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GM Intrusions is the podcast devoted to Numenera, The Strange and other games using the Cypher System. This podcast provides insights to players and GMs as well as product reviews for Numenera, The Strange and other Cypher System games.
Cypher Avenue is a direct response to the lack of a single website/podcast on the Internet catering to gay/bisexual men that love hip hop, pop culture, video games, sci-fi and mature and open minded conversations. Topics ranging from sex, sports, movies, new tech, science, fashion, comic books, politics, working out, hip hop, booze, television, cars, the outdoors, geek stuff, dating, and relationships; you name it, we have it. Unique viewpoints shared by an ever growing and diverse community ...
BangerSound Cyphers
BangerSound Cyphers is an online/worldwide music production collaboration. Once a month, a handful of producers connect on Facebook, upload some samples in order to make a sample pack, which we then each use to make our own individual 1-2 minute tracks at a specified BPM that we all vote on. At the end of the month, we mix everyone's individual tracks into one mixtape and upload it to SoundCloud, Mixcloud, and iTunes Podcasts. Feel free to join us in our community beat-making by searching fo ...
The Nu Soul Cypher
Monthly+ is the premiere Neo Soul, classic Hip Hop music and lifestyle site!! On their behalf, We bring you the greatest Neo Soul show on the web! Q-man, T. Mitch and MJ bring you soul news, events, interviews and an experience worthy of the word...Soulgasm!
Da Cypher will introduce new music..from dope the World.
Cypher Circuit is an inventive online platform developed specifically to help members of the hip-hop culture stay relevant in an ever-evolving industry. We are not selling dreams. We don't claim that Cypher Circuit will make anyone famous. However, what we provide is the opportunity to effectively engage with a peer-to-peer network that also provides professional development services. Our brand caters to those who want to actually participate in the culture by doing what they love. Whether y ...
A Collection of Podcast hosted by Cypher Studios
This is the moment when the DJ composition needs to be euphoric because the cypher never lies especially when you need your soul attraction to represent the desires with in.
Podcast by Cypher Circle Podcast
Bringing you the latest news in the Hip Hop dance scene in Colorado and beyond. Exclusive interviews and hot announcements of events both in Colorado and nationally.
Take a journey into the murky depths of the untamed drunken human psyche with this one of a kind Hip Hop freestyle podcast. Angerville is the group, Conscious Thought and Fortunato are the MC's, and the beats come from all over the world! Much consumption of Heineken occurs as theses two veteran Mic Rockas spew endless barages of lyrical fury.
Podcast by The Tree House Cypher
Game Master’s Journey is a discussion podcast for GMs and players of tabletop RPGs hosted by Lex Starwalker. The show explores strategies players and GMs can use to enhance the gaming experience for everyone at the table. Lex often uses Dungeons & Dragons as an example, but many of the topics are relevant to all RPGs. Lex also discusses the creation of his homebrew D&D setting, Primordia, providing a valuable worldbuilding resource for GMs creating their own setting.
Transmissions from the Ninth World is a podcast dedicated to the new RPG project NUMENERA by Monte Cook.
The CypherCast
Cypher System News
Incantations is a podcast dedicated to Monte Cook Games upcoming Invisible Sun role playing game. Every two weeks you can listen to us talk about an aspect of Invisible Sun we find interesting. We also talk about inspirations we want to use in the game, and other surreal sources that could be used.
The best podcast out there for reviews, news and more on Marvel's Merry Mutants - The X-Men! So if you like hearing talk about Wolverine, Deadpool, Cyclops, Cypher, Linguini, Nefaria, baseball, vasectomies, musical numbers, nuclear blasts, and more, than this is the show for you.
The Amber Clave
The Amber Clave is an Actual Play Numenera podcast released biweekly.
Welcome to the CypherCast Chronicles a Roleplaying podcast that features the Actual Play sessions of Homemade Cypher System Games. Using Monte Cook Games, Cypher System Rule Set. Enjoy
CypherKingz bring to you Hip Hop mixes and Cypher show archives. Make sure to catch them live every Friday on Ottawa's CHUO 89.1fm, 9pm - 11pm Eastern time. Listen live at
Bringing you talented artists from the hip hop community to learn about their music, their lyrics, and their creative process.
Thugged out Thursday's presents a new type of flavor giving you nothing but the streets from cyphers to interviews with some of the most talented upcoming artists!
Podcast –
a cypher on bad* movies
The original show dedicated to the FUN of smoking! Big Daddy D and Dr Dubious will make your eyes red just listening!! Join them doing the Stone Zone Show, in the Cypher, or on the Marijuana Music Network show!!!
Penumbra Extinction
Framed for treason, our heroes seek to clear their names while exploring The Strange, a dark network that holds infinite dimensions. The Penumbra Extinction is a multidimensional sci-fi actual play podcast that releases every Monday. Most of the time.Subscribe on Apple Podcast, Google Play Music, Stitcher, Soundcloud, or use the podcast RSS Feed.Watch our live stream on our Twitch and YouTube channels.Support us on us on Facebook and Twitter.The Strange is a Cypher ...
Hotbox Podcast
Exclusive live UK Hip-Hop cyphers with Twisted Link, Realms of Rhyme and special guests.
Underground variety show full of surprises and guests, battles, cyphers, down south , to the west, east, and north! Tracks spun, contests, everything! Hosted by Diabolic and Basick (of
Welcome to the Official Carlemile Podcast, Home of all the Carlemile original Series including "The Cypher", "According To New York", " A Moment With Carlemile, "America, You're so Crazy", "Mackin with Miles" and Our Original Radio Dramas.
Receiving a mysterious cypher message from a Fred Porlock, apparent agent of the infamous Professor Moriarty, Holmes and Watson set about deciphering the message, taking them into the mysterious murder of John Douglas. The connection between the murder and the message from Porlock creates the basis for this new Sherlock mystery, the last novel written by Doyle featuring the famous detective. - Summary by David Clarke
I'm EbonyJanice of #TheFreePeopleProject. I am a Hip Hop Womanist. You can follow the hashtag #PreachEb on IG to learn more about how I literally am Rap Genius for Hip Hop Lyrics and Scripture. This podcast is about all things hip hop and religion/spirituality. I'll be here every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month! || Email to answer weekly Cypher question!
Dumb podcast Show
A podcast by gamers talking about whatever we want to talk about. Most of the time that includes video games, comic books, TV and Movies! Hosts include Hooan, Cypher, YetiTactics, and Luffasoldier
Naz After Midnite
Im just a 24 year old dad sharing my views on what's happening in the world around us & all things life. My goal is to inspire my generation & spread positive energy via commentary. Stay up for some dope conversation & a whole lot more!
Our church family spans over multiple locations in Northeast Ohio & Western Pennsylvania. We are people of all ages and a mixture of many ethnic backgrounds. Dress at any of our locations tends to be business-casual, but there is always a mixture of ties, blue jeans and shorts. Services are an hour and a half in length with twenty-five to thirty-five minutes of praise and worship. Our music is a blend of old and new and we use a variety of instruments to aid us in our worship to the Father. ...
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Monday Top o' the Morning Fam...getting ready to drop that Featured Artist..we all have been waiting on...stay tuned..and keep it locked....Da Cypher baby!!!
In this episode, we discuss Scarface, Illegal tender, Superfly, what makes a gangster movie, the difference seeing films at home compared to in theaters, John Gotti, How Coca Cola was the biggest drug dealer at one time and other random stuff we ranted about while rolling up.
Still getting "Featured" Artist(s) material together..but in the meantime and between time...DOPE TRAKS....from DOPE ARTISTS..dropped on a regular..WBLU 77.7FM Da Cypher doing it til we can't do it no more
FORUM FRIDAYS Da Cypher WBLU 77.7FM..Short hiatus..but back with more hits...keep it locked
In this Marketing Over Coffee: Learn about going from 1-100 million, getting beyond the customer journey, smart stores and more! Direct Link to File Brought to you by our sponsors: LinkedIn and Optimove The amazing rise of Adore Me from 1 – 100 Million Our last Retail Interview with Healey Cypher Disrupting by offering a wider array of products ...…
Show: Heat Rocks Guest: Marcus Moore The Album: Mos Def's Black on Both Sides (1999) Writer Marcus Moore, currently a senior editor at Bandcamp, happened to be coming through to Los Angeles for his first time ever and we took advantage by inviting him to join us to talk about Mos Def's debut album, Black on Both Sides. Coming out just a year af ...…
Join the hottest artists in the game for an all night cipher! Get your poetry on. How many rounds can you go? Join us Wednesday night grab the mic and #SayDat!
Cypher Circle Podcast Episode 17 "" w/The Abnorm by Cypher Circle Podcast
It's da Thursday Afternoon on WBLU 77.7FM Da Cypher...Listening Music on deck FUNKY FUNK more to come...keep it locked.. ONE LOVE
Are you a dope lyricist? Do you bars...Come on my podcast this Saturday at 8:30pm to join in a fun and dope rap cypher...if
Repertoire Excursions live on Jungletrain.Bi-weekly - Wednesdays (odd weeks).22:00 to 00:00hrs BSTwww.jungletrain.netSubscribe on iTunes: Philip D Kick - Drown - Astrophonica02. Sonar's Ghost & Tim Reaper - Pony - Foxy Jangle03. So ...…
Episode 23 of This Cold Rhymes Podcast, with Mister and Height Keech. Double car trouble special. This week’s tunes…Johnny Cash - Look At Them Beans Seger System - Ramblin' Gamblin' Man Mouth - - Dream Baby Dreamhttps ...…
TIP TOP TUESDAYS Listening Music Session with some traks from DALGOZ & KEYLOW just something to vibe to..get your Hip-Hop Trip on...WBLU 77.7FM Da Cypher
Last Entry for the "BLU LIGHT SPECIAL" Series..definitely appreciate all listeners..Your Voice Counts...Your Opinion Counts..Your Voice Matters..Shouts to ALL Veterans and I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday...The Featured Artist(s) of the Week will resume shortly
EVIL Takes the reigns as host for this takeover podcast with his guests: Delivery Room, Crink & Crimzon Ink.You will get to hear them all having a chat about recent goings on aswell as their individual contributions to music, also featuring an exclusive 3 track set from Delivery Room, an exclusive snippet from Crimzon Ink's 1200 bars track, and ...…
Brains Mcloud, Zee and Gimik join Scuba in the studio today.Seperate Cypher Video: version version of the cypher: Mcloud: ...…
Brains Mcloud, Zee and Gimik join Scuba in the studio today.Cypher Video: interview: Mcloud: http://www.sil ...…
HARD ROCK Edition of the BLU LIGHT on WBLU 77.7FM Da Cypher..get your head nod on to this one,..real HARD ROCK HIP-HOP
In memory of my homie a TRU SOUL-JAH "MESSIYAH" is the BLU LIGHT SPECIAL for THROWDOWN THURSDAYS... check out this truly fire but missed by the mass media REGGAE...this should help you start your weekend right!!! Produced by DREAD BEATS
THROWDOWN THURSDAYS where we get it in...get ready for the BLU LIGHT SPECIAL segment 3...WBLU 77.7FM Da Cypher
Episode 21 of This Cold Rhymes Podcast, with Mister, Height Keech and Ialive. This week’s tunes…Darko The Super - What's Your Favorite Color? Tank - Rap Is Like Gang Life - Beautiful ft. Eddie ...…
The second episode of the Blu Light Special..more HOT Traks from Dope Artist(s)..thank U for your ear and your opinion..WBLU 77.7FM Da Cypher
Hump Day intro to the BLU LIGHT SPECIAL of the Day...WBLU 7U.7FM Da Cypher
Cypher Circle Podcast - Episode 14 "Feel It or Fear It w/ Star B" by Cypher Circle Podcast
Blu light specials this week....featured Artist holdin off until next week...keep it locked for BLU LIGHT SPECIAL TRAKS
Monday Morning announcements and updates...still awaiting music from the featured Artist of the Week...keep it locked as we will drop something special in the interim
All 4 traks from DILLON & PATEN LOCKE off the albumd "FOOD CHAIN" and a BONUS trak..."SATURATED SATURDAYS" on WBLU 77.7FM Da Cypher
Weekend mash up of all traks released by the featured Artist(s) of the Week
New music from DILLON & PATEN LOCKE album "FOOD CHAIN" hip-hop banger called "FALL BACK" feat. Boog Brown a killa FEMCEE..don't sleep
T.O.T.M. Fam...woooooo in my Ric Flair voice!! Got special NEWS on our Featured Artist(s) DILLON & PATEN LOCKE album "FOOD CHAIN" ...stayed tuned for some 🔥 🔥 🔥 dropped within the hour
Episode 20 of This Cold Rhymes Podcast, with Mister, Height Keech and Ialive. This week’s tunes…First Degree The DE - Ahhhh, F.U.4. - Mortality! Strife x ill-Omega - Ugh - Sucker MC'shttps://www.yo ...…
Special announcements in this edition about the FEATURED ARTIST(S) of The Week DILLON & PATEN LOCKE....ALBUM.."FOOD CHAIN" stay tuned
We discuss Eminem's 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards cypher “diss” to Donald Trump. Also Wu-Tang Clan's The Saga Continues album discussion.
Good Day...and it begins....REAL HIP-HOP is back!! Live on WBLU 77.7FM Da Cypher..featured Artist(s) DILLON & PATEN LOCKE...album "FOOD CHAIN"...lend Us an ear
n this episode of Rap Theology, I'm discussing whether or not Childish Gambino's "This Is America" makes him genius - the fact that Solange Knowles IS genius, and our cypher topic of the week is on names and nicknames. The Black Girl Mixtape podcast that I mentioned in this episode is HERE: can suppor ...…
Fam apologies for sporadic casts been having few small issues clashing with scheduling...but its gravy
***New Featured Artist(s) of the Week DILLON & PATEN LOCKE "FOOD CHAIN" 1st Trak "PREVIOUSLY" featuring Willie Evans Jr. lend them your ear...let them know what you think..YOUR VOICE COUNTS..YOUR OPINION MATTERS!!!
Greetings, and thank you again for your support. This was supposed to be set for Saturated Saturdays,..we had a little difficulty but all is well now. Please give the previous featured Artist(s) D.M.W. your ear all 4 traks no commercials WBLU 77.7FM Da Cypher REAL Hip-Hop is BACK!!!!!
the pre discussion on the NEW FEATURD ARTIST(S) of The Week...DILLON & PATEN LOCKE with the album "FOOD CHAIN,
FORUM FRIDAYS After Lunch Rush...revap on featured group D.M.W.......please lend them an ear
This begins the recap for the featured group of the week. Please comment listen and share...YOUR VOICE COUNTS...YOUR OPINION MATTERS
(Sac Vibes Podcast) This Episode the beautiful mash of hiphop/funk/soul/rnb comes together in the great artist known as The Philharmonik. He talks about his up bringing and how is unique sound is developed. Recently Phil came back from SXSW and performed a cypher for Sway from Sway in the Morning, find out what he said about it in this episode. ...…
Ok ok ok!!! You asked an you receive!!! New trak from D.M.W. "MONSTERS" listen share,..tell Us what you think.. YOUR VOICE COUNTS!!! YOUR OPIINION MATTERS!!!!!! WBLU 77.7FM Da Cypher
New trak by D.M.W. as promised..last trak of the week for this Group on Monday..please listen, please share, please comment..YOUR VOICE COUNTS..YOUR OPINION MATTERS!!!
Brand new trak from D.M.W. "WHITE TEES" please lend them an ear
Top of the Morning from WBLU 77.7FM Da Cypher...this is the Morning Wake Up...YOUR VOICE COUNTS...YOUR OPINION MATTERS...Thank You for your support
Episode 19 of This Cold Rhymes Podcast, with Mister, Height Keech and Ialive. This week’s tunes…Tommy V - Check The Fridge N’ Eye feat. Grant Livesay - Rock Rock Pupo - Honeymoon Phasehttps://egrizzly.bandcam ...…
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