ONLY Cure For Borderline Personality Disorder BPD


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I'm a wife, mother, grandmother AND have lived with BPD for my entire life. I've been ashamed of this & kept it as hidden as possible. I've just come out of the Mental Health closet & am taking responsibility for my recovery & accountability for my past behaviours. I want it fixed. I'm not talking about coping skills, I'm talking about digging down to the root cause and adjusting the distorted core belief that "MY FEELINGS ARE IRRELEVANT & SHAMEFUL, DEVOID OF WORTH & THEREFORE SO AM I MYSELF". It's not a quick and easy fix. It involves painful self reflection & hard inner work. But, ANYONE can do it if they truly want to. Join me as I continue my recovery. I'd love you to get in touch or comment on the podcasts. Let me know if you want me to discuss anything in particular or maybe you'd like to be a guest. My eternal gratitude goes to Brian Barnett, Contact me on Twitter @DelShamala or

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