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Home of the Brave
Home of the Brave: new and old stories from "This American Life" contributor Scott Carrier.
Atlanta Braves
Podcast by You're So Brave Podcast
Brave Little State
What if you could decide what stories Vermont Public Radio should be covering, before they're even assigned? That's the idea behind Brave Little State.
The Brave Canada Podcast looks at issues facing Canada today with common sense insights and clear analysis.
Reviewing All Things Batman, CWTV (Arrow/Legends/The Flash/Supergirl), Gotham, Superhero News and the Animated Films.
Braving Babylon 5
Watching sci-fi classic Babylon 5 for the first time.
Braves beat reporters join national correspondents to take an inside look ahead at the story lines and developing news that impact the team's outlook.
The Brave Writer podcast is a big juicy conversation about how to bring learning to life for your kids! Julie Bogart and guests talk about how parents and children are partners in the learning adventure, especially when approaching the daunting task of writing. Brave Writer appeals to homeschoolers, educators, and parents who want more out of "school" than merely passing tests. Visit us at and follow along at the blog for show notes:
Welcome to the Brave Girls Club with Lyndsie, Kelly, and Khrysta! Three best friends who tell each other stories of violent crime, murder, demons, the occult, aliens, urban legends, the unexplained, and more.
Welcome to The Brave Ideas Podcast, bought to you by Aqua. This podcast is all about bringing to light exciting new ideas from the realms of digital and advertising, as understood by the employees of Aqua, South Africa's largest digital agency. Hosted by Dan Herman and Sinead Dennis, this podcast offers listeners learning and insight from some of South Africa's exciting marketing minds.
Finding Brave
Finding Brave with Kathy Caprino helps listeners access the courage they need to honor their true passions, talents, and values in life and work, and leverage them for more success and happiness. Listen in as Kathy and her inspiring, top-level guests share a wealth of strategies and tips for building a braver, more rewarding life and career.
We are Krissy Nordhoff and Maribeth Dodd. Krissy is a songwriter, Maribeth is a worship pastor. We are sisters, 6 years apart, and each married with 7 combined kids! In this episode, we introduce ourselves and share our from our unique perspective as two women in leadership in the American church. We hope you will benefit from our experiences and interviews with other like-minded leaders in ministry and business.
Home of the Brave
Home of the Brave: new and old stories from "This American Life" contributor Scott Carrier.
Join Atlanta Journal-Constitution Braves beat writer David O'Brien to learn what is really going on in Braves Country.
Starburst Magazine Presents: Ed Fortune and his team dive into the world of genre fiction, with book news, author interviews and in depth reviews of the latest science fiction, fantasy and horror novels. Guests include the likes of George RR Martin, Robin Hobb and Sarah Pinborough.
Brave Church
Weekly podcasts from Brave Church, Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, UKListen for a relevant and contemporary life message, centred on Jesus and focusing on building strong families. We seek to build a contemporary church family that influence its world. These messages are the foundation and bedrock to help us influence our world.
Brave, Not Perfect features interviews with brave change makers in tech, politics and business. It’s hosted by Reshma Saujani, CEO of Girls Who Code, a nonprofit organization which aims to support and increase the number of women in computer science.Have a question about diversity in tech, starting a business or just being a mom? Be sure to leave a voice message for Reshma on the free Anchor app.
Lecture notes analysing a variety of elements of Huxley's text.
Brave New Entrepreneurs podcast grants you access to first time entrepreneurs whose startups have been successful. It is designed to educate, inspire and connect entrepreneurs who are new to the startup scene experiencing highs, lows, fun and pressure that make life at a startup. The podcast idea started because Swathi, the host, discovered that folks who wake up with a new idea or just started a new business, are stricken with fears of failure, questions about funding and confused about cus ...
Advice from top influencers, creators and experts on using your voice to change the world, like Lisa Messenger, Laurence Tham, Tara Bliss, Carren Smith, Tom Cronin, Todd Henry + more.
Brave New World
John Harrison's weekly broadcasts on natural and man made phenomena which need to be explained: food security, climate change, the changing nature of war.
It's time to rise up from heartbreak & free your soul
This is my podcast!
An inspiring blend of stories and resources by and for women who are leaving their mark of beauty and bravery on the world around them. Hosted by life coach, community developer, and dreamer, Sarah Bond.
New technology has given way to new consumers, and the old way of communicating with consumers will never be the same. Brave Ad World is about embracing the new environment and shifting to a new way of strategic thinking in order to be successful.
Brave Old World
Brave Old World is a make-believe world that my friends hang out in, while I serve as the narrator. We use numbers and dice rolls to help make decisions, but mostly, it’s up to our collective imagination. Put another way, we’re a Dungeons & Dragons podcast.
Quiet Brave Radio
Consciously living is a multi-layered, lifelong mission that impacts EVERY area of life. BEING a conscious woman is an ever-evolving practice. Its a daily deliberation filled with countless choices and our podcast chooses to celebrate any women showing up for the work. We stand for community over criticism because blaming and belittling doesn't any value to the conversation. From where you are, with what you have, join us as we use different lenses to explore this topic as the ecosystem it i ...
Brave Motel
Brave Motel was a leisurely podcast started by 4 friends. After a strong initial run and a brief hiatus, it returned as a hangout/therapy session for 3 guys and some guests.
Brilliantly Brave
Brilliantly Brave (podcast); Parenting in a post-Christian world.Hosted by Brad Mathias (Pastor, Author, and Media Executive) and Robert Beeson (Founder of iShine, Author, and Blended family expert), Brilliantly Brave will include current social trends, real-life parenting support, and resources for those who are simply wearing thin.
Disney Pixar's new film Brave is out on 13th August and Brave: The Video Game is out now! So to get you in the mood we speak to the director of Brave, Steve Purcell, and Jamie learns about archery to get as good as the heroine Merida!
Speak Brave Podcast
FEAR IS BORING.Stop being boring. And start being fearless.
An anthology podcast series based on the original ideas of forgotten podcaster, Dandon Brave!
Brave New Work
Work means a lot of different thing to different people. Brave New Work Podcast is OuiShare Radio podcast to connect the conversations around the OuiShare community about 'the future of work'. As a community, we have strong ties with projects that we think will add to this debate.We kick off in Season One by digging into Freelancing and Coworking by taking part in the Freelancers Week in October and Coworking Europe in Brussels in November.
Brave Men podcast
Wisdom and courage for the journey - navigating life with the help of a father's voice. Paul Louis Cole is founder/president of the Global Fatherhood Initiative and We are a human justice mission focused on defeating fatherlessness, ending child abuse and stopping human trafficking. This is done through the mentoring of men. GFI is on the ground in over 100 nations.
Bosh & Brave
You have just found the audio diary of Paige Hopkinson, a tinkering engineer living in the city of Grand Ivorglen on the planet Flora. Paige tells you her hopes of working as a respected engineer in Trov Towers and her grand invention of detachable wings, Angelix. But things don't always go as planned...
Braves General Store
Braves baseball, comic books, movies, music, and a little bit of everything else. We're probably at the liquor store.
Brave Castle is a podcast dedicated to discussing the pursuit of creativity with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and multi perspective thinking. Makers, Builders, Artists, Writers, Thinkers and Adventurers. Anyone I have access to who use their short time in existence to plant their flag as high as they can on the mountain of success, what ever that may be. This podcast is to be long format discussions into the lives and ideas of people that I respect. People of thought and action. My intere ...
Brave Church
Brave is a new church in the East Bay of San Francisco. There's nothing like a word from God that engages our minds and speaks to the heart. We hope our talks inspire, give hope, and challenge.
Your weekly podcast for all things Atlanta Braves
Brave Hero Radio
Live skeptical discussions run the gamut with @JustinVacula, @Karla_Porter, guests, and callers.
Brave New Podcast
Heather & Justin are a podcasting/audio-editing team of interested citizens looking to spread the word of Orwell, Huxley, and Hoffer. Each episode we pre-hash a chapter from the book we're working on—starting with Orwell—then you can go read or listen to the chapter and come back to hear our post-hash. Audio Annotations! Comedy Cliffs Notes! For the first chapter of each book, we will stream the episode live on YouTube for free. After that each episode (1 episode=1 chapter—usually) will appe ...
Join entrepreneur and mom-of-four Colleen Mook as she explores how to create the life you want (even if things aren't easy). Colleen is founder and CEO of Internet retailer Baby Be Hip, she's a winner of several business awards, and she's a public speaker and has appeared on The Today Show and various other media. Tune in for tips and hacks, stories, interviews and more as she entertains and motivates.
Why do we make art? What do we do when we feel discouraged? How do we balance life, work and our passion to create? Is this a hobby or a profession? There are so many things to consider as an artist and that is why this podcast exists! There will be talk of creating, selling, and growing personally as artists. Whether you are a professional or beginner, self-taught or an art school student or alumni, I hope you will join me for a bit. I may not know all the answers but I am curious and deter ...
A weekly podcast providing a regular source of practical information, encouragement and inspiration for parents of school-aged boys hosted by veteran journalist and news anchor, Leigh Hatcher.
Tim Ferriss meets John Muir and Yvon Chouinard in a podcast. The Brave Monkeys are a passionate group of lifelong-learners and biohackers who believe that adventure is a source of knowledge, and that sometimes the riskiest choice you can make is playing it safe. This show includes inspiring interviews, lifestyle design tips, biohacking ideas, and adventures stories.
THERE IS MUCH MORE TO SPECIAL OLYMPICS THAN THE SUMMER GAMES AND THE POLAR BEAR PLUNGE!Brave In The Attempt Maryland is a series of podcasts that focuses on the athletes of Special Olympics Maryland, their families, and their friends. Our mission is to show that these amazing athletes are not only Special Olympic athletes, but your neighbors, your co-workers, and a part of your community. We will be talking with athletes from around the state and learning more about them in their every day l ...
Meet The Brave
Emcee/Producer/Writer Mani Draper is on a quest to showcase fearless creators. Meet The Brave is the where he’ll talk creativity, fandom and isolation with fellow artist. Live from Oakland based At The Ave Records.
An audio podcast of Brave Church in Miami, FL.
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Jedlie's totally interactive school assembly We Choose respect inspires kids to be brave and to help anyone in need. To learn more please visit Get ready for one fun and wild ride. Stephanie Burgis tells us about her fantastically wonderful middle grade book Dragon with a Chocolate Heart. You will love this tale about a brave gir ...…
CRITICAL REFLECTION QUESTION Are we equipping our children to have brave conversations? We need to encourage, guide and support the development an understanding of… >> What is kindness? >> What is empathy? >> What language is acceptable around others? Our children need us to role model for them => BUT they also need more then this, they need us ...…
Episode 3 explores the question that is as familiar to me as my own face: So... What are you going to do with that? In this episode, I discuss what career options are available to someone brave (i.e. crazy) enough to pursue a degree in art history and take a certain Aunt Carol to task...
In this week’s edition of the PennantPod, contributor Rob Grubbs joins Steven Teal to talk Braves baseball, UGA’s historic start, minor league news and notes (including Mike Soroka’s early dominance at Gwinnett), high honors for GSU’s Nick Gatewood, as well as feature the the hottest high school teams in the state and preview the upcoming GHSA ...…
This is part 2 in The Authentic Series!It's scary to show our true full selves. What if it's not enough? Or a little too much? Vulnerability sits at the cross roads of truth and courage. Let's be brave this week! Listen in to get tips on how to use your vulnerability to ignite strength. Authentic awesomeness awaits. Let’s do this!// Show Notes ...…
What are you afraid of? We’re all afraid of something. What grips your heart so tightly it takes your breath away. Everyone, regardless of how brave they seem, is afraid of something. We live in a world of uncertainty and uncertainty breeds fear. When we don’t know what the future holds, fear stakes its claim in our lives. The remedy for removi ...…
In one of Jesus' most famous parables, he talks about 4 different types of soil and how we might find ourselves in each type. Today's text is Mark 4:1-20 // Speaker: Daren Laws // For more information visit
We're back! Baseball season is finally here, so let's break down brawls, the Braves maybe being good (???), Dansby Dansby Dansby, Jackson naming random 2000s Braves players for 20 minutes, Vanderbilt players in the majors update and we talk about baseball movies to close the show. Ben hasn't seen Hardball.…
A forgiving heart is a brave heart.
Kimmer show topics: we need hottie fun girl pics, Braves tickets! Comey a dirty cop, lazy Belgian army, Newsmaker lines by Jim Gossett, HCIS with Pete Davis, sweetness, Pete’s tweets, plus your curly fried calls at 844 404 1067 from noon til 3pm, tell Arby!
Kimmer show topics: mueller and fbi run amok amok, Braves tix giveaway, pollen messing with Kim and flounder what wussies, deep state vs us, Alan Dershowitz rocks, tenn coed models with gun, Newsmaker lines with Jim Gossett, teachers unions suck, HCIS with Pete, sweetness bell, Pete’s tweets, cbs covers for Charlie rose scumbag, and Pete breaks ...…
Graduated from Chengdu TCM University Registered TCM Practitioner Tai Chi Quen and Qi Kung Master In 2011, Master Stanley was invited by Guangxi TCM University in China to help perform western research to prove the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine in healing a wide range of conditions. During this time, he amassed invaluable data a ...…
In the fourth edition of the PennantPod, Josh Tanner is joined by contributor Zack Autry and special guest, Chet Popelka of the Braves Tomablog for a recap of Braves opening week action and a look ahead at the upcoming Minor League season with MiLB Opening Weekend underway. Zack and Chet break down what went right and what went wrong for the Br ...…
In this episode of MTB Mani chats with life long mentor and father figure, Pat Davis. Pat is the owner of the legendary Bay Area staple that is KC's BBQ. Just a year removed from the heartbreaking fire that caused the family to close its doors after 50 years of serving the community of Berkeley, CA. The Davis family is well loved and respected ...…
Georges Bardawil joined John Hyon Ko to talk about getting exposure during the Desert Force Academia reality show, learning from a bad weight cut, the reasons for signing with BRAVE CF, fighting in Brazil for the first time, representing the Arab world and more. The Lebanese prospect will make his promotional debut at BRAVE 11 on April 13 in Be ...…
Sometimes the 2 brave, little girls would put on a party. Everyone who was anyone would be there and the 2 brave girls made sure everyone was invited. Sometimes guests would get ego and sometimes guests would get macho, but the girls always showed up and fixed everything before it got weird. At the end of every party the 2 tired gals would be s ...…
Please enjoy this message from our Senior Pastor, Pastor Ricky Hughes. If you are interested in attending a service or finding out more, please visit us on the web at
Join Mike and Chris on Easter as they celebrated by talking Avengers Vol 1 #17, Heart Throbs #60, Daredevil #8, Brave and the Bold #79, Fantastic Four #39, Judge Dread #2 Vol 1By (Geek Brunch).
Join Mike and Chris on Easter as they celebrated by talking Avengers Vol 1 #17, Heart Throbs #60, Daredevil #8, Brave and the Bold #79, Fantastic Four #39, Judge Dread #2 Vol 1
On this week’s episode of The Pro Wrasslin’ Reflection Podcast episode 30… We review the WCW Saturday Night April 4, 1992! “Mr. Gimmick” Travis Voeltz flies solo and relives this classic WCW (World Championship Wrestling) Event! Event information: WCW Saturday Night is a weekly Saturday night TV show on TBS that was produced by World Championsh ...…
Welcome to Bold Moves Podcast Episode 156 Fearless Fridays 78 Amiekay's Challenge! If you missed Monday's post, I interviewed Amikay Richcrick. In 2017, Amiekay quit my long-term career in television news to take a chance on a lifelong dream to travel the world. Her first stop was New Zealand, and she has spent the past 8 months traveling and g ...…
When the Braves came to Milwaukee in 1953 it was called a miracle – within five years they won the World Series and two pennants but by 1964 they had moved to Atlanta. We talk with the author of a new book about how and why it happened.
Deciding to follow basic instructions from my travel Thailand guide, I embarked on a mini adventure - only for the brave - and went on a mini journey of self-discovery. With only a few days left of my travel in Thailand, I wanted to experience the Floating Markets just outside of Bangkok. To get there was an adventure in itself and with only a ...…
Pana TeknoIf DavidoFall DavidoMad Over You RuntownLebeh Lebeh Ding DongAYAYAY PumpaShe Bad TurnerSanko TimayaPam Pam KetchupBaby Na Yoka FlavourI Like The Way TimayaNwa Baby FlavourBend Down (Pause Remix ft. Wizkid & Machel Montano) RuntownMami Lo Tiene Machel MontanoFast Wine (Jillionaire Remix) Machel MontanoRough Wine (Ultimate Rejects Remix ...…
Ring in the death bell ....April is here!!!!! My tales of fright this month are of an anthology of demons and the holy and the unholy ! in 1) Satan 2) Burn the holy place 3) Messiah Messiah 4) The unfinished nether-realm 5) Bezel burns 6) Pray to your master 7) satan's key 8) Blood of christ 9) Little bunny foo foo 10 ) a man in pain 11) who is ...…
BRILLIANTLY BRAVE Episode #36- "Praying Your Way Through Parenting" with Author, Pastor, & Parenting Expert Robert Noland. He shares that prayer is a neglected part of parenting today and how to make it more specific to your child when asking God to move in their lives. Find our blog at or on Facebook at #Brilliant ...…
This week GeauxDee and Smash recap season 1 of The Chi, college basketball’s one and done rule, and the motivational speech of a brave 11 yr old Naomi Wadler.
UQ palaeontologist Dr Steve Salisbury has helped unearth thousands of dinosaur footprints along a single stretch of coastline in Western Australia. He and his team braved sharks, crocodiles, massive tides and the threat of development to unveil the most diverse assemblage of dinosaur tracks in the world. Welcome to Australia’s Jurassic Park.…
Some people in some countries don’t have the choice of doing what they enjoy. But when you have the choice, what if you chose something you don’t love? If it’s a sport like Boxing, surely a big risk? Thoughts on brave David Price’s defeat.
Another day, another show. Alan and Charles are both having a weird depressed hook up phase. Charles' life goal is to be a trophy husband. Luis tells a recent hookup story as a non-sadboi, while Cindy interrupts again. Charles objectively has the best butt on the show. If you don't like Black Dynamite, we can't be friends. Alan tells the absolu ...…
During the final hour of the how Charlie talks the Braves Dugout reporter getting hit with a foul ball, and the extended netting in MLB ballparks . A preview of the National Title game between Villinovavs. Michigan. Houston Open Results, will they ever get a title sponsor again? Notre Dame knocks off UConn and Miss Sate thus becoming NCAA Women ...…
I hope you are all finished Brave by Rose McGowan, but if you didn’t, don't worry. We have a lot of things to talk about regarding her book, her career and her current activism. If you didn’t finish, I encourage you to read on and hopefully find some inspiration in her fight and maybe some motivation to help with her cause…in whatever capacity ...…
In this episode, Candace Whiting has a conversation with Dr. Temple Grandin. Also, Adam and Jason talk with SOMD staffer, Julie Oltman and athelete Elaina Camacho. It’s a jam packed show!…
Mike Nicholls, Creator of Umber Magazine joins Mani on this episode of Meet The Brave to take him from roots in North Carolina, witnessing the rise of Atlanta, surviving the CHI, Afrocentric Philly and landing in Oakland. Mike also shares why Umber could not have happened without Oakland. This episode is sponsored by At The Ave Studios. For mor ...…
Jesus is Risen! Luke 24:1-12 The gospel is not good news without the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. It was a horrifying weekend for followers of Jesus. Their hopes and dreams were shattered by a cross on Friday afternoon. Jesus was the one they thought would restore the kingdom to Israel, their expected messiah; whom they did not expect w ...…
-Masahiro Tanaka's impact on the Yankees (0:23) -David Price expectations for 2018 (2:54) -Who will challenge the Dodgers in the NL West? (5:07) -Can the Brewers challenge the Cubs? (6:56) -Do you believe in Cubs rotation? (8:37) -Dave Martinez impact on Nationals (11:50) -Which young core are you most excited about: Phillies or Braves? (13:07) ...…
Brian Cox is a Blotter art collector and the curator of the Big Blotter show at Agent Ink. Curt Barnickle is the owner and operator of @agentinkgallery Find me @renzo_butchart Find the pod cast @brave_castle_cast come get tattooed at @glassbeetletattoo Thank you to AGENT INK GALLERY in Santa Rosa for their support. Come out ...…
Biggest Takeaways: At its heart, this is a story about change - and how hard it is The biggest theme of the story is figuring out who you are and being brave enough to be that person The book and the movie are both great conversation starters - but the book is always, always, always better! Hot-topic issues covered: Bullying Drinking Friendship ...…
We have an awesome interview with Jason Wieloch, President of the Wieloch Group real estate brokers in Atlanta, GA. We discuss opening day of Major League Baseball, the walk off win for the Braves, the craze about the Soccer team Atlanta United, and more. He will tell us some places to go if you are visiting that you wouldn't know about! Enjoy! ...…
This week's episode features, Mrs. Ramonita Jimenez.Ramonita is the Brand Manager of North America Brand Initiatives at Nike. She is a wife, leader and barrier breaker among many other things!Originally from New York, Ramonita began her career at Nike Georgetown in 2012 while finishing her undergrad degree at Georgetown University, where she ma ...…
Below is an audio recording of the Good Friday service (found here). You can also find the readings for the day online. A written version of the sermon follows. When I was in middle school I watched my closest friend be abused by another student in the changing room after ...…
Truly engaging and inspiring conversation with MaryMartha Ford-Dieng, award winning creator of the Ultimate Clapback game. Losing her father at an early age and shouldered with the responsibility of caring for a disabled parent, MaryMartha Ford-Dieng is no stranger to difficult times. She turned her pain into play by developing a card game, The ...…
This conversation is about living, breathing, being YOU. Your voice matters, your message's time to stop apologizing. “You’re doing important work. Keep doing it. Keep talking about your work. Don’t stop and don’t let anyone get in your way.” (Maya Angelou from Braving the Wilderness - Brené Brown) Meditation link - https://www.3ho ...…
Psalms 46:10 He says, "Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." Psalms 27:14 Wait patiently for the LORD. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the LORD.#ontheroadministries #ontimeGod #Jesusloves #wwjd #trust #ontheroadministries #60secondmotivations…
BoundlessFM is your radio show hosted by ROONE to light up your day with fresh and sparkling electronic dance music. Merging together the latest and most driving tunes in one hour, he is bringing you to a new level of listening experience. Tracklist: 01.) Roone - BoundlessFM - Intro [00:00] 02.) Bruno Mars, Cardi B - Finesse ...…
Braves S/O, Final 4 preview, IT to the Motor City, and Lightning round
On Episode 43 of The Crossover, Sam & Brame talk about: the Final Four, MLB Opening Day and how the Braves will do this season, and the rule changes in the NFL.
Dina Rodriguez is a hand lettering artist, educator, and the host of Women of Illustration, a video interview series featuring women from all over the world sharing about how to get noticed in the male-dominated design industry. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, Dina and I talk about the phrases that inspire and motivate her, what it mea ...…
Around the Big Leagues host Grant McAuley joins us to discuss, among other things, our immediate impressions from the Braves Futures game. Also, Which player is looking to breakout, and who needs to show out?
Author : Izzy Wasserstein Narrator : Tatiana Grey Host : Sarah Gailey Audio Producer : Chelsea Davis Artist : Geneva Benton Discuss on Forums PseudoPod 588: ARTEMIS RISING 4: The Good Mothers’ Home for Wayward Girls is a PseudoPod original. This is Izzy’s first professional sale. “While writing this story, I was thinking a lot about how many of ...…
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