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Ron Carpenter TV
Recognized worldwide as a leader of leaders, Ron has advised, consulted and mentored CEO’s, Pastors and political leaders around the world for two decades. As both a Senior Pastor and a successful entrepreneur with multiple business ventures, his relentless passion for developing potential in others succeed permeates every aspect of his organization
Join Bobby Carpenter and Anthony Rothman every weekday for your daily run through of the local and national sports headlines.
Carpenter Revisited
Each week, hosts Noah and Gavin (The Blanchard Brothers) take listeners into the life and work of their shared favorite childhood director; the man, the myth, the Master of Horror himself, John Carpenter.
The Carpenters
The podcast for the members of the Venerable and Sacred Order of the Scholastic Trapezoid
Welcome to the Podcasting Home of Carpenter's Way Church located in Lufkin, TX.
Podcast by James Carpenter
“Civilization sinks and swims, but the old facts remain—the sun smiles, knowing well its strength.” Edward Carpenter (1844-1929) wrote his prose poem, Towards Democracy, styled after Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, in a summer burst of creativity. “Early in 1881, no doubt as the culmination and result of struggles and experiences that had been going on, I became conscious that a mass of material was forming within me, imperatively demanding expression . . .” An English intellectual, Carpente ...
Maya Carpenter
BrownVintage is about reflecting on the past, but also knowing that forward movement is vital. Listeners will learn about the innovators in independent music, politics, philanthropy, ministry and entertainment. Join and follow me on this journey.
Hard to imagine now, but there have been times and places where just wearing sandals could get you labeled as being in rebellion against established society. Two such places were Berkeley, California in the early 1960s and Millthorpe, England in the 1880s. Millthorpe was home to Edward Carpenter (1844-1929), an English socialist poet, philosopher, and activist who abandoned his upper crust life and university sinecure to grow market vegetables and handcraft sandals for a living. Carpenter’s ...
The story takes place in the fictional city of Western City circa 1920. It begins with a man named Billy who is attacked by a mob of ex-servicemen outside a theater after watching a German film. Billy stumbles into a church to escape the mob and is visited by Carpenter, that is Jesus, who walks out of the stained glass window of the church. Carpenter is shocked and appalled by his observations of greed, selfishness, lust, sorrow, and the ultimate division between rich and poor. The story the ...
Whoever you are, wherever you are, I can promise you this, there's a horror movie out there that's JUST for you -- And we're gonna help you find it on Horror 101. This is a horror podcast out of Windsor, Ontario where we focus on some of the greatest titles that you may have missed over the last few decades. Our show is laced with great soundtrack music, audio clips from scenes that we discuss, interesting production trivia and much, much more. Join Cash and his cohorts as they celebrate the ...
James Carpenter's recent posts to
Join Rev. Sam Carpenter as he shares the Word of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Broadcasting from The Beacon Of Grace Church in Walkertown, NC.
James Carpenter & Karl Bennett dissect general topics in their unique way.
My 10 Favorite Tracks
Paul Carpenter is an artist worth looking at. He has shown at influential galleries on both coasts of America. The book contains fascinating comments not only on Carpenter's work, but the state of modern art in general. Writing about his own work under the pseudonym Olivero del Santos, Carpenter investigates the cultural and political foundations of his painting and its context in the broader environment of the current art scene. Readers interested in art's relationship to psychology and myt ...
Sports Talk in Kansas City covering the Chiefs, Royals, Mizzou, Kansas, Kansas State, Sporting KC and national topics on a daily basis. NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, NCAA College Football and Basketball. 810 WHB in Kansas City. -ESPN
An online show by contractors for contractors. We bring you the latest Inspiration, Motivation, and Education helping you use today's technology to grow your business with purpose.
For business owners who are CabinetMakers, Architectural Woodworkers Furniture Makers and Woodwork shop owners. CabinetMakerProfitSystem is a resource that shows you how to work less and earn more. Listening here is how you "2x your Profits" and "2x your Time off". For tips, tricks and information on business building. Its not boring business talk- its real world info, podcasts, videos and articles just for trades pro's. Join the conversation at -->
Dissecting Dexter
A podcast devoted to the hit Showtime series Dexter, delving into the journey of Dexter Morgan, the serial killer hiding in plain sight as a police blood spatter expert in Miami. With episode commentary and plotline and character analysis, this is a perfect companion to the tv show. Email feedback to or follow on Twitter @dissectdexterThis Podcast was created using
The best podcast for Horror, Sci-Fi, Cult, Exploitation, and everything in between! The Dead Air Podcast brings you News, Reviews, Filmmaker Interviews, Retrospective Series, and a whole lot more. Give us a spin and become ONE OF US...
Without Your Head
Without Your Head
A guy, a woodworking shop and a whole lot to share. Straight grains and sharp blades!
Doug Kezirian, John Cregan and Tom Carpenter provide fantasy basketball player updates, injury news, strategy and more.
The Horror Cast is a group of 4 friends....Walshy, Marknado, HorrorGal Susan and Revenant Vin who review horror cinema old and new. Check out one of the best horror movie podcasts on the web!Scary terror films spooky creepy ghosts haunted demons vampires werewolf Frankenstein monsters maniacs creatures carpenter craven hooper cronenberg Spielberg argento fulci bava giallo annabelle conjuring insidious Jason vorhees micheal Myers Freddy Krueger leatherface slasher thriller pennywise Stephen k ...
With the release of the latest movie in the Halloween franchise, Rob Zombie's Halloween II, the hosts of Now Playing look into Michael Myers' family scrapbook, watching and reviewing all ten Halloween movies.
It's all about the sports at Spartan Nation and the fans love it! This two-hour weekday show has been airing since 2009 and compliments host Hondo Carpenter's Spartan Nation TV and Spartan Nation Magazine, which has thousands of subscribers. With a lengthy career in and a fervent passion for sports, Hondo brings his established hosting skills to the airways each weeknight talking with sports celebrities and fueling the fans' appetites for more, more, more!
From the grue-crew behind Horror News Radio, Decades of Horror 1980s covers the horror, sci-fi and fantasy films from the Eighties. Classics from John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper, Wes Craven, David Cronenberg and more.
Ace On The House
Before becoming a comedian, Adam Carolla was a hammer-swinging, ditch-digging carpenter. Now, Adam's bringing that knowledge to you in Ace On The House, a weekly home improvement podcast. Joined by childhood friend and general contractor Ray Oldhafer, the guys take your calls and answer your e-mail questions with an informative, hilarious twist. From contractors to novices, Ace On The House is sure to keep you coming back every Saturday to get your weekend dose of Adam.
Stephen King's Carrie is being remade in a new movie starring Chloë Grace Moretz. To prepare we're going back and rewatching all previous Carrie films as part of a massive Stephen King movie retrospective series, reviewing every adaptation of a King work! Join us at to hear all the reviews!
We Preach Christ.
Podcast about the classic Robin Hood tv series Robin of Sherwood.
Static Creeps
Matt Willocks and Bryan Richards creep together bi-weekly in the crypt to discuss their undying love for the macabre, horror, and all things spooky! Creeps listen at your own risk!
Clear Heart
Carpenters and craft, friendship and rivalry: Wally is building a mansion for a dot-com multimillionaire in the Silicon Valley of California. As the dot-com's stock keeps rising, the size of the house - and the owner's ego - keep growing. Wally and his colorful crew may be into something that's over their heads. When little guys work for bigshots, who gets nailed? From bungling to burglary, from demolishing concrete to racing beltsanders, from love of tools to falling in love, everyone will ...
The Intrepid Entrepreneur is here to inspire those who are hell-bent on becoming a kick-ass entrepreneur, striving to level-up their business that they’ve started or are gearing up to launch their incredible ideas into successful small businesses! Join Kristin Carpenter-Ogden, founder of LivingUber and Verde Brand Communications, as she interviews inspirational, motivated, and kick-ass small business owners who have made their mark on the outdoor industry.
Life Church
Life Church Sioux Falls weekly sermons
Today's most talented and compelling musicians visit Musicians' Spotlight to "talk shop" and give you a deeper insight into their music. Host and producer John Floridis brings his own musical expertise along with over a decade and a half of experience conducting interviews. Guests on the show have included legendary musicians like B.B King; Alison Krauss; Lyle Lovett; Wilco; Brandi Carlile; Daryl Jones of the Rolling Stones; The Cowboy Junkies; Richard Thompson; Mary Chapin Carpenter; Bruce ...
Garden Gossip
Home & Garden Radio with hosts Nancy J. Reid & Lisa D. Smith ( Editors). Listen to interviews with DIY Experts, Carpenters, Organizers, Master Gardeners, Herbalists, Authors, Decorators, and More. Call in and ask our Home & Garden experts questions about your DIY, Garden and Home Decor Projects! Airs monthly.
Stephen King's second published novel 'Salem's Lot has had three screen adaptations. Now join Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob as they watch and review all three adaptations in their continuing look all movies based on King's writing!
Welcome To Amyville is an original creative broadcast dedicated to the entirely all too often awkward experiences and glorious insights of its occasionally enlightened creator, the fine artist, Amy Carpenter.
C3 Church in South Point, Ironton, and Wheelersburg. Speakers are Trent Carpenter, Jimmy Lemon, Brian Hayton, Aaron Fields.
A variety of official tracks and perhaps videos from the Bad Mutha Booboisie!
Dust Press Podcast
An inside look at Dust Press with creators Mark Carpenter and Alan Close.
Pastor Emmanuel Akognon answers questions submitted by members in the monthly Question and Answer Sunday. 1. Should we eat at restaurants that display that they are Halal? 2. Are denominations contrary to the Word of God? 3. Do aliens exist? 4. When
Sermons from Manna Fellowship
Colossians 1:10 Live a life worthy; Increasing in knowledge; Fully pleasing and Fruitful; in Every good work.
Big Big Day
host Adam Carpenter guides guests through their ideal day.
Makers Radio is a show about art, craft, and design. Through dialogues and interviews, we ask the question, "what makes us make?" Hosted by Leonard Reese-a digital designer in New York-and Tyler Jones-a carpenter in Texas.
Jeanne Carpenter, cheese geek and American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional, travels America's Dairyland in a quest to: Have Fun. Do Good. Eat Cheese.
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For our fiftieth episode, we decided to revisit the big daddy of the genre... THE THING. The Jon Carpenter film bombed on release, but found a massive following later on. Does it hold up after all these years? Our weekly horror curation consists of The Forest, Lost in Space, X-Files, Witch Hunt, Tom Riley - Paranormal Investigator, Dredd, Blade ...…
Join Fansided's St. Louis Cardinals-centric site- writers and editors as they discuss all things Cardinals. Season 2, Episode 7 continues our new year of podcasts and brings many exciting things each week. This episode's topics include: MLB scores from around the league Fresh reaction to St. Louis Cardinals/Chicago Cubs game t ...…
Mix #316 we bring you DJ IRV. Growing up on an eclectic diet of classic rock and old funk records provided by his parents’ record collection, Irv is hard to pin down musically. Inspired by his family’s love of music. Irv took up the drums at the age of 18. It was only a few years later that Irv discovered late night house parties and the groovy ...…
Sunday, April 15, 2018Rev. Dr. Douglas M. Carpenter, Sr.1 John 4:1-6
👏Born and raised in Venice Beach, California, and after traveling around the world, Sarah now lives in Brooklyn, New York.👏Being a cancer survivor, artist and food lover she incorporates resiliency, courage and humor in her on-going group, corporate and private classes.During the past two decades, Sarah has studied with Bryan Kest, Annie Carpen ...…
Film history is full of lost versions of famous movies, often discarded in their time but reinstated later to restore the director's intent. Blade Runner, Spartacus, Little Shop of Horrors... and of course, King Kong vs. Godzilla. Joanna, Sam, and Ryan chew through the little-seen Japanese version of the movie, finding it delectably clever but ...…
You're listening to the first official episode of The Carpe and Zen Show. In this episode, Joseph Carpenter (Carpe) and Jacob Lauritzen (Zen) talk about Steven Spielberg's new movie, Ready Player One. The first chunk of the podcast is spoiler-free, but the second part is full of spoilers. We're new at this so please tell us what you think so th ...…
"Okay. You people sit tight, hold the fort and keep the home fires burning. And if we're not back by dawn... call the president. " Long before episode 50, John Carpenter's Village of the Carpenters, Mike Foy & Mr. D had an impromptu conversation about the Carpenter and his legacy. So join us for a ride on the old Pork Chop Express! (Original Re ...…
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Easter Morning 2018 This morning, while it was still dark, we arrive with Mary Magdalene at the tomb of Jesus, the tomb that Joseph of Arimathea has donated for Jesus’ burial and discover that the stone sealing the tomb has been rolled away and we find it empty. What has happened to Jesus’ body? Has someone, like the Romans or the Jewish leader ...…
On this week's unconventional Frame by Frame Jonathan and Brayden discuss their differing opinions on Ready Player one, Steven Spielberg's new film starring Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, and Ben Mendelsohn. Next week join us for our more conventional Frame by Frame featuring Johnny Boy Carpenter. Thanks for listening!…
We are off to a great start and we love hearing such positive feedback from our associates in the industry as well as new friends we’ve made by putting The Tim Faller Show out there. In episode 2, Tim and Steve cover the Lead Carpenter System, specifically being used in the Kitchen & Bath segment of our industry. As Tim points out, the Lead Car ...… Lydia Armstrong is a prolific and deeply personal poet. We Prosers sat down with Lydia to discuss her poetry and writing, and we are pleased to share our conversation and her performance with you here on the airwaves. The piece she chose to bring in (something whic ...…
Seven years after the unsatisfying absence of Michael Myers, John Carpenter and Debra Hill were coming back to write and produce a new Halloween film with a surprising spin (listen to the episode to find out what it is!)...except Moustapha Akkad didn't like it. With Carpenter and Hill exiting the franchise (seemingly for good...until 30 years l ...…
This week, Omaya Jones and Stephanie Smittle break down the movies "Veronica," "Les Affamés," alternate depictions of the O.J. Simpson Trial, the art of Joshua Brinlee and The Move for the week: a concert from the Juilliard-certified digital pipe organ rockstar Cameron Carpenter.
It's our first ever Horrified Podcast Classic, and we're starting things off right with Halloween. In 1978, the horror genre was redefined by John Carpenter and co., but how does Michael Myers hold up today? Get the story from Tom, Lisa and Joe on this acclaimed slasher.
Ep #14: Withdrawal (part 1) by James Carpenter
Mandeville, La – by James Matthew Wilson, On The Mike Church Show A Dramatic Reading. The Stations of the Cross by James Matthew Wilson, with artwork by Daniel Mitsui A fourteen-part cycle published serially with accompanying iconography. I. Jesus Is Condemned I tried to think for half an hour About the face of […]…
In this service we celebrate the Seder (Passover) meal and worship Our God in a Communion based Worship Service. Time table of events: --0:00 to 5:45 minute mark---Pastor Carpenter reviews the events of the evening --5:45 to 22:45 minute mark---We eat the Seder meal which is a remembrance of the Passover event that took place over 2,500 years a ...…
This week we talk The Virgin Suicides (which technically aren't even murders, but it's fine) as well as John Carpenter's 1978 Halloween! Spoopy times.
The “How to get more Sales” episode. Part 2 of 3. The Revenue Formula Revenue = # of Jobs x Average Job Size x Average # of Jobs per Account Top Line, Revenue, Sales, Turnover… All different words for the same thing- how much we sold. If you want to increase sales in your Cabinet Making, Architectural Millwork, or Furniture Making shop then you ...…
This episode Blaise and Chris talk about Part 2 of “Brainless in Seattle” or as Shawn calls it, “RomComZomDram part 2.” He couldn’t be here for the recording due to WonderCon last week but will be back to talk about this week’s episode. When the news/episode breaks, be sure to tune-in here or our website at Be sure to foll ...…
Andy Sciazko, published horror illustrator for Nightmare Soup: Tales That Will Turn Your Stomach (a majorly successful Kickstarter project with a goal of $25,000 and ended up having 772 backers and raised $32,371), joins us for Episode 13! Andy’s personal artwork, in many ways, is a throwback to comics of the 90’s, personal influences and the r ...…
In this episode, Mark Hofer from the College of William & Mary joins David Carpenter in I to talk about the work he is doing with school districts through the Center of Innovation and Learning Design at the college. A great show that hits on some key points of what it takes to shift a school and district. @markhofer http:/ ...…
Jeff Carpenter Photographer, Videographer, Business Owner What happens when you’ve spent thousands on your education only to realize you don’t love it anymore? Should you ever work for free while gaining experience? How to use Instagram to get free gear for your business? In this episode of How To Fail Successfully, I have a conversation with R ...…
Charlie Meyer and Travis Green preview the upcoming Cardinals season as they discuss the team's impressive lineup depth, trying to appreciate Matt Carpenter, and how the lineup stacks up. They also got into the question of which is more of a concern for the Cards, the bullpen or the rotation? And they predict the Cardinals win total as well as ...…
We decided it was finally time to give John Carpenter some love by reviewing the 1980 classic THE FOG. Where does this movie sit in the pantheon of Carpenter films for you? Our weekly curation consists of Surveillance, The Monster Project, Wild Wild Country, The Strangers Prey at Night, Pacific Rim: Uprising, Atomic Blonde, Thor Ragnarok, Retur ...…
Jose Oquendo, Chris Carpenter and Mike Matheny each join Ozzie Smith for separate chats at the team's complex in Jupiter, Fla. Topics include teaching baseball in the modern age, the 2018 season outlook and what it means to be a Cardinal.
Young actor on the rise, Jet Jurgensmeyer, has appeared in some of the hottest projects in film and television today, securing multiple award nominations for his performances. In 2017, he lended his voice to the highly-anticipated voice over role of Stinky in the new lm based on the popular Nickelodeon animated TV-series, HEY ARNOLD! JUNGLE MOV ...…
“It’s a very weird job because you do all this work, and your whole life is engulfed in the show that you’re working on and every bit of attention to detail, and most of the people who come to the show have no idea that you exist… Most people know there’s carpenters, or there’s lighting people – but they don’t understand that there is somebody, ...…
Series Title: Be Relational Sermon 3/3 Introduction: “Warning, the following content may contain elements that not suitable for some audiences, viewer discretion is advised.” When I was a kid, I watched a lot of TV. It was a really unhealthy time for me. I would watch show after show after show. We had a ton of channels, so there was always som ...…
Stan teamed me up to frame a house with Ken, an illiterate genius carpenter with serious anger management issues. The work was high up and dangerous, and we were not prepared for the heat wave and the heat stroke that drove us off the roof.
Ben and Rob talk about the 1988 film written and directed by John Carpenter.
Mark T. Jordan is a keyboard player and songwriter who has performed or recorded with Van Morrison (“Tupelo Honey”), Dave Mason, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Olivia Newton-John, Taj Mahal, Lyle Lovett, Lee Roy Parnell and many others. Mark’s songs have been recorded by Bonnie Raitt, Randy Crawford, Dave Mason, Link Wray, The Carpenters and Taj ...…
We’re excited to bring you the first episode of The Tim Faller Show. Our podcast dedicated entirely to the production side of the remodeling industry. Tim and his co-host Steve Wheeler, will be bringing you weekly interviews with elite production managers, lead carpenters and industry experts. Tim and Steve jump right into a great first topic, ...…
Aneshia and Meg discuss episodes 7 and 8 of Married at First Sight Season 6. Topics include: rejection, Jon's ego, and Greek life. Cover image by Christian Kaindl on unsplash and edited by Meg Henry. Intro/Outro Music: "Mind Frame" by Melissa B. used under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 from affiliated with Married at First Sight or L ...…
The first part of CineMortuary's unboxing trilogy sees Rob deliver a near-literal turd in a box. That's why we're dipping back into John Carpenter remake territory with the 2005 remake of The Fog - where atmospherics and Jamie Lee Curtis have been replaced by Fall Out Boy and Shannon from Lost. On the plus side, CEX will offer to buy Dave and C ...…
Many of our favorite businesses were built out of someone loving something and then figuring out how to make it better. Yvon Chouinard created Patagonia because he loved rock climbing, hiking, and being outdoors. Everything else stemmed from that. Ben & Jerry loved ice cream, Jake Carpenter of Burton snowboards just wanted to find the perfect r ...…
Sunday, March 25, 2018Rev. Dr. Douglas M. Carpenter, Sr.Matthew 21:1-11
On this episode Frank speaks with Frank Mirahmadi and Dr. Ryan Carpenter.
R3HAB – I NEED R3HAB 287 Tracklist: 01. R3HAB – Hold Me (AmPm Remix) 02. Lauv – Getting Over You (R3HAB Remix) 03. Imagine Dragons – Believer (Romy Wave Cover) Not So Good Remix 04. Kygo, Miguel – Remind Me to Forget ft. Miguel 05. Two Feet – Go Fuck Yourself (Bekæ Remix) 06. Chad Cooper & Robaer – Wonderwall 07. Sabrina ...…
Sen Sharon Brown - 8th District KennewickSam Carpenter - Running for OR GovernorTodd Myers - Environmental Director for Washington Policy CenterBrad Peck - Franklin County Commissioner District 1 and Moore Mansion owner
Ask the Builder podcast 4 features three homeowner phone calls. The first call is with Robert. He started to do a house remodel and discovered a cracked floor joist under a second-floor bathroom. Tim shares how to fix it. The second call has a funny ending when Tim suggests a natural alternative to toxic weed killers and lawn fertilizers Bob wa ...…
What start to the NCAA Tournament, upset city everywhere you look and Warren and Ryan have a guest on to cover it all, Hunter Carpenter joins the program, he played basketball at Ole Miss from 1996-1999 and he talked about what its like to play in the tournament and what to expect this year. Cowboys free agency has been slow this year, and Tige ...…
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