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The Basement Yard
The Basement Yard is a podcast ran by me, Joe Santagato. I would write a long description about what this podcast will be about but I'm not even sure.. Enjoy!
The Film Basement
The Film Basement returns to talk movies old and new. We will review new films, highlight home video releases and look back at the classics.
Papa's Basement
DC's Premier Comedy Podcast
Grab a beer, your headphones...come chill.
Vic's Basement
Join TV hosts Victor Lucas and Scott Jones of Reviews on the Run and EP Daily down in Vic’s underground man cave as they discuss the videogames they’re playing, the movies they’re watching, the toys they’re playing with, and all the happenings in the entertainment industry. The dynamic duo will entertain special guests, including fellow EP hosts, down in their 98-percent zombie-proof bunker. Don’t miss it!
A guy, a woodworking shop and a whole lot to share. Straight grains and sharp blades!
This is the video only feed for Matt's Basement Workshop Podcast. If you prefer to watch your woodworking content this is the feed for you!
The podcast and website that celebrates the video games of your youth.
Basement Raiders
The world's softest warriors.
The hilarious NSFW comic book talk show from real New Yorkers! Everything from NCBD to the Golden Age. Watch now! New episode every Tuesday. Trusted by thousands of viewers each week. Tune in and talk comics. Real comic books. Real New Yorkers!
With two hours of rare and underrated songs of the past, how else would you want to spend the first and last nights of the work week? What’s old to us, is new to you. For new episodes of Songs From the Basement, check back here on Podomatic every Monday and Friday morning @ 8 AM to hear the latest and greatest show. Turn off your mind, relax, and float down the grooves with Stuart Held on Songs From The Basement!
Basement Buzz
Podcast Network
Jawdy's Basement
The greatest music in the world has no stage on radio...but you can hear is RIGHT HERE every week in Jawdy's Basement! Three hours of the best in progressive rock and metal on the planet playing bands like Rush, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, Spock's Beard, Neal Morse, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Queen, The Reasoning and TONS MORE.Featuring tons of new music each week...none of which seems to have a shot on mainstream radio or satellite radio.Join me in the Basement live each Thursday night f ...
When the basement of my house flooded, I lost many records and much memorabilia from all my bands. The objects I salvaged I put in a big box. I stared at them for awhile then decided to send them out into the world to a better place, where they wouldn't be ruined. This is when I began my transition into storing memories, instead of objects.Jughead's Basement Radio Show explores a different influential record each month. Writers, Performers, and Musicians join me each program to talk about th ...
The FBI Basement
Your Hosts Todd and Shannon Houff are joined by other conspirators and they go through each and every episode of the hit 90's show The X-Files.
A weekly quick-take podcast about the FX Spy Drama, The Americans.
A guy, a woodworking shop and a whole lot to share. Straight grains and sharp blades!
Two people making music on the fly... Bugs In The Basement creates improvised musical journeys from an array of vintage and handmade instruments to modern technologies. Recorded live from our basement studio in the Pacific Northwest, each week we experiment in the process of making exploratory music and soundscapes. Unmixed, unedited and unapologetic.
The Basement Gamedev Podcast touches on all subjects related to (video) game development.It is recorded in the East Coast video game development mecha of "Hunt Valley", just 15 minutes North of Baltimore, and is hosted by is a gaming news site and online community for gamers, developers, and game convention vendors in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Events which we cover include local LAN party events, local game conventions, local game tournaments, vid ...
Cuff’s Basement
Step inside of Cuff’s Basement
The hilarious NSFW comic book talk show from real New Yorkers! Everything from NCBD to the Golden Age. Listen now! New episode every Tuesday. Trusted by thousands of listeners each week. Tune in and talk comics. Real comic books. Real New Yorkers!
Jordan's Basement
A podcast from the basement of Jordan Karst. #NSFW
Tennessee Horror News Where You Will Find Information About Indie Horror Movies/Shorts Films, Haunted Attractions and More.Est. April 13th 2014
Formerly "You've Got Mel Podcast", Basement Billionaire is a media channel featuring the spirit and lifestyle of entrepreneurs, music artists and creators who grind in their spare time to take ideas from their basement to the boardroom. The stories of those that have persevered to create the next big mobile app or movie. Those that have hustled to have their music desired by the masses or the tenacious interns that became influential executives in their industry. Basement Billionaire comes t ...
Above the Basement offers casual and candid discussions with musicians, artists, producers and others from Boston and beyond. The conversations offer experiences ​from those shaping Boston's music community and for whom music is a passion. You'll hear their stories, hardships ​​faced and overcome...and why they love what they do.
The Basement
A Ready Player One podcast for people who love things! The Basement is your companion to the Ready Player One novel. Join Albert and his cohosts each episode as they breakdown the novel and dive into the plethora of pop culture references through a series of homework assignments and challenges.
Basement Archives
Welcome to Basement Archives where we are all about Comics, Film/TV, Gaming, and Pop Culture! Follow Us on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube Channel!
Cara's Basement
Finally. A podcast that REALLY rocks. Eavesdrop on casual conversations with rock stars, actors, authors, comedians...any one who entertains. Your host is longtime Chicago radio personality Cara Carriveau.
Basement Boyz 2
Reunited for the sequel, over six years in the making, the boyz return
Basement Place Radio
Basement Place Radio is a radio podcast in a basement. The hosts are Steve LeFave and Cale Best, a friendship 26 years young. Shrouded in Christmas lights and inflatable pool toys, their objective is to be entertaining or not. Their initial goal is to introduce the internets to the many voices of their hometown. The direction this path will lead is anyone’s guess.
Two dudes in a basement talking about sports.... Twitter: @podcastbsr
Join your hosts, Jorge, Joel, and Ish, on a thrilling adventure through the complex world of D&D! Whether you’re a recently initiated traveler or a seasoned DM looking for cheap entertainment, in this channel you’ll be sure to find helpful tips, wacky stories, and compelling arguments on why making psychotic NPCs like those in Zelda might actually be a good thing. Happy travels!
Beer. Fatherhood. Funny. #30MinutesOfGood
Podcast by Basement Sports Talk
"Straight Grains & Sharp Blades" This is the audio only feed for MBW.
Hosted by artist "Ghoulish" Gary Pullin, writer/DJ Aaron Lupton and DJ/former Hostage Life bassist Eric Gaudet. FMPB talk about music, movies, art, books and pop culture from the dark side. Part of the Phantom Podcast Network.
Our Parents' Basement
A pop culture podcast for everyone. Based out of Windsor, ON. Recker, Bubs and Schweitzer talk about movies, tv, video games and whatever else that's on our minds.
The cheapest, most terrible films and instructional videos available to mankind, reviewed just for you!
Basement Tapes
Sounds From The Underground
Jonathan Randall & Joe Harary are two Pot Head Jews who love talking out TV, Movies, Sci Fi, Superheroes, Star Wars, Pop culture, Comedy and other things. Tune in to hear their relationship blossom as they try to make it through a conversation before forgetting what they were talking about in the first place. This is what goes on in Your Mother's Basement! Check them out on Twitter @yomomsbasement @jonathanrandall @Ferris_McFly and Facebook
Live Performances from CFUV 101.9 FM in Victoria, BC. Watch videos here:
A weekly podcast talking horror and nonsense and playing music and games. Horror and comedy for people who hate horror-comedies.
Basement Art Radio brings you selections from KiloBase & Sir KG
Basement Condition
Welcome to Basement Condition! A nerdy kind of podcast that covers everything from movies, TV shows, comics and video games in the form of news, Top 5s, reviews and other nerdy shenanigans. Won't you join us?
Welcome to The Nerdy Basement Podcast. Enter the Basement, where all things nerdy will be discussed and debated, while thoroughly entertaining your nerdy needs! News, Tv, Movies and more, you can find it all right here! And don't forget to Stay Nerdy My Friends!
Welcome to Basement Condition! A nerdy kind of podcast that covers everything from movies, TV shows, comics and video games in the form of news, Top 5s, reviews and other nerdy shenanigans. Won't you join us? Part of the Poop Culture Extended Universe!
Welcome to the LIVE From The Basement dailies! Check us out here, on Amazon Alexa flash briefing and more!
Basement Boys
Welcome to Basement Boys, where amazing things happen.
Two friends irreverently destroy society and look, like, waaaay hot doing it.Genevieve is an artist. She is white, 5'4", and 130 lbs. She has grey eyes and brown hair. She has a birthmark on her left knee, and four distinguishing tattoos, one on her right thigh, two on her left forearm, and one on the back of her neck.Harper is and maybe shouldn't be.
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Films from the Basement has returned with its next installment featuring the film Soft Matter. It’s an indie sci-fi horror film that touts itself as “Get Out Meets the Shape of Water.” You’ll have to listen to the podcast to see how Soft Matter is unlike either of those two films. Even though Seth warns you to stay away, Alex and I have ourselv ...…
On this episode, @DannyLopriore & @FAlvarez8085 are on to talk about a ton of interesting topics..
a smash up of animal hybrids and 90's throw back music plus banging tunes playlist: 1. reigning days - gravity 2.honne- warm on a cold night 3.sinkane- u'huh 4. peter, bjorn and john - young folks 5.ryan adams- bad blood 6.james vincent mcmorrow- rising water 7.junius meyvant-signals 8.whitney- golden days 9.sohn - the wheel 10.sylvan esso- die ...…
Carla Marie talks to the ULTIMATE Side Hustler. Adriana Carrig started her company, Little Words Project, in her parents basement. It's grown so much over the last 4-5 years that you can actually find her bracelets in stores ALL OVER. Learn about Adriana's story and how Carla Marie played a role in jump starting her business!…
Playlist: Phish - Wilson > Possum Charlie Haden's Liberation Music Orchestra - La Santa Espina Gomez - Tijuana Lady Tauk - On Guard > The Spot > In The Basement Of The Alamo Something For Kate - Eureka Jerry Leger & The Situation - Pass The Time > Drive Away Tonight Medeski Martin & Wood - Dracula (with Marc Ribot & Ned Rothenberg) Brad Mehldau ...…
It's been 10 years in the making! All of the Marvel movies have been building to this! We're counting down to Avengers: Infinity War! Social Media Accounts Facebook: Twitter: @opbpodcast Instagram: @opbpodcast
Who knows what lurks in the basement of this suburban funeral home come house? Who knows what horror is waiting to unleash on the family Snedeker? Who knew there was a hidden "C" in ConneCticut? Listen to find out the answers to all this and more! we also have the usual 4 and against, and this weeks "Story you shouldnt have heard" will either l ...…
Here's a sampling of what I've got lined up for you this hour: a '67 album cut by Question Mark & the Mysterians, early Tim Hardin, a track from Jefferson Airplane's debut album, plus Them, the Zombies, the Basement Wall and other garage bands, Al Green from his 1967 debut album, and lots more.
Mix #316 we bring you DJ IRV. Growing up on an eclectic diet of classic rock and old funk records provided by his parents’ record collection, Irv is hard to pin down musically. Inspired by his family’s love of music. Irv took up the drums at the age of 18. It was only a few years later that Irv discovered late night house parties and the groovy ...…
On this episode of Basement Banter the guys truly go around all the four major sports! They start in the NBA breaking down the first round matchups and give their predictions who will advance to round two. They cover the NHL playoffs as well, recapping last week's terrific action as each series is starting to develop a personality. The Vegas Go ...…
When Prohibition hit the Steel City, it created a level of violence and corruption residents had never witnessed. Illegal producers ran stills in kitchens, basements, bathroom tubs, warehouses and even abandoned distilleries. War between gangs of bootleggers resulted in a number of murders and bombings that placed Pittsburgh on the same level a ...…
"FROM THE BASEMENT TO THE BOARDROOM" is hosted by business/tax expert Brian Joubert and Tony Fleming. Brian & Tony give business tips, tax tips and mindset growth on how to build a proper blueprint for SUCCESS! Also, they get to release their passion for helping other entrepreneurs, which gives potential, inspiring, and existing business owners ...…
When is the right time to take your kid to the emergency room? When is the wrong time? Chris shares a ridiculous experience that puts it all into the proper perspective. Plus, the guys review KBS - Kentucky Bourbon Stout. Is it worth standing in line for on the release date? Join Chris, Ed, Mike & Wild Bill for beer reviews, dad talk, and fun. ...…
WrestleMania 34 is in the books along with all the shows surrounding it! What did we think of it? Did it hit the (s)mark? Did NXT Takeover New Orleans takeover the week? How did Raw and Smackdown after Mania fair? Josh and Leo answer all of these and keep up the positivity like no one else can. Also, the basement bros make an appearance at the ...…
This Week on It Came From a Pa Basement, I sit down with Cassettes. We talk their new yet to be named album, past shows, ragging on bass players, and Rob Halford. I had a blast this week, and as always please subscribe and leave a review.
Dave and Mary Ellen are here, better late than never to talk about episode 602 of The Americans, Tchaikovsky. We discuss art therapy, Philip's reading habits and then Dave tells a disturbing story! Hope you enjoy! Head to to leave your feedback or email us at! Thanks for the rev ...…
Weekly talk and music show presented by The SloaneRanger on Redefine Radio. This show was first broadcast on 4 April 2018.Featuring various genres of House Music with some witty banter and snippets of information about the music played.The first half is quite dance focussed while the second hour contains a proper DJ mix so that you can really g ...…
Tomb Raider Intro Lightning Round Question: What is your favorite videogame related movie? Hollywood Headlines: -Curious casting decisions. -Our favorite Jeff Bridges movies/roles. Tomb Raider clip Show Disclaimer General Impressions Opening Scene Notify the affiliates, we’re running long. General Impressions The Cast discuss the opening sequen ...…
Verdi Opera Score Found in Berlin Basement;Fiddler favors Zyg over Strad.
Some of them are dusty and falling apart, but the books in the basement of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Love Library still have stories to tell. Hidden among the stacks are personal tales that have been written into the margins of 19th and early 20th century books and have been all but forgo...…
In this episode we’re talking to Micah Bybee the founder of Inkwise Graphics. Micah is a full service wrap shop that prints and installs all in-house. He got his start by designing skis and transitioned into vehicle wrap design. Like a lot of us he started his business out of his basement with a printed and has grown into a shop. Recently he's ...…
Episode 002 of Living Our Lives: In The BasementWendy's TupperwareTyrone Stealing MoneyBody Camera ControlsMarch For Our LivesPittsburgh Celebrities
Smelly hockey gear taking up space in the garage, the basement or worse, the living room is every hockey parents gremlin. It stinks, it takes up so much space, and did I mention the smell??!??! I’ve tried to alleviate this issue with PVC storage statues or other shelving ideas in the garage, but the cold gear in the garage vs warm gear in the h ...…
Hey it’s your regular TNIAB podcast where we discuss all the cool things in the world! Starring Anthony Fallucco (@killroycantkill) & Vincent Sanchez (@VinceSanchez) _______________________________________ Write into us at: Subscribe on iTunes: iTunes Follow Us On: Facebook | Twitter…
In this episode we have much to talk about. New games came out and we will review them! We start with breaking news. Rainbow 6 update. Lion Nerf and Recoil System No Man Sky coming to next. Behaviour Digital teasing a new game called Deathgarden MS Policy update After that we have some game reviews! A Way Out Review Sea of Thieves review Batman ...…
chime in on my podcast and let's talk about the discussion of love in the variable ways of showing love the multiple meanings of the word love
* * * Feat. The Hot Mix from Special Guest – BRIAN POWER (Soulhouse Music/Mi Soul Radio, UK) * * * MKM – “This Is Love” (Richard Earnshaw Remix) [Duffnote] Christian B & Lavvy Levan – “Mystery” (Rapson Remix) [Friday Fox Recordings] Jeremy Juno & Diskopogo – “When She Arrives” (Original Mix) [Good For You] Sek – “Come N Boogie” (Original Mix) [ ...…
Julian Langston is a Wichita-based musician whose stylistic interests range from heavy metal to hip-hop and beyond. “I’m originally a drummer. In the past six or seven years I’ve gotten into playing bass and guitar and doing vocals. Or, more so getting more comfortable displaying my vocals. I think I was that little boy that just wanted to bang ...…
It’s the weirdest tribute to Nokie Edwards — ever! Strange Jason and John Jughead fool around with the spirit world, only to find themselves up to their knees in danger, death and surf music. Speaking of which, this episode, full of surf punk, features AUDIOS AMIGOS, THE DEAD BEAT, THE TERRORSURFS, and more. Monstermatt Patterson hangs ten in a ...…
It’s the weirdest tribute to Nokie Edwards — ever! Strange Jason and John Jughead fool around with the spirit world, only to find themselves up to their knees in danger, death and surf music. Speaking of which, this episode, full of surf punk, features AUDIOS AMIGOS, THE DEAD BEAT, THE TERRORSURFS, and more. Monstermatt Patterson hangs ten in a ...…
Episode 3: Trials Riding with Dane Jack First in studio interview with friend of the show Dane Jack Dane is a local mountain biker, and glass blower that has an interesting history in trials riding Dane’s artwork can be found on Instagram here In studio interviews are way easier than an entire episode of me rambling, so hopefully more future ep ...…
Heather "The Heat" Hardy is an American professional boxer and mixed martial artist holding the WBC International Female Super Bantamweight title and a featured athlete for Bellator MMA. Hardy went on to major in Forensic Psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan. She's overcome many nightmares—divorce, the pressures of ra ...…
Baseball gets underway and March Madness nears the finish line.
Before Creative Director Scott Simmons and Director of Sales and Marketing Katie "Dudders" left for Transworld, they recorded a live Q&A podcast where they answered fan questions at Sorgatron Media Studios. Fans submitted questions beforehand on Facebook and live during the recording on Facebook and Instagram. What's the most fun part of our jo ...…
Bryan Vokey is your 2018 Roast Battle Royale champion and the 2017 Roastie Award winner for Rookie of the Year. This week, he swings through the Comedy Store basement studio to talk with Moses, Coach, and Pat about his dad cheating on his mom, getting kicked out of the Army, and why he doesn't feel intimidated writing roast jokes for boring whi ...…
Huge change in the NHL basement bowl, Senators host the Panthers tonight, Senators town hall meetings, trivia and Draft Lottery Simulation.
This week we talk about some of the scratch building methods we use when we are creating some of our unique to us and prototype buildings. We also go over the new and fresh restart for our basement layout. And as usual, we talk about the different tools that we love, some detail parts and the music we're currently listening to. If you're lookin ...…
1. Love Kills - Levinsky 2. Father's Day - Nona The Band3. Salem Witchs (extended) - Actroid4. Tree Trunks - Basement Revolver5. James Dean - Alphacub6. Atlas - Good Kid7. Lunar Warrior - Evanton8. Birds - JonoJosh9. Yellow Bird - Ben Stevenson 10. No Other (Feat Davey) - UNBLOOM11. Chances - UNBLOOM12. Can't Get Over You - JENNA Nation13. Knig ...…
Quin and Matt hit the studio to recap day 1 of #UCET18. Listen as they share their favorite moments and insights around the theme “Get out.” Some of the highlights from this episode include: Quin’s Session where he shares his journey to Stockholm, Sweden withthe Google Innovator Academy Exploring Arduino Staying out of your parents basement Hig ...…
Living with Your Parents, Baseball Season, & Pin the Straw; Plus Marlene Dietrich, Life Tips, & a Cameo from Petey the Pug
Two weeks out from WrestleMania, ADC and Matt The Mark talk about Shane McMahon's health scare, the attack on Roman Reigns, and why AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura doesn't have that "big match feel". Plus, the debut of "Between 2 Beers" with "Basement Stone Cold". Let's go! Help support the show by subscribing and leaving a 5 star rating on iTu ...…
We take a peak at the Pier Jam lineup & flex some audio goodness from MK, Angello Fererri, Fat Boy Slim, Risk Assessment, Hard Drive, Mason Maynard, Basement Jaxx & Cirez D.
A piece from the CBC contends that Amazon wasn't responsible for the bankruptcy of retailer Toys 'R' Us, but is that true? We'll read their reasoning AND stretch that into a lesson about your personal debt on today's show. Plus, the Wall Street Journal looks back 10 years to the financial crisis. Has it really been ten whole years? What should ...…
Sam and Graeme talk love, strange meats, Super Smash Bros. obsessions and heartbreak, followed by an advice segment and a hot ASMR moment.Twitter: @takethebasement, @SamanthakDon & @graemehoussinE-mail: takethebasement@gmail.comTheme music: “Sad Xmas” by Mark Castle, licensed under CC BY 4.0with “Shut Up And Dance” by Future Sauce, licensed und ...…
Grill Team Catch Up Podcast – Wednesday 28th March James Sutherland Press Conference, News Hugh Ignored, World Cup Boycott, Sleep Divorce, Rob Ovadia Reporting From South Africa, The Supergrass, Ugly Phil On The Basement, Freo’s Need To Know, Facebook Data, Tab Update, Easter Show Give-away Check The Tweets, Love Changes Everything, What We Lea ...…
00:00 The Jeffs - Thank God For the Internet01:03 Ian & the dream - The Girl Who Knows Everything04:34 Live! From The Basement - Ride09:57 Black Cat Bone - Black Cat Bone14:41 Dirty Bombshell - Pants Off17:43 Massive Cabbage-Chicago21:00 Charles Walker Band - H8RS25:05 LaGhe - Get up29:05 Nick DiNardo - All Nighter33:03 RMP - She Ain't The One ...…
Zach joins Ward and Derek. Derek and Zach share the history of their first meeting, their falling out, holding and or letting go of old grudges and more. Much is discussed about the personas and facades we have put on over the years.
JR is doing his taxes, Senators lose again in Carolina, big concerns about goaltending and the blueline, Ottawa 67s home playoff game tonight, great night for the Sens in the Basement Bowl standings and could OBJ leaving NYC.
'Perhaps you were never young? Perhaps you came into existence fully fledged as a know all? ' But perhaps you were never young? Perhaps you came into existence fully fledged as a know all? Remember the blackboard in the basement of our home and the shriek of the chalk?By Kona Macphee.
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