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Donnie Swaggart
Experience the dynamic Ministry of Pastor Donnie Swaggart in these anointed Messages. Your life will be touched and your heart changed by Spirit of God. Brother Donnie’s messages on the Ministry and operation of the Holy Spirit are like none other. As well, be prepared to hear all-important, up to date, messages concerning the Modern Church and the direction in which it is currently heading. These messages are taken from Bro. Donnie Swaggart's daily Sonlife Radio Preaching Broadcast and rece ...
Don Taylor and Bob ‘the Moj’ Marjanovich, alongside the best insiders in the business, keep you up-to-date and entertained during your work day including two full hours of Canucks analysis. Weekdays 12pm-3pm on TSN 1040.
Join Grammy Award-winner Donnie McClurkin for show packed full of the best gospel music. Donnie brings you a show of encouragement, spiritual nourishment, entertaining interviews with some of the biggest names in gospel music from the USA, the best new releases and so much more.
Your hosts take on the news, science, life, and weird stories from around the world. The results are funny, informative, and fun. There's no hidden agenda, no pizzas to gate, and no deep government ties here. Main stream media beware, these guys will call out #FakeNews when they see it. You can love them or hate them, but either way you won't want to miss what they say next! Warning: Controversial opinions incoming... Open your mind! Stay up to date on the world around you. Impress your frie ...
Danny "Donny" Cola - Educator/Fitness Enthusiast collaborates with best friend Sabri(The Machine) - Artist/Music Producer/Entrepreneur on this 21st Century Podcast. Together, their podcast covers a wide range of interesting topics like Fitness, Music, Education, Business, Vocation and Culture. Donny and The Machine love thought provoking and passionate conversation that hopefully challenge people to think outside the box and better their every day life. Enjoy new episodes weekly!
Call Donnie!
Hello,My name is Donnie. Come with me as I open the gates to my shattered psyche using dry humor and sarcasm as my only guide.
STFU Donny
STFUDonny is a ranting, music-filled dive into the mind of Don Salzarulo
Donny Brown
Welcome to the Donny Brown podcast, where amazing things happen.
Donny Baarns
Donny Baarns chats with elite sports broadcasters about their careers, their stories, their advice, and anything else they feel like talking about.
Your hosts take on the news, science, life, and weird stories from around the world. The results are funny, informative, and fun. There's no hidden agenda, no pizzas to gate, and no deep government ties here. Main stream media beware, these guys will call out #FakeNews when they see it. You can love them or hate them, but either way you won't want to miss what they say next! Warning: Controversial opinions incoming... Open your mind! Stay up to date on the world around you. Impress your frie ...
Donny Gates' Podcast
Aspiring comedian, just trying to get it off the ground and getting started on that with a podcast
The webs only/best podcast that analyzes the cult classic film Donnie Darko one minute at a time
If you are looking to buy or sell a home, get all the information and the latest updates, tips, and tricks from Donny Coram- your professional Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent.
We talk to all sorts of folks about everything and anything.
A comedic podcast about failure and mistakes. Host Donni Saphire talks to comedians and vagabonds about the times everything went wrong.
Matt and Donny P explore the worst part of their minds! Two lovable nerds from Long Island sit down every week to chew the fat on a variety of topics. A truly free flowing podcast where nothing is off limits! Anything from comic books to conspiracies to current events and even love could be on the docket. This is not for the faint of heart or easily offended! It's time to pull up a chair, strap in and enjoy some quality time with your friends, Donny P and Matt. Follow us on twitter@CoolGuySt ...
Two dudes who have way too much time on our hands and think about things we shouldn't think about.
Messages preached under the Anointing of the Holy Spirit live at Family Worship Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Jimmy and Frances Swaggart, Pastors. The uncompromised Gospel of Christ is preached without fail – always emphasizing the Message of the Cross. For more information please visit and
Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Crossfire is a Youth Ministry with a worldwide outreach, a youth group like no other. Lead by Pastor Gabriel Swaggart Crossfire seeks to spread the Message of the Cross to a hurting and dying world. Each week our services are broadcast around the world on Sonlife Broadcasting Network. For more information please visit We ask for your patience as we transition this podcast to reflect the weekly Thursday Night Broadcast of our Cr ...
Generation Of The Cross is a dynamic program for the youth of this world. Hosted by Pastor Gabriel Swaggart of Crossfire Youth Ministry each Saturday at 11 am, Central Time. He is joined each week by a panel of members from Crossfire as they cover a broad range of subjects and their relation with the Cross of Christ. If you are a parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, or anyone who knows a young person make sure you have them check out this program. It will bless all who listen. To find out more ...
Monday Night Fire
Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Monday Night Fire is a ministry of Crossfire Youth Ministries. Monday Night Fire is a group of teens, young adult, college, career, and recycled teenagers alike, all with one purpose, to know the Word of God better. If you fall into one of those categories then this is for you. We want to connect with you and help you to grow in the knowledge and understanding of the Grace of God through the pages of His Holy Word. For more information please visit http://w ...
Campmeeting is a special time of refreshing. As thousands of people gather in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to feel the moving of the Holy Spirit. These messages are preached under the Anointing of the Holy Spirit live at Family Worship Center. The uncompromised Gospel of Christ is preached without fail always emphasizing the Message of the Cross. If you want to be a part of the next Campmeeting please visit and for more information.
If you bleed orange and blue, 33rd and 7th is the show is for you and Knicks fans all over the world
Jon and Donny Podcast
Journey into the underworld of American organized crime and the stories behind the rise and fall of the most notorious mobsters in history. From Charles “Lucky” Luciano and John Gotti, to Donnie Brasco, “Bugsy” Siegel and Dutch Schultz–this podcast explores the lives of our greatest gangsters and the cops and attorneys who worked to bring them down.
I love bangers and comic books.
This intent of this short book is to be used as a simple and direct guide in a time of great danger.... -- Roberta Sparrow, 2038 RA --
Off The Ball's Ger Gilroy and Donny Mahoney keep you up to date with the latest big stories in the world of NFL
Stories from Top 40
Take a walk down memory lane as myTalk's Donny Love shares pop music and rock stories only the most experienced of radio DJs can. Holly Roberts, an old soul with a youthful curiosity, joins Donny as he reveals untold stories behind your favorite songs, tales of meeting rock stars in person and other gems from the classic radio business. This is Stories from Top 40!
with Jeff Moss and Donnie Coulter
International Youth Conference is the most powerful conference in the nation today. Young people gather from around the globe for one purpose, the Message of the Cross! Every year hundreds are saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. Young people are changed forever by the Presence of the Lord. These messages are taken from past conferences and are just a taste of what happens at International Youth Conference.
Each week we discuss Hollywood films, filmmakers, actors, and other fun information!
The Sports Reps Talk
We are two guys that live for fantasy sports and want to help you become the top dog in all of your fantasy sports leagues!
HIAC Talk Radio
Weekly Pro Wrestling and MMA interviews, news, and views.Hosted by: “The Dean of Credibility” Double D, Co-Host: Dan Colacicco, and the MMA/Wrestling Analyst: “OmegaSquad” Chris Green. Live every Weds. at 9PM! EST”Obey The Puck” – Hockey news from Dan Colaccico and Kelly. Mondays at 9PM EST”Moose Knuckle Radio” – brought to you by Justin and Donnie. 1st and 3rd Tues. at 8PM EST.”After Midnight” – Every 3rdFriday at 11:59PM. Hosted by Double D and Emil Jay.
A series of in-depth and off-beat interviews from comedian Brent Weinbach. With Donny Divanian.
Coffee Talk
Podcast by Donny Rumrill
Sermons and teachings from Grace Bible Church in Charlotte, NC.
Podcast of weekly messages from Vertical Church in Lumberton, NC.
Dj donnie-dee, SA No. 1 hip hop dj and producer in South Africa, brings you SA Hip Hop PodCast show that previews new and hottest hip hop tracks on the streets of South Africa
The SEGA Lounge
RadioSEGA's very own talk show with different guests every week, music, news and whatever else we can think of. Come on in and have a seat! Hosted by KC and friends.
A spirited debate on politics in The Ocean State, airs live every Friday at 5:50 & 7:50am. Hosted by Ian Donnis, RIPR's Political Reporter, and featuring URI Political Science Professor Maureen Moakley and RIPR's Political Analyst Scott MacKay.
Geeks On The Mic
Geeks On The Mic is a podcast in which Jackson Herod, Clint "Jedi" Thiele, and Scott Badeaux discuss film, television, gaming, comics, books, and all things geek. We also speak to a wide variety of guests, and take calls from fans of the show.
The Timeline
Podcast by Ashzilla & Donny June2Six
Donnie, a tattoo artist and Jerry, a retired sheriff's deputy, Eric Welsh, a pro bow hunter, and Mike, a comedian, talk current events and interview people from all walks of life. A comedy show from a man's perspective. Unedited, uncensored, unfiltered. Listener Discretion Advised
Casual conversation, special guests from the DC area music scene, and special segments to keep things interesting……hopefully.
Couch Coaches
Co-hosts Bryan Sleik and Donnie Rollins and Producer Dan Caballero talk sports and other stuff.
Lori and Julia
myTalk 107.1’s Lori & Julia talk “Everything Entertainment,” including movies, TV, celebrities, music, hot guys and more! These sisters-in-law are known for their author interviews and book recommendations. They are loved for their Minnesotan accents, inability to pronounce just about anything, sex-positive attitudes and “lightning in a bottle” chemistry. The fake nipple inventors turned drive time divas, along with their faithful producer Donny Love, have gotten listeners through their comm ...
Welcome to the first episode of Behind The Screams: Podcasts Edition! So here is an interview with the owner of Statesville Haunted Prison, John LaFlamboy. We talk about feature plans for the haunt and some extra cool facts and some other cool questions! NOTES: Sorry if some things are not perfect yet, I am still working on all this Podcasts stuff. Thanks anyways, Donnie!
A look at news and politics from a local angle with Donnie Cogswell and Bob Rinear
Centerpoint Church is lead by Pastor Donnie Reynolds, services held in Matapeake Middle School
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Gunn-Truscinski Duo - Coral / Mike Cooper: Places I Know / Spooner Oldham - Easy Listening / Recipe of the Week: Decidedly Not-Sweet Granola from Alison Roman’s Dining In: Highly Cookable Recipes / Arthur Russell - Maybe She / Courtney Barnett + Kurt Vile - Peepin’ Tom / Lavender Country - Come Out Singing / Random Reading: “Granola” from Jonat ...…
JR The Bossman (@JRTheBossman) and John Beckler (@JDBeckler) were joined by Donnie Tyndall (@DonnieTyndall) to pick and break down his Top 3 college basketball games of the week, exclusively on The Bossman Show.
Why do we love film festivals so much? The crazy activities, the below the radar movies, and the large quantities of stuff to buy are all a part of the charm, but my favorite aspect is talking to people, especially the artists. The creators can have so many interesting things to say and that’s where this show comes from. In the summer of 2017, ...…
West Coast Cookbook & Speakeasy is Now Open! 8am-9am PT/ 11am-Noon ET for our especially special Daily Specials; Tarrytown Chowder Tuesdays!Starting off in the Bistro Cafe, Senator Chris Murphy considers Trump’s “slow-motion car crash” foreign policy as further proof Donnie Two Scoops has been compromised by Vladimir Putin.Then, on the rest of ...…
Mike is out today, so the new team members rotate in his place. We start with the recent Bearcats baseball success and lament over the Reds’ recent struggles. (0:45). Which former Red in their prime would you bring back to replace the current guy at their position? (26:15) Deepak, Danny and Nick from the UC Club Hockey team join the show to tal ...…
Have you ever considered what law enforcement and accounting have in common? Steve Palomino has! In this podcast, Steve points out the similarities which help us to understand why the FBI and other law enforcement organizations want to hire accountants – and it’s not the math! In this episode of Life In Accounting: The Where Accountants Go podc ...…
Join Natalia Corredor and Donny Mangos as we talk about what's been going on stat-wise in Toronto for the month of March, 2018. Are we in a buyer's or seller's market?? @delightfulcast on Twitter
Ladies and gentlemen, it is time once again to join the man of 1,000 names, Donavon "The Lo Down" Lloyd for another episode of The Perfect Edge. As always, Donavon brings his eclectic tastes to the stage. Donnie Wrestling is finally back for Episode XXV, with special guest Ron Pasceri. They talked UFC, the Conor McGregor fiasco, Conor's future, ...…
Why Does Everyone Want To Go Back to Jakuu?Poe Dameron Issue #26 is coming on next Wednesday, and it’s taking the flyboy back to Jakuu! The comic will begin to tell the story of how Poe made it off the desert planet after being thrown from the TIE Fighter that he escaped in with Finn in The Force Awakens. Here’s the official description of the ...…
The Disney-Fox merger has a target date, IT: Chapter 2 might have found two more adults, and Mulan is changing its Villain. On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (Friday, April 13th, 2018) Perri Nemiroff, John Rocha and Haleigh Foutch discuss the following: 1) Disney-Fox Merger May Be a Done Deal in Summer 2019 2) Bill Hader and James McAvoy i ...…
Mark Hamill Never Said that The Last Jedi is the Reason He Doesn’t Care to Come Back for Episode IX. In an interview with ABC News, Mark Hamill made a comment that has sent the click-bait industry ablaze. In the context of talking about how hard Carrie Fisher’s death has been to him and his family, Hamill said, “It really has tarnished my abili ...…
Guests include Jeff Paterson and Jerry Crasnick.
Just when you thought Easter was over SFRS turns up with a trifecta of films about rabbits! One of our better weeks for actually discussing what a film is and how it works (in my opinion), with a smattering of stardust from Chris' latest LA adventures, and then controversy as we come across a film not showing many signs of sci-fi at all...Will ...…
Ron delivers a heart to heart message to Lying Donny Trump and looks at ridiculous products......Guest: Dr. Eric Nottmeier from the Mayo Clinic about back pain
In this episode of Life In Accounting: The Where Accountants Go podcast, Donny Shimamoto, CPA, CITP, CGMA shares his career journey, which is unique as it has been heavily focused on technology and business intelligence. Additionally, Donny also reveals what his life is like as a business owner, consultant, and public speaker! Formal Education ...…
Join Producer Alfred Crane as he leads the discussion the films of Stanley Kubrick between co hosts Jonathan Moody and Donnie Sturges with special guest Leza Cantoral (Podcast host of Get Lit With Leza)
Ha-ha, gotcha! Your lovable paisans, Donnie Rings, Baby Joey, Big Bill and Terrible Tanya are on their own this time and are here to celebrate [...] The post The Horror Mafia Podcast #27 – April Bolls Day appeared first on Horrorphilia.
In our third episode we bring you an in-depth look at time-travel in movies and television. We explore the myriad ways time-travel has been used in works like Back to the Future, Donnie Darko, Interstellar, Groundhog Day, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, 12 Monkeys, Terminator, Lost, Heroes, Quantum Leap, and many more. We also have a surpri ...…
Despite a technical hiccup that left the gang one guest down, the ACP crew still took it to comic talk town, and this time with Dan Mallier, the man behind the great indie comics show Leamington Comic Con! Together not only do they discuss the upcoming LCC 2018, but also digital comics, where the man without fear came from, the contraversial wo ...…
Short 2 - Green Panther Today the amigos talk about a new Men in Black, recap the Matrix, and tell you how much money Black Panther is making. Plus, they introduce a new segment called, "Donnie's Top 5". Follow Chris on Twitter @ Follow Donnie on Twitter @ Follow Philip on Twitter @ h ...…
Before Creative Director Scott Simmons and Director of Sales and Marketing Katie "Dudders" left for Transworld, they recorded a live Q&A podcast where they answered fan questions at Sorgatron Media Studios. Fans submitted questions beforehand on Facebook and live during the recording on Facebook and Instagram. What's the most fun part of our jo ...…
This week we have a SPECIAL BONUS episode for you! Join us as we speak with Zack Peter, Associate Director of Jenny McCarthy’s Autism Foundation, Generation Rescue. We were able to learn some amazing information about Generation Rescue and hear some pretty incredible stories of the impact Generation Rescue has made with the families they are ab ...…
Nomad church-goers, offense and hypocrisy, finding healing - these are few of the topics covered in this week's episode of Mad World, where Donnie and Joe continue the conversation on the changing culture of Sundays.
This week the boys bring in their first ever female guest as well as two guests at the same time. The hot box gets extra sweaty this week as the boys go over Tom and Julies loss of their show, Tom's sexual escapades, and how each of them lost their virginity all in front of Julies daughter! Enjoy!
Don Van Stavern (Riot V). Donnie chats to Andrew about Riot's new album, Armor of Light, and a heap of other interesting topics about the band.
Support the show by using our Amazon Affiliate link - or PayPal.Me/BrewmastersClub/3Introductions and Description of the episodeWe are the Official podcast of the... Welcome to the BMC! A network of craft beer and geek news tied together, loosely... This podcast is intended to top off your mug with great craft beer and ge ...…
Support the show by using our Amazon Affiliate link - or PayPal.Me/BrewmastersClub/3Introductions and Description of the episodeWe are the Official podcast of the Brewmasters Club but here on Craft Brews & Geek News we talk about national stories, local flavors and our favorite geeky nuggets of pop culture.Who could speak ...…
Bradley and Holly surprise Donny with clips of him in his radio hey day. Hear how the pros do it; it's Dr. Don at his finest!By
Episode 9 - List price vs sale price?? Why are list prices soooo low? by Donny Mangos of Team Mangos
Happy Tuesday! Kicking off the show with Clue #2 that came out last night. The hunt continues and the clues will as well. The new movie Cobra Kai is on the mind as we wonder about additional trailers for the movie. The 109 and the Championship Belt were on display and we see the Cobra Kai’s are well represented this morning. Questions about fut ...…
Episode 17 and we're trying to still find out footing. Sounding like a broken record we know haha. Shawn talks about his trip to Washington DC and finding himself within the March for our lives event, and like always we jump off the deep end into randomness. If you dig the podcast, make sure to leave a comment or share! Music by Deadbeat Donnie ...…
Reds baseball is nearly back! Donnie, Rob, Mike and Luke break down the season ahead and give their predictions (1:00). We talk Gary Clark and Jacob Evans’ draft stock, and Chris Mack too (34:00). Could UC support a hockey team in the Armory Fieldhouse? (47:00) We break down the weekend for UC baseball, and Luke tells a story about Ian Happ (53 ...…
The boys tell you what's worth reading! What's the buzz with Donny Cates ' Thanos? And The Machine reads Runaways for the first time! His thoughts inside! Follow the Network and Show at: Twitter: @UndercoverCapes / @noprizepodcast Facebook: / The Team: The Profe ...…
We know that following Jesus might cost us something. Maybe our time, money, family...but have you ever thought about what it cost you if you choose not to follow Jesus? Follow along as pastor Donnie walks us through the cost of non-discipleship.
We accept this challenge! Your lovable associates, Donnie Rings, Big Bill, Baby Joey and Terrible Tanya throw the horns in the air for a trio [...] The post The Horror Mafia Podcast #26 – Horrible Heavy Metal Horror w/ The Horror Returns appeared first on Horrorphilia.
This week Donny boy goes AWOL so ole captain Seun goes on a rant about Facebook collecting data, people trying to connect with you, and male birth control. Follow Us: Twitter: Youtube: Seun: Donovan:
Dinner With Jesus | Donny ButkusBy (Cornerstone Community Church).
we talk some news and we watched a lot of movies. plus Thomas' top ten movie lists plus Donny thinks Chicago med and SVU are getting ridiculous. The Birds, DuShon Monique Brown passes away, Byron Allen, Supa fly trailer, Deadpool 2 trailer, Tiffany Haddish in Lego movie, Karate Kid, Hulk Hogan in talks to return to WWE, Danial Brian returns to ...…
This time the Squids welcome ‘lant fleet squid Marc Benton. The four of them talk about the upcoming bout between Creepy Joe Biden and Donny OrangeHair Trump. They have another look at freebleeding and give their opinions on that military hating ex-teacher in California, the demise of the Austin Bomber and discuss what is up Jimmy Kimmel’s ass. ...…
Latest episode of FML Podcast
West Coast Cookbook & Speakeasy is Now Open! 8am-9am PT/ 11am-Noon ET for our especially special Daily Specials; Blue Moon Spirits Fridays!Starting off in the Bistro Cafe, Mark Zuckerberg is really sorry for having a Microsoft Moment.Then, on the rest of the menu, the chair of Trump’s Council of Economic Advisers doesn't seem to care about the ...…
Episode 2 - The Matrix (1999) Today the amigos tackle the 1999 cult classic, The Matrix. All of the big issues are tackled like why is the ship named Nebuchadnezzar, why Tank is the happiest member of the team, and just how Morpheus kept those glasses on. Put on your best black leather jacket and get ready to take the red pill as we enter the M ...…
Thanks for checking out the 235th episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! From his beginning as original lead singer for the iconic Texas Metal band Pantera to his current gig with the 2017 ETX Rock Band of the Year Alan Fox Band, Donny Hart’s musical style has changed but his prowess has become legend. He has become a mentor to many aspiring artists al ...…
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