnt Podcast shoot live last night with @BarstoolReags from Barstool Sports. We discussed everything from the opening weekend of college hoops and what to look forward to in the Sweet 16. Stop by Braxton this Saturday as they host a party celebrating their 3rd anniversary.…
Happy Monday after St.Patty's day weekend!! Always tough getting back to the grind after that glorious day of celebrating life. Today we have a very special interview with Riggs from Barstool Sports. We discuss Tiger Woods and last year's viral trend of running people over with golf carts. Part 2 will be released next Monday. Only one segment t ...…
A.T. and his brothers 8-bit Barstool & RCH sit down to bring you another round of the Bro-Hood Round Table. Aside from the many laughs that were had, this episode goes deep as RCH asks 8-Bit what his life goal is. They also talk about RCH's obstacle competitions he has coming up this year and share some regrettable bullying moments from childho ...…
NFL Moves Lehigh Sorority United Airlines Kills a Dog Bad Beat Nuggets Stephen Hawking RIPIP NCAA Brackets
Mo talks Bengals, college hoops and more. Ron Hunter, Barstool Reags, Terry Nelson and Byron Larkin join the show.
Published on 05 Mar 2018. The OscarsGoodell 40 Yd DashNFL CombineHooters 70% TipBlogger Stampede
Barstool DVR edition for Derrin Brown's The Push
Tom Brady Crazy Videos UCONN Qb Trump Steph Curry Bday
Krusz and Josh preview the upcoming A10 tournament and discuss how they think URI will fare. Later, Krusz and Josh welcome in Reags from Barstool Sports (13:22) to talk about URI's ceiling in March Madness. Is Krusz addicted to Juul? Why is Josh's nickname so weird? What goes through Krusz's head on a regular day?…
Published on 27 Feb 2018. Dad Kisses BrideGronk to WWE?Lackadaisical UmpireSubway GuyRoger Goodell vs. Jerry Jones
Air Date: 3/6/2018 Today we use Trump's threats to commit genocide in North Korea as the jumping off point to take a look at the process of launching and the probable result of using nuclear weapons Be part of the show! Leave a message at 202-999-3991 Become a member and enjoy ad-free episodes and bonus content! Visit: ...…
The Bernie Bits - Cardinals OF competition, the Blues and how they will fill the empty slots left by Jay Bouwmeester and Scottie Upshall, and why there's needs to be more of an appreciation for Bouwmeester.Bernie makes the argument that Paul DeJong COULD provide the most stability and quality at shortstop since Edgar RenteriaWith the injuries a ...…
Happy Monday everyone! We hope your week is off to a great start. The AP boys have another great podcast for you this week. Brendan talks about his "Business Trip" where he played golf with Riggs from Barstool Sports and had dinner next to Clint Eastwood. Then does his best at explaining how it was in fact a business trip. Segments include: Rea ...…
Published on 21 Feb 2018. Lindsey VonnSpeed SkatingZion WilliamsonFortnite NightZah's Anthem
The Student Union Sports Podcast offers you an inside look at college sports from the perspective of actual college students while also highlighting our talented student writers. Today’s show includes the hottest takes from Student Union writers Andrew Grimes, Brendan Smith and Johnny Rambos. Be sure to chirp us and let us know what you think a ...…
On today’s podcast Trevor will have Tex from the popular sports blog, Barstool Sports!
Published on 19 Feb 2018. Rapaport FiredRough & RowdyPlane FarterFergie AnthemJJ RedickHalfpipe Chick
Published on 14 Feb 2018. Shaun WhiteKim Jong ImpersonatorWarren SappBill Haas/Luke WilsonPCon
Published on 12 Feb 2018. ShibsibsNorth Korea Cheer SquadGay Figure Skater17 Year Old SnowboarderCavs/CelticsPeter Rabbit
MINI: Today we sat down with Barstool Sports political blogger Tummy Sticks for a quick segment. Grab a cup and learn all things politics in the Barstool world!
It's Episode 14 of Water Cooler Talk and week 6 of the comeback tour brought to you by Barstool Skers. This week we dive into Shaun White's finally cut hair, and I guess he won a gold, North Korean's "hot" cheerleaders and worst Valentines Day scenarios. Come grab a cup! #WCT
In the second episode from the National Institute of Building Sciences 2018 conference, Emma speaks with Ryan Colker, current director of the NIBS Consultative Council and the advisor to the president of the organization. They also discuss his involvement with the Green Sports Alliance and the importance of designing green buildings for a large ...…
This is episode 3 of Viva La Cats presented by Barstool Sports. The Bearcats are a top five basketball team. Also, why would NKU ever want to play UC? (1:05) We welcome Student Body President/friend of the show Bashir Emlemdi to talk about the university behind the scenes (22:05). We go over the football signing day and the upcoming Bearcats ba ...…
Published on 31 Jan 2018. Best Sports AppAlex SmithTallest Man & Smallest WomanEd Werder TweetMedia FightsMax Kellerman Fighting Irish
On today's show, Pat, Shaun, Digs, and Nick discuss National Signing Day, as Pat tells the story about his signing day which is one for the ages. They also cover some topical news stories around the globe. Later, starting TE of the newly crowned Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles, Zach Ertz, joins the show to talk about his catch that seal ...…
Josh McDaniels Dickgate Mr. Portnoy Gronk 911 Call Trump Hair
Hit the trails in this episode of Bayfield County Wild, as Co-hosts Nancy Christopher and Mary Motiff, director of Bayfield County Tourism, talk to Ron Bergin, publisher and editor of Cross Country Skier Magazine and an outdoor sports enthusiast, about Bayfield County’s highly-rated trail system for cross country skiing and mountain biking, as ...…
It is Episode 13 of Water Cooler Talk and week 5 of the comeback tour. This week we talk about the kiss heard around the world and why Tom Brady should dump his son. We also dive into everything winter olympics that should happen and special guest appearance from Barstool Heartland personality and host of Things You Missed for Barstool Sports J ...…
This is episode 2 of Viva La Cats presented by Barstool Sports. Mike Vitori’s Eagles won the Super Bowl, and we got his reaction to his team beating the mighty Patriots (1:39). We recap the Houston and UConn wins and look ahead to the UCF and SMU games (23:04). Would you rather be a pirate or a viking? (42:09) We stake our claim as fans of the ...…
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