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In Conversation: Talks on BPD and Recovery
With an open and honest look at this disorder, its symptoms, and treatment, we hope to bring awareness and understanding to those supporting, helping, and living with borderline personality disorder.
Hypnotize Me | Hypnosis | Transformation | Healing | Mindfulness | Meditation | Psychology | Rapid Change | Dr. Elizabeth Bonet
Learn more about hypnosis, transformation and healing as well as mindfulness, meditation, and psychology that have helped people make rapid change in their lives and their lifestyles for millennium with the Hypnotize Me podcast. Free meditation and hypnoses included. Certified hypnotherapist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor Dr. Elizabeth Bonet gives quick-paced 10-30 minute weekly episodes discussing the research behind hypnosis, interviewing the professionals doing it, and talking to in ...
Borderline Personality Disorder With A.J. Mahari
Author, Life Coach and Strategist, A.J. Mahari, on various aspects of Borderline Personality Disorder for those with BPD and those close to someone with BPD
You're Doing It
Person and photographer, Mary McMurray, takes you through her life story filled with mental illness, covert abuse, and healing, along with current thoughts, feelings, and ridiculousness.
Psyche Whisperer A.J. Mahari
The Psyche Whisperer, A.J. Mahari, is an Author, Life Coach, BPD/Mental Health and Self Improvement Coach, a self help guru, who invites you to explore your relationship to your authentic self and the world around you. The Psyche Whisperer speaks to your desire to live more authentically, and more fully in the here and now. Through a wide variety of topics you can learn so much more about your own psyche. Your psyche is your window into your inner-world and out to the world that you interact ...
Exposed Podcast
Hello and welcome to Exposed, the podcast where I expose myself and encourage other people to do so as well.
Creating Miah
This is a story of self-acceptance. In the first season, we answer all of your questions around a new trans person's life. In the second, the podcast is about bipolar, codependency, love, relationships, suicide, mental health, and finally learning to love one's true self.
Mike's Open Journal Podcast
Talking openly and honestly. Ill be chatting all things, with particular focus on mental health. Hence, Open Journal. Twitter: @Open_Journal_
DBT Peer Connections
Introduced in 1993 and created by Dr. Marsha Linehan and her team at the University of Washington, Dialectical Behavior Therapy or DBT as it is often referred is a comprehensive psychotherapy designed to treat suicidal persons, particularly those with borderline personality disorder (BPD). Emerging research is also showing DBT to be effective in treating eating disorders and substance abuse as well with promising DBT research for other mental disorders underway. However, anyone can benefit f ...
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Live Your True Life Perspectives with Ashley Berges
Are you currently in a relationship or married to someone exhibiting the signs and symptoms of BPD? This show is dedicated to the spouse who feels as though they have lost themself, feeling like a shell of a person. Are you trying to hold the relationship together and not know what to do? Are you finding yourself people-pleasing in order to not ...…
Susan Saunders checks in with the Bloomington Illinois Police department for extra details on current crime investigations and public events you won't get anywhere else.
A very honest conversation all about borderline personality disorder (BPD) with my best friend Chloe. CONTENT WARNING: we mention topics such as suicide and self harm during this, please be cautious if you are likely to be triggered.You can find Chloe at @chloevcamp on Instagram, and watch some of our old videos here: ...…
Laurene Hope a best selling artists with her tours as Piaf and Callas, banishes the stigma of Border line Personality Disorder and shows the world,how fulfilling your dreams is a far better way to staying mentally well than any other kind of therapy that involve medication. Laurene who has done extensive training as a classical singer was in a ...…
This week we discuss sex and how depression and bpd affect it! We talk about how your libido can be affected by numerous things and try to discuss some coping skills to help get you out of that funk that we all have experienced! For any comments or questions please contact us at We are not a replacement for therapy nor are ...…
Buffalo Police Lieutenant Jeff Rinaldo briefs reports on an officer-involved shooting Sunday afternoon in the city's Blackrock section.
In this episode, Kate and Ophidian focuses on Kate's diagnosis of borderline personality and how it effects their work, career, and home life. Discussion is had about everything from symptoms to psychiatric hospitals to how managing Kate's BPD has helped them learn to be a more successful team in their day to day.…
Current updates on crime, details of the Behind the Blue event, and we say goodbye to one BPD PIO while saying 'Hello' to our new one.
Monthly update on what is happening with the Bloomington Police Department.
Today we discuss eating disorders; the different types of disorders, symptoms, how they relate to other mental health issues, and how to handle them. This is a common disorder among people with BPD and its a struggle that many many people have. For any questions please contact us at We are not a replacement for therapy nor ...…
Effective Ways to Help Someone with BPD Borderline Personality Disorder TOPIC OF DISCUSSION AT sure you don't miss NEW PODCASTS SUBSCRIBE I want to share everything that worked to help me reach emotional balance. Teaching online courses on Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping), M ...…
Are you a narcissist and, if so, should you be a CEO? This week’s question comes from Jayne in Adelaide, Australia. Q: Could you see value in companies establishing prerequisite testing of all CEO applicants for disorders such as BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) or NPD (Narcissist Personality Disorder) to ensure that people in leadership p ...…
SelfWork with Dr. Margaret Rutherford | Self-Help | Mental Health | Depression | Anxiety | Relationship Problems| Therapy
Emotional abuse is very real for many, When it comes from a parent, the damage done can horrific and life-altering. This is a complex issue — and Dr. Margaret talks about it with understanding and compassion for all involved Today’s post describes a mother who meets criteria for what’s termed Borderline Personality Disorder, (BPD) which is a wa ...…
Borderline Personality Disorder BPD topic of discussion at: BPD Definition and Psychological Symptoms- The treatment that was originally created to treat Borderline Personality Disorder but now it is used to foster emotional intelligence- Busting 5 Borderline MythsMake sure you don't miss any NEW Podcasts click Follow I w ...…
Monthly update on current police issues in Bloomington Illinois
Susan asks about the new substation proposed for West Jefferson street in Bloomington, plus SHOP WITH A COP stories, and how to say THANK YOU to the officers you appreciate. Are cookies OK?
Feelin Weird
Anya Dedyna and I talk about all things mental health! We discuss: Borderline Personality Disorder; dissociating; knowing your limits; fear; naming your scary thoughts and feelings; (TW!) cutting; being an angsty teen; 'the dark uglies'; anxiety; ADHD; dissociating and shutting down; bailing on plans; FRIENDSHIP; (TW!) suicidal ideations (how t ...…
Journey Community Church – La Mesa, California
Ed NobleBy (Journey Community Church).
Each year 13,000 to 15,000 extremely premature infants develop severe bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD). Despite major advances in neonatal intensive care and improved survival of infants born very prematurely BPD rates have not decreased over the last decade. While there are several reasons for this, a lack of understanding of the various paths ...…
The actor/improvisor (Horrible Bosses, American Horror Story) shares about learning to manager her Borderline Personality Disorder, and fears of abandonment or not being enough. She also shares about her weight struggles , depression, suicidal ideation, and being in a psych ward but hiding it from her mom. Post-interview Paul reads surveys and ...…
The actor/improvisor (Horrible Bosses, American Horror Story) shares about learning to manager her Borderline Personality Disorder, and fears of abandonment or not being enough. She also shares about her weight struggles , depression, suicidal ideation, and being in a psych ward but hiding it from her mom. Post-interview Paul reads surveys and ...…
Oil prices daily podcast discusses all of the news, events, and trends influencing oil prices each day. Be sure to visit today s oil prices daily newsletter for links to all news stories and sources mentioned in this podcast. Links: Oil Prices Daily Newsletter for 11/4/16 +Exclusive: Saudis could raise oil output again as sparring with Iran ret ...…
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